Author's Notes: Something that just came at me... hard and fast.

Hard and Fast

By Hecate's Brat

Hard and fast.
That's how most of the things in my life have been.
My youth, has been like that, hard and fast.
Hard, because when i was a wee thing, i was dumped into an orphanage. Fast, because i think i grew up a little too fast for everyone's liking.
I was the first to do things sexually. I was the one to go off on my own, to figure I didn't need anyone's help for things. I was also the one to lead others into trouble.
So, a mix of stuff, would lead me to belive that it was hard and fast.

Even now. My life is still hard and fast.
Everything whips past my like that. I have no control over it. Sometimes, i don't know if I want to.
I have failed the SeeD entrance exam 3 times.
I've been told that I've acted with haste, or perhaps the missions were just to hard for me. I don't believe that. I think it was me. Myself and my ways.
I think that yes, I acted hastily, and my actions were probably misplaced. perhaps I judged others in my party too hard.
Either way, I don't really care. not now.

Not in this moment.
Not when I'm pounding into him like life gives it to me. Hard and fast.
With him, everything is slow. Calculated. Or so it seems.
I've never get beneath that icy veneer enough to really know.
Those that you think you really know, you never do. You don't even know yourself really well, not till the end.
Not till that last moment when death comes up on you.

Of course,e I'm also thinking of all other aspects of my life. Wondering how things will go there. Will my relationships fail, or will they go on? Well, I'm not sure, but I guess if they have to end, they should end like things start. You guessed it, hard and fast.

When I met squall, thats how I met him. hard and fast.
Of course, I was running, and so was he, so we collided, and fell.
And as a way of saying sorry, I had to kiss him better. Everything I do is done in that hasty way. Full of force and speed.
I'm not sure if I'll ever slow down. That might be the death of me. I'm sure it will be.

I can feel his body writhe under mind. I love the way he feels. I love the fact that I can fuck him the way I do.
Everyone else thinks that he might break, that he's too fragile for this. Of course, my boy, is really a lion underneath. Don't let that pretty boy face fool you.
Oh no.
I can feel him shudder and arch his back. He's very close to finishing.
And me, I'll come like everything else in my life. Hard and fast.

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