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The Games We Play

By Iron Dog

"I swear, if I hear one more snot-nosed kid ask me if I really was a Sorceress' Knight, I won't be held responsible for lopping the kid's head off," stated Seifer as he took another pull at the beer he held.

"Thought you were made of tougher stuff than that," Irvine drawled as he got up to get more beer from the little fridge in Squall's room.

"Bite me Kinneas," Seifer sneered.

"They're just kids. They don't mean anything by it," Zell offered as he looked to Squall for support.

"Are we playing cards or what?" Squall asked as he gestured to the stacks on the table.

"I'm out. Squall has already won my best cards," Irvine sighed as he deposited beers to each of the men.

"Yeah, me too. I guess I'm out. You still in for some more punishment Seifer?" Zell asked as he leaned back in his chair, balancing it on two legs.

"Ain't no fun with only two players. How about we play something else?"

"Whatcha got in mind? I don't have any cash on me," Zell warned.

"Too easy to take cash off you chicken-wuss. How about a little game of Truth, Dare, Double Dare, Promise To Repeat? I'll go first since I thought of it. Truth, dare, double dare, promise to repeat Kinneas?"

"That's a kid's game Seifer," snorted Irvine.

"You a chicken-wuss too? Truth, dare, double dare, promise to repeat?" Seifer taunted.

"Truth," Irvine relented with a sigh.

"How old were you when you lost your cherry?"

"Twelve, but I was an early bloomer."

"Twelve?" squeaked Zell as the legs of the chair thumped back onto the floor.

"My turn. Truth, dare, double dare, promise to repeat Zell?" asked Irvine.


"Do you really have a monster in your pants Zell? I heard some girls talking and well..."

Zell blushed a deep red and mumbled something while looking anywhere but at the three pairs of eyes looking at him curiously.

"What was that chicky? You don't answer and it's an automatic dare," warned Seifer.

"I said, I don't think so. I...Its...I'm just regular."

"Prove it. Whip it out," Seifer said as he gestured with his beer bottle.

"I'm not going to drop my pants for you to stare at my dick Seifer." Zell snorted.

"What? Afraid you don't have the goods? You got chicken balls, chicken-wuss?" goaded Seifer.

Zell glared at Seifer with a blush still on his cheeks. He abruptly stood and shoved the chair back while yanking at the buttons of his shorts. He tugged down the zipper and reached inside his underwear for his dick. Seifer's bottle clattered on the table and his usual smirk slipped from his face.

"What?" Zell asked. "I told you I was regular," he said as he tucked himself back into his shorts and did them up.

"Sorry Zell, but you are definitely not regular. You're not even hard and you're hung," said Irvine with a seductive chuckle. "Your turn Zell."

Zell sat down in his seat, the blush refusing to fade from his face. He looked at Seifer and Squall for several minutes before making his choice.

"Truth, dare, double dare, promise to repeat Squall?"


"Who is the first person you kissed in a sexy way?"

"Tracy from our first year as SeeD recruits."

"Tracy? That butchy girl, that looked like she could bench-press a car?"

"No. The other Tracy. The guy," Squall said as he sipped at his beer and watched the reactions of the men at the table from under his bangs.

Zell stared with an open mouth at Squall. Seifer burst out laughing at Zell's expression. Irvine smiled and nodded.

"I thought he was cute too. Was he a good kisser?" Irvine asked.

"Wait just a damn minute. Are you telling me that the first person you kissed, really kissed, was a guy? Are you gay Squall?" Zell asked.

"No, I'm bi. I like women too. I just prefer men."

"Did you know about this Irvine?" Zell demanded.

"Yeah. I didn‘t think it was a secrete."

"And you didn't say anything to me?"

"Does it make a difference Zell?" Squall demanded quietly as a hint of frost began to creep into his eyes.

"Of course not. But geez, you could have said something. I thought we were friends."

"We are. Unless you were going to ask me out on a date, I didn't think it was any of your business."

Zell's fading blush returned; folding his arms with a huff. He glared at Seifer when he saw the smirk that seemed to be a permanent feature on Seifer's face.

"I suppose you knew too. Do Selphie and Rinoa know? Why am I always the last to know shit? I can keep my mouth shut if I have too, you know."

"I didn't know for sure, but I guessed. Squall's way to pretty to just like chicks. So are you the top or bottom Squall?" Seifer leered.

"Depends on my mood."

"He's a switch," Irvine drawled as he took a pull on his beer.

"Oh god, I really don't want to hear this," Zell muttered.

"You've never been curious Zell?" Seifer asked in an honestly surprised voice. "Come on. There's just something about Squall that makes even the straightest guy wonder what it would be like to bend him over and pound into that ass."

"Thanks, I think," said Squall as he drained the last of his beer and rose to get another.

Unable to help himself now that Seifer had planted the thought in his head, Zell watched Squall walk to the fridge and bend to retrieve a beer. He swallowed hard as the leather pants Squall was wearing stretched tight and showcased the firm ass that he had never noticed before.

The firm ass he had never thought to notice before.

Zell shifted his eyes away from Squall quickly. He refused to have those kinds of thoughts about his friend. Seifer saw and snickered. Irvine just shook his head and sighed. He had to do something to save Zell from the teasing that Seifer was sure to do for the rest of the night.

"Why don't you tell Zell about your own experience with man-loving," Irvine asked casually as he brought the beer to his lips.

Seifer shot a dirty look at Irvine. Zell looked like his eyes were going to bug out of his head. He opened his mouth to speak but no words came out.

"My turn. Truth, dare, double dare, promise to repeat Seifer," Squall said as he sat back down at the table.


"Who was your first guy fuck?"

Seifer glared at Squall. It was obvious he hadn't thought anybody would have the balls to ask him a question like that.

"The cowboy here," Seifer finally answered.

"Have you screwed everybody Irvine?" Zell asked in a shocked voice.

"I haven't had you."

Zell could only stare at the three men sitting around the table.

"You're freaking him out guys. Zell, we're not going to jump your bones," Squall said softly.

"Why not? You don't think I'm attractive? I'm not your type?"

"You offering your ass chicken-wuss?" Seifer leered.

"Knock it off Seifer. You don't even do guys," Squall said.

"I'd do you. I've always wondered what you'd be like in the sack. Would you be the Ice Princess we all know or would it be a wild ride like tryin' to fuck Griever in a tornado?"

"You couldn't handle me Seifer," Squall said in a voice that dropped into the lower registers and slid along the senses.

Zell swallowed hard and shifted uncomfortably in his suddenly tighter shorts. He had never heard Squall talk like that. It had to be all the beer they had been drinking. He could tell from the expression on Seifer's face that he had never heard it either.

Finally, something that he wasn't alone in experiencing.

"My turn again. Truth, dare, double dare, promise to repeat chicken-wuss," Seifer asked as he toyed with his bottle of beer.

Zell glared at Seifer before biting out his answer, "Dare."

"I dare you to plant a deep, tonsil washing kiss on Irvine."

Zell glowered at Seifer. He had known, somewhere in the deeper parts of his brain, that Seifer was eventually going to do something like this. Seifer could be a total asshole and it seemed like he was going for the gold medal tonight. Being called a chicken-wuss by Seifer for as long as he'd known him, Zell had finally had enough. He was accepting the dare.

Before Irvine could protest the dare, Zell rose from his seat and approached Irvine.

"You don't have to do this Zell," said Irvine as he waited for whatever Zell decided to do.

Zell didn't respond. He leaned over the still seated Irvine and lowered his head. His lips brushed against the Galbadians' as light as a feather. Strong hands cupped Irvine's face as Zell brushed his lips back and forth with increasing pressure. When a soft little moan escaped the sniper, Zell flicked his tongue out to lick at the seam of Irvine's lips to ask for entrance.

Irvine opened his mouth under the gentle assault. He had expected Zell to protest the dare; not dive right in. He hadn't expected the tender attack to make the blood stir in his groin either. He shivered when Zell ran his tongue along the inside of his lips and groaned again when Zell sucked lightly on the tongue Irvine offered him. Zell pushed his tongue further into Irvine's mouth while his fingers began to lightly stroke along Irvine's jaw and neck.

Irvine had just reached up to hold Zell to him when Zell pulled back with a slightly dazed expression on his face. Irvine moaned at the loss and tried to pull Zell back into the kiss. He almost succeeded when a low whistle from Seifer made Zell start and pull away. Irvine shot a nasty look in Seifer's direction but let Zell go.

"Man that was hot. I never thought you had it in you chicken," Seifer said as he brought the beer to his lips.

Zell whirled on Seifer and knocked the beer from his hand before grabbing his chin with strong fingers. He had had enough teasing from Seifer. Maybe it was the effect of the beers he'd had or just the years of teasing that finally pushed him over the edge. He stared hard into Seifer's eyes for a few seconds before crashing his lips down onto Seifer's in a brutal kiss.

The kiss was rough and hard and Seifer couldn't believe that it was Zell kissing him like that. He liked it. It had just enough of an edge of violence to it to really get his motor running. He wanted more. Seifer reached up and grabbed the back of Zell's neck and twisted so that Zell had to either fall across Seifer's lap or risk serious injury. Zell chose to land in Seifer's lap and was startled from the angry kiss by the erection pressing against his thigh. He jerked back from Seifer's lips and tried to scramble from his lap.

"Oh no, Zell. You started this with the kiss you just planted on me. Now, I want and you should know that I always get what I want."

"Seifer," warned Squall as he rose from his seat and made to help Zell get away from Seifer.

"I wouldn't have done anything if Zell here hadn't made the first move. Unless, you want to take his place, fuck off Squall."

Zell looked at Seifer and saw the challenge and desire that was in his eyes. He knew if he let Squall take his place, Seifer would needle him about it until the day he died. There was also the small matter that kissing Seifer roughly after the sensual kiss with Irvine had made his own cock hard as a rock. As confused as that made him, arousal was flowing through his body.

He really was going to have to watch the amount of beer he drank in the future if it had this kind of effect on him.

"No. It was my decision to kiss Seifer. I want to see where this goes. Life is about experiences isn't it? Besides, I don‘t want to be the only one that hasn‘t tried this," Zell said as he wriggled his ass in Seifer's lap and was rewarded with a surprised gasp from the gunblader that quickly turned into a growl.

"Thank fuckin' Hyne for peer pressure," leered Seifer as he dropped his hand into Zell's lap and started to knead the bulge he found there.

"Whatever," Squall said with a shrug of his shoulders.

Irvine was watching Zell and Seifer with hungry eyes. It had surprised him to no end that Zell had kissed him. It hadn't surprised him that he had become aroused from the kiss of a man. Irvine didn't believe in limiting himself to only half of the populace when it came to sex and feeling good. He tore his gaze from Zell and Seifer and looked to Squall.

"I guess we can start a little earlier than planned if they're going to get it on," Irvine said as he motioned Squall over to him.

Squall walked to Irvine. He swung his leg over Irvine's and sat in his lap, facing the sniper. He gave a little wriggle of his hips to get comfortable and raised an eyebrow when he felt the erection.

"Zell is a damn fine kisser," he drawled by way of explanation.

Zell blushed at the compliment even as he stared in fascination as Squall dipped his head to kiss Irvine. From the way they kissed each other, it was obvious that they had done it before. There was no hesitation and they moved together smoothly. Zell watched as the kiss deepened and just couldn't help but ask the question that popped into his head.

"Are you guys an item or something?"

"No," Squall rasped when Irvine broke the kiss to trail lips over his cheeks and down his throat.

"We just enjoy each other when we feel the need. I was going to stay after you two left tonight," said Irvine in a husky drawl between nips and kisses along the column of Squall‘s neck.

"They're fuck buddies, chicky. Now forget about them and lets get down to business," growled Seifer as he grabbed Zell's chin and held his face still while he started a new assault on Zell's mouth.

Zell jerked back from Seifer with a scowl. "If we're going to do this, you call me by my name."

"I'll call you the fuckin' grand high poohbah if you want me too, if you'd just shut the hell up and kiss me like you first did."

Zell looked startled at first before a slow smile spread over his face. A devilish twinkle sparked in his eyes before he complied with Seifer and attacked his mouth again. Seifer moaned into Zell's mouth. Zell pulled back a fraction of an inch and whispered loud enough for Seifer's ears alone.

"You want hard with an edge of pain, don‘t you? I can do that for you but I want something in return."

At Seifer's nod, Zell continued between hard nips at his lips. "Ease up on teasing me and calling me names. Give me your word and I'll do you as hard as you want."

"Deal, as long as you keep up your end," Seifer said as he pressed Zell into his lap to rub against his erection.

Zell replied by biting hard on Seifer's bottom lip and pinching his nipple at the same time. Seifer groaned and flexed his hips, pressing his erection against Zell. Strong fingers pressed hard unexpectedly, causing Seifer to gasp first in pain then pleasure.

"What the fuck?" hissed Seifer as he felt a rush of blood shoot to his groin, making his cock ache and head spin pleasantly.

"Pressure points. You didn't think that all I did was practice punching and kicking did you? I am the best martial artist in this, or any Garden. I can make you feel as good or as painful as I want and never leave more than a few red marks on you."

"I think I'm in love," muttered Seifer as he pulled Zell into a bruising kiss.

"They're getting on nicely now," murmured Irvine as he worked his hands under the t-shirt Squall was wearing to stroke his skin.

Squall spared a glance back at Zell and Seifer. A tiny smile twitched his lips and he rose from Irvine's lap. He took Irvine's hand and began leading him to the bedroom. He stopped along the way next to Seifer and Zell and waited for them to take notice.

"The bedroom is more comfortable."

Seifer and Zell untangled themselves and followed Squall and Irvine into the bedroom. Both men stared in surprise. The large bed took up most of the space in the room and was covered in midnight blue satin sheets. The small bedside table had an assortment of lubes and a jumble of sex toys on it. Seifer was sure he saw a pair of handcuffs under a pile of leather straps. His attention was caught by the soft exclamation from Zell.

"Holy fuck! What is all this?"

"I did say I was going to stay tonight," Irvine said with a seductive smile as he ran his hands down his sides in an erotic gesture.

"I like kink," Squall said with a shrug as he began to take off his t-shirt.

Seifer and Zell watched in fascination as Squall shed his clothes. Irvine was only seconds behind in following Squall's lead. With his hand on the fly of his pants, Squall stopped and looked at Seifer and Zell.

"You getting naked or what?"

Seifer grinned and began to take off his clothes, not caring where they fell. Squall sighed, bent to retrieve them and placed them on a chair, shoved in a corner. He opened the fly of his pants and skinned the tight leather off his legs. He dropped the pants onto the chair and walked nude, back to the bed.

Irvine was already lying on the bed, naked. He had removed the tie holding his hair back and it pooled around his body in waves of auburn silk. He was gently stroking his erection as he watched Squall walk back towards the bed.

"What the hell are you wearing Squall?" Zell asked with a blush as he stared at the leather straps wrapping around Squall's cock.

"Cock ring."

"You've been wearing that all night? Isn't it uncomfortable?"

"Not all night, just the last hour or so."

"You are seriously way kinkier than I ever thought," Seifer said as he started to tug Zell's shirt over his head. "I'm gonna do you tonight before I do Zell."

Zell's muffled protest was ignored. His shirt was flung in the general direction of the chair holding the clothes. Seifer pushed Zell onto the bed and attacked the buttons and zipper of his shorts. When he finally had the offending shorts and underwear off, Seifer stopped to look at the sprawled picture Zell presented.

Pale skin made even paler against the deep blue of the sheets. The tribal tattoo on his face standing out in stark relief. The surprising continuation of the tattoo down the side of his chest to his hip where the ends curled around his thigh and seemed to point to the impressive erection. A large, stiff erection that begged to be touched.

Irvine beat Seifer to Zell. He stroked Zell's cock lightly before crawling closer and flicking the head with his tongue. The soft moan and fingers clenched in the sheets made Irvine smile before he lowered his head and took Zell into his mouth. Irvine looked up through his lashes at Squall and Seifer and started to suck on Zell.

His mouth was stretched open to the limit to take Zell. He revealed in the feel of the velvety soft skin against his tongue and the slight ache in his jaw. Zell groaned at the gentle scrape of Irvine's teeth against his sensitive flesh and moaned in pleasure when Irvine teased his slit with his tongue before plunging down on him again.

"Oh fuck, I want Irvine to suck me off," Seifer said as he began stroking himself as he watched Irvine and Zell.

"You want a lot of things," Zell panted as he jerked his hips under Irvine.

"That could be arranged," Squall said as he picked through the items on the bedside table.

Seifer lay on his side on the bed next to Zell and grasped his chin roughly before plunging his tongue into Zell's mouth. He plundered his mouth, brusquely moving his lips over Zell's. When the bed dipped slightly at Squall's return, Seifer paid no attention to it. The hands running over his ass and between his cheeks were just another layer of sensation being added to the hard, hungry kiss he was sharing with Zell. It wasn't until he felt something cold and slippery press against his hole that he broke the kiss with Zell.

There was a moment of resistance before the well lubed object slid into him. Seifer gave a startled, painful squawk and turned his head to glare at Squall. He was rewarded with a small, devious smile. Immediately suspicious, Seifer rolled away from Zell and gasped as his eyes widened in surprise.

"Nifty little thing I picked up in a Galbadian sex shop. Every time you move, you'll get all kinds of vibrations. It stops if you stay perfectly still. Think you can stand to keep it in?" Squall challenged.

"Do I win something if I do?" Seifer groaned when he shifted and the device hummed in his ass.


"I'll do it if it kills me."

All three men were surprised by the wicked laugh that escaped Squall. "It just might."

Squall lowered his head and swallowed Seifer down in one motion. Seifer hissed in pleasure and jerked his hips up. A strangled gasp escaped him when the Galbadian device began to vibrate and tingle in his ass. He could feel Squall smile around his cock. It was going to be harder than he had first thought. Seifer loved it.

Seifer let the pleasure wash through him. Squall sucked hard on his cock and made him reflexively jerk his hips up. With each small move, vibrations wound through him and intensified the sensations Squall was giving him.

Zell divided his attention between watching Squall blow Seifer and Irvine working his own cock. He felt painfully hard and was almost afraid he'd embarrass himself and come after only a few more minutes of Irvine‘s mouth on his cock. Irvine seemed to sense Zell's problem and slowly let him slip from his mouth.

Irvine took Zell's hand and brought it to his own erection. He thrusted gently into Zell's hand and sighed softly. Zell quickly picked up the languid motion of Irvine's hips and began stroking him while watching Squall and Seifer. Irvine closed his lips over Zell's nipple and suckled at it, making the martial artist close his eyes and moan at the sensation.

Sweat had broken out on Seifer's body as he tried to remain still under the assault Squall was subjecting him to. The device that Squall had inserted into his ass was producing intense vibrations and he could only wonder what would happen if he really started to move around. He suspected that it would be just the kind of pleasurable torture he liked. Once the thought entered his brain, it wouldn't be dislodged.

"I gotta fuck you now Squall. Irvine, make him ready and gimme those cuffs while you‘re at it," Seifer growled in a voice that discouraged arguments.

Irvine slipped away from Zell's stroking hand reluctantly. He scooped lube from the night table and approached Squall. Squall obligingly raised his ass to Irvine while continuing to suck on Seifer. Irvine squirted a generous amount of lube over his fingers before pushing into Squall.

Zell stared with increasing desire at the picture his three friends made. Seifer on his back with Squall crouched between his legs and his mouth full of cock. Irvine standing behind Squall, stroking his hip with one hand while plunging and twisting the fingers of his other hand in and out of his ass. The look of lust on their faces was something Zell knew he would never forget.

"I ain't gonna be gentle Squall. Not this time anyway. Think you can handle it?"

"Anything you can dish out Seifer," Squall said as he let Seifer fall from his mouth. When he made to remove the device, Seifer stopped him with a smirk.

"Let's just see how much of your torture device I can take?"


Irvine moved away from Squall and back to Zell. He trailed lube slicked fingers over Zell's erection as he settled himself on the bed to watch the show he was sure Seifer and Squall were going to put on. He let his fingers wander down Zell's cock and cupped his balls. Zell spread his legs to give Irvine better access as he watched Squall and Seifer. He shot a startled glance at Irvine when he felt the finger gently pushing against his hole.

"Relax Zell. It won't hurt and I promise you'll love the feeling,"

Zell willed himself to relax under the sniper's gentle touch. It felt strange to have something pushing into his body but it didn't hurt. Zell sucked in a startled, pleasure-filled breath when Irvine rubbed his finger against his sweet spot. He jerked his hips and moaned softly when Irvine began stroking his insides. Zell barely registered it when Irvine slipped another finger in to join the first.

Squall was on his hands and knees facing Zell and Irvine licking his cock swollen lips. His lips twitched in a smile when Seifer gasped as he pushed himself up to move behind him. Seifer gritted his teeth and came to kneel behind Squall on the bed.

Seifer scooped up the handcuffs from where Irvine had left them beside Squall. He snapped one around Squall's wrist and brought that arm around to his back. He grabbed the other wrist and clicked the cuffs securely into place behind his back. Squall growled softly in his throat and glanced back at Seifer with lust filled eyes turned a smoky grey. Seifer smirked and licked his lips at the sight of a handcuffed Squall and rubbed himself against Squall's ass.

"Fuck this feels so good it hurts," Seifer said as he spread Squalls cheeks apart with one hand while spreading lube on his cock with the other.

Seifer pressed against Squall's puckered opening. He groaned when the muscles relaxed and the tip of his cock slipped inside. He pushed relentlessly until he was completely sheathed in the hot, tight heat of Squall‘s ass. The vibrations in his own ass were constant and made the blood surge in his cock. He gripped the chain linking the cuffs together and began to thrust roughly in and out of Squall, using the tension of the cuffs to hold Squall in place.

Squall was panting with an open mouth and his eyes had a pleasure glazed look to them. His cock was hard and dripping pre-come in its cage of leather. He was watching Zell and Irvine intently when he ran his tongue over his swollen lips and gasped with each hard thrust of Seifer. Sweat had started to run in thin trails down his face and plastered his dark hair to his forehead and cheeks.

Seifer's face was a picture of painful rapture. He was groaning and muttering how good it felt to fuck Squall. Sweat glistened on his skin and his nipples were hard little buds in the field of gooseflesh that the Galbadian device was producing. Every so often his rhythm would falter and he'd stop while sucking in air sharply. Zell and Irvine moaned at the erotic sight the two of them presented.

"We should join the party too," said Irvine as he withdrew his fingers from Zell's ass and moved to face Squall on his hands and knees, presenting his ass to Zell. "Since it's your first time with another guy, you can top me."

Zell knelt behind Irvine and ran his hands hesitantly over the ass in front of him. He noticed that Seifer had stopped again and was watching him.

"Just use lots of lube. You don't want to kill Kinneas with that monster dick of yours," Seifer said with a snicker and a gasp as the device in his ass sent tingles though him.

Zell rummaged through the objects on the night table and came up with a tube of lube. He generously spread the cool liquid on his cock and parted Irvine's cheeks. He stopped when he found a bright green object already wedged in Irvine's ass.

"Irvine?" Zell asked.

"Butt plug. Just take it out and I'm ready to go. Good thing for me that Squall likes his kink and had plans for my ass or you could be a while getting me ready to take you."

Zell felt the blush start to creep up his face as he did as Irvine told him. He pulled the butt plug slowly from Irvine's ass and felt his cock twitch when Irvine groaned at the sensation. He dropped it onto the bed and stared at the puckered opening for a few seconds before pressing the head of his cock against it. Irvine moaned as Zell pushed into him. Zell froze, thinking he had hurt Irvine.

"No, don't stop Zell. You feel good, just take it slowly."

Encouraged, Zell pushed further in Irvine. The tightness and heat almost was his undoing. He stopped and drew in several deep breaths. When he was sure he wasn't going to embarrass himself, Zell continued until he had fully entered Irvine. Both men groaned softly at the feel.

Irvine stretched forward and captured Squall's lips in a heated kiss. Seifer moaned at the sight and began a rough rhythm of strokes that made Squall and Irvine break apart from the kiss. Squall reared up on his knees pushing himself back onto Seifer. Irvine shot a glance back at Zell and rose up on his knees as well. He gasped when he did and closed his eyes.

"Hyne in heaven but you feel amazing Zell," Irvine said as he twisted his head to kiss him.

Zell grinned when they broke the kiss. He thought Irvine felt pretty damn good himself. He wrapped his arms around Irvine before moving both of them forward in a jerky knee-walk until Irvine and Squall's chests touched. Both men groaned at the contact before starting up the kiss that had been disrupted earlier.

Seifer snaked an arm out and grabbed Zell by the back of the neck and pulled him in for a hard kiss while he began to flex his hips against Squall's backside. Zell swallowed Seifer's moan and began to flex his hips against Irvine. The motion was small and not very satisfying and after only a few minutes Zell growled his frustration into Seifer's mouth.

Zell pulled back from Seifer's kiss and sat back on his heels, pulling Irvine with him. Irvine sighed in pleasure at the feeling of Zell filling him so completely. He braced his hands on Zell's thighs and began to raise and lower himself in a steady rhythm. He gasped as each downward motion had Zell's cock hit that pleasure spot inside him and made his cock throb even harder. Squall pulled forward on the cuffs Seifer still held in his hand until he was leaning over Irvine and took him into his mouth.

"Fuck yeah, Squall. Suck him hard," Seifer grunted as he began to move faster in Squall's ass.

Squall moaned around the cock in his mouth and pushed back onto Seifer's cock. Irvine dropped his head back onto Zell's shoulder and turned his face for a kiss. He groped for Zell's hand and brought it to his nipple, moaning as he encouraged Zell to tease the nub into a stiff peak.

"Make the cowboy come, Squall. Drink him down while I shoot in your ass. I'm close, so you'd better work fast," warned Seifer as he pounded roughly into Squall.

Both Squall and Irvine moaned at Seifer's words. Squall began to work Irvine's cock faster with his mouth. Irvine pushed himself down on Zell's cock and held himself still as he felt the blood pool in his groin and his balls draw up tight from the expert action of Squall‘s mouth. He cried out as his orgasm poured through his body, his seed hitting the back of Squall's throat.

"Swallow, Squall," commanded Seifer as he laid a hard, open-handed smack on Squall's ass between thrusts.

Squall moaned around Irvine's twitching cock and sucked and swallowed until Irvine's softening member slipped from his mouth. Irvine leaned forward, breathing hard and aware that Zell was still hard inside his clenching ass.

Seifer gave a guttural cry as he slammed hard into Squall with his own release. He gave a startled bleat when Irvine reached between his legs and pulled the Galbadian device from his ass. He surprised himself when another small spurt was drawn, almost painfully, from his balls by the feel of the device leaving his ass. He allowed Squall to slide off his cock and rested on hands and knees panting hard, his cock and ass tingling from his release and the effects of the device.

"I knew you'd be a wild fuck. Griever in a tornado without a doubt," Seifer said with a small laugh to Squall.

Zell was breathing heavily through his mouth at the feel of Irvine's ass pulsing around his cock. His body was screaming at him to let go and come but as he watched Seifer trying to recover from his orgasm, he had a wicked idea enter his head. He had promised Seifer he would do him hard hadn't he? Zell lifted a protesting Irvine off his cock and moved from the bed. He walked to where Seifer was still kneeling with his eyes closed and knelt behind him.

With his ass in the air, already lubed and slightly stretched from the device Squall had inserted earlier, Zell met little resistance when he pushed the head of his cock into Seifer. Seifer reared back in surprise and only succeeded in pushing more of Zell into him. They both groaned at the feel.

"I said I'd do you hard," whispered Zell into Seifer's ear as he pushed himself fully into Seifer's hypersensitive hole.

Zell gripped Seifer's hips hard and began to set a punishing pace. Seifer moaned at the large, painful intrusion and felt his cock try to stir to life again. Pleasurable shivers shook his body as Zell stroked in and out of him. When Zell pressed his chest to Seifer's back and began hitting that sweet spot inside him, Seifer cried out and began meeting Zell's thrusts. Zell slammed into Seifer one last time and shouted as he came. He held Seifer impaled on his cock, relishing the tight, hot feel on his sensitized member.

Squall watched with lust filled eyes as Zell roughly took Seifer and found his peak. He was the only one who hadn‘t found release yet and his cock and balls were starting to hurt from being denied release. He looked over to find Irvine watching him with banked desire in his eyes.

"Do you want to come now Squall?" Irvine asked as he crawled over to Squall and began to brush the ends of his long auburn hair over the leather encased erection.

"Yes," Squall hissed as his hips jerked from the teasing assault.

"Are you sure?" At Squall's nod, Irvine moved closer until his lips hovered over the weeping erection. "Cuffs on or off?"

"On," Squall breathed as he tried to press his cock between Irvine's lips.

Irvine flicked the head with his tongue as his clever finger undid the straps of the cock ring. With the device removed, Squall shuddered and pushed his hips closer to Irvine's mouth. Squall groaned as Irvine licked his now painful erection with his tongue and continued to brush the length with the ends of his hair. Squall began thrusting shallowly into Irvine's mouth knowing his release was close but wanting to prolong the sensation. He gasped in pleasure when Irvine gripped the chain of the cuffs and jerked down hard, forcing his back to bow under the pressure and pushing his cock further into Irvine's mouth.

Irvine sucked hard on his cock and wormed a finger up Squall's ass to brush against his prostate. Squall cried out and bucked his hips as his climax caught him. Irvine swallowed and licked at Squall until the tremors that had shaken his body stopped. Irvine produced the keys to the cuffs and released Squall's hands. Squall lay on his side next to Irvine and allowed a smile of satisfaction to spread over his face as he waited for his heart to slow back to normal.

Zell lay on his back, sweaty and sated from the most intense sexual experience of his life. If somebody had told him he would watch Squall get fucked by Seifer while he screwed Irvine, he would have thought they were crazy. He still couldn't believe it had happened. He could barely wrap his brain around the fact that he had actually fucked one guy never mind two.

"How come Zell is the only one whose ass didn't get fucked?" Seifer mumbled from where he lay with his eyes closed, spent for the moment.

Zell shot a startled look at Seifer before letting his eyes drift over to Squall and Irvine.

"There's still lots of time for us to play all kinds of interesting games," Squall said as he stroked a lazy hand down Irvine's side and teased his stretched hole with a gentle finger. Irvine moaned softly and pushed the beginnings of an erection against Squall's thigh. Squall glanced at the night table with its collection of toys and devices and quirked a smile at Zell.

Zell glanced at the things Squall was looking at before meeting his eyes again. He was surprised to find desire flaring back to life in Squall's eyes.

"I'm up for whatever game you wanna play. After all, I fucked Seifer into exhaustion. I think I can handle myself," Zell said with a grin as he reached over to the pile of toys and pulled out a leather covered paddle.

"Double dare you to use it on Seifer," he said to Squall with a grin.

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