Pairing: Legolas/Aragorn
Summary: After the argument at the Council of Elrond, Legolas is still somewhat upset...
Disclaimer: The characters in this story are based on the works of J.R.R Tolkien's book trilogy Lord of the Rings and Peter Jackson's movie adaptations of the books. No copyright infringement is intended and no money is made from this.
Author Notes: This is movieverse, set right after the Council scene in LotR-Fellowship of the Ring.


By LdyBastet


Legolas glared at the Man as they left the terrace. It had been decided that they were both to be included in the Fellowship, and Legolas was not happy about it. It seemed that the people of Gondor were proud and foolish and in great need of a lesson in humility.

He did not wish to be in the same room as the Man right then, he felt that there was still a risk of him losing his temper. Since dinner was still an hour away, he would take this opportunity to get some perspective on what had transpired during the Council.

He entered his quarters and walked over to the window. He looked out over the peaceful valley and tried to calm himself. The valley was beautiful, and the view of the greenery and the sound of the water soothed his emotions. He sighed as he heard footsteps behind him. The footsteps were familiar, and very dear to him.

He smiled softly as he was encircled by strong arms, and felt a soft brush of lips against the side of his neck.

"Are you well, Legolas?"

Legolas nodded. How he loved to hear this voice.

"Yes. It is merely that I am still troubled by Boromir's arrogance." He sighed softly as the Man behind him moved his long hair gently to one side, and then he felt another brush of lips at the nape of his neck. He shivered slightly. It was one of the very sensitive spots with which his lover was so familiar.

"Mmm... I noticed that he managed to anger you."

"Aragorn, I apologise. It was not my place to tell him of your lineage, but I just could not bear the way he sneered at you. He judged you simply by the fact that he does not know you." He remembered the way that Boromir had spoken, with such obvious contempt: 'And what would a Ranger know of this matter?'

"He had no right!"

Legolas turned around and gazed into Aragorn's blue-grey eyes, trying to read the thoughts that lay behind them. He smiled softly and relaxed, as he could see nothing but love there.

"Such is the way of Men, Legolas. They often judge harshly that which they do not know, or do not understand."

"It is an ignorant way. They close their minds to so many things that they could otherwise experience in their life: new friends, new sights, new tastes, new..."

"Pleasures?" Aragorn grinned at him. Legolas had to laugh.

"Yes, those too."

"Pleasures like this..." Aragorn took Legolas' face in his hands and placed the ghost of a kiss upon his lips. The Elf held his breath, waiting, eyes closed. He felt Aragorn's lips against his own again, and he parted them slightly. It was an invitation that Aragorn responded to gladly. He kissed his lover in earnest, his tongue exploring and invading, relishing the taste of the male that he held in his arms.

Legolas moaned softly into the kiss, and put his arms around Aragorn's shoulders, drawing him closer. Aragorn broke the kiss and looked into Legolas' eyes, a smile glittering in his own.

"Pleasures like this..." He kissed the curve of Legolas' neck and then licked upwards towards his ear, tasting the skin. He could feel the Elf trembling in his arms, and felt the familiar tug in the pit of his stomach. He loved the way Legolas responded to his touch.

He opened Legolas' tunic while kissing his jaw line, feeling the soft silk under his fingers. He eased it over his lover's shoulders and the fabric fell to the floor with a rustle. Aragorn found the skin of Legolas' chest as smooth and soft as the silk had been, and he let his mouth wander down over it, leaving a wet trail behind. He played with a nipple with his tongue, almost smiling as he felt it turning into a hard nub, and he heard a moan.

He continued downwards, kissing his way over Legolas' stomach. He paused and looked up at his lover's face, smiling softly when he saw the rapture there, the anticipation and the longing. Aragorn untied the laces in Legolas' leggings and slowly pulled them down, revealing the erection that had been growing inside them.

Legolas bit his lower lip, not wanting to moan too loudly, trying not to shiver. He wanted only to relish the feeling, not to disturb Aragorn in any way in the exploration of his body. He wanted to enjoy the sensations for as long as possible. He felt the familiar touch of a calloused hand on his hard flesh, gripping and slowly stroking the shaft, and when Aragorn took him deep in his mouth in one greedy gulp, he could no longer hold back a loud moan. He felt his tongue swirl around the head, causing him to tremble and sigh. Aragorn took him deep again, then let him go and grinned up at him from his kneeling position.

"Maybe you would be more comfortable and relaxed over there?" He nodded over to the other side of the room where the soft bed stood. Legolas nodded, removed the remainder of his clothes, and walked over to the bed to sit down. He stayed Aragorn as he was about to kneel down in front of him once more.

"Take off your clothes, Aragorn. I want to rest my eyes on you." The Man grinned at him and obliged. Legolas smiled as he admired the strong arms and the broad chest of his lover. When Aragorn was naked he took his hand and pulled him onto the bed beside him. He rolled on top of the Man and kissed him hungrily.

Aragorn's head swam as he was enveloped in the passion of the Elf, their tongues duelling and dancing. He could hear his own pulse in his ears, feel the blood race down towards his groin, filling his member and making it grow even more. He felt a pang of loss as his lover's lips left his own, but that loss was quickly turned to hunger as they moved and kissed their way down the side of his neck, down towards his shoulder. He could not contain a low growl as Legolas bit down over the big muscle there. How sweet pain could be when given by someone you love...

Legolas adjusted his position slightly; he needed to feel Aragorn's erection against his own. As he continued to kiss and bite on Aragorn's shoulder and neck, he began to move in a rhythm that pleasured them both, their hard members rubbing against each other, sending waves of pleasure coursing through their bodies. He smiled and licked at a nipple when he heard Aragorn begin to breathe faster, moaning. As he didn't want this to end too quickly, he moved back slightly, swallowing Aragorn's sounds of disappointment in another wild and hungry kiss.

"Legolas! Please..."

Aragorn slid his hands up over Legolas' arms, feeling the muscles in his back, and tried to pull him close again; Legolas broke his hold and took both of his wrists in a firm grip, keeping them crossed over Aragorn's chest, in one of his hands. Aragorn hissed as he felt Legolas' warm, wet tongue trace one of the scars on his chest. He closed his eyes and lay back, as he knew that Legolas was not in any hurry, and that he would probably not miss a single mark on his body. Legolas licked at one scar after the other, moving down all the while, agonizingly slow. All Aragorn could do was to submit to the sensations, the sparks shooting down his torso, up his legs, converging between his thighs. He felt as if he was going to burst.

He felt Legolas move down even further and let go of his hands. He raised his head and looked up, meeting the gaze of his lover, eyes sparkling and darker than usual, their colour now that of dark sapphires, full of lust and desire. These were the eyes that were reserved for moments like these, passionate. Legolas licked his lips and gave him a wicked smile before he opened his mouth and took Aragorn's erection deep inside. Aragorn tried to lie still, but the pace that Legolas set made it impossible. He felt himself coming closer to his release, whimpering as his lover's expert hands denied him his climax and his mouth instead released his hard shaft.

"Now, now, Aragorn; do not be so impatient," Legolas said, with a mischievous glint in his eyes. He stretched over to the side of the bed for a moment, searching for something. Then he leaned over and kissed Aragorn again, relishing the power that he now held over him, enjoying how the Man writhed under him, moaning and whispering his name over and over. He coated his own erection with the salve he had taken from his bag, then sat up between his lover's legs and slowly pushed his slick fingers into him.

When he felt that Aragorn was ready, Legolas mounted him, slowly and carefully, allowing his body to stretch and accommodate him. The tightness encircling him felt so good, and he knew that he would not be able to take it slowly for much longer, but judging from the sounds that Aragorn was making, that was not a problem. He began thrusting and set up a hard, fast pace that they both enjoyed.

Aragorn's breath got caught in his chest and his vision dimmed slightly, so he closed his eyes, as Legolas hit the pleasure spot inside him. He had chosen an angle so that he continued to rub over it, and Aragorn could hear himself moaning and panting words in a mixture of Common and Elvish, mingled with his lover's name. None of it made any sense, but he did not care any longer - he just wanted this to last forever. But that was not to be, and he soon reached his climax with a low growl, teeth biting into his fist.

Legolas could feel his release coming closer, relentlessly storming towards him, and when he could not hold it back any longer, pushed over the edge by his lover's ecstasy, he let the passion peak, and for a moment he saw only sparks of silver, his mouth forming only one word.



The two lovers lay facing one another on the bed, legs still entangled, catching their breath. Legolas touched Aragorn's chest with his palm, feeling the Man's heart still racing. He smiled. Aragorn grinned back at him and kissed him again. The kiss was tender and slow, full of love and satisfaction.

"I think it is time to get ready for the evening meal," Aragorn said, as he reluctantly broke the kiss. "We cannot be absent from the head table tonight. I think Lord Elrond has placed the whole Fellowship at his table, actually. It will give us an opportunity to get to know each other before we set out."

"Mmm..." Legolas smiled. "It sounds good to me, as long as Boromir is at the other end of the table." He winked at his lover.

"Impulsive Elf," Aragorn teased, and smoothed a few blonde strands of hair from Legolas' face. "Come, I want you to get to know Frodo and the other hobbits." He got up from the bed, and donned his clothes.

"You care for them greatly," Legolas said as he dressed. "Lead the way; I am looking forward to getting to know these courageous friends of yours." He turned to Aragorn at the door, a gentle smile on his face. "Thank you for taking my mind off the hostile argument at the Council."

Aragorn smiled back. "My pleasure."

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