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Notes: No songs in this one. Kinda like a little transition chapter for your enjoyment and I have NO IDEA why I just that title for this part. Don’t ask, it was just in my head and that doesn’t work too well. ^_^ You want any other notes? They change with postings, so go back and read the rest!! ^_^


You want any notes? They change with postings, so go back and read the rest!! ^_^


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Fifth Avenue

Part 10 - Ten Things I Hate About You (its kind of a pun… @ - @ )

By Elise Maxwell

Squall stared at the ceiling of his room. He felt horribly confined. Selphie wouldn’t let him move so long as he could feel pain in his side if he bent over. It was terribly hard to hide pain from Selphie, her being a healer and all, so Squall complied and stayed in bed. But he still hated it.

Seifer was up and around after a couple days. Squall was so jealous, but he never voiced it, because Seifer was always with him or helping him. It was kind of nice. One thing he liked was when the blond would keep him company. If Seifer were off, he would spend his free time entertaining Squall. Seifer also cooked his meals and usually brought them to him.

A tingling entered his body and a goofy smile appeared upon thinking about this.

“A penny for your thoughts?” Quistis asked as she and Rinoa entered.

“Why do you always say that?”

“If I had a penny for every time I knew what you were thinking about, I’d be THE richest woman.”

“Oh yeah? What was I thinking about?”

“Not what, who.” Rinoa sat in what was now dubbed ‘Seifer’s Chair.’

“Okay, whom was I thinking about?”

“I don’t think it needs to be said but I will if you want.” Quistis then mumbled, “You’d think he’d know by now!”

“Where is my food? It’s almost one o’clock.” Squall demanded ignoring her comment. Rinoa giggled and Quistis put her hands on her hips.

“Don’t be so cocky Mr. I’m-too-alone-to-care.” Quistis stuck her tongue out at Squall’s annoyed look at his past nature. “Seifer left you a note.” She handed it over.

Squall frowned and opened the folded paper.


Don’t eat any lunch. I’m getting off early.


He smiled at the messy writing and wondered what Seifer had in store.

“Look at that goofy little grin.” Quistis mocked.

“Shut up!” Squall frowned. I hate the way he makes me do that. “Just why did you come here? To mock me?”

“Yes.” The blond sat on the side of his bed. “You were thinking about Seifer. Am I right?”

“What’s that got to do with anything?” he asked.

“Everything.” Rinoa stated quietly.

“We see the way you two act together. Don’t think we’re naïve.” Quistis stared him down, but then her eyes softened very sisterly. “I’m just looking out for you.”

“I don’t think he’ll hurt me if that’s what you're trying to say.”

“I just want to know if you can admit you feel something for him yet.”

I hate the way she’s always trying to protect me from things. Squall licked his lips and looked at his sheets for an answer. “I- I don’t know yet. I’m still trying to figure everything out myself.”

“Look at me Squall.” She lifted his chin with a finger. “I see the way you look at him. I’ve never seen you look that way at anyone. He brings a spark to your eyes and I hope you take advantage of every moment while you can.”

He looked at Rinoa who nodded. “You never looked at me that way. I can tell.”

Squall turned back to Quistis. At least she’s not forcing me into anything. Suddenly he hugged her. She was surprised but returned the favor. He tried to squeeze her more but pulled back from a lance of pain in his still healing side.

Quistis sat back. “I hope you listened to my advice.”

Squall sighed and regained his composure. “I did.”

“Hey!” Seifer strolled through the door and looked around. “Are we having a girl scout meeting? Am I late?”

The girls laughed and Squall grinned. Rinoa stood and Seifer reclaimed his chair next to Squall.

“I’ve got a surprise for you.” Seifer smiled at the bed-ridden boy.

Squall raised an eyebrow. You don’t just give friends surprises. “What’s that?”

“Come closer.” Seifer moved closer and held his arms out.

Squall looked to Quistis and Rinoa who helped him over. They slipped him into Seifer’s waiting arms.

The blond man hefted him gently and grinned. “Comfy?”

“Cozy.” Squall replied, wrapping his arms around the blonde’s shoulders.

“Alright.” Seifer started out of the room, down the hall and down the steps. Once at the bottom, Squall saw his car through the open door.

“What’s going on?” he asked curiously.

“You’ll see.” Seifer grinned and kept going out the door to the U-driveway in front of the household. He waited as Zell opened the front passenger door, then carefully set Squall on the seat, buckling him in safely.

Squall watched as Seifer closed the door and talked to Zell, who handed him the keys to the car, then poking him in the chest, obviously threatening to take care of the injured boy. Squall rolled his eyes at their endless banter and looked around the car. He then glanced in the back seat to see a basket. You’ve got to be joking! He grinned. “A picnic?” he asked as Seifer got into the car.

“You peeked! It was supposed to be a surprise.” The blond grinned.

“It still is. I never expected it,” Squall answered truthfully.


Squall gazed around at the lush trees. I can’t believe it. He smiled turning his head to take in the whole view. He gazed at the trees, the grass, the beach sand, and Matron’s house off a ways near the shore with the lighthouse. His breath caught in his throat as he took in the view. I can’t believe he convinced Laguna to let him have the Ragnarok. I look like crap compared to the view. He considered the sweatpants and old white t-shirt he wore.

“You like?”

Squall looked up to the blond from his sitting position on a blanket Seifer had lain on the ground. “It’s perfect.”

Seifer smiled and set the basket in front of Squall, then sat across from his rival.

The brunette chuckled. “And you even have a basket. You didn’t have to go through so much trouble. Wait, did you cook everything too?”

Seifer’s greenish eyes glinted as he nodded. “Of course, it’s a thank you for all the trouble you went through and for everything since you let me live with you guys.” He paused and gazed toward the ocean. “I never though having friends was so… fun.”

Squall frowned. “What about Raijin and Fuujin?”

“I never really treated them right. But, that’s going to change.” Seifer looked back to Squall. “I found them, or actually we found each other. You know how Quistis went back to Balamb a couple days ago? I called to ask her how things were going back there and somehow Fuujin stole the phone from her. They had just gotten back from an assignment. I swear I’ll pay the phone bill this month!”

Squall laughed. “So are they coming to visit?”

“They should be there when we get back.” Seifer grinned. “I actually don’t know if they’re dating or not.”

“They’ve just always been together.”

“Yeah.” Seifer fiddled with a piece of grass for a while until Squall rapped on the basket.

“I’m Hungry!”

Seifer laughed. “Okay, okay!” He began to unpack his delicious food and soon Squall was drooling in anticipation. Finally Seifer began handing him the goodies and Squall ate it like a starved hound. At the mansion, Quistis made Seifer cook healthy blech-food. He couldn’t wait to get his hands on the tasty snacks his rival had made.

Seifer watched Squall scarf down the food while eating his slowly, enjoying the happy boy in his eyes. He cocked his head in contemplation.

The brunette gulped down a bite of an apple pie piece on his plate. “What?”

“Nothing.” Seifer sighed when Squall raised an eyebrow and gave him an, ‘I-don’t-believe-you’ look. The blonde grinned. “It’s just, we’ve changed so much. You’re so much, well, happier and so am I.”

The injured boy took some time to think on this. “Maybe it’s because we’re finally getting along.”

“That and you’re not such an introverted jerk.” Seifer laughed as his rival shot him a glare.

“But you’re still trying to beat me.” Squall took another bite from his pie. He stopped chewing as he saw Seifer stop and stare at his food. He didn’t say anything, and waited for the blonde to choose his words.

“Will… will you promise to fight with me again? And only me?”

Squall swallowed and set his plate down, taking up a napkin to wipe his mouth. I hate the way he makes me think. He sighed and stared at Matron’s house. She was hanging laundry on lines outside and three children were sitting around reading the same book reading aloud to her. He shook his head. Different subject at hand stupid! He looked at his hands and flexed a couple muscles in his body.

“I don’t know. You’ll have to let me get trained so I’m back at my level. I just need a little time.” He smiled at Seifer. “I promise.”

Seifer jumped up. “Great! We’ll train together and when we’re both ready, we’ll fight, and everyone will watch, cheering for us both! Where should we fight? Back at Balamb?”

“How about here?”

Seifer contemplated the answer and glanced around. The land was conveniently flat and could easily be turned into a small arena. “Selphie can set something up. Then we wont have to deal with it.”

The brunette laughed. “Cheater.”

“Yeah, well you know she’ll do it and with her energy…”

“You have a point. She could whip Irvine into doing it too.”

Seifer laughed. “I can see her doing that too!”

The two cracked up and talked into the evening. At sunset Matron and her new orphans joined them in watching the beauty of the oceanic view.

“We should really get back. Raijin and Fuujin will be waiting.” Seifer whispered a few minutes after the sun was submerged in the ocean.

“Alright.” Squall nodded and hugged Matron who was sitting beside him.

She smiled and watched Seifer pack everything into the car. “Good to see you two finally getting along.”

“Yeah.” Squall watched the object of his affection.

“He just wanted attention.” Matron said reminiscing. She looked at the injured boy. “Tell him soon.”

Squall looked back at Matron and the children were grinning. He blushed and chuckled. “Soon I promise.”

“Ready to go?” Seifer kneeled next to Squall.

“Uh huh.” The brunette slid himself into the blond’s waiting arms.

“Buh bye mama.” Seifer grinned at Matron who giggled.

“Goodbye kids. Hope to see you soon,” she replied.

“You will, trust us.” Seifer winked.

“SEIFER!” Fuujin jumped on Seifer and held onto his back like a Koala.

Seifer groaned and looked at the brunette in his arms. “I’m glad you both don’t weigh too much.” He trudged into the living room, depositing Squall on the couch before shaking Fuujin off of his back to give her a long awaited hug.

“Missed you hon,” she said into his ear.

He lifted her up and squeezed harder. “Missed you too.”

“AIR!” she commanded and Seifer set her down. “BETTER. So, nice digs,” she said surveying the surroundings of the President and family.

“Yeah, the president does have a cushy place. I like it!” Seifer sat next to Squall just as Raijin strolled in with Rinoa.

“Where have you been?” Fuujin asked.

“Tellin’ Rin how her dad is doin’!” Raijin shrugged. “It’s not my fault she dragged me off and made me tell her how everything is going in Galbadia.”

“Sorry.” Rinoa grinned.

“So how is everything?” Laguna asked from the doorway.

Raijin grinned. “Galbadian President ‘s jealous. He wants a famous fighter guarding him too. He’s annoyed that you have both the Balamb SeeD and the ex-sorceress’s knight on your side.”

Laguna laughed. “Big deal.” He walked over to the kitchen doorway and disappeared inside.

“SITUATION.” Fuujin grinned and Seifer glared.

“Get a new talking style.”


“Well, Squall here is injured so he can’t go out tonight.” Squall huffed and made a face. “And he’ll probably need someone who’s not a bumbling fool to take care of him if everyone goes out.”

“I heard that!” a voice floated out from the kitchen. Seifer grinned.

“Why don’t you stay home with the gimp Seifer?” Quistis suggested. “Since we don’t know the Disciplinary Committee very well, we’ll all go out and get acquainted.”

“Sounds good. Bring me back something good kay?” Seifer asked.

“Sure. Come on guys. We’ll introduce you two to Fifth Avenue.” Quistis led everyone out.

“Are we going shopping?” Raijin asked.

Fuujin hit him. “I think she’s talking about the club district.”

“We have to go get the rest of the group first though. Rinoa will you drive them while I get the Zell?”

“Sure!” was heard as the door shut and the two men on the couch were left with a Laguna screaming “SHIT IT’S BURNING!”

Seifer sighed and stood. “I better go fix supper and Laguna’s spoiled food.”

Squall grinned. “I’ll be here.”

“I don’t see how you could move.”

“Me neither.”

“HelpmeHelpme, Oh Hyne. NEED HELP!” Laguna pleaded.

“Coming!” Seifer smiled and ran into the kitchen. “WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU MAKING?!?”

Squall sat up and frowned and tried to hear what his dad replied.


He lay down and smiled. It would be a long and very entertaining night.



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