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  Name: Elise Maxwell
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Final Fantasy VIII

Anything & Everything

[Summary] Seifer is a merman who saves a despondent human, Squall from the vicious ocean. He ends up falling for the human he watches on the beach. What will Seifer give up for the beautiful man who resides on the land?
[Pairing] Seifer X Squall
[Warning] NC-17 Lemon AU | Mild angst
[Added] 28 February 2003

Anything & Everything - Part 1

Anything & Everything - Part 2

Anything & Everything - Part 3

Anything & Everything - Part 4

Anything & Everything - Part 5

Anything & Everything - Part 6

Anything & Everything - Part 7

Anything & Everything - Part 8

Anything & Everything - Part 9

Anything & Everything - Part 10

Anything & Everything - Part 11


The "Fifth Avenue" series

The "Fifth Avenue" series [Pairing] Seifer X Squall
[Summary] After leaving Balamb, the group accepts Seifer and takes him out for nights on the dance floor. He and Squall become good friends, can it develop into something more?
[Warning] PG-13 Citrus Songfic Humour | Angst, mild language, club dancing
[Added] 22 April 2002 | Revised: 10 August 2002
Prologue - Leaving

Part 1 - Arriving

Part 2 - Together

Part 3 - Fifth Avenue Dance Party!

Part 4 - Chained to you

Part 5 - Dancing Duels

Part 6 - Memories

Part 7 - When Worlds Collide

Part 8 - Emotions

Part 9 - Dangerous Partners

Part 10 - Ten Things I Hate About You

Part 11 - Feelings

Part 12 - Wasting Time

Epilogue - Hand in Hand

Life is Waiting for You [Pairing] Seifer X Squall
[Summary] Squall is uneasy about his relationship with Seifer, not really knowing what one is like. Seifer lures his feelings out and helps him feel more comfortable.
[Warning] NC-17 Lemon Songfic | Angst, mild language, club dancing
[Added] 18 June 2002
[Status] Work In Progress | Updated: 18 June 2002

Prologue - Business as Usual

Part 1 - How Do I Feel?

Part 2 - Maxin’ and Relaxin’

Part 3 - A Promise

Part 4 - I Think You're Paranoid

Part 5 - I Promise



[Summary] Squall never thought about his life much but an unexpected situation and prank with Seifer makes him think about the life he’s leading. He then learns a great deal about himself and that everything he’s ever wanted was right there in front of him.
[Pairing] Seifer X Squall
[Warning] NC-17 Lemon Mild angst, mild language, spoilers
[Added] 10 August 2002



Only in My Dreams

[Summary] When one dies, it changes the people they leave behind. But if they come back, does it ease the pain? Or just make it worse to handle?
[Pairing] Seifer X Squall
[Warning] PG-13 Deathfic | Angst
[Added] 18 June 2002

Only in My Dreams - Part 1

Only in My Dreams - Part 2

Only in My Dreams - Part 3

Only in My Dreams - Part 4

Only in My Dreams - Part 5

Only in My Dreams - Part 6


Skater Boy

[Summary] A little piece about how Rinoa gave up two of the hottest men alive but all turned out well when they got together instead of thinking back on her.
[Pairing] Seifer X Squall
[Warning] PG-13 Citrus Humour
[Added] 28 February 2003

Skater Boy


Tonight and the Rest of My Life

[Summary] Going through Time Compression isn't just a walk in the park. After everything's said and done, Seifer collapses. What will Balamb commander Squall do with him?
[Pairing] Seifer X Squall
[Warning] PG-13 Songfic | Angst
[Added] 18 June 2002

Tonight and the Rest of My Life


The "Uncertain Memory" Series

Uncertain Memory: With You [Pairing] Seifer X Squall
[Summary] Already at odds with one another, Seifer and Squall are known to be the most heated rivals in the Garden, but when Seifer comforts Squall in a moment of weakness, they find that they care about one another more than they ever knew. Prequel that bleeds into the beginning of the game.
[Warning] NC-17 Lemon Humour | Angst, language
[Added] 19 May 2003

Part 1 - Spring 1996

Part 2 - Night of Quisty’s SeeD Ball (Still Oct 1997)

Part 3 - The morning after the SeeD Ball. (Still Oct 1997)

Part 4 - The next morning… again. (still spring 1998)

Part 5 - A month or so later, May 1998

Part 6 - August 1998

Part 7 - October 4, 1998: Quisty’s Birthday

Part 8 - One year later

Part 9 - Later that afternoon… (of the exam)

Part 10 - After the Exam

Part 11 - After the Ball

Part 12 - Gone

Uncertain Memory: In The End [Pairing] Seifer X Squall
[Summary] After the last battle, Squall finds that he has forgotten who Seifer really was and the blonde gunblader must make him remember and take away the uncertainty of his memories.
[Warning] NC-17 Lemon Humour | Angst, language
[Added] 19 May 2003

In The End - Chapter 1

In The End - Chapter 2

In The End - Chapter 3

In The End - Chapter 4

In The End - Chapter 5


Wicked Ways

[Summary] A history between Seifer and Squall comes to a front when Seifer asks to stay one night. Squall tries to turn him down but finds that Seifer can be far more irresistible than he thinks.
[Pairing] Seifer X Squall
[Warning] NC-17 Lemon Songfic PWP Angst
[Added] 28 February 2003

Wicked Ways