*Please Read NOTES: This fic may get confusing. Okay I'm going to try to make an explanation but it probly wont work. The songs I used have a significance, in the lines mostly, and the flow too. Some of the music will be used in the background. When this happens, I usually skip lines, or even songs on a cd, and the lines will be in this: <blah>. If a song is incorporated into the story as a songifc, it will be announced at the beginning of the fic in the warnings, and I probly wont skip lines, for it is highly unlikely that I wont be using that song and its lyrics for a reason. ^_^ At the end of each chapter I'll list the songs and artists used for background. Please just bear with me, I haven't done anything this grand scheme typa stuff before so, yeah. Hope you enjoy!

Each part is usually third person POV, depending on who I pick, and its not elusive ^_^

<blah> - lyrics

blah – usually thoughts of whoever I have in POV

Fifth Avenue

Prologue - Leaving

By Elise Maxwell

Why do they do that?

The gray-eyed man watched closely as a fierce blond man and a young seed cadet dueled with their gunblades. Clashing and clanging rang out from the haphazard circle that the cadet’s friends had formed around the two fighters. They were yelling and throwing insults at the blond man, who ignored them.

As the blades connected, sparks flew and the blond man smirked his usual. He feigned attacks at the cadet and easily avoided the young man’s slashes through the air.

I should stop this. The gray-eyed man ran a gloved hand through his messy brown hair and walked silently up to the group, still watching the intense duel. He eyed the blond fighter and his not-so-bold attacks. He’s holding back. Too bad they don’t know that.

The cadet swung at the taller man who blocked, swiftly disarmed the boy, and held the point of his blade at the boy’s neck. The blond man in the gray coat had won. He slowly aimed his dark blade to the ground and let the cadets shout obscenities as they ran away.

“How do you walk so quietly in those Squall?” The blond man asked, glancing at the leather pants the brunette tended to wear. He was still breathing hard from the fight, and hunched over on his gunblade. He finally stood straight and stared at Squall, blue eyes blazing in glory.

“It’s a talent,” Squall replied, somewhat annoyed. “I thought I told you to stop dueling the students Seifer.” His eyes narrowed. Here it comes.

“I gotta defend my honor.” Seifer smirked. “How did they become cadets without any respect?”

“How did you?”

“Just because I was a problem, doesn’t mean I didn’t respect anyone. You should know that well enough yourself.” His blue eyes noticed some dirt on his coat and he brushed it off swiftly.

“You cheated.” Always cheated.

“People use magic in real battles Leonhart. It’s not like I wasn’t being realistic.”

“You weren’t supposed to…”

“Oh get over it!” Seifer snarled. “So I cut your beautiful face! Fuck off!”

Squall looked away, and sighed. “I don’t know why I try talking to you,” he muttered as Seifer glared at the ground. He glanced back. “I’m getting Cid to stop this monotony.” Squall walked away swiftly, leaving Seifer to smirk.

“That means you’re the only one left to duel. You can’t run from me forever.”

“It sounds like a good idea, Squall.” Cid remarked looking at the papers on his desk, then up at the young man standing in front of his desk.

“Thank you, sir.”

“I shall take care of the trouble makers too.” He hesitated. “Any particular reason for this?”

“If you think I did it for Seifer, think again. He likes to duel.” The scar on Squall’s face throbbed once in response.

Cid nodded, understanding and turned to his wife. “Honey?”

Edea looked up from her desk. “Hm?”

“Oh, that’s all Squall.” Cid smiled, indicating the young man wasn’t needed for this part.

“Yes, sir.” Squall saluted and left the office. I’m sure father will love to spend more time with me.

“And next up on the station is Incubus with Stellar.” A voice said from the radio.

<Meet me in outer space> Mechanical sounds rang out in Squall’s small room.

Seifer looked from the radio to Squall. “Work for your father?” He sounded skeptical.

<I’ve grown tired of this place won’t you come with me?>

“You can be a… bodyguard. Not as good as a real knight job, but as close as I can get you to one.” Squall watched Seifer’s reaction carefully from across the room.

I’ve been wanting to see dad in Esthar, and everyone else is there too. Rinoa has been traveling between Esthar and Deling just to see everyone. It’s been lonely here having to look after Seifer. Squall sighed. Being that I’m the only one that can control him.

“You think the general population will accept me any better?”

“They weren’t told the whole truth.”

<We could start again>

“I’m sure half of them didn’t believe I was under her control. Especially since sometimes I wasn’t.”

“Are you going to go or not?!” Squall barked, immediately aghast by his abruptness.

<How do you do it? Make me feel like I do?>

There was a long silence between the two boys as the music continued, calming them.

“Where will I be staying?”

“In the Presidential residence, with my father and I.” Squall could tell Seifer didn’t want to go. We both have an attachment to the place, but I guess it’s time to move on.

<I need you to see this place. It might be the only way that I can show you how it feels to be…>




Songs used: Stellar by Incubus

I own none of these songs; they belong to their respective writers and singers.

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