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And I’ve also wanted to say, I’m really assuming a lot with this fic. I’m assuming that the group is very forgiving, Rinoa isn’t rude, that they have the type of music and ESPECIALLY the way they act at a dance club. I’ve never been to a dance club but if I had, I wish my experience was like this fic, fun! So if you have another opinion about what a dance club is like, PLEASE tell me so I can make it a little more real. I know its not right to assume, but I hope you can enjoy how I wrote it all anyway. ENJOY!~~


<blah> - song lyrics

Each part is usually third person pov, depending on who I pick, and its not elusive ^_^

Fifth Avenue

Part 3 - Fifth Avenue Dance Party!

By Elise Maxwell

The brown haired boy lay on his bed, waiting for the evening to come. Selphie and Quistis lived in a house together and Rinoa had left with them to get ready for the club. Irvine and Zell had apartments near the girls’ building and left to do the same as them. They all left him with the blond beast, whom of which he hadn’t seen since the chess match.

“Might as well change now,” Squall mused aloud, getting up to his closet to take out the clothes he picked out earlier. He dropped his worn, black jeans and put on a nice pair of leather pants that clung to him and his fine ass (and he knew it well). Pulling off his usual gray shirt, he began to rifle through his closet for a good clubbing shirt.

“Yo, Squally!”

“What?!” Squall replied, a bit annoyed.

“What should I wear to the…” Seifer stopped in the doorway to stare at a shirtless Squall. Whoa, I didn’t know he was so buff. He looked up to Squall’s red cheeks. “G-got any shirts I can borrow?”

The leather-clad boy stared bewildered at Seifer. “What?”

“Ya know what?” Seifer turned and walked out. “Nevermind. Your stuff probably wouldn’t fit me anyway…” he faded as his footsteps trailed down the stairs.

Squall stared at the empty doorframe, his heart pounding in his ears. “What was that?”

Squall took the stairs to the ground level slowly. He walked around until he found Seifer in the living room, watching TV.

“Yo.” Seifer glanced back as the brown haired boy entered. “Look, sorry about barging in earlier. I had no idea you were changing.”

Squall shrugged. “Not used to having people around here I guess.” He looked at what Seifer had picked for the club.

The blue-eyed man was wearing baggy, dark blue jeans with a dark, shimmery gray muscle shirt, showing every ripple of his muscles. His footwear was similar to the boots Squall himself was wearing, only bigger and chunkier.

Squall mentally flinched when he realized that there were blue eyes admiring his outfit. The leather pants, and black tank, and his boots were all the subject of scrutiny.

“Nice.” He sighed mentally as Seifer turned back to the TV just as the doorbell rang. The two men looked at one another. “You don’t have a maid?” Seifer sighed when Squall shook his head and shut off the TV. He and the brunette went to the door and opened it to a very bouncy Selphie.

“Ready to go?” She was glowing, literally, from glitter.

“Yeah, lets get it on,” Seifer told her.

“That’s the spirit! You’re gonna love this place Seifer!” She took his arm and led him out. “Zell is driving you and Squall. The rest of us are in Quis’s car.”

Squall nodded and locked the door as Seifer walked with Selphie to the car muttering, “Great, I’m with the holy chicken-wuss.”

“Ready?” She asked glancing back the brunette.

“As I’ll ever be,” Squall answered.

<Pleased to meet you>

Seifer sat silently in Zell’s deafening jeep as the driver sang totally off key.

<Nice to know me>

Stupid chicken-wuss.

<What’s the message?>

Looking to his right he observed a very reserved Squall gazing out the window. Is he wearing eyeliner?

<Will you show me?>

Seifer reached into his pocket, bumping Squall who looked over. “Sorry,” he replied checking out his hypothesis. Black on gray, nice. Squall looked at him questioningly. “Oh, uh, I like the eye accents. Very punk.” He smiled to show his truthfulness.

<I’ve been waiting, a long time now>

“Uh thanks.”

Seifer shrugged.

<You’re all mine now>

So this is Fifth Avenue. Seifer read the club sign as he followed Zell and Squall up to the doors. The girls and Irvine were chatting with the bouncer.

“Ready to dance?” Selphie asked as the boys approached.

“Hellz yeah!” Zell punched the air. Seifer rolled his eyes as Squall and Rinoa elbowed him on each side.

“Have some fun for me.” The bouncer grinned at their antics.

“We will!” Selphie waved as everyone followed her in.

The place wasn’t too crowded, being a weeknight, but it was still full of bodies moving to the deafening beat.

“Come on Irvy! Let’s dance!!” Selphie tried to drag him onto the dance floor.

“Let’s wait until this song ends, okay?” Irvine smiled as she pouted. “How bout we get our table claimed, hmm?” He asked as the song ended.

“Kay!” Selphie lead them to an empty table as a new flowing beat entered their ears. “Oh I love this song! Can we dance to this one?” She asked as everyone but her sat.

“Okay,” Irvine gave in and was immediately dragged to the mass of moving bodies.

“I’m gonna join them,” Quistis said.

“Me too,” Rinoa followed her.

“I’m in!” Zell jumped up also.

<I sit alone contemplating what is missing inside me>

Squall shrugged at Seifer and watched the group.

<I desperately try to remember a life that’s not meant to be>

“You guys want anything to drink?” A girl asked them.

“Usual,” Squall nodded to her.

“Just a bottle o’ beer.” Seifer said mindlessly, still watching the dancers.


“Whatever’s good.” He shrugged.

She smiled. “I’ll get ya something good, on the house.”

“Thanks.” Seifer grinned as she walked away and gazed around some more.

<When I look around, I see numb empty faces>

“This place is cool.”

“Yeah, we spend a lot of time here. I think this table is designated ours.” Squall told the blond man with a smirk.

“Awesome. Special treatment for good business, huh?”

The girl returned and handed Squall a Fuzzy Navel and Seifer his beer.

<I’ve searched the world for someone with answers>

Squall nodded, taking a drink. “You’ll watch our stuff Faye?” The brunette waitress nodded and strolled away.

<I scream in vain at anyone who listens, but everybody’s watching TV!>

The guitar rang out as the two men watched the dance floor move to the music.

<Is anyone alive?>

Squall tapped the table to get Seifer’s attention then pointed at their companions.

<Am I lost in world where nothing matters?>

The five were in a group and Zell was in the middle, acting like he was the man, dancing faster than the beat. Seifer laughed and took a swig of his beer.

<Is anyone alive?>

“Can you dance?” The blond asked.

“You’ll see.” Squall held out his bottle and they toasted, like an agreement.

<Are we lost in a world where no one cares?>

“Trust me.” He smirked and Seifer raised his eyebrow in interest.

As the song faded a, “YYYEEEEEEEEEHHAAAWW!!” was bellowed out by Irvine.

“Aight, it looks like the cowboy is here,” The DJ said on his mic. “Hey Irv, get that dance machine on the floor!”

Irvine laughed and waved at Squall to come over.

Squall scoffed and stood. “Guess you’ll get to see me in action now.” He walked onto the floor.

“Aight everyone, lets get it on!” The DJ started up the music.

<Goodbye, the future's sold out. There's no use screaming. Who thought we'd ever get this far>

Seifer raised an eyebrow as he watched Squall and Quistis pair up and start to dance. “Whoa,” he said to Rinoa, who sat next to him. Squall and Quistis were joined at the hip as the music encircled them.

“Sexy huh?”

<Tonight your faith has come down to money and a TV>

“You could say that,” he said watching the couple flow to the music. “Are they together? Cause they sure look like it.”

“Oh, hell no. They’re like brother and sister.” Rinoa waved at Faye who was carrying a bunch of drinks.

“They sure are good.”

<Hey, is anybody home?>

“You’re right, I need to dance with her.” Quistis’s hands were traveling all over Squall’s torso.

Rinoa laughed. “She’s a law unto herself.”

“No kidding.” Seifer replied. Quistis now had her hands behind Squall’s neck, while his hands were on her waist.

<Goodnight the truth has come out>

“This calls for a challenge.” Seifer finished off his beer. “I bet I can dance better than him.”

Rinoa looked skeptical. “I dunno. What do you think Faye?” she asked as the waitress approached.

“I think I want to see him dance.” Faye handed Rinoa her drink. “You look like you know what can be done on the floor.”

<You shot it and I’m bare, I’m bare>

“Alright, next song I’ll dance with Quis.” Seifer nodded at the girls who smiled. “I’ll wear her out.”

<Is anybody alone?>

“That’s if she’ll dance with me. She probably hates me.”

“Why’s that?” Faye asked.

Rinoa poked him. “This is Seifer Almasy, Faye.”

Faye shrugged. “So you’re the guy with Ultemicia, doesn’t bother me. I don’t think the punk rockers who come here would be bothered.” She smiled. “Anyway, I still bet you can dance way better than Squall.”

Seifer laughed while the music took a guitar solo. “Damn that’s loud. It’s perfect! I haven’t been able to listen to music like this since a was a cadet.”

<Hey, is anybody home?>

“Damn straight.” Faye grinned. “Another beer?”

“Sure.” Seifer replied as the song began to repeat and fade. “I know I can beat that little pussy.”

<Becomes, becomes, the loneliness that everyone becomes>

Rinoa grinned played with Squall’s half empty cooler. “Squall can I have a sip? I’ve never tasted this one.”

“Go ahead,” he replied, Quistis following him. “As long as I can taste yours.” Rinoa handed him her Black Cherry and they both drank.

“Nice, gimmie.” Squall reached for his drink as he handed the other back.

“Anything for you Quis?” Faye asked.

“Water for now.” She smiled.

“Hey Quis, wanna dance with me?” Seifer asked as a guitar riff blared through the speakers.

<Stop the rock>

“Sure! I’m not tired yet!” She turned followed the other blond to the floor.

<Can’t stop the rock, you cant stop the rock>

Seifer and Quistis started out like she had with Squall, but eventually, they moved all over the dance floor.

<Stop the rock, can’t stop the rock>

“Holy,” Squall remarked as Seifer spun Quistis around a couple times, trying to make her dizzy. She had a huge grin on her face, having the time of her life. They moved away from one another and moved to the beat.

<Shake that paranoia, can’t stop the rock>

Quistis head banged and flowed as Seifer did his own moves.

“Damn he’s good,” Zell said, sitting with Rinoa.

Irvine and Selphie were still on the floor, also watching the two dancers beside them.

<Move me, move me, dancin’ like Madonna, into the groovy>

He pulled her to him and wrapped his arms around her, beginning to grind with her. He stared into her eyes as she grinned evilly and moved with him. Rinoa laughed and clapped while Zell stared.

<Lets get down and dirty baby, down and dirty baby>

They moved away again, far away this time and Quistis laughed as Seifer slid on his knees to her.

“Oh! He stole that from A Life Less Ordinary!” Rinoa pointed accusingly. “Cheater!” She yelled at the dancers.

“Yeah but he pulled it off,” Squall replied.

<Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba>

He stood and they began to dance as usual again. Quistis moved her hands through Seifer’s hair and ruffled it as they danced on to the end. Both were laughing as they walked back to the table with Irvine and Selphie.

“You gotta teach me how to do those moves Seifer!” Selphie bounced around the taller man.

“I need a break, maybe during the next dance,” he told the energizer bunny.

“Just as long as you teach me that stuff before we leave.” Selphie grinned confidently.

“I don’t know how you keep up,” he told Irvine.

“Neither do I.” Irvine grinned and they shook hands as the whole group congregated around the table.

“So, is this what its always like?” Seifer asked.

“No, they have dancing contests every once in a while.” Rinoa explained. “And on Sunday nights they do this ethnic thing where they play only music from another country. Last week it was latin, lots of Ricky Martin and Shakira.”

“I love Shakira!” Selphie exclaimed. “Quis, you should perm your hair and let it down, you’d look just like her!”

“She’s right,” Squall said straight faced, then began to snigger.

Quistis twisted her ponytail as she gave him a sour face and then smirked. “Well you look like River Phoenix.”

“Is that an insult?”

“Should it be?”

“Well, he’s dead for one thing.”

Quistis laughed. “I don’t know, but Shakira?”

“That was soooo a compliment Quis!” Selphie added.

“She’s right,” Irvine backed her.

Seifer nodded. “I think you two are even,” the scarred blond remarked.

“I suppose.” Squall gazed at the ceiling. “Guess I’m pretty hot then, looking like River Phoenix.”

“Yeah you are!” Zell mock winked and kissed at him. The whole group cracked up at his antics.

“That looked so skanky Zell!” Selphie pounded the table with a hand.

“It was supposed to be!” He protested.

“Sure, chicken-wuss,” Seifer added for good measure.

Zell glared and then looked away, crossing his arms, which sent the group into another fit of laughter.

“I can do soo much better.” Seifer smirked.

“Yeah right.” Zell put out a hand. “Fifty bucks you can’t even turn Selphie on. And that’s easy!”

“Hey!” the short girl exclaimed, offended but torn between strangling Zell or laughing.

“Really?” Seifer raised his eyebrows as Zell shook his hand. “Alright.” He turned his gaze toward Squall. Putting on a slight smile, he winked and seductively aimed a kiss at the brunette. The result was totally different from when the tattooed boy had done it.

Rinoa had a grin on a mile wide, Quistis was staring at him, surprised, and Selphie’s mouth hung open, ready to drool.

Squall, who had been the subject of the experiment, grew very, very red, feeling the room raise in temperature. He felt unquestionably uncomfortable and embarrassed. When Seifer looked back at Zell, the air was extremely cool on his skin. Quistis raised her eyebrows at him with a grin. He pointed at the bathroom and fanned his face like he was too hot and needed a break. She nodded and pouted at his being absent.

Get it together Squall, he told himself as he entered the bathroom. He ran a hand through his hair then rested them both on a sink. How could he turn you on with one fucking wink? And of all people Seifer! Looking in the mirror he shrugged. You have to admit he’s talented. A voice in his mind told him. Sighing, he stood straight just as another man entered the tiled room.

The man turned his curly haired head to eye Squall as the door closed to muffle the loud base. Squall noticed a rainbow earring mingling near the brown coils as the man checked out the leather.

Suddenly feeling guilty, Squall’s mind whispered, Seifer. He stared in astonishment at what he just thought. The man smiled, probably thinking Squall was staring at him, and entered one of the stalls. The scarred man then made a hasty exit and stopped just outside the door, his heart pounding in his ears.

Why did I think of him? He glanced at the dance floor to see the man in question teaching Selphie some dance moves. To be her… Shock flushed through Squall’s face at the thought and he hit his head on the wall. I hate him, don’t I?

He turned to watch them again. Selphie had fallen in some way, and was giggling. Seifer was standing above her with a smirk, shaking his head.

Maybe I thought of him cause I had to spend so much time with him at the garden. Squall considered this. He hadn’t had a friend similar to Seifer since Rinoa moved back to Deling. And by that time, everyone had gotten assigned to Esthar. Rinoa then joined them too. Was that it? Did he finally want to start over and have Seifer as a friend again? Yes. We need to start over, to have everything to be like it was at the orphanage. Friends. He started toward the dance floor with new resolve as another song started.

<It’s gonna be me>

Squall stepped onto the floor as Selphie and Seifer stopped in front of him and did their move.

<You might’ve been hurt babe>

The blond grinned, pointed at him and lip-synched,

<That ain’t no lie>

Squall laughed. “Will you join us?” the tall blond asked.

“Sure!” The shorter saw Selphie smirk mischievously.

“I get to be Justin then!” She pushed them behind her like they were backup dancers.

Seifer rolled his eyes at the brunette as the chorus started.

<Every little thing I do, never seems enough for you>

People moved back to watch as the three did the moves they’d seen so many times on MTV.

<Baby when you finally get to love somebody>

Squall blended in smoothly with the other two.

<Guess what? It’s gonna be me>

The three switched places with Squall ending up in front. He mouthed JC’s part while leading the moves.

<There ain’t no time to waste>

The crowd cheered and clapped at their moves, especially when Seifer called out, “Nice ass, Squall!!”

<And you can’t deny>

Squall himself broke down in laughter and couldn’t finish any of the chorus moves. As he fell to his knees, Selphie did the same, only she rolled around on the floor, more amused than anyone.

<It’s gonna be me>

When Seifer went to help Squall up, the smaller put him in a headlock. “Excuse me? I demand an answer! What was that?”

<There comes a day when I’ll be the one, you’ll see>

Seifer smacked the leather clad bottom. “I swear I wasn’t lying!” He laughed.

<All that I do is not enough for you>

“You are so stoopid!!” Squall let him go to erupt into another gale of laughter as the crowd did the same.

<When finally, you get to learn, guess what?>

A giggling Selphie found her way to Squall and collapsed onto him, sending them to the floor again. The blond shook his head and refused to help them up. They finally regained their composure and got into position again as the last chorus repeated.

<Every little thing I do, never seems enough for you>

Selphie led the two guys behind her and their moves flowed even better than before.

<Baby when you finally get to love somebody>

The men grinned at one another.

<Guess what? It’s gonna be me>

Selphie threw her arms up and the two men fell to the floor, making the room erupt in applause. The little brunette girl jumped up and down as their friends entered the floor.

“That was awesome!” Quistis helped Squall up.

“You should’ve let us in on it man!” Zell punched his hand like a threat.

“Yeah,” Irvine agreed. “There are five guys in that group.”

“S’not our fault you two didn’t join us,” Seifer said as Rinoa helped him up. “Maybe next time we could do the Backstreet Boys!” He smirked.

The group cracked up as the DJ began another song.

<You look kinda fly tonight, yo wussup?>

“Okay guys, this is me and Irvy’s song so y’all hafta go sit!” Selphie pushed them all to the table.

<Baby when the lights go out>

They all arranged themselves around the table as the bouncy girl rushed off to entice her honey on the dance floor.

<I’ll show you what it’s all about>

“Very nice dancing.” Seifer raised a water to his rival.

<I ain’t sorry for the way I feel>

Squall nodded. “The moves are pretty easy though.”

<I know you think I’m being insincere>

“Too true. We’ll have to do it again.”

<I never wanted to be so unkind>

“Backstreet Boys, just like you said.”

“And include us girls next time?” Rinoa asked.

“Us too!” Zell piped up.

Seifer laughed. “The new dance instructor and I’ve only been here for…” he looked at his watch, “12 hours?”

<Baby it’s not part of the deal>

“We’re not gonna go easy on you!” Zell punched the man beside him.

Seifer considered this, and then a feral grin crossed his face. “Only if Squall has to teach too because it seems we’re the best.”

<I’ll show you what it’s all about>

“Do you have to drag me into this?” the brunette protested.

<So baby, come to me when the lights go out>

“Wanna duel for it?”

“No thanks. I have a feeling you would win.” Squall subsided into silence, watching the dancers.

<I see the truth, it’s hidden in your eyes>

“I think you won.”

<I can see I’ve been a fool>

Squall glanced at Seifer’s solemn face, then at Quistis who looked hopeful.

<Don’t deny the way you feel>

“Hi.” He held out a hand. “My name is Squall. You look familiar.”

<Give me a chance to prove I will>

Seifer looked confused for a moment, then extended his own hand. “Seifer. I agree; have we met before?” He turned to Zell and pointed. “And you look like a chicken-wuss.”

<Every single word could not express>

Zell let his head fall to the table as everyone laughed. “I’ll get you back, but first, would some one shoot me?”

<When the lights go out>

Quistis patted his back. “Of course. Squall can I borrow your gunblade?”

“Oh, but fine lady, you can use mine!” Seifer took her hand and kissed it. “You look like a teacher.”

Quistis blushed and Zell frowned. “You really need to teach me how to do that.”

“Any time chicken-wuss.” Seifer smirked at the annoyed, tattooed face.

“You flatter too much sir knight.” Rinoa smiled as Seifer reached out a hand and placed her own in it. He kissed it and noticed Squall fidget in the corner of his eye.

“Well, how about we all dance during the next song to get acquainted?” Seifer suggested.

They all agreed and waited for the two lovebirds come back from their grinding.

Once the song was over, they all piled on the dance floor to find Selphie and Irvine frenching in the middle.

“Ew!” Zell covered his eyes. “Gerl Girms!!”

The couple both flipped him off whilst kissing.

<I'm just gonna shout this one>

As the singer began, everyone assembled in a big group.

<Not so much the people in the audience as the people sitting in my mind>

Rinoa and Squall paired up as well as Quistis and Seifer. Zell danced with some anonymous girl who matched his intense energy.

<Bring the sound to the people in a white truck>

Squall watched the other couple. “I’m jealous,” he mused aloud.

“Of Seifer’s dance moves, or Quisits?” Rinoa asked.

<Tweeter out the back door, slam into the dirt lot, stopped>

“His moves.” Squall smiled at her.

“Coulda fooled me.”

He cocked his head at her.

<And if you had a chance-ah, you wouldn't even stop denying>

She whispered in his ear, “I saw your look when he kissed my hand.”

<Doubt'll be the fire of your delight, but you're never gonna come back down>

He swallowed. “What are you talking about?” Rinoa smacked the back of head softly to get it through to him. “I was not. I don’t like him like that.”

<The pop song on the five, but you're never gonna come back down>

“You're sure?”

“I just want to be friends.”

Rinoa sighed, never missing a beat. “Fine. Just don’t hurt yourself in the process.”

<But you're never gonna come back down>

“We needed to start over.” Squall saw Seifer and Quistis laughing. “I want to have that again. A friendship.”

<Oh when I woke up and got on the BMT>

“I’m glad.” She grinded into him. “Don’t do anything hasty.”

“Very funny.” He reached down and tickled her sides. She squealed and tried to squirm away but he held her with one hand and tickled with the other.

<And they were driving out the lots in their Mercurys>

“I’ll save you!” Seifer jumped in and grabbed Squall and did the same to him making the smaller man drown in laughter.

Quistis jumped on Seifer’s back. “I’ll save Squall then!” She put a loose chokehold on the attacker.

<Doubt'll be the fire of your delight>

Seifer finally let go of Squall making Quistis slip off his back.

<But you're never gonna come back down>

“Man,” Squall tried to catch is breath, “I don’t think I’ve laughed so much in one night.”

<He’s gonna bubble it up now>

Seifer patted his back. “You okay?”

“Yeah.” Squall smiled.

<Could you bring it up, just a little more than that?>

Seifer put an arm around his shoulders. “Truce?”



They all danced on through the song in a group.

<But you're never gonna come back down>



Down by STP, Television by Stabbing Westward, Is Anybody Home? By Our Lady Peace, Stop the Rock by Apollo 440, It’s Gonna Be Me by Nsync, When the Lights Go Out by Five, and Never Gonna Come Back Down by BT featuring M Doughty.


I own none of these songs; they belong to their respective writers and singers.

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