Fandom: Final Fantasy 7
Rated: G. Mildest of mild yaoi.


Vincent's Dead Letter

By Emerald Embers


I suppose I should put a thank-you note to everyone for what they've done for me, but I won't. I think they know why. They're almost all dreadful people. Selfish or trying to be selfless, but only lying to themselves. I'd say I'm sorry I had to say this, but I'd be lying. I know it wouldn't knock any sense into them anyway.

Cid. Sorry that you have to be the one reading this. I know how you feel about the way I look at the others. Don't let this letter change the way you look at me because I still feel the same way I've felt about you for the past seven years, even now. Don't ever let anyone take your remaining dreams away from you. I'm sorry I can't be there with you to see them come true. I'm sorry I can't curl up in your arms while you sleep. I'm sorry we never did get around to having a late-night barbecue. I'm sorry we never watched fireworks together.

It's a good job you can't see me. Took quite a lot to bring me down. Cid, be proud of me. I went down fighting, like we would both have wanted. I didn't want to die of age. Don't worry though, I'm poisoned, going number by the minute, otherwise I'd be hurting like hell.

Cid - I love you. And to the rest of them?

Get a life.

- V.V.

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