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The Push It Arc

Part 7 - Push It Seiben

By Iron Dog


I woke from the heavy sleep I had fallen into with the need to take a wicked piss. I pushed the covers aside and tried to slide from the bed. Squall's arm tightened around my waist and he frowned in his sleep. The more I tried to get him to let go, the harder he held on. Who knew the Ice Princess would turn out to be such a cuddler in bed?

"Back in a minute," I whispered into his hair as I placed a kiss at his temple.

Squall grunted and released me. I made my way to the bathroom and did what I had to. When I slipped back under the covers, Squall attached himself to me like a leech and sighed. I got that strange, unidentifiable feeling from him again as he pressed his nose into the hollow of my throat and threw a leg over my own.

Fuck it. I couldn't wait until he woke up to get him to tell me what it was. It was drivin' me nuts and there was every chance that he'd just brush it off as he had the last few times I had questioned him about it. Seems like a little trip into his head would get me the answer I needed.

I closed my eyes and concentrated on him, the feeling I wanted to identify and our link. I felt myself slide into the cool order of his mind and mentally blinked when it seemed like I was standin' in a giant library. Trust Squall to have all the shit in his head neatly categorized and filed away for future reference. I couldn't bitch. It would make what I was looking for all that much easier to find; I hoped.

It took me sometime to find what I was after and when I did, I was blown away. He had a whole room in his head devoted to me. It was a big room and I wondered how in hell I was supposed to find one little thing. I wandered around the room touching things and experiencing things we had said and done to each other from his point of view. The further I moved back into the room, the more recent the snippets of memory became. I couldn't help but linger in the section that was just the memories of our sexual encounters.

The memory of the first time we had been together almost blew my socks off from his perspective. I also understood a little better his desire to top me every now and again. He'd wanted to fuck me for a long time but never thought, in his wildest dreams that he'd get to do it. My comin' to him like I had made him grab at what he thought might have been his only chance to have me. He put all his talents into giving me pleasure that first time to try and make sure I'd want to come back for more.

I admit, the ol' ego swelled at that, along with other things.

The next few memories showed me how much he enjoyed being my bottom. It's a very strange feeling to re-experience the exact same sex act you had been through from the other persons view. I was rock hard and began making mental plans to surprise my lion by lettin' him top me. He'd only done me twice, but his memories of both times were so powerful, I wanted him to experience it again. Not to mention the fact that he'd just about kill himself to make sure I got my jollies as well so he could do me again.

As distracting and arousing as the sex memories were, I was after that emotion he kept slippin' to me every now and again. I came to a polished steel door with a strange design on it that seemed to shift every time I tried to get a picture of what it was. There was no knob or control panel and I couldn't figure out how to open it without bashin' it down. I didn't think that would go over big with Squall. I rested my forehead against the cool metal and sighed in defeat. The trip into his head hadn't been a waste of time. I learned a few things about Squall that I never would have known otherwise.

I sighed again and pushed myself away from the door. It was lookin' like I was gonna have to wait for Squall to wake up and tell me what I wanted to know. I started to pull back from his mind when I heard Squall call my name in a puzzled voice.

Shit. Busted.

**Yeah?** I asked cautiously as Squall walked towards me.

Hearing me answer, I guessed he realized that I wasn't just some dream figure. After experiencin' all those sex memories, it kinda made me wonder what he dreamed of us doin'. A scowl formed on his face as he moved closer and realized where I had been standing. He flicked a glance at the door and it looked relieved when he saw it was still unopened and intact. Now I really wanted to know what was behind that door.

**What are you doing in my head like this, Seifer?** he asked, seemingly annoyed.

**I want to know what that emotion is you keep sendin' me. You've never answered me any time I've asked you. It's drivin' me fuckin' crazy. I think it's important, to both of us, but you won't tell me. Then there's the strange conversation I had with my GF's while I was out after gettin' stabbed. What the hell are you keepin' from me, Squall?**

**I'm not keeping anything from you.** He denied as his eyes slid away from mine.


**Then why can't I see what's behind that door? You're holding somethin' back, Squall. Spill it.** I moved to stand right in front of him.

I saw the war of emotions flash over his face. He really didn't want to let me see whatever he was keepin' behind that door. It hit me like a slap to the head why. He thought I would run from whatever was behind that closely guarded room. He felt it would scare me off or push me away from him. After all we had been through, he really should have known better. He seemed to need somethin' from me before he would let me see into that one, guarded place. He watched me with those beautiful grey-blue eyes of his and waited.

I knew he could feel my frustration and he reached out to touch my arm in a gesture of comfort. As soon as he made contact with me, that feelin' that I had initially sneaked into his head to identify, wrapped around me. I saw Squall's eyes widen and his gaze snap to the door that had started to swing open.

I took the chance that I had just been handed and lunged for the door. Squall was seconds late in trying to close it and I had my body wedged between the door and jamb. I forced the door wide open and simply stood in awe as warmth flooded me.

Squall loved me.

I heard a distressed cry behind me but ignored it as I wallowed in the feeling of bein' loved so completely. I sank to my knees as the love that had been locked up for so long flowed over and through me.

He loved me. He had loved me even before we had sex that first time. It was part of the reason he had grabbed the chance to be with me even of it would have been for just that one time. He had loved me for years and I never even had a clue. I dropped my head, stunned and humbled beyond words at this gift I had never thought to receive.

I uttered a startled cry when I was yanked from the beautiful warmth and snapped back into my own head. My eyes popped open and I registered Squall pushin' against me and tryin' to get up.

"You love me," I said softly as I refused to let him go, still feeling the warmth of the love that had rushed over me from him. Why had he thought this would push me away?

He struggled harder in my arms. I could feel anger coming from him in waves. Now what the fuck had I done to piss him off?

"I don't want you trooping through my head like that, Seifer," Squall hissed through his teeth as he twisted in my arms and just about caught me in the balls with his knee.

**What are you so pissed about?** I asked, genuinely puzzled.

"Stay the fuck out of my head, Seifer, unless you're invited," Squall spat as he finally looked up into my eyes.

He was angry and afraid. I could see it in his eyes and feel it leakin' from him no matter how hard he was working to hide it. He didn't understand the effect this gift of his love had on me. I knew with rock solid certainty, nothing I did could change the way he felt about me. I could walk out of the room right now, start a campaign to take over the world and he'd still love me. I could ask him to join me in that take over the world bid and he'd do it because he loved me. I had never been given something so precious and unconditional. It was something I had wanted my whole life and never thought I'd get.

**Do you realize the magnitude of the gift your Lion as given you?** asked a deep, rough voice in my head.

Even though I had only one conversation with Bahamut before, I recognized the voice as his right away.

**Yeah.** I replied.

**I don't think you do. You can hurt him in ways that no other can. He fears this because you haven't told him how you feel.**

**He knows he's special to me,** I said defensively.

**And is there nothing more than that? Do you not remember what I told you earlier about accepting the Lion's gift and returning it to him? If not, I have badly misjudged you, Malice, and must re-think my ties to you.** Bahamut began to fade back into the depths of my brain.

I wasn't gonna give back Squall's love. Not even to keep a powerful GF. It was mine. He had saved it for me. I never give back something that I've claimed as mine and Squall and his love were mine. Just let someone try and take it from me.

"Let me go, Seifer," Squall ground out as he tried to hold his body apart from mine.

"No. When were you gonna to tell me this?"

When Squall didn't answer and mulishly set his jaw, I had to resist the urge to pop him a sweet one straight on the chin. He was starting to piss me off now.

"You were gonna tell me weren't you?" I asked Squall with a dangerous undertone in my voice.

Squall remained silent and was doing his best to keep both an emotional and physical distance between us. My temper had enough and I snapped. I didn't care that he had told me to stay out of his head. Nobody told Seifer Almasy what to do, especially when I had a mad on. I concentrated and pushed at the mental wall Squall was tryin' to erect between us. It took much less effort than I though it would to break through.

**What the fuck is up with you? Why are you so mad at me? Do you have any idea how it makes me feel to know you love me?**

**You rummaged around in my head, Seifer,** Squall bit out, ignoring my last question.

**What's the big deal? So I pushed the issue and found out you loved me before you wanted to tell me? That doesn't change the fact that you do. What is your fuckin' problem?**

**How would you like it if I stomped through your head? Found out stuff you wanted to keep to yourself? Maybe I should return the favour,** Squall snarled just before I felt thousands of icy needles dart into my brain.

I squeezed my eyes shut against the sudden pain. Squall was indeed stompin' around in my brain. It hurt like hell. I knew I hadn't done the same thing to him. I had been very careful not to hurt him when I snuck into his head. Okay, so that was partly because I didn't think he'd like me snoopin' around in his head, but I had been careful not to hurt him.

**Squall, that fuckin' hurts. I was careful with you!**

The sharp needles stopped stabbing at me. There was a quick flash of remorse from Squall, but he didn't back out. It was like he was after somethin'. He ransacked my brain for a few more moments before he suddenly withdrew. There was something in his smug attitude that made me want to take a look at what he had been pokin' around in.

Sneaky little bastard just knew how to push my buttons.

The area he had been busy investigatin' was a dark corner of my mind. Old, painful memories and discarded dreams lay scattered around. There were things there that I had shoved into that dark corner that might hurt me or make me vulnerable. It was a place I never let my mind wander to, if I could help it.

It was nothin' like the precise order of Squall's mind. I warily poked through forgotten bits of my mind, not really knowin' what I was lookin' for and hopin' that nothing lunged out and bit me. I figured I'd know what Squall had found that made him so smug when I saw it.

I had almost given up on findin' whatever it was that Squall had found when I tripped over it. It didn't look like anythin' special and I almost tossed it back into the junk pile when it suddenly cracked open like an egg and released its contents. The intense rush of long denied emotions made me gasp and drop it as I hurriedly back out of my own mind.

I focused my eyes on Squall and narrowed them at the dangerous glitter I saw in his eyes.

"What the hell was that, Squall?"

"Figure it out on your own. They're your feelings. Deal with them," he snapped as he gave me a hard shove and managed to escape from my hold.

Squall can move fast when he wanted to and apparently he wanted to leave. I let him go reluctantly and lay back with a frustrated sigh. Squall stomped, naked, to the bathroom and I heard the shower turn on moments later. I toyed with the idea of joinin' him in the shower, but decided he was ticked enough at me as it was.

I still wasn't clear on why he had gotten so mad at me. So I now knew he loved me. He couldn't possibly think that I would do somethin' to hurt him with that information. He knew I wouldn't do that, didn't he? I'm not that much of a prick.

I cautiously poked at that dark corner of my mind. The emotions roiled at the attention I paid them and started to seep out of that dark place I shoved all the things that had the potential to hurt and disappoint me. The more I poked at the tangled mass, the bigger it grew. It was beginnin' to make me nervous, but Squall had more or less challenged me to figure out what it was he had found and brought to my attention. I couldn't let that kind of a challenge pass even if it did scare me shitless. I eventually started to make out some of the things caught up in it and curiosity began to get the upper hand on my caution.

I was dragged away from my inner examination by the appearance of Squall back in the bedroom. He was dressed, his hair was damp from the shower and he was still mad at me. I didn't need our link to help me out with that information. He did seem a little calmer though and I wondered how long I had been lost in trying to puzzle out what was going on in my own head.

"Get your ass out of bed. I've got to explain to everybody what happened yesterday and what's going on between us."

"What are you gonna tell them?"

"I'm a Knight to somebody new now. I think they already know we're sleeping together."

I tossed the covers off and stood in front of Squall. I felt a little spurt of satisfaction when his eyes drifted over my body and he unconsciously licked his lips. I got a nice little stab of desire and that now easily identified emotion of love before he ruthlessly quashed the unintentional sending. I smirked at him and sauntered past to take my own shower.

Yeah, Squall was pissed at me for creeping around in his head, but he still loved me and wanted me. I had won this little battle without even realizin' we had been fightin'.


I couldn't believe that Seifer had just waltzed through my mind like he did. I probably should have known he'd do something like that eventually when I kept putting him off whenever he'd ask me what that feeling was. He was easily distracted most of the time, but I always seemed to forget that he could be so determined to get what he wanted.

I had wanted him to tell me he loved me first. I knew he did; I just wanted him to say it before I did. It was a scary thing to admit to loving someone so completely. Because he'd seen and felt exactly how much I did love him, he was going to be insufferable. While I was mad that he had poked his nose into a part of my mind that I would have preferred he not see just yet, I was glad that he did know. It was a mental load off my mind not to have to keep that from him. I wasn't angry that he knew how I felt. I was angry at the way he had found out. He could be such an asshole.

I made my way to my office and called in my team. I owed them an explanation of my behaviour the previous day. They all filed in and took seats. Everybody was there except for Seifer. I waited for five more minutes before sighing and calling him mentally.

**Seifer, are you trying to piss me off further?**

**Why, is it workin'? Are you gonna to spank me for being bad?** came his mental smirk.

I brutally clamped down on the mental image of spanking Seifer's firm ass as I felt my cock twitch with the idea. **You need to be here for this too. Get your ass in gear and get into my office.**

**Yes sir, Commander, sir! You can discipline me later if you want.** he leered when a little of that mental image leaked his way.


Seifer laughed at the name calling. **But you love me anyway.**

I was seriously going to strangle him if he kept that up. While it was true, he didn't need to keep mentioning it every second sentence. He was like a kid with a new toy that he just had to show off to every person he met. It was flattering and annoying at the same time.

"Um, Squall? What did you want us here for?" Selphie asked.

"Seifer will be here in a minute. I'll explain then."

Seifer strolled in the door a few minutes later and made a beeline for me. He pulled me from my chair; sat down in the seat I had just vacated and pulled me back down to sit in his lap. He gripped my chin and held me still for a deep kiss that set fire to my blood and made me want to strip off his clothes and mine and do him right in the chair.

**I'm all for that, babe, but I don't think you'd appreciate doin' it in front of an audience.**

**I'm still mad at you.**

**Yeah, and you're beautiful when you're mad at me. Maybe I piss you off just to see you that way.**

"You didn't ask us here to watch you make out with, Seifer, did you?" drawled Irvine.

"No," I answered as I struggled free from Seifer and moved to sit on the edge of my desk. "There are some things that have been going on between Seifer and I in the last couple of weeks that may have seemed odd. I want to try and explain as best as I can. I think I also owe all of you some kind of explanation for my actions yesterday."

I had everybody's attention now. I was suddenly nervous and didn't know where I should start.

**Explain yesterday then give 'em the condensed version of the other stuff. It's a lot to take in at once,** Seifer suggested as he sent calm reassurances at me.

"Yesterday, I was more angry than I can remember being in my entire life. That little shit of a cadet tried to kill Seifer. I'm still mad at the kid and if I saw him now, I'd kill him. For now, its enough that he suffers. I know you're all wondering why I had this strong a reaction. You all know by know that Seifer and I are involved. What you don't know is how. I don't mean personal details," I said as I saw Quistis start to speak. "The situation between Rinoa and me has changed. That's why she showed up here so suddenly. I'm not her Knight any more."

Murmurs of worry and disbelief met this statement. They had reason to be concerned. None of us wanted to have another crazed Sorceress on our hands. One time with Ultimecia had been more than enough.

"She will find herself another Knight. That was part of the reason that I had initially brought her to the research facility a year ago. They can help her find someone suitable. I am, however a Knight to someone else now."

Seifer had remained quiet while I spoke and chose to enter the conversation at this point. "Squall is my Knight now."

"Oh shit, Seifer's a Sorceress? I thought only women could be Sorceress's. How did that happen?" Zell asked as he bounced to his feet and began to pace the room, shooting cautious looks at Seifer.

"Seifer is my Knight as well."

"Okay, I'm confused. How can you both be Knights to each other? Isn't one of you supposed to be a Sorceress or something so the other can be the Knight?" Selphie asked.

"Seifer and I have always shared a link. My connection with Rinoa wasn't what it needed to be as her Knight, so it was severed and replaced with a stronger one to Seifer. His link to Ultimecia wasn't a true link either and had long been broken. We were two Knights looking for a Sorceress and found each other instead."

"So how do you know this thing you've got going on with Seifer is really what you say it is? Could you be confusing it with something else?" Quistis asked.

"We're inside each other's heads. We can feel what each other feels and if we want, can project other feelings to each other," I explained.

Zell's eyes widened at that and he stopped pacing to stare at Seifer and I. "That's what Seifer was talking about the day in the cafeteria when he hauled you across the table and kissed you. That's what he meant when he told you to knock it off and stop playing games with him. What were you projecting at him?"

Seifer laughed when he saw the blush rise up my throat and into my cheeks. I knew he couldn't just let it slide without saying something. He wouldn't be Seifer if he did.

"Squall was sendin' me waves of desire and want and need. He was sending me stuff that let me know how bad he wanted me to fuck his brains out. He'd been doin' it for a while and I just couldn't take it any more. He's very good at this mental crap. He can do it with almost no effort. That irritates the shit outta me, but I can do it right back at him if I concentrate a little."

Zell looked a little uncomfortable at that revelation. Seifer noticed and a wicked grin tugged his lips into a smile and he smirked at the blonde. I turned a warning look on Seifer too late as the first sucker punch of mental desire hit me. I closed my eyes against the desire and worked hard to suppress the groan that wanted to escape me. Lust flooded my system and I had to work at keeping my ass planted on the edge of my desk instead of turning and lunging at Seifer to fuck him senseless.

"Squall? Are you okay?" asked Zell in concern as he started to head for me.

I held up a hand in a signal to wait while I tried my best to will away the erection that had sprung to life in my pants. I wanted Seifer on an almost painful level. When the hell had he gotten so good at projecting things at me?

**Seifer, knock it off.** I said in a desire heavy mental voice.

**Aw come on, Squally, let me show off just a little. Let that kinky bastard in you out to play.**

**Two can play this game, Seifer, and I'm better at it than you,** I reminded him as I sent a tightly concentrated burst of remembered images and feelings from our encounter in the Training Centre and twisted the lust he was sending me back at him.

Seifer groaned softly and was forced to let his sending fade. He had started to pant and sweat had broken out at his temples. I stopped shortly after he did and opened my eyes to find all eyes on us.

"He's okay, Zell. Just aroused as all hell," drawled Irvine with a knowing smile and a chuckle.

"Aroused by what?"

"I think Seifer started doing some of that mental stuff to Squall and Squall returned the favour," Irvine explained.

Selphie's eyes rounded and her mouth opened in a little 'O' of surprise before she grinned. "Cool!"

"So what's to keep this connection from breaking like it did between you and Rinoa?" Quistis asked.

"Stronger feelings are involved," I answered as I hoped that Seifer would leave it go at that. I hoped in vain.

"Squall loves me. That makes the difference," Seifer said with a satisfied grin.

Stunned silence met that statement and all eyes turned to me.

**Shut the fuck up, Seifer. You don't need to tell every person you met.** Arousal was gone and annoyance was back.

"I ain't gonna shut the fuck up, Squall. It's true. I saw it and felt it. Or are you ashamed that you love me, the evil Sorceress' Knight?"

**I'm not ashamed. We'll talk about it later. Unless you want to talk about those feelings you unearthed in your own head as well?**

Seifer scowled at me and folded his arms across his chest but said no more on the matter.

Unfortunately, I wasn't so lucky with Selphie. "Do you really love Seifer?"

I tried my best blank frozen stare on her but she scented blood and wouldn't let go. I sighed in defeat and gave a barely noticeable nod. When she only turned her head to the side and waited, I glared at her.

"Yes, I really do love, Seifer," I sighed, finding it surprisingly easy to admit out loud.

//PRIDE, SATISFACTION, SMUGNESS// came from Seifer at hearing me say out loud what he already knew.

"He's not making you say that is he?" Selphie asked with a dangerous gleam in her eye.

"No, he's not," I assured her.

"Why did it seem like we were only hearing half of a conversation earlier?" Quistis asked as she looked between the two of us.

"I said we were in each others heads. We can hold mental conversations," I answered.

"That is just so cool," Selphie said as she clapped her hands together. "So if you can send feelings to each other and talk in each others head, what happens when you're ... um ... intimate?"

I scowled at her. I refused to answer. My frosty glare killed the subject until Seifer, sensing how uncomfortable I was with it, opened his mouth. He was such a prick.

"It's fuckin' awesome. Like two orgasms for the price of one."

**Shut the fuck up, Seifer.**

"Damn, but I've gotta get me something like that," drawled Irvine as he shot a look over Seifer and I. "Can you guys project stuff to other people?"

Seifer frowned and stared hard at Irvine. When Irvine only returned his stare, Seifer sighed and the frown disappeared. "Nope. Unless Squall can do it."

I folded my arms and refused to perform like some trained circus animal. Glacier looks did nothing to Seifer although the rest of the occupants of the room let the subject drop.

**Aw come on, Squally. Just try; for the Cowboy. Make him squirm. It'll be fun.**


**Don't be such a party pooper. Come on, be just a little twisted and fuck with your friends. You'll like it, kinky bastard that you are.**

I sighed mentally and relented. If it would make Seifer happy, I guess it wouldn't hurt to show him that our link didn't work that way.

//LUST// I sent at Irvine. I was startled when I felt Seifer send the same thing to Irvine along with me.

Irvine's eyes widened and he sucked in a sharp breath. His normal, easy-going grin slipped from his face and was replaced with an expression of naked hunger as his eyes darted between Seifer and me. A deep groan escaped his lips and his knuckles turned white as he gripped the arms of the chair he was sitting in. He seemed to be trying to hold himself in the chair.

**More. Give him more. Let's see how far we can push him,** Seifer said with growing excitement that started to loop back onto me.

I tried to stop the sending but couldn't. Seifer pushed more at Irvine to make up for what I was trying to cut off. I was more precise, but Seifer was raw power and he simply upped his sending. Tendons now stood out on Irvine's arms as he tried to remain where he was. He fought the mental barrage and I had to admit to some curiosity to how long he could hold out.

Irvine was not known for his self-control in sexual situations.

With a growl, Irvine lunged from the chair and barreled into me. His mouth crashed onto mine and he forced his tongue into my mouth. His hands began tearing at my clothes, trying to strip me as he ground his hips against mine. He was hard and obviously wanted to relieve some of that tension. I shoved against his chest at the same time that Seifer grabbed him by the back of his vest and yanked him off me. Neither Seifer nor I were still sending, but Irvine was now wrapped up in the lust we had sent him.

Fucking Seifer and his ideas.

The rest of the room had gone quiet in shock. They were all unsure what to do. I was unsure what to do. Seifer swept a glance around the room and ordered everybody out as he held a struggling Irvine against his chest. I alone could see Irvine's eyes. There was pure animal lust in them. Seifer and I had fucked up big time and Irvine was paying for it.


It was a struggle to hold Irvine. He wanted what Squall and I had sent at him. I really didn't think it would work. Now, Irvine was pushed beyond his limits and I didn't know what to do. From the expression on Squall's face, he didn't know what to do either.

**We fucked up, Squall,** I said as I held Irvine tightly. He moaned and began to grind his ass into my groin. Shit. Shit. Shit.

**I know. What do we do now?**

**He ain't fuckin' you. I'm the only one who gets to do that.**

**He's not fucking you and you're not fucking him,** Squall said with cold steel in his voice.

It was wonderful to be loved my lion. I never pegged him as the jealous type, but then again, I had never thought him to be a cuddler or that he would love me like he did.

**Can we try sendin' him somethin' else to ... I dunno ... counteract what we sent earlier?**

**I really don't think that's a good idea since it was your bright idea that caused this whole problem in the first place.**

Irvine wriggled a hand loose from my grasp and snaked it between our bodies. The breath hissed out of me when he stroked me through my pants. Squall's eyes opened wide as the feelings of growing arousal flowed from me to him. Irvine groaned again in my arms and twisted his body, trying to get free. I think he might have been getting bleed-over feelings from Squall and I. Perfect. Like he wasn't already aroused enough.

"We've gotta do somethin', Squall. I let him go and he'll be all over you again. Toss a sleep on him. Maybe he can sleep it off."

I watched as Squall made the gesture for the sleep spell and waited for it to take effect. Of course, nothing happened. My luck wasn't going to run that good. Squall frowned when the spell had no effect and I could feel him retreating into his head to think about what to do to solve this problem. After only a few minutes, Squall let the ghost of a smile pass over his face. He had thought of something.

"What's your plan, babe?" I asked as struggled not to press myself against the talented hands currently working their magic on the erection in my pants.

"Circle jerk," Squall said with a wicked little smile that made my cock even harder. "I can live with that and I think so can you."

To say I was surprised was an understatement. It was probably the best solution available for the weird situation we were in. Squall walked to the door and locked it. As he walked back to where I stood holding Irvine, he began shedding clothes. Irvine struggled hard to be let loose and left us both panting from the exertion and aroused by the feeling of our bodies rubbing together. By the time Squall had made it back to us, his jacket, shirt and most of his belts were off. His erection played peek-a-boo in the half open pants with every step he took. With his leathers undone, every time he moved, I swore those pants were gonna to fall off his ass.

I was starting to pray for that to happen. He was doing it to me again. He was arousin' me without even tryin'. When Irvine moaned and rubbed his ass against my groin, I realized I wasn't the only one Squall was effortlessly arousin'.

Irvine continued to grind his ass against me as he waited for Squall to come close. Squall unbuttoned Irvine's vest and let it hang loose before moving onto his jeans. Irvine thrust his pelvis forward with a soft growl when Squall released the button and pulled the zipper down. He pulled the jeans down Irvine's legs and waited for him to step out of them.

"If Seifer lets you go, you can't jump me again like you did earlier. Do you understand, Irvine?" Squall asked as he gripped Irvine's face and forced him to meet his gaze.

"I—yes. I want ... I need," he moaned.

"I know and we're sorry, Irvine. We had no idea this would happen. We're going to try and fix it, but you have to do what we tell you to," Squall soothed as he gave me a short nod to release Irvine.

I let go slowly, ready to make a grab if he decided to tackle Squall again. Irvine stood there, shaking with the need that Squall and I had put there. As bad as I felt for doing this to Irvine, I also felt an incredible rush of power at being able to affect another person like we had.

I really am an evil bastard.

**Strip, Seifer. I don't want this to go on longer than necessary.**

I shucked my clothes as quickly as possible. I would have loved the chance to play with Squall, but I was finding myself reluctant to share him with anyone else. I didn't want anyone else to see him when he lost control from the pleasure. That was something only I was allowed see and enjoy. Following Squall's mental lead, Irvine was tugged down to the carpet and we knelt facing each other, our knees touching.

Irvine made the first move by reaching out to touch both Squall and myself at the same time. We hissed at the warm contact and sensations that flowed between us. Irvine sighed as he roughly stroked both of us at the same time. It was strange to see Squall close his eyes in pleasure from somebody else's touch. It was also arousing. I hadn't expected that.

Irvine moaned coarsely and leaned closer to us. I was caught up in watching the pleasure move over Squall's face and jumped when I felt warm breath over my cock seconds before Irvine's mouth latched onto me and sucked hard. Squall shivered in reaction to the sensations he was feeling from me as well as his own. He opened his eyes to watch Irvine suck me off.

**I want to do that later. I love the way you taste; the way you feel in my mouth.**

Holy Hyne. If Squall kept that kind of shit up while Irvine worked me with his mouth, there was no way I wasn't gonna nail Squall right in front of Irvine. Hell, it would be good kink to do it in front of an audience.

Irvine gave a little growl that vibrated along my cock and sucked hard enough for me to see white before leaving me and moving on to Squall. Squall gasped when he felt Irvine's lips on his cock. He hissed through his teeth and stared hard at me. His eyes had turned that amazing glowing silver that I'd learned meant he was close to loosing his icy control and becoming' a very demanding lover. I didn't think it was possible for my cock to get any harder, but it did.

I felt a hand on my cock again, urging me closer to Squall. We shifted around until Irvine had manoeuvred us so our thighs were touching and our cocks brushed together. I groaned softly and wanted to bury myself in Squall's tight heat. That thought flew outta my head when Irvine grasped our cocks together and began licking and sucking them both while fondling our balls.

I was swimming in a sea of desire. Every sensation was pinpoint sharp and I opened myself to Squall's feelings as he did the same for me. We both groaned as our arousal twisted together and feed off each other. I leaned in to kiss him with fire running through my veins and blazing from my eyes. Fire and ice met and clashed and roiled around us sending chain reactions through our bodies and spilling over into Irvine. The three of us moaned and panted together as the desire continued to feed and loop back onto itself.

//WANT, NEED, DESIRE// Squall sent to me.

//AROUSAL, NEED// I sent back. **I wanna fuck you, Squall.**

Squall didn't reply. He just kissed me harder as Irvine worked to fit both our cocks in his mouth. We groaned into each other's mouths when he managed to do it. I brought my hand up to play with Squall's nipple and pulled a harsh groan from him when I rolled it between my fingers. My other hand tangled in the hair at the nape of Irvine's neck, urging him to continue the licking and sucking that was starting to drive me insane in the best possible way.

Lust was winding tighter around us and I wanted to slide into Squall more than I wanted to breath. Squall let his hand drop to tangle in Irvine's long auburn hair and urged him to continue on with his dual blowjob. I almost jumped outta my skin when the faintest of emotions, neither Squall's nor mine, teased the edges of my brain.


Squall broke the kiss, panting and glanced down at Irvine. He let go of his hair and the emotions started to fade. He placed his hand back on Irvine's head and the three of us groaned as the emotions came back and started to feed into the desire already swirling in our heads. I clutched Irvine's head tighter and the combined emotions surged against us. Irvine knelt next to us and began to expertly stroke Squall and I as he slowly kissed his way up our bodies.

I let the emotions wash over me. It was intense and I could feel the building excitement in Irvine as well as Squall. None of us were gonna be able to last much longer with this kind of mental arousal boost.

**Help me jerk him off, Squall. We're all close and I wanna see what'll happen if we all come together.**

Squall moved his hand from Irvine's hair to his cock near the base while I put my hand on top of Squall's so Irvine's cock was almost completely sheathed by us. Squall followed the rhythm I set and with a little coaxing, Irvine copied the rhythm on us.

My orgasm was closing in on me. I could feel Squall's rushing at him. I could even feel Irvine's whipping through his body. This was gonna feel so it good it was likely to kill us. I wasn't sure who hit the peak first, but once one of us did, the other two couldn't help but follow, pulled along by the looping connection. I think I yelled. Irvine gave a hoarse, guttural cry and Squalled growled deep in his throat.

Come splattered each of us across our chests. My dick throbbed in Irvine's hand and wouldn't go down. A glance at Squall and Irvine showed that neither of theirs had gone down either. It was an intense orgasm and I was still hard and wanted to fuck Squall. I didn't care if Irvine watched me do it. I just wanted to be inside Squall.

"Is it always like this for you two?" Irvine panted in a dazed voice as he slowly let go of our dicks and brought his come-covered fingers to his mouth to suck them clean. "If it is, it's a wonder you ever leave your rooms."

Squall shook his head and tried to steady his breathing. I could feel arousal still comin' from him. He wanted to take me into his mouth and suck me dry. He wanted to feel my mouth around his cock and my fingers up his ass teasin' him and making him ready for me. He wanted to feel me slidin' into his ass and shootin' my load there.

"Why do I still feel like fucking the two of you senseless?" Irvine groaned, as he looked over at us with banked desire in his violet eyes.

"Don't know but it ain't gonna happen. Squall is mine and I don't share."

"Irvine, Seifer and I are sorry for what we did to you. We really had no idea this would happen," said Squall in a husky voice as he cast another desire filled look my way.

"Don't apologise for one of the best wanks I've ever been involved in. I just wish I could experience the full treatment. I'm sure it would be mind blowing."

"No. In case you didn't hear me, Kinneas, I won't share Squall and he won't share me."

"Why not? What we just did was pretty intimate. I could feel the two of you faintly in my head before the orgasm. It was a better buzz than the finest Galbadian whiskey I've ever had," Irvine purred as he reached out a hand to brush against Squall's nipple.

Irvine was flat on his back with my hand around his throat before he had time to register that I had moved. His startled eyes met mine. I knew mine were leakin' green fire from the surprised expression that met my hard stare. Rage suddenly pushed up into my head and I heard Diablos laugh deep in my brain. I stopped thinkin' and just reacted.

"This was a one time thing, Kinneas. The only reason you got to touch Squall like you did is 'cause it was our fault. I'm the only one who can touch him like that. He's mine and if I ever find out you touched him again like you just did, I'll kill you," I snarled into Irvine's face.

"You love him as much as he loves you," Irvine said softly in surprise. "I thought that's what I felt when we were ... sharing each other feelings. I envy the two of you."

I let go of Irvine as if he had just turned into a T-rexasaurus under my hands. I shot a glance at Squall and saw in his eyes that he had been waiting for me to tell him. The look in his eyes made me think he had known it for a while. It was what he had unearthed in my head and left for me to find and what my GF's had hinted at.

Fuck. That couldn't be true. I can't love anyone when I barely like myself most days. I needed time to work this out in my own head. I stood quickly on legs still rubbery from our group orgasm and yanked on my clothes before fleeing Squall's office.

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