Author's Notes: It's my first time at a serious Epic. And oddly, I don't think I swear once in it yet!

Ultimate Magic


By Hecate's Brat

"A little bit of sage, and... now where did I put that pin? Oh yes... there it is... "

The lights flickered on and off in the little cottage.

"What is going on? I paid the electric bill. It's probably those little brats again! I swear, this time, if I catch them I will give them the spanking of a life time!"

The red haired woman set the poppet and the pin beside it down. She stepped out of her magic circle and started towards the back door.

A loud banging from the door echoed into the small kitchen. The little red haired woman picked her pace up.

"Coming. Just a moment! I'll be right there!"

She began to swing the door open, when a large torrent of air tore the door open and out of her hand.

"My dear! What a wind! And for you to be caught in it! Come in... please!" She shoved the door closed.

The woman moved her fiery red hair out of her eyes, so she could see whom she admitted into her home.

She blinked at her guest. "Oh, dear, what brings you here? Does-"

"No. I came of my own doing. She knows nothing of me being here."

"Alright then, what can I do for you?" The wizened woman asked, walking back into the adjoining room.

"I need your powers."

The red haired woman spun on her heel. "Pardon? And tell me, how do you think you'll get them from me dearie? You need to kill a Sorceress to get her powers."

The guest flipped her long hair back over her shoulder. "I plan on doing something like that. I'm going to weaken your body, to the state where your body gives your powers up!"

The red haired Sorceress blinked at the statement. And it was all the time that the dark haired woman needed. She flung herself at the smaller woman, her slender fingers wrapping around her pale throat.

"Of course, if I end up killing you, I don't think I'd really care." Her fingers gripped tighter around her the modest woman's throat.

"You'll never... " the scarlet haired woman gasped, before her body began to lose consciousness.

"What? I'll never get away with this? Oh, but I plan on it! Who's going to stop me? Edea? That witch or her little puppets? No... I've got plans for them as well!"

The dark haired woman dragged the dying Sorceress into the herb garden. She then let the body drop amongst the herbs.

"Well, come on now! Let the powers go!" she tapped the prone Sorceress's body with her boot.

A moment later, the horizontal body began to glow. The mysterious dark haired woman began to laugh as the glowing began to encapsulate her as well.

Her body went rigid and then relaxed as she absorbed the powers. "Well, I'm done here. Hopefully your little herbs don't think you to be an intruder! Ta!"

And with that, the dark haired woman disappeared into the night.

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