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~~~ - slight change of POV or characters (if any)

****** - flashback (if any)

~*~*~ - scene/time/day change (if any)

Fifth Avenue

Part 6 - Memories

By Elise Maxwell

Part 6a - Cooking


Squall stared at the impeccably spotless kitchen, which had been a horrid mess less than an hour ago. On the windowsill were three different makes of pies. He walked over a sniffed each one: apple, strawberry and vanilla cream?


Squall jumped around, a hand place over his heart. “Hyne, Seifer.”

“Sorry, man. Guess I’m starting to take after you.” He grinned wolf-like.

The smaller man gave him a less than enthusiastic look. “Funny.” He looked around. “So what happened? Did your faerie godmother come in and clean?”

“No, I cleaned it myself, goofball.” The blond poked the brown haired skull.

“You’re serious? I mean, it was an unholy mess in here, flour everywhere, there were bowls scattered all over the place… you’re a miracle or something.”

“And I do it in time to go to work to protect your father. Too bad I don’t really work today.” Seifer wandered back to the common room, and his rival followed.

“What do you mean you don’t have to work? And where are you going?” Squall asked as Seifer pulled his coat out of the closet.

“It’s Halloween Squall. Your dad told me to stay home, but to get him when he got off.” Seifer shook his head when Squall offered him the keys to the car. “Nah, man. We’re gonna walk today. It’s a nice afternoon.”

“Suit yourself.” Squall shrugged.

“Later!” the blond waved as he closed the door behind himself.

Squall stood staring at the door. He glanced at the keys in his hand and tossed them onto a table in the atrium before leaving up the stairs. He sighed as he started up the steps, each creaking in response, one way or another. Once in the second floor common room he advanced through double glass doors to the balcony. He leaned on the cool stone railing and smiled as the breeze pushed his unruly hair back from his face.

Cooking huh? At least he was smart enough to keep me out of it or I would have messed it up. Course, I didn’t do too badly last night.

“Come on Squally!” Seifer drug the smaller man out of the bedroom.

“I have to put my clothes on stupid!” Squall fought in his boxers.

“You don’t want to get your club clothes all full of flour do you?”

“No, but at least let me put something on!” Squall wriggled out of the larger man’s grip and ran back in his room to pick up a pair of old jeans. He slipped them on just before Seifer dragged him downstairs and put him to work, stirring.

“What is this?” Squall stared at the concoction his spoon was swirling. It was a whole bunch of vegetables and various sightings of meat.

“Food,” Seifer started simply.

“Yeah, but what’s it for?”

The blond held up a package of wrappers. “Egg rolls! And you’re going to help.”

<I don’t want to understand this horror>

Squall’s jaw dropped as he watched Seifer pour oil into a kettle. “I’m helping you? But I’m a terrible cook! I burn macaroni and cheese!”

<There’s a weight in your eyes I can’t admit>

“And I’m a great cook so it’s a perfect balance.” The blond’s white teeth flashed as he set about gathering materials. “It is possible to burn macaroni and cheese, you just leave it in the pot too long. Keep a better eye on it.”

<Everybody ends up here in bottles>

Great, I’m stuck with Mr. Emerl Almasy. Squall sighed

<But the nametags are the last thing that you wanted>

“That’s good.” Seifer took the stirred vegetable bowls from his rival and gave him the wraps. Squall again sighed and tried to get the plastic to rip.

<As the world explodes, we fall out of it>

The plastic gave unexpectedly and flew out onto the table. Squall shot a sniggering Seifer an evil look as he gathered the wraps back together.

<And we can’t let go because this will not go away>

No way in hell he’ll let me leave just for messing up. He probably needs me for amusement. Squall patted the neat pile he’d made and Seifer sat in the chair beside him.

<There’s a house built out in space>

“I’m going to teach you how to fold the egg rolls, okay?”

Squall nodded and watched as the blond set a small bowl of water, the big bowl of mixed veggies, and a spoon in front of them.

<I can’t see the thief that lives inside of your head

But I can be some courage at the side of your bed>

He watched carefully as Seifer picked up the spoon and took a wrap. The gentle hands went to work. Seifer spooned out a portion of veggies, put them on the wrap and carefully instructed the brunette on how to fold the egg roll, using the water to get it to stick together. Squall found it a lot like origami, only different. It’s not everyday you see Seifer Almasy gently folding an egg roll. I didn’t know he was so articulate.

<I don’t know what’s happening and I can’t pretend

But I can be your…>

Squall emulated the larger man’s movement and made a very nice wrapping job on his first try. The blond watched him a few more times before letting him work on his own. After a few were made, Seifer checked his hot oil, and put the egg rolls in it, cooking them to a crisp.

Squall ended up working faster than Seifer and stopped for a couple minutes, realizing his hands were full of sticky, half wet flour from the wraps.

Seifer chuckled. “You have some on your face too.”

Squall looked from his hands to his rival. “’Scuse me? You’ll have some too!” He attacked the cook and smeared the damp flour all over his face and arms. Seifer grabbed the soy sauce and sprinkled some in Squall’s hair. In response, vegetables dotted the blond’s scalp.

<Some help me understand who ordered

This disgusting arrangement with time and the end>

Seifer grinned. “I wish we’d been this good of friends all the time.”

“What changed you?” Was that too forward of me to ask?

Seifer pulled egg rolls out of the kettle as he thought carefully on the question. “I guess I was sick of hurting my friends for my selfish dream.”

<I don’t want to hear who walked on water

Because the hallways are empty, and the clock ticks>

The two sat in silence, not knowing what to say. I wonder if he’s mad.

<As the world implodes, we fall into it

And we can’t go home because this will not go away

There’s a house built out in space>

Seifer smiled. “Well, it looks as if we’re going to have to shower after dinner.”

“I won’t have time to put on the eyeliner you find intriguing.”

“You don’t need it. I like you as you are.”

<I don’t know what’s happening and I can’t pretend>

Squall stared at the man. Did he just say…

“I’m almost done, you better make some more.”

“Yessir!” Squall went to work, contemplating the conversation.

Squall was now leaning with his back to the stone railing. Why did he walk?

Part 6b: A Walk to Remember


Seifer weaved in and out of the crowds on the walkways of the city. Excited kids, happy parents, and annoyed adults were all around him. Figuring he fit into that last category, he tried to keep away from the children as much as possible

<Take these plastic people

Read their lips, now let it linger>

He smirked. Kids aren’t the worst things in the world, but I still don’t want to get near them. Parents all around him were lecturing their kids on their behavior for the night.

<Is there anything that makes them sound sincere?>

I had to decide to walk on the evening of Halloween. I should’ve taken the keys from Squall. He had the right idea, Seifer thought as he skirted around a huge group of bouncing children. My Hyne, what happens when they all have sugar in their systems? He didn’t even want to think of that.

<Tightly hold your hand,

Take a deep breath, give them the finger>

Seifer hopped over a puddle and hoped to god that it wouldn’t get too cold tonight. He still had to walk back unless Laguna wanted to take a car or cab. I should have listened to Squall.

<Are you worried,

That your thoughts are not quite clear?>

Seifer shook his head and pulled his coat tighter and gave a more menacing look, so he wouldn’t get haggled.

<Overlooked, unfit appearance>

Squall on the other hand, looks, well, annoyed, maybe bored; all the time too. I don’t think the guy could ever look dangerous. But there was one time that I saw him intimidating. Did we really have to fight?

<I remember falling, I remember marching,

Like a one man army>

He could probably take on the world all by himself if he had to. You can tell he doesn’t like to be attached so it would be easy for him. It would be harder for me.

<Through the blaze I remember coughing,

I remember something>

I don’t think I could ever do that again. It would hurt too much.

<I don’t want to remember falling, for their lies>

Seifer turned to the Presidential Palace, used to its splendor. He marched right into the building and maneuvered through the hallways until he found the President’s office. He found it empty, so he traversed to the conference room. He found Laguna sitting at the head of an empty table. Seifer waved to get his attention and the president nodded and stood, following his employee out.

“So will you help us with the kids tonight?” Laguna asked, keeping pace with the taller man.

“Sure. I love kids.”

“Nice sarcasm.”

“I was being serious.”

“It was still nice sarcasm.”

Seifer rolled his eyes as Laguna chuckled.

<Unbutton your clothes,

Undress your soul, show them your vigor>

“Ride or walk, Mr. President?” Seifer stopped at the door.

“Might as well walk, it’s a nice day out.” Laguna flashed a smile to the people and followed his bodyguard.

<Are those inhibitions easiest to fear?>

Seifer stood straighter, now getting attention. Gotta give them the show they want I guess.

<Take this gasoline tin

Head up high, walk like a winner>

Screw them. At least I live the way I want to so I’m happy.

<Let your bare feet be the last sound that they hear>

“I hope you can keep that smile on all night Seifer.” Laguna commented.

“With my friends back, and especially Squall, I can take on anything tonight sir.”

Part 6c: Halloween night


“I am officially blind.” Seifer said as the reporters began to disperse from the President’s home.

“Aren’t you going to help some more with the trick-or-treaters?” Laguna asked as he gave out some candy.

“Nah, I need to put my costume on.” Seifer glanced around. “Where’d Squall go anyway?”

“He went to put his costume on.” Rinoa paced down the stairs.

“Nice!” The blond gave her a ‘thumbs up’ on her costume. She was wearing the dress of a can-can dancer. It was a bright sunflower yellow with intricate red designs near the bottom. Black lace fringed the edges of the top and bottom, and her hair was pulled up expertly.

“Thank you.” She smiled and did some experimental high kicks.

“Nice drawers too. Authentic.” He grinned.

Laguna turned to see and Rinoa giggled. She pulled up the black petticoats for Laguna to see. He laughed. “Red?”

“Yup!” She let the petticoats fall.

“What the…” Laguna trailed off, staring at the stairs.

The younger adults looked up to see a dark contemplating man. His face was a ghostly pale with black surrounding his eyes. A long black leather coat covered a dark shirt and leather pants held up by a shiny belt.

“Whoa.” Rinoa’s eyebrows rose.

“Sexy, sexy!” Seifer jogged up the stairs and circled the sinister looking male. “Squall, I must confess. You’re making me fall for you.” He grinned.

The dark man smirked his black lips. “You only wish I would seduce you Seifer.” He looked the blond up and down. “So what’s your costume? Psychopath?”

“No! But I’ll be back in a minute.” Seifer bounced up the stairs, headed for his room.

Squall turned and looked down the stairs at Rinoa who was giggling. “What?”

“I just have to agree. You look alluring!” She smirked.

The brunette blushed under the makeup for the compilment. “Thanks.” He finished down the stairs and the two of them waited for their friends in the living room.

“So are we going to get drunk again tonight?” Rinoa asked, obviously referring to last year.

“I will never again be a bartender, even if I do know how to mix the drinks.” Squall fell into an armchair.

Rinoa laughed.

“Man! You look awesome!” Laguna yelled from the atrium. The two looked over to see Laguna haggling a young Obi-wan Kenobi.

Seifer grinned and walked into the living room, robes, braid and all. He pulled out his gunblade and made saber sounds.

Squall laughed. “Wrong equipment buddy.”

“Use your imagination!” Seifer grinned. “So, we have Obi-wan, a can-can dancer, and The Crow.”

“I wonder what everyone else is going to be.” Rinoa leaned back on her chair comfortably.

“Drunk?” Seifer stopped behind Squall’s chair. “Want a back rub, dude?”

Squall laughed. “Sure.” He took off his leather jacket and grinned cheekily as the jedi rubbed on his sore muscles.

“Hey! Come on in!” Laguna’s voice bellowed from the doorway.

The three looked up as their friends crowded into the living room. Squall began to snicker, Rinoa grinned, trying not to laugh, and Seifer just rolled on the floor with hilarity. It was odd to see a Jedi that way.

Quistis had decided to be Sway, from Gone in 60 Seconds, and she looked damn good. Selphie was the old Britney Spears, with the schoolgirl skirt and braids. Irvine was a gay cowboy; this is what Rinoa had been ready to laugh at. He was wearing tight ass blue jeans and carrying a tub of chocolate pudding. Though, nothing matched up to Zell wearing the most horrible looking and unfitting dress they’d ever seen. It was bright purple with sequins in certain spots. To make matters more amusing, he was wearing jeans under the whole thing. By this time, Squall had joined his rival in the laughing.

“Come in, sit down. Cross dressers one and all are welcome,” Squall said as his laughter began to subside.

“Damn it’s hard to walk in these, let alone sit,” Irvine complained.

“I like them.” Selphie giggled and Irvine rolled his eyes.

Zell fell onto the couch and Seifer sat in his lap. “Hello gorgeous. Wanna see my light saber?”

He smirked at the jedi. “Yeah baby. Show me your force!” He then pushed the weigh off his lap and laughed as Seifer rubbed his sore butt from the floor.

“Owie. Squall, avenge my pain!” He waved a fist at the Crow who bit his lip to keep from laughing.

“No way man. I ain’t getting in the way of a Jedi and his woman.” Squall grinned. “Besides, Zellina will lighten up once she’s had one too many drinks.” He winked.

Seifer leaned on the mantle above the fireplace and took a gander at the room in front of him. Zell was snoring on his back, with Quistis passed out, resting her head on his chest. Irvine had propped himself into a sitting position with the coffee table and had his arm around Selphie. They had passed out from eating too much pudding along with the alcohol everyone had consumed. Squall was laying stomach down on the couch with Rinoa on top of him in the same position.

That is a comfortable position. Seifer thought to himself and strolled to the couch. I can’t believe I’m the only one who can hold my alcohol. He hefted Rinoa up onto his back and carried the light girl up to her room.

“Seifer,” she said, at the top of the stairs.

“Yes sweetie?” he asked as he gently kicked her door open.

“Are you jealous of me?”

“Whatever for?” He laid her on the bed and she sat up, beginning to pull hairpins out of her tangled mess of a mane.

“Cause I hogged Squall all night. I’m sorry, he’s just so much fun to flirt with ‘cause he plays along.” She smiled. “It’s cute to see him that way ‘cause he rarely acts like that.”

“I got enough from Zell. Don’t worry, I liked watching it anyway.” He grinned and tried to help with her hair and she swatted his hand away.

“Go get Squall to his room. Or at least tell him you’re going to bed so he knows that its…” she glanced at the clock, “five in the morning. Where were you while we all slept? I don’t remember seeing you for quite some time.”

“I was outside, looking at the stars.”

“You’re not lying are you? And why didn’t you invite us?”

“No I’m not lying and I just needed a little time to myself.” He patted her shoulder. “I’m gonna see if anyone woke up. See you when you wake up again?”

“Sure, I think I’ll sleep through the apocalypse.” She began to unzip her dress as Seifer closed the door.

He sighed and went back to the room of mass bodies. He found it dark with one lamp on when he got back. The Crow was standing near the lamp, looking very beautiful in the lack of light.

“Might was well shut off the lights if they’re sleeping.” Squall said when the Jedi entered the doorway. “Where did you disappear to?”

“I just took Rinoa to her room, but earlier I was out looking at the stars. Did you know Jedi robes are great for warmth?”

Squall chuckled and wiped his black lipstick off on a stray napkin, which he tossed on the coffee table. “Help me take off this infernal paint?”

“Sure.” Seifer smiled and followed the other man upstairs to the bathroom and watched as Squall gathered chemicals to get rid of his makeup.

“I hope I don’t break out,” Squall muttered.

“Yes, we wouldn’t want to ruin that gorgeous porcelain.” Seifer smirked as the brunette glared and started the sink up. Squall then contemplated which to use on his face first. “Here use the dish soap,” Seifer handed it over. “It’ll work wonders.”

Squall shrugged and scrubbed away. Once done, he inspected his face in the mirror.

“It gets rid of the first layer,” Seifer explained. “The makeup is oil based right? Well dish soap breaks up grease, so it helps a lot.” He grinned.

“How do you know?”

“Random trivia? I don’t know I’m just guessing.” The blond smirked and picked up some astringent along with a puffy little cotton ball. “Ready for the pain?”

“I hate that stuff, it stings.” Squall flinched as his rival worked on his forehead.

“That means it’s working.”

“You sound like you're a mother.”

Seifer laughed. “Sure, kid. Whatever.” He worked his way around Squall’s pale cheeks and nose. He tossed the dirtied fluff away and started a new one as he traced around Squall’s lips. “So, are we going to the club again next week?”

“Yeah,” Squall said as Seifer finished up what was left on his chin and the top of his neck.

“Ready to get the rest of the money from Selphie? I don’t want to ruin our friendship just because of a silly dare.” Seifer stood back. He looks nicer without any makeup. Just him.

“I don’t mind. Really, Seifer, I consider you one of my best friends now. I trust you.” Squall looked up at the blond.

The Jedi kneeled and smiled. “I’m glad.” He hugged his childhood friend. “Promise we can duel again someday?”

Squall pulled back. “Please don’t scar me again?”

“Ditto goes for you.” Seifer smirked as Squall gave him an annoyed look, but softened. “I suppose.”

Seifer yawned. “I’ll talk to you later then. It’s nearly six and I need a little sleep before the afternoon comes.”

“Same here.” Squall stood with Seifer and they left the bathroom.

“Night, short man.” Seifer waved as he opened the door to his room.

“May the force be with your dreams,” Squall quipped and closed his door.




Songs: Thief and One Man Army both by Our Lady Peace.

I own none of these songs; they belong to their respective writers and singers.


Costume ideas:

Rinoa’s dress: the one nini legs in the air wears in Moulin rouge.

Squall: from the first crow, the other ones I didn’t really like

Sefier: Obi-wan, yeah I was thinking ewan at the time.

Zell: A friend’s horrible Halloween costume

Quistis: Sway from GI:60 rocks and her hair is the right color

Irvine: another inside joke, a gay cowboy always has a tub of chocolate pudding ^_^

Selphie: I thought she’d look cute in a schoolgirl outfit with braids.


That’s all for now, hope you guys liked!

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