Note: this is a songfic to Wicked Ways by Garbage. Actually any song on Version 2.0 would go well, I just happened to pick this one ^_^

Wicked Ways

By Elise Maxwell

~ I tried hard to mend my wicked ways~

~Acted like a lunatic for years~


“Are you sure you don’t want to come Squall?”

“Huh? No that’s alright Selphie.” The brunette leaned on the doorway feeling guilty. “I’m kinda tired.”

The short woman looked around him. “How about you Seifer?”

The blonde man glanced up from collecting his coat, his green eyes looking from one brunette to the other. “I think I’m gonna crash too Sel.”

“Party poopers.” Selphie pouted and crossed her arms. “Just a few drinks!”

“Last time we were out until 4am. I don’t want a hangover tomorrow,” Squall reminded her. He did not want to relive that night again. Although…

“Oh all right,” she gave in and smiled. “You two have sweet dreams kay?”

“We will.” Seifer said as he stopped behind the brunette.

Squall hadn’t heard him move, but he could feel the blonde’s warm breath float by his ear. He suppressed a shiver and forced a smile at Selphie. “Have fun.”

“Okay, bye!” Selphie waved as she trotted away. Once she had disappeared around the corner with the rest of the group, Squall sighed. Her energy took his energy away.

He raised an eyebrow as Seifer leaned forward and hit the button to close the door. A pair of seductive arms then wrapped around his torso and he froze. Not again…


~Lord knows I try to be good~

~I'd keep my promises if only I could~


“I thought we agreed Seifer,” Squall told him, trying not to get caught up in the warmth that the blonde was giving him.

“Please.” The taller man’s breath tickled his ear and this time the brunette finally gave in to a shiver. “Just once more?”


~You count your blessings that I can't rely on you~


“We can’t,” Squall whispered in reply once he had control of his body again. Well some parts weren’t responding well but that was a whole different story. “Seifer…”

“This is the last time,” Seifer’s baritone voice was quiet and gentle as he slowly turned the brunette around. That simple sound combined with his soft jade green eyes was enough to make Squall go weak in the knees.



~And I tried, and I tried, and I tried, and I tried~


“Shh…” Seifer put a cool finger to his lips. His thumb then caressed Squall’s cheek before slowly pulling his lips closer. Soon their lips were united in a sweet, soft kiss once more. It was always just once more…

“Please?” the blonde asked when the kiss ended. Squall closed his eyes as warm lips laid a small kiss on the tip of his nose. It always started this way, and then ended another. He couldn’t let that happen again. He didn’t want to be hurt again.


~Clutch your pictures of the Pope~

~Pray to God for love and hope~

~Bring the Virgin home for luck~

~Bolt the door down, keep it shut~


Squall opened his mouth to answer but gasped instead as Seifer leaned over and began to nibble on his ear. “Nnnnnhh…” was about all he could get out for his answer before giving up. Once more couldn’t hurt any worse… could it?

As Seifer began to lick and suck at his neck, Squall ran his hands through Seifer’s sable hair fretfully. Hyne, how did Seifer always make him feel like this—feel like he needed the other man like a drug? He led the blonde’s lips back to his and kissed him with the need that the other man could obviously sense, else why would he have asked to stay?


~I've done things I never thought I'd do~


Squall let the taller man’s tongue slide into his mouth and pulled him closer. He felt like he was on fire. With every touch from the blonde, Squall felt his body become hotter and the air was cool on his skin. Seifer was his fire—his passion. He even let the blonde pull his shirt off without protest. It felt far too good to be wrong.


~Sure it helps to lose myself in you~


Seifer unzipped his own vest and let it fall to the ground before pulling the brunette into an affectionate embrace. He hadn’t done that since… Hyne, he hadn’t been hugged for so long. Squall held onto the man tightly, never wanting to let go—never wanting this night to end.

As Seifer’s arms loosened, he kissed Squall’s forehead, his nose, lips and chin. The blonde continued kissing a line all the way down the middle of the shorter man’s chest and stopped at his abdomen. He nuzzled Squall’s belly and looked up, his eyes now glimmering like the ocean on a cloudless day. The brunette hadn’t recognized that look in Seifer’s eyes for so long. It was… something of the past. Squall pushed the memory away. Get on with it. Just get on with it and leave.


~A little time and I'll be all right~

~C'mon sugar let's go out tonight~


Seifer must have seen Squall’s eyes change as his thoughts shifted, for the blonde’s eyes became unreadable and he looked down at the top button of the pants before him. When he glanced up again, and this time his jade eyes held lust. It was just enough for Squall to convince himself that this was all he needed. He again ran his hands through Seifer’s short silky locks as he felt deft hands undoing the restraining garment, letting it slide to the floor.

“You,” Seifer kissed Squall’s hip bone as he slid silky boxers down, “are entirely too eager.”

“Gee, I wonder why…” the brunette hissed as Seifer kissed the tip of him. “This is entirely unfair.”

“I’d hafta agree with that.” Seifer let the brunette fuss over his pants before kicking them and his boxers into the corner. “Come here.” He crooked a finger at the shorter man before hooking it under his chin to bring it up and kiss him again.

Just as their tongues and mouths parted, Squall felt pressure on his shoulder as the blonde pushed him down onto the bed behind him. The bed? When did they get into the bedroom? Then again, who cared?


~Forgive your trespasses~

~And all that we've been through~


“Oof!” Squall managed when Seifer plopped down on top of him. “And you said I was the eager one?”

“Shush you,” Seifer murmured and lifted himself up to let the brunette move.

“I’ll shush if you—” The brunette was cut off as their lips met and that’s exactly what Squall wanted the blonde to do. He moaned into the blonde’s mouth as he felt a hand grip his arousal. His hands clenched into the sheets of his bed as the hand began to move. Why was Seifer the only one who could make him this… vulnerable?

Squall’s gray eyes slitted open as the blonde let go of him and he whimpered in response.

“Patience,” Seifer whispered and kissed his forehead. Why was he being so gentle tonight? He was never this kind or gentle. Not since…

The brunette let his hands wander up to Seifer’s cheeks and hold them. There—his eyes had melted into an ocean again. Was it—did he… Oh Hyne, please let him feel it. Squall hoped and prayed with all his heart that Seifer would stay until morning. If he didn’t…


~And I tried, and I tried, and I tried, and I tried~


“Where is it?” Seifer asked simply, his message getting across. Squall pointed at the bedside table and the blonde retrieved what he needed.

After he unscrewed the cap of the bottle, Seifer looked up into the younger man’s gray eyes and smiled. He picked up Squall’s hand and kissed it. “All for you.”

The brunette stared at Seifer in shock as he moved down to prepare them. He begged Hyne, entreated that the blonde would stay. His prayer was cut short as Seifer pushed a finger into him and he hissed, adjusting to uncomfortable intrusion.

“Shh,” the blonde murmured and kissed Squall’s inner thigh as he inserted another finger. Squall sighed and stared at the ceiling noting how dark it had gotten since everyone had left. It didn’t matter. Making love in the twilight had been one of their favorite activities.

“One last time,” he muttered to himself.

“Hmm?” Seifer crawled over him. His green eyes looked so beautiful in the fading light.

“Nothing.” Squall smiled, happy that he got to see those eyes one last time.


~Clutch your pictures of the Pope~

~Pray to God for love and hope~

~Bring the Virgin home for luck~

~Bolt the door down, keep it shut~


“Good,” Seifer replied with a smile of his own before claiming the younger man’s mouth again. Squall barely felt Seifer’s hands run down his torso before the blonde was inside him. The brunette bit his lip as he got used to the intrusion and was surprised when Seifer kissed his forehead.

“Seifer…” he gasped as the blonde began to move. He hadn’t been this gentle since… since the first time.

“Come for me.” Seifer’s hot breath tickled his ear once again, but weren’t the only cause for his shudders. The blonde moved the exact way he knew to make Squall really feel it—feel everything.

The brunette groaned feeling his heart pounding in his ears as they moved together. His body ached, lived and breathed Seifer for that moment. That was all he needed—all for this one last time. After this was all over, Seifer would be gone and he wouldn’t ever come back for this. Why did it hurt so much?

“Aah,” the brunette moaned as his body neared climax. None of it mattered, not anymore. For this one last moment, he was free to be with Seifer.

Squall’s body shuddered involuntarily as it hungrily ate up his orgasm. It felt like his head exploded as his body lost to the forces at work within him. And although he couldn’t see for a moment, for the first time in years, tears streaked down Squall’s cheeks unnoticed.


~That sinking feeling~

~When you are leaving~


Why was he crying? Why did it all hurt so much more than any other time? Why was he crying? Squall felt soft lips kiss away the tears on his face and warm arms envelope him. What more could there be to lose besides him? At least he could cry in Seifer’s arms now before he left later. The brunette curled up against the blonde and sobbed as Seifer whispered various words of comfort, many of which Squall didn’t even hear. And eventually, he cried himself to sleep.


~All I believed in~

~Walks out my door~



It had all started out so oddly. They had all gone out for drinks and ended up wasted by the time they got back to Balamb. As Squall helped Seifer to his room, the blonde teased him, said he was the dutiful girlfriend helping him back to his dorm. Squall had laughed, brushing off the joking, but when Seifer kissed him…

Seifer then pulled Squall into his dorm and told him—told him how he’d loved him since he’d first laid eyes on him. Squall knew it was the alcohol talking, but he sounded so honest, so pure—so he stayed. He couldn’t quite describe that night in words, but if he had to, it would be one: Wow.

The whole tryst didn’t last long. Squall had fled the scene of the crime the next morning, but was confronted by Seifer later. Did he regret it? Not at all—even if Rinoa did leave him for it. So they kept meeting. The passion between the two was so strong; they didn’t think anything could break it. But the more the met, the less emotion there was. It was no longer passion that they met for, but the release and this began to distress Squall. He’d tried to break it off with Seifer many times, and always seemed to give in only to see him walk right out the door, until…


~I tried hard to mend my wicked ways~

~The damage's done, there's nothing left to save~



Squall groaned as he woke up in his bed… naked! …As it all came flooding back to him—about last night. The brunette sat up as he realized the bed really was empty, save him. He bit his lip and squeezed his eyes shut as a sinking feeling entered his stomach. He wouldn’t cry, he’d already done that last night!


~And I tried, and I tried, and I tried, and I tried~


“Finally awake?”

Squall gasped in shock and astonishment as Seifer’s head poked into the bedroom. “What are you doing here?”

A frown took over the blonde’s face. “What’s the matter?” He stepped through the doorway wearing a towel and sat on the bed. “You thought I was going to leave again, didn’t you?”


~Clutch your pictures of the Pope (just like I told you)~

~Pray to God for love and hope (just like I warned you)~


“You said one last time…” Squall trailed off and glanced up into Seifer’s eyes.

“Oh, that.” The blonde smiled. “The last time I would be with you without knowing if we were something important.”

“Something important. Am I that something important?” the brunette asked, fiddling with the hem of the bed.

Seifer took up Squall’s hands in his own. “Very.”

“Then why did you run away all those times?” Squall demanded.

“I was scared,” the blonde admitted. “I didn’t know if I really loved you, but last night,” he hesitated. “We were all talking in your front room and at one point, Quistis told you some joke.” Seifer looked at the wall as he remembered it with a fond smile. “When you started laughing, I thought, I don’t think I could live with myself if you didn’t ever smile. I wanted to make you happy.” His green eyes glittered as he looked into Squall’s gray. “I want to be with you—make you happy.”

Squall chuckled. “Do you know how unlike your self you sound?” He smiled when Seifer turned red and looked away with a grin. “I mean, you haven’t said anything like that since… the beginning.”

“And I plan to make up for it,” Seifer replied quickly. “Will you at least give me a chance?”

“I’ve given you plenty of chances,” Squall told him. “I was willing to give you up completely last night.”

“You did—the old me.”

Squall smiled shyly. “You sure about that?”

“I’m not leaving your side until I die.”

“Are you sure you don’t have a fever or something?” Squall tried to check the blonde’s head only to get his hands swatted at. He laughed as Seifer trotted back to the bathroom. “You’re really staying?”

“I told Cid I was moving in.”

“You what?” Squall searched the floor for his boxers and slipped them on haphazardly. As he climbed out of the bed, he stopped as he caught sight of a box on the counter of his kitchen area.


~Bring the Virgin home for luck (just like I told you)~

~Bolt the door down, keep it shut (just like I warned you)~


“What the…” He didn’t remember leaving a box there. The brunette picked it up and opened it to find his Griever ring.

“I got that from Rinoa.”

Squall looked up to see the blonde wearing his pants and leaning on the counter. “Why?”

“She told me she didn’t need it anymore.” Seifer shrugged. “I don’t know why she kept it for this long.”

“Again, why?” Squall asked and watched as the blonde took the box and retrieved the ring.

“Because, I want to start anew,” Seifer said tossing the box in the garbage and slipping the ring on his finger. “Start a life with you. That is if you don’t mind my wicked ways.” He smirked.

“Oh I think I can handle you buddy boy.” Squall leaned up and kissed the blonde. “Just promise me one thing?”

“What’s that?” Seifer asked as he wrapped his arms around the brunette.

“If you do have to run out before I wake up, leave a note?” Gray eyes implored him.

“I promise.” Seifer laughed and kissed him. “Always.”


~*~*~ The End ~*~*~

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