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Fifth Avenue

Part 5 - Dancing Duels

By Elise Maxwell

“How come we’re going tonight?” Seifer asked as he pulled on his boots.

“Because it’s the night before Halloween,” Squall told him. “It won’t be nearly as busy as tomorrow. Besides, my father gives out candy from here and I have to be here to make a good impression or whatever.”

Seifer nodded to himself, tying his laces. “You have a point. Do I get to give out candy too?”

Squall smirked. “Good publicity to see the sorceress’s knight and the president giving out candy together.”

“Am I only a pawn for your father’s popularity?” The blond laughed.

“Maybe.” The shorter man smiled and turned as the doorbell rang. “I’ll bet that’s Selphie.” He went to the atrium.

Seifer pulled on his second boot as he heard a soft crashing from the doorway. He looked thru the archway to see the brunette sprawled on the floor, covered in bags of candy, and Laguna was laughing it up. As Squall had opened the door, Laguna had lost his hold on the bags. His son had become the prime target of the candy.

“What did you do?” The blond began to pull the bags off of his rival as Laguna kept laughing. “Come on you goof ball, help me.” The president regained his composure, slightly, and helped get the candy off his son.

“So are you all going to the club tonight?” Laguna asked, stacking the bags near the door for an easy reach. Squall nodded. “Be careful.”

Squall cocked his head confused. “What do you mean?”

His father shrugged. “Aren’t I supposed to say things like that? I am your father after all!”

Seifer snickered and Squall smiled. “Thanks dad. I think Seifer and I can take care of ourselves.”

Laguna put an arm around the blond. “I want him home before midnight and in one piece, you hear me?”

“No problem Mr. Liore! I’ll have him back before 12 noon tomorrow.” Seifer grinned as Laguna chuckled. Squall proceeded to hit his head on the wall. “Ah, ah, ah!” Seifer stopped the stoic boy before he could do any damage to his porcelain face. “He said in one piece, not many pieces.”

“Leggo of my head!” Squall batted at the hand holding his skull stationary.

“Let go of his what?” Selphie was in the doorway giggling.

“What’s going on?” Rinoa asked from the stairs.

“Hey, how come you’re staying here Rinoa?” Selphie asked. The two boys froze as the girls began their own conversation.

“My dad I making me,” The girl on the stairs replied.

“I was wondering about that,” Seifer said loosening his grip. “Squall told me you lived with the girls, but you’ve been over here for a while. I thought you guys were still dating or something.”

“No, once in a while her father gets paranoid and tells her to stay in her suite here,” Squall backed up her story.

“Like I can’t take care of myself.” The princess rolled her eyes.

“Oh please take care of me my strong handsome knight!” Seifer imitated.

“Shut up!” Rinoa threw her purse and him and he hid behind Squall, who caught the purse deftly before it could bash into his face.

“You’re the wuss.” Squall waved the bag at the rival hiding at his back.

“Okay, back to the question at hand. What’s going on?” Rinoa stared down from the stairs with her hands on her hips. It was an interesting sight. Laguna was watching the events, still holding a couple bags of candy; Irvine, who had been silent the whole time, had his arms around Selphie’s waist. Selphie herself looked slightly bewildered as to the events unfolding before her eyes. Seifer had his hands on Squall’s shoulders and the latter was looking back at him. Rinoa smiled at this. They looked so cute together from Rinoa’s view. She shook her head and waited for an answer.

The boys finally pointed at the Laguna, who was pointing back at them. Rinoa sniggered, and Selphie rolled her eyes.

“Are we still going?” Irvine asked the group.

“Yes,” Squall replied. “I just need to grab my jacket.”

“Me too.” Seifer followed the brunette as they got their coats. Would you look at that? Shiny steel blue pants covered Squall’s pale skin. I never knew he was such a fashion statement. Then again, he looks very nice in those so I won’t complain. This time Squall had gone without the eyeliner, mainly because Seifer had coerced him into helping cook dinner and didn’t have the time, but they had fun.

Seifer himself was wearing leather pants this time. He’d gotten them in a shop that he’d noticed while he and Squall were handcuffed together. On a whim, he went back and bought the pants. Maybe I can be The Crow for Halloween. He grabbed his gray coat and pulled it on.

“What?” Squall asked.

“What do you mean ‘what’?”

“You’re smiling. What for?”

“I don’t really know.” The blond laughed.

Squall smiled. “Guess it happens when you’re happy.”

Seifer thought for a moment then grinned. “Yeah.”




“Ah! Seifer help!” Squall was holding onto their table as all three girls tried to tow him onto the dance floor. Seifer, who was just coming back from the restroom, watched as they dragged the poor brunette away, screaming and kicking.

Zell and Irvine were at the table laughing it up, and Seifer joined them, snickering.

“What did he do?” the blond asked as the two shook their heads, not knowing.

On the dance floor, Squall was trapped inside the small circle that was made up of the girls. Everytime he tried to get out, they all grabbed him and pushed him back in the middle.

“You have to dance for us.” Rinoa smirked as she and the other two danced around him.

“Oh really?” The scarred man asked, starting to move slowly to the music.

“Yeah! And we’ll pay you!” Selphie held up a wad of bills. “Dance you sex machine!” She pinched his ass.

“Ow!” He shot a glare at the giggling girls who distributed the money among themselves. Selphie shook a Gil in his face to give him motivation. Not much motivation comes out of *one* Gil. He rolled his eyes and she held up a fifty. *Much* better.

<You can look but you can’t touch>

He began to gyrate to the music, wondering what would happen if a pole were anywhere near.

<Heaven knows what you’ve got to prove>

Quistis pushed a fifty down his tight shirt as he began to grind with her. She pushed him back to the middle of their group as Selphie stuck another bill in the back of his pants.

<I think I’m paranoid. Manipulated>

Squall reached over and pulled Rinoa to him. He put his arms around her waist and dipped her, then slowly pulled her back up, earning another fifty.

<Bend me break me, breaking down is easy. All I want is you>

“What are they doing?” Seifer asked the others as they watched the girls toss out money.

<I fall down just to give you a thrill>

“Well, Selphie felt sorry about you two being handcuffed together, so she devised a way to give some compensation,” Irvine explained.

“What about me?” The blond turned to him.

<If I should fail, if I should fold>

“He has to split it with you.” The cowboy grinned.

“They also have a dare for the both of you.” Zell snickered.



“Yeah, if you guys want some more money, they had another idea,” Zell replied. “I don’t know what it is, but I guess its fun, whatever it may be.”

<And complicated>

They all looked back to watch the money slinging girls.

<Bend me, break me, any way you need me>

Squall’s body undulated seductively as he began to dip backwards, going lower and lower to the beat. He winked at the girls and they giggled.

<Breaking down is easy. All I want is you>

He went to his knees, his every move entirely enticing. He let his hands trace the girls’ legs.

<I think I’m paranoid>

He rolled forward and as he stood, his hands traced the inside of his legs as he left his rear open to Selphie. Another fifty.

<Bend me break me anyway you need me all I want is you>

Squall swayed his hips waiting for the music to change intensity. He needed it to go faster.

<All I want is you>

He began to head bang as the beat came faster and louder.

<Maim me, tame me, you can never change me>

As Squall threw his head back and forth, his soft brown locks flew in every direction making him look all the more sexy.

<Please me tease me go ahead and leave me>

Girls slowed with the beat and Squall still flowed to the music.

<As long as I want you baby, it’s alright>

All the women cheered for the money making man, who began to pull the money out of his clothing.

“Alright!” Seifer gave the tired man a high five. “How much?”

Squall sat down and counted it all out while the girls counted what they had left.

“This is nearly a thousand!” he exclaimed.

“Yup, we have about that much left.” Selphie grinned. “Now you have to split that with Seifer. Unless you want the rest.”

“How do I get the rest?” He asked gathering part of his share up.

“I’ll tell you later. It’s a surprise.” She giggled. The other two girls smirked at each other while the two men frowned at one another.

The men started whispering amongst themselves.

“She has more. I know she does,” Squall hissed.

“We can get more later when she tells us the stipulations of what we’re to do.” Seifer murmured. Squall nodded and they turned to see the group staring intently at them.

“What?” they both asked. The rest looked at around at each other, then sat quietly. The men grinned.

“So what’s up for tomorrow night?” Rinoa asked.

All the men shrugged. “You really want to go trick-or-treating?” Irvine replied.

She shrugged. “Just wondering if you all are doing anything.”

“I have to stay home so you won’t be alone if you stay in.” Squall took a sip of his usual drink.

“I’d rather shoot myself than get stuck with your dad.” She snickered at his sour face.

“Well after the kids go home, Squall and I are gonna get smashed.” Quistis gave the brunette a nuggie. “Right?”

“Can I get in on this?” Seifer asked.

“Sure! I mean, you live there now, so you can join us whenever.” She giggled. “You should see Squall when he’s wasted.”

“What’s he like?”

“Hey don’t talk about me like I’m not here!”

“Well, he gets really crazy and one time he stripped.” Quistis laughed and snorted. “You should’ve seen his face the next day when I told him. He had this horrendous hangover. But it was all part of his character.”

“What do you mean?” Seifer’s blue eyes twinkled in interest.

“He was a- ow!” Quistis glared at Squall who was staring at the dance floor.

“An ow?”

“Nevermind. If you’re gonna be like that, tell me what you’re going to be this year.”

“Something that suits me well.” Squall replied, still gazing at the sparse floor.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Rinoa asked.

He turned back. “You’ll see.”

“Hey, Dancing King!” the DJ spouted over the mic. Squall looked up to see the man waving at him. “We gon’ have a dance contest!”

Squall frowned. He hadn’t even noticed that the music had quieted. “What am I a judge?” he answered.

“No, you’re a contestant. You and yo’ blond buddy.” The DJ pointed at Seifer. “Pick yo’ partners and get yo’ asses on da floor!”

“Milady?” Seifer extended a hand to Rinoa.

“Good sir.” She accepted and followed him.

“Quis?” Squall asked.

“You got it sugar!” She jumped up and followed him to the dance floor.

“Y’all ready?” the DJ asked. The two couples and the crowd cheered. “A’ight. Here we go!”

<Baby, baby we can do all that we want>

Squall and Quistis began to bop their heads to the beat.

<We can get freaky deaky>

Rinoa rested her arms around Seifer’s neck as they began to sway to the mechanical sounds emanating from the speakers

<Digital get down>

“Just you and me.” Quistis smirked and pulled the stoic boy closer. He complied and put his hands on her hips.

“What’s our theme?” Squall asked, nuzzling her cheek.

<Just what we need>

“Sex.” The blond ran her hands down his porcelain cheeks and he leaned his head back as though he thoroughly enjoyed the caress.

<Every time I’m sitting home alone>

The other couple’s idea was the total opposite. Rinoa and Seifer had chosen the fun route and were grinning and laughing as they moved quickly to the music.

<I love the things you do for me so late at night>

Seifer was spinning his partner and then she giggled as he dipped her.

<Can we get connected?>

As he pulled her up, they began to grind, big smirkes painted on their faces. The blond flexed his fingers on Rinoa’s sides and she squeaked in protest.

<You know the kind I like>

They dissolved into giggles.

<Digital get down>

Squall took in all of this with an amused frown. He focused his attention back on his partner as she looked at him curiously.

“You’re smiling.” She did the same.

<Baby you can see me>

“Oh, I can’t smile?” He ran his hands over her sides.

<We can get together on the digital screen>

He glanced back to see the other couple conversing as they swayed.

<I lose my mind just when you’re speaking>

Quistis ran her hands down Squall’s outer legs, following them down. Going back up, she let her palms slide up the back, grabbing his ass.

<I can’t wait to see you touch your body>

Squall grinded into her.

<It’s just me and you>

She grabbed his shoulders and pulled him closer, a passionate look in her eyes.

<I need some love and affection baby>

Squall’s hands traced paths on her back and he could feel her smile in response.

<If you're in the mood>

“Very nice,” she purred into his ear. The brunette smirked. He knew her well enough to know what she liked without her asking.

<Digital get down>

He glanced up to see his rival watching their sexy moves. Still dancing, Squall lost himself in the gaze.

<I can see you and baby, baby you can see me>

The blond’s sky eyes pierced the air between them.

<We can get together naturally>

Squall felt guilty again all of a sudden.


Quistis sensed the tension roll off of Squall and heard him mutter something as they danced. She knew. She knew who he was looking at and why, but kept her seductive persona. Stop. Stop looking. It wont hurt so much, even if you don’t know why.


<Your satellite feed has been interrupted>

Why did it hurt so much? He didn’t understand. Quistis ran a hand down his cheek, getting his attention back. No one noticed the split-second exchange between them before their sultry faces were set back in place.

<We can do more than just talk>

“I think we’re going to lose,” Squall told her, his eyes locked on hers.

“Like hell!” she grabbed his neck and pulled him in for a rough kiss.

<We can get nasty nasty, we can get digital>

Grey eyes went wide in surprise. He then closed them and lost himself in the kiss.

<Just you and me>

The crowd whooped and hollered in response to Quistis’ bold move. Rinoa cheered and Seifer grinned, yet held a deeper look in his eyes.

“It certainly looks like they're enjoying themselves.” Rinoa smiled at the blond as they went back to their dancing.

<Just what we need>

Once the kiss had ended, Squall and Quistis had an air about them, knowing they had won. But since the song was still going, they kept swaying to the music.

<Digital get down>

“I’m going outside to cool down after this.” The brunette said, easing away from the blond.

“Alright.” Quistis moved away from her partner to give him some well deserved air.

<Just what we need>

The two couples bowed to the applause and Squall bowed out before the winner was announced. Squall passed Leo on his way out, who held out a cigarette. He waved away the donation and the bouncer shrugged, putting the nicotine stick to his own lips and lighting it. Squall patted the bulkier, bald man on the head and went out to the sidewalk.

Squall breathed in the fresh fall air, watching as it floated upwards. Why should one need a cigarette if you can see your breath already? He smiled. Just smiled. It felt nice to be out alone, even if it was slightly noisy and a cigarette twinge to the air. Squall just wanted to be alone for a couple, to regroup, and be himself for once.

A hand on his shoulder brought the young man out of his reverie. He raised his eyebrows at Rinoa of all people.

She held up coupon for free drinks. “Quis got one too.”

Squall took the thick paper and shrugged. “I wish they’d give away money like Selphie does.”

“That’s why I’m here. She wants you to come in for the last of the money.”

“What is it this time?”

Rinoa shrugged. “It’s supposed to be really good.” She shivered.

Squall gave the smaller girl an affectionate gaze. “You need some fat on those bones so you don’t get cold so easily.”

She laughed and led him back. “Muscle is what I really need.”

“Whatever.” He put his arm around Rinoa’s shoulders as she led them through the door and toward the table.

“You’re late!” Seifer pointed accusingly.

Squall showed mock shock. “How dare you point fingers when you’re the one who looks worse for wear!”

“Well I didn’t sneak out and take a smoke break.” Seifer pretended the martyr.

The brunette smirked. “Riiiiiiiiiiiigghht.”

“Okay, okay!” Selphie waved her arms to get their attention. “Do you want your mission?”

The two men gave her their full attention.

“Your mission,” she began, “should you choose to accept it, is to dance.”

They each raised an eyebrow and looked at one another.

“The catch is that you have to dance with each other and G and PG ratings will disqualify you. This offer will self destruct in 5… 4… 3… 2…”

“Whoa, wait, wait, wait!” This time Seifer waved his arms. “We have to dance R-rated with each other just to get the money?”

An enthusiastic brown head nodded. “NC-17 would be much appreciated also!”

He looked to Squall, who just shrugged. “Don’t look at me!”

“Is it okay with you?”

“Why not?”

Seifer shrugged. “Just asking.”

“Ew! Ya know Squall, you might get Seifer cooties!” Zell poked the former sorceress’s knight.

“Ya! Do you want some?” Seifer grabbed Zell’s chin to pull him in for a kiss, but the spiky blond pulled away.

He stuck his tongue out at Seifer. “Only if you mean it you big lug!” He play punched the scarred man.

“Bah! Who’d want to kiss a chicken-wuss anyway?”

“Stop calling me that!” Zell put up his fists as the group laughed. Squall watched this exchange with a slight smile. It was nice to see the two rivals getting along, but he felt a little jealous at how they were becoming more tolerant of one another.

“Shall we begin lover?” Seifer placed a hand on the stoic man’s shoulder.

Squall nodded. “Anything for you…” They leaned toward each other, and stopped, their mouths an inch away. A mutual feeling told them to look at their audience. Their friends were gaping wide-mouthed at the seductive men. They laughed as the group frowned.

Selphie began to throw the appetizers as Seifer ran off. “Stop teasing us!!” Squall ducked a breadstick, following close behind the blond.

“Man she picked a good time to tell us about this,” Seifer referred to the song that had just started. “We can definitely give them a good show.”

<I was angry when I met you. I think I’m angry still>

“Yeah,” Squall agreed as his partner stopped in a crowded part of the floor. Girls were eyeing them up and down. Too bad they were taken by each other at the moment.

<Don’t worry baby, no need to fight>

Seifer moved closer and wrapped his arms around the smaller man’s waist as Squall rested his on the blond’s shoulders and neck and shook his bangs out of his face.

<This is the noise that keeps me awake>

They slid right into the music, like they were made just to dance with each other.

<Push it. Make the beats go harder>

Without realizing it, the men grinded into each other, like the pros they were. Seifer’s leather stuck to the plasticness of Squall’s pants. Stuck together, they could now concentrate on entertaining their audience across the way. The exhibition had only just begun.

<I’m sorry that I hurt you>

Seifer ran his hands around Squall’s back and down his sides. His hands found paths around his partner’s arms and waist. He ran his hands over the blue clad ass to get pale hands running roughly through his hair.

<Don’t worry baby. Don’t be uptight>

Seifer stared into gray, lust-filled eyes. Their lower bodies still worked as Seifer reveled in the feeling of hands running over his scalp.

<This is the noise that keeps me awake>

He pulled the brunette closer, if that was possible. They were inseparable as it was.

<Push it. Make the beats go harder>

“Do you think they like it?” Squall asked. Seifer stole a quick glance at the astounded faces. He grinned and nodded, bumping noses with the shorter man. Their breaths mingled in the space between their lips.

<Come on push it, you can do it>

Squall smirked and let his hands trail down the blond’s arms.

<Come on prove it, nothing to it>

Seifer savored the softness of the downy brown hair as his partner’s hands crept farther down his back.

<Come on use it, let’s get through it>

Squall pulled him closer and they hesitated, their faces millimeters away again.

<Come on push it, you can do it>

He pulled his body away, letting his palms run up Seifer’s massive chest, hesitating.

<Don’t worry baby, we’ll stay up all night>

Seifer grabbed his hands and pulled his back, their pelvic bones magnetized to one another. They rolled their bodies to the lag in the song.

<My head explodes and my body aches!>

They pushed their bodies together to the intensity of the chorus.

<Push it. Make the beats go harder>

Their eyes locked and bodies synchronized as they lost themselves in the moment.

<My head explodes and my body aches>

Squall’s hands cupped the sweat-shinned face in front of him.

<This is the noise that keeps me awake >

Seifer wrapped his arms around Squall’s waist once more getting back to the position they had been in at the beginning of the song

<Don’t worry baby, it'll be alright>

He grinned and nudged his partner with his forehead, getting a smirk out of the smaller man who pushed back.

<Push it>

Seifer smiled as Squall rolled his head back.

<Push it>

He raised an eyebrow

<Push it>

Squall nodded.

<Push it>

Seifer swung the brunette down in a low dip and snapped him back up quickly, their noses touching.

<Push it>

The boys stayed in position to hear Selphie whooping and hollering. The two men grinned. Seifer’s hands were glued to Squall’s ass, and his partner had one leg wrapped around his leather clad lower half. They disentangled themselves as another song started.

“Shall we?” Seifer offered his arm to Squall.

“Surely.” Squall laid a hand on the proffered arm and was led to their sweet victory.

Selphie held up the last of the wad of bills. “That was so totally hot!”

“Very impressive.” Quistis winked.

“Two very enthusiastic thumbs up.” Rinoa held out her thumbs.

Irvine tipped his hat graciously. “He says good job,” Selphie interpreted.

Zell laughed. “That was, well, interesting.” He gave them both high fives for their performance.

Squall positively glowed from the compliments. He began to count the money. About half way through, he realized his rival’s arm was around him. It was… nice. He held up Seifer’s share and the warmth disappeared from his back and reappeared on his shoulder as the blond leaned on him to count the money.

Seifer frowned.

“What?” Squall glanced at the money.

“I don’t have a thousand.” Seifer gave the shorter man a stern look. “Where’s my money ya cheapskate?”

Squall took an involuntary step back. “I must have counted it wrong Seifer. Sorry!” He put his hands up as the blond leaned over him.

“Come on Leonhart, cough it up!”

“Take it easy Almasy!” The shorter pulled out his wad and counted it, then turned to Selphie. “You didn’t give us all of it,” he stated shortly. She chuckled half-hearted.

The men’s faces fell. “Another dare?” Seifer groaned. Squall smacked his forehead as Selphie pulled out the last of the money.

“Well, you don’t have to do it. I’ll give you the money anyway. It’s just…” she trailed off and looked at the other girls. Quistis looked down and Rinoa shrugged at her.

“What?” Seifer asked.

“We wanted to…” Quistis began.

“…see you…” Rinoa helped.

“Kiss and make up!” Selphie blurted out and hid behind Rinoa.

All of the men stared at the girls.

“Did you guys plot this out or something?” Zell asked.

“Yeah, I mean, I didn’t even know about this stuff.” Irvine scratched his head under his hat.

“I made all up tonight, but I went to the bank this afternoon and got the cash with the club in mind,” Selphie explained.

“Save it,” Seifer said.

“Yeah, Selphie, not tonight,” Squall agreed. “I mean, he just got here and…”

“I’m not comfortable with that yet.” Seifer looked at his rival, who nodded. “Maybe tomorrow, when we’re all drunk.” He smirked and Squall laughed.

Quistis smile and took the money. “I’ll guard this.”

“Hey!” the little brunette made a try for the money.

“Ah, ah, ah, Selphie! You’ll spend it if I let you keep it.”

“Yeah, on some handcuffs,” Seifer muttered.

“What?” The girls looked at him, curious, and Irvine laughed. Zell strolled away, whistling, and asked someone to dance.

Squall looked at his wrist. He had actually gotten scars from the incident. He liked them, but he hadn’t figured out why yet. “If I ever see another pair of handcuffs, it’ll be too soon.”

“And I’ll put them on Selphie,” Seifer muttered.

“Whoa! I gave you the payback. You could at least forgive me now!” Selphie fumed.

“Sorry Sel.” Squall smiled.

“Yeah, we were just teasing.” Seifer hugged the little girl. “Look, I’ll teach you some more moves to make up for it.”

Selphie’s face lit up and she dragged the larger man onto the dance floor.

Squall pouted.

“Wassamatter?” Zell asked his friend.

“She took my dance partner.” Squall sighed. “Tear.” He ran a finger down his cheek and began to snicker.

“Well, you still have us.” Irvine put his hat on the scarred man’s head.

“Yeah, and now we have Seifer.”

“Which totally sucks!” Zell groaned as everyone laughed.



Songs used: Paranoid and Push It by Garbage, Digital Getdown by Nsync

I own none of these songs; they belong to their respective writers and singers.

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