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Tonight and the Rest of My Life

By Elise Maxwell

<Down to the earth I fell, with dripping wings

Heavy things won’t fly>


Seifer landed hard as he fell to the ground in the world Ultemicia had finally attained: Time Compression. His wounds weren’t life threatening, but he wished they had been. There was no point for him to go on anymore, she’d twisted his dream and turned it into a nightmare. Hyne, he wanted to die so bad. He felt like shit, not sleeping for days because ‘she’ beckoned him and made him fight. She made him fight against them. He didn’t want to anymore, but she did. He was so glad Squall and the others had defeated him, and her, but the spell remained. How would they ever get through it?

The blonde man breathed hard and levered himself into a sitting position. He heard something, calling. Whose voice was that? He listened harder, it was familiar, and she sounded like home. Seifer kneeled and turned his attention to a small hill to his right, where the voice had come from. He crawled up it and peeked over.

A figure was sprawled, unconscious on the ground. Seifer squinted; it was Squall. He bit his lip, contemplating whether to go and help or stay. Then he heard the voice, calling for Squall, again. Rinoa? A figure manifested in the fog and came closer. Indeed, it was the new sorceress. She ran over to Squall, trying to see if he was alive. He had to be alive, right? He heard a small choking sound from her; she was crying. Could he be dead?

“Squall…” Rinoa trailed off and pulled him closer, then suddenly hugged him tightly, throwing her head on his chest, crying.

“He’s dead?” Seifer’s face fell but then was shocked as a burst of light and life came from the two.


<And the sky might catch on fire

And burn the axis of the world>


Seifer covered his eyes from the blinding light that they had created. The clouds were swept away and suddenly; they all were in a bright flower field. Seifer recognized it. The field was the one near Edea’s orphanage, the one he used to chase Squall around in when they used to play hide and seek. A smile lingered on his lips for a moment until he heard his name.

He looked up to see Fuujin and Raijin waving to him. He waved back and bit back a wince as an injury flamed to life. He looked back at the other two; Squall had revived. He and Rinoa were hugging one another happily. Seifer had missed his waking moment. A tear slid down his cheek at the loss and for the happiness that it was all over.


<That’s why I prefer a sunless sky

To the glittering and stinging in my eyes>


Seifer took a glove off to wipe away the wetness on his cheek. Why was he crying? He was Seifer Almasy for Hyne’s sake! He looked back to the rejoicing couple to see that their friends had joined them, Balamb garden floating not far off.

He looked down at his tattered clothes and wounds; wounds they had caused. Would they accept him back into the Garden? Could they? He’d done so much to ruin their lives. At first he gave in willingly, but it had all gone so terribly wrong…

“They’ll never want me.” He stood and limped over to his only companions.

“Ya gotta get some rest, ya know?” Raijin scolded the blonde.

“BALAMB.” Fuujin ordered.

“Yeah, let’s get back to Balamb City first, alright?” Seifer asked.


“Whatever she says is good with me, ya know?”


<I feel so light

This is all I want to feel tonight

I feel so light

Tonight and the rest of my life>


Seifer sat on the dock in Balamb. Raijin had rented a fishing pole from the hotel they’d checked into, and fished while they waited for Balamb Garden to return to its original spot. But Seifer wasn’t so sure if he should go back.


<Gleaming in the dark sea

I’m as light as air

Floating there breathlessly>


He frowned, staring at the sea that matched his indecisive eyes that were in deep thought. His disposition since they’d arrived had been less than happy, but the residents either gave their condolences or steered clear of him. At least they didn’t have a lot of animosity, although he could feel some from a few particulars. They were among the few that stayed away from him. Well, the farther the better! He closed his eyes and tried to think of a solution.


<When the dream dissolves

I open up my eyes>


“Hey look!”

Seifer opened his eyes to the sea and turned to Raijin, who was holding up a fish and gloating about it. He began to do some happy dance, which seemed to annoy Fuujin, so she lined up, and pushed the big lug off the dock and into the water.

Seifer laughed. He couldn’t help it; it felt so good to laugh. It was then he knew, he had to go back and apologize, if he didn’t, he’d regret it for the rest of his life. He stood.


<I realize that everything is shoreless sea

Weightlessness is passing over me>


Balamb Garden passed overhead and the citizen’s cheered. Seifer smiled, glad that everything had turned out fine. He looked out at the sea and began to feel faint. He swayed and tried to keep his balance. It didn’t work. All those days she’d punished him by keeping his body awake and working, it all added up and was taking it’s toll. He watched as the light slipped from his vision. Everything began to go black as he fell.

Squall, I apologize, I’m so sorry I didn’t get to see you again, as a friend.

“SEIFER!” Fuujin caught the blonde before his body hit the dock.


<I feel so light

This is all I want to feel tonight

I feel so light

Tonight and the rest of my life>


“You rang?” Squall stood at the infirmary door. He frowned when he not only saw Dr. Kadowaki, but Raijin and Fuujin also. “What’s going on?”

“SEIFER.” Fuujin stated.

“Yeah, what about him?” Squall raised an eyebrow.

“He’s unconscious, ya know?” Raijin answered.

The brunette frowned again and entered the room to see Seifer resting on one of the cots. “What’s the matter with him?”

“He’s been awake far too long. Sleep deprivation I’d say, but there may be more. I’ll have to run some more tests to make sure.” The doctor nodded and took her leave.

“Is he gonna be alright?” Raijin asked.

“Dr. Kadowaki’s the best Rai. I’m sure if anyone can take care of him, she can.” Squall took the seat next to Seifer and stared. He couldn’t believe how his rival could be found in such a state. He looked so… weak, so very un-Seifer-like. It stirred unwanted feelings in his mind. “What happened?” he asked.

“He fainted on the dock, ya know?” Raijin stated.

“OKAY?” Fuujin asked curiously.

“He’ll be fine,” Squall answered absentmindedly.

“No, she meant you, ya know?” Raijin leaned down and looked at him close. “You’re crying.”

“Oh, yeah, I’m fine.” Squall wiped away the tears that he hadn’t known had fallen. “It’s just so odd to see him like this.” He looked back at the two. He could tell Fuujin was trying to hold her feelings back, and wasn’t succeeding very well. “Why don’t you two get settled back into your old dorms? Cid had them refurbished because he had a feeling that you three were coming back.”

“What about Seifer, ya know?” Raijin put an arm around the little, but powerful Fuujin to comfort her.

“I’ll stay with him for a while. I’ll call for you if anything happens.”

The two nodded and left, albeit hesitantly.

Squall turned his gaze back to Seifer. “What am I going to do with you?” He sighed, leaned forward and hugged his sleeping rival. “Welcome back,” he said, giving a tight squeeze, wondering if Seifer could hear him through his unconsciousness. Tears poured down his cheeks. “Why am I crying?” Squall asked himself putting a hand to his face. He didn’t understand why he felt so sad, so horribly pained. The tears poured down his cheeks unstopped as he bit back sobs.

Arms wrapped around him from behind surprising him. “I’m here too.” Rinoa always had a knack for that. “Go on,” she said.

“What?” He let go of Seifer and turned to her.

She looked at the blonde and bit her lip. “Cry,” she said, her voice cracking. “Its about time we all had a good cry.” She looked at him, trails of wetness all over her face.

That did it. He began to sob, for all those situations when he didn’t have time to cry, or when he had to be the leader; he finally let go and let the tears flow. Rinoa sat in his lap and they cried together.

She cooed comforting words through her crying, saying it was alright, that everything was fine, trying to convince herself also. It seemed to work. They sat like that for a few hours, watching Seifer, letting their raw cheeks dry.

“When do you think he’ll wake up?” Rinoa asked, her voice hoarse.

“I don’t care, just as long as he does,” Squall replied, his voice in the same condition. “I just want him to be him again, not some sorceress’s puppet.”

“Aw, and I was going to have so much fun,” she teased.

Squall chuckled and coughed. “Guess we should take a nap ourselves. Care to join me?”

“The party is in a few hours isn’t it?” she asked as Squall nodded. “Sure, we should at least look happy, at a party.”

Squall smiled and ran a hand through her hair, kissing her on the forehead. “Of course.”

The two stood and had Dr. Kadowaki call Raijin and Fuujin, to see if they wanted to spend time with Seifer while they were gone. Then they took their leave for Squall’s dorm room.

Squall fell onto the bed and kicked his boots off. Rinoa sat and took hers off before lying down next to him. They put their arms around each other and were fast asleep before they could say another word.


<Everything is waves and stars

The universe is resting in my arms>


Rinoa point up. “Look.”

Squall’s eyes left the deep blue ocean for the black sea of stars. In the distance a few shooting stars could be seen. He turned to her and smiled. “I’m so glad its over.”

She smiled back. “Me too.”

He went closer to embrace her and wrapped his arms around her. She did the same and they kissed one another on the cheek and turned back to the ocean, their arms entwined around each other’s backs. “It’s finished, but why do I feel something nagging at the back of my mind?”

“It’s probably Seifer.” Rinoa let go of Squall to lean her elbows on the balcony’s wide railing. “I’ve been worried about him all night. It’s so unlike him to give up, but he’d never push himself that far.”

“I know.” Squall leaned forward to let his head rest in his hands. “Do you think it was something Ultemicia did?”

She nodded. “I wouldn’t be surprised. Hyne, it took forever to kill that royal bitch!”

He smirked. “I never thought I’d ever hear you say that.”

“But you agree don’t you?”


The two subsided into silence as the party went on inside. They could hear Selphie’s hyper voice and saying something about Karaoke.

“Go on,” Squall told Rinoa. “I know you love to sing.”

She smiled. “You’ll be okay?”

“Yeah, I’ll probably go visit Seifer again later anyway.”

“Alright.” She stopped and turned back. “Tell me if he wakes up.”

Squall nodded. “You’ll be first, right after Raijin and Fuujin.”

Rinoa gave him a thumbs up and grabbed Zell, whom she dragged away from his hot dogs and over to Selphie and Quistis, to have some fun.

Squall turned back to the sea and sighed. Why did it all have to be so difficult? He turned and slipped out of the party as Rinoa played her part by distracting them all. Once in the halls, Squall made his way to his room (for a book), then to the infirmary. He found Dr Kadowaki frowning over a document as he entered.

“Knock, knock?” he asked tentatively.

“Oh, Squall!” She smiled. “Seifer’s doing fine. His breathing has returned to normal and I found it to be just as I thought. He was just overworked with very little sleep.”

“Good.” Squall nodded as the two DC members came out of the room Seifer had been placed in.

“Come to relieve us?” Raijin asked.

“I figured you might want some party food.” Squall shrugged. “Or whatever.”

“AFFRIMATIVE,” Fuujin replied. “FOOD,” she told Raijin and began to drag him out the door.

“See ya later, ya know?” Raijin managed before the door shut behind them.

Dr Kadowaki chuckled. “I hope they have some fun. They haven’t had any for so long.” She turned to the SeeD Commander. “Does anyone else know about Seifer?”

“Just them, Rinoa and I,” Squall replied.

She nodded. “I’m sure everyone will find out eventually anyway.”

“I’ll be in his room.” Squall entered as she nodded and sat at her desk. He sat down in one of the chairs Raijin and Fuujin had been on. It was still warm. He opened his book and began to read. Every so often he would look at Seifer, but went back to his book.

After 3 hours, around 1 am, as Squall was yawning, he heard a rustle of fabric. He blinked sleepily to see a pale hand move to Seifer’s face and cover his mouth as he coughed. Pale blue eyes opened to the world finally and tried to register whereabouts. They closed again in a wince. “Where am I?” the familiar voice asked.

Squall closed his book and held it over Seifer’s face, covering it from the bright fluorescent lights. His eyes opened again, turning to Squall. “You’re in the infirmary.”

“Oh,” was all Seifer said, still staring at Squall. “Uhm, what happened?” He frowned curiously, his scar wrinkling.

“Well,” Squall moved the book away to sit back. “Your friends say that you collapsed on the docks of Balamb City.”

Seifer frowned and thought for a moment. “Yeah, I guess so.” He rubbed his face with a hand. “I haven’t slept for days…”

Squall nodded. “Did you want to be alone? Or would you like some company? I still have to call Raijin and Fuujin to tell them you’re awake.”

“Wow, Lionheartless offering conversation,” the blonde looked shocked yet happy. “I’d be honored Leonhart,” he said, finally using Squall’s name.

The brunette smirked. “I need to reminisce anyway. Friendly conversation wins over Selphie’s karaoke any day!”

Seifer laughed loudly. “I see you have a sense of humor now too. I’m gonna miss all the fighting though.”

Squall chuckled. “Sure.”

“Look, I just want to say that I’m sorry. I’ve been wanting to for a long time.” The blonde looked at Squall expectantly.

“No worries.” He held Seifer’s hand. “Let’s just start over. Friends?”

Seifer grinned. “Friends.” They shook their hands and let go slowly. “Well where should we begin?”

“I don’t know, and I don’t care.” Squall smiled. Friends… The word resounded in his mind. “As long as we’re together again.”

“Always, man. Always!”


<I feel so light

This is all I want to feel tonight

I feel so light

Tonight and the rest of my life>



* * *


So should I continue it guys? I dunno what to write next, my muses (Nuriko and Camui) smacked me over the head with it and I think I’ll run with it! Hehehe.


Song: Tonight and the Rest of My Life by Nina Gordon

I don’t own the song either, like I said, Nuriko and Camui forced me to write it, I can’t write songs this good anyway ^_~

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