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If you haven’t read Fifth Avenue, please do, because this is a followup to that so it’s after the events 5th Ave.


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Life is Waiting for You

Part 4 - I Think You’re Paranoid

By Elise Maxwell

Squall flipped the channels on the TV, not really watching or paying attention. The blue jeans he wore were rumpled and too big, probably Seifer’s. He could never tell when he did the laundry, and neither could his father. But his mind was on something else. A glance at the grandfather clock told him it was 5:00. He tossed the remote he’d been holding on the coffee table, which was still cracked. His gray-blue eyes inspected it. He still hadn’t figured out why his father hadn’t gotten it fixed. Squall leaned forward and let his hand wander the crack again, just like the first time, when he’d made it. He smiled wryly and stood.

<We're on this roller coaster ride

Hold on, I'll stay here by your side

We head up to the sky then we slide back down>

He looked around. The house was so empty without three other people and it was starting to show. Sure there were bodyguards, but did Squall really need them? No. He wondered what everyone was doing as he fingered the chain at this neck.

The brunette wandered outside and grabbed the garden hose. It was warm for spring but it usually came quicker in the south than in Balamb, which he was used to. In Esthar, it snowed, but not as long as in Balamb, and spring was quite warm. No socks or shoes adorned his feet.

He turned the spigot and began to water the flowers around the house. He really hadn’t much else to do. His father was in meetings all day and let the two men off for the day. And Squall was left to his own devices for the time being while Seifer was out.

<Upside down try to figure out

Not sure if we could work it out

I wanna be alone but you feel like home>

After the flowers and plants were sufficiently drowned, Squall took a sip of cold water from the hose and shut it off. He gazed around the sunlit yard as he wiped his mouth on a wrist of his long sleeved navy blue shirt. Everything was so peaceful and quiet. Sitting under the tree he’d dented with his gunblade last fall, Squall settled to take in the wonders of silence. He almost fell asleep in the serenity. He stifled a yawn and stretched, trying to stand, but he was so comfortable. That is, until a mosquito bit his neck. That drove him back inside. Where’s Seifer to distract you when you need him? He fingered the silver.

<Answer the phone, I know that you're home

I wanna get you alone and do it again, do it again>

The SeeD searched the fridge for something to munch on, but stopped himself with a quick shake of his own head and shut the cooling machine. He leaned on the counter and gazed around again. Silence seemed to echo on the walls, so loudly. He sighed and headed toward the atrium. He climbed the stars to his room and began to rummage around for something to do. “I could take a nap,” he muttered. With that he flopped facedown onto the bed and lay there.

<The signals all are flashing red

It doesn't matter what was said

This bed is much too big without me and you>

“This sucks.” Squall sat up. It wasn’t the same without Seifer. Seifer’s breathing always put Squall to sleep right away. Not to mention he was warm and comforting. He was like a life-sized teddy bear.

Squall lay back, face up on the covers staring at the ceiling. He began to count all of the holes in the tiles and was altogether too into it. He shook his head again and sighed, fingering the twisted chain at his neck. He pulled the chain back into place as he sat up and got off the bed. He went down the hall, into the entertaining room and through it to the balcony that he liked to spend his time on. It was the one Seifer had thrown him off of and cast float. Did he really think Squall was a gorgeous angel?

<This all seems so ridiculous

Why can't we just get over this?

Don't make me say the obvious without you>

The brunette shook his head and went back inside and back downstairs. He went into his father’s study, to the right of the stairs and turned on the computer. He checked his scant email and spun around in the chair. Back and forth the room spun as the chair squeaked. Squall toyed the metal collar and remembered when Seifer first sat in the chair, spinning for what seemed like hours because he was so amused by it.

<Answer the phone, I know that you're home

I wanna get you alone and do it again, do it again>

While the commander was spinning dizzily, the phone rang. He grabbed it quickly from the spinning cushion. “Hello?” Thank god for cordless phones when you’re spinning on a computer chair. “Yeah dad,” he answered. “No I’m fine.” He listened and waited. “Early? I’ll tell Seifer to keep it warm for you.” Squall rolled his eyes. “No you didn’t interrupt anything. He’s out shopping right now. Yeah.” Again he rolled his eyes and listened. “Alright, bye.” He dropped the phone on its holder.

<I practice all my lies to a telephone while you were sleeping

I practice all my lies to a telephone while you were sleeping>

Squall sighed. “I’m so bored!” he yelled, echoing through the house. He grimaced and chuckled, wondering if he’d ever been that loud at any other time in his life.

His face fell for a moment as he remembered time compression. The silence, the horror, the pain of being alone, it had made him scream before. He didn’t want to think about it anymore.

The brunette stood and made his way back upstairs and to Seifer’s room. It always had a protective feeling that made him feel better. He lay on the bed and curled up. It was so soft and comfortable. It reminded him that he had someone, someone to hold and be his forever.

<I remember the way you curled your toes

On the side of the stage at all our shows>

He could feel warm hands sliding through his hair, curling and holding it. How the hand would hold his cheek so gently, like he was a porcelain doll that might break. It was that gentle Seifer that Squall that made him love the blonde even more.

Squall began to chuckle to himself. He never knew when he became such a hopeless romantic. It seemed so different than what he used to be, but now, now he was happy, and that was all that really mattered. Right? His hand strayed to the silver around his neck.

<And the glow on your face just because of one rose

And when I wake up in the morning and you're wearing my clothes>

Squall rolled onto his back and stretched, his hand encountering a bundle of cloth. He picked it up and held it above his head. When he realized it was a pair of his own boxers he laughed then frowned wondering what the hell it was doing in Seifer’s room. Dad does get our clothing mixed up easily enough. I can blame this one on him. The brunette smiled and left the room to put the boxers in his laundry basket, to try to keep them straight.

<Answer the phone, I know that you're home

I wanna get you alone and do it again, do it again>

Squall finally wandered downstairs again, still bored out of his mind. As he reached the bottom of the stairs his stomach grumbled in hunger. He sat on the bottom step and rolled his eyes. I’m going to starve to death if he doesn’t come home soon. I’m hungry damnit!

He laid down on the bottom step and set his head on the bottom of the railing. The oak was hard on the back of his head, but it wasn’t annoying enough to make him want to move. The ceiling began to take on a yellowish tinge from the setting sun. Squall thought it looked nice with the brown of the rails of the stairs. He sighed and fingered the cool metal at his throat as the doorknob of the front door rattled.

<Do it again do it again

and do it again, do it again>

As a blonde entered the door, Squall sat up and threw him a mock glare. “Where the hell have you been? I’m starving!” He stood and stomped away to the kitchen to help with dinner.

With raised eyebrows, Seifer watched the little tirade and frowned a little. He glanced at the clock: 5:40. “But I’ve only been gone for like 45 minutes!” he protested.

“No dinner, no dessert!” came a teasing reply from the kitchen.

“Coming!” Seifer dashed to his waiting love.

<I wanna do it again do it again

and do it again, do it again>



* * *

Song used: Answer the Phone by Sugar Ray

I own none of these songs; they belong to their respective writers and singers.

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