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*Please Read NOTES: This fic may get confusing. Okay I'm going to try to make an explanation but it probly wont work. The songs I used have a significance, in the lines mostly, and the flow too. Some of the music will be used in the background. When this happens, I usually skip lines, or even songs on a cd, and the lines will be in this: <blah>. If a song is incorporated into the story as a songifc, it will be announced at the beginning of the fic in the warnings, and I probly wont skip lines, for it is highly unlikely that I wont be using that song and its lyrics for a reason. ^_^ At the end of each chapter I'll list the songs and artists used for background. Please just bear with me, I haven't done anything this grand scheme typa stuff before so, yeah. Hope you enjoy!

Each part is usually third person pov, depending on who I pick, and its not elusive ^_^

Fifth Avenue

Part 1 - Arriving

By Elise Maxwell

Quistis tapped Rinoa on the shoulder and said something inaudible.

<How do you do it!!>

“What! I can’t hear you!” She took off her headphones.

“Over there.” Quistis pointed off the balcony of the Presidential residence they were on.

“Huh?” Rinoa gazed down the street to see Squall, with sunglasses, driving a ‘vet with the top down; and Seifer sitting in the passenger seat. She gasped in shock and zoomed into the interior room, only to dash out of that, down the stairs and out the door. When she got outside, she could hear the radio on full blast. Squall had already stopped in front of the entrance and stood out of the car. Quistis stopped behind her.

<I’m doing this tonight>

Squall smiled and waved to the two girls and was about to walk over when-

“Squall!” came a screech. Oh, no! Squall turned to see Selphie come out of nowhere and pounce on him like a cat, knocking him to the ground. The two girls in the entrance burst out laughing, and Irvine who had been with Selphie, tried to pry the little girl off of the overwhelmed man. Selphie ignored her boyfriend and cuddled up to Squall babbling all sorts of things about missing him. She stopped, realizing there was a low baritone voice laughing at her, that wasn’t Irvine’s. Seifer was laughing.

<So now it’s time to leave and make it alone>

“Oh, hey Seifer.” She looked up at the car in curiosity. “What are you doing here?” She hopped from Squall, fully interested in the blond man’s explanation.

Seifer stood from the car and looked at Squall. “You better thank me later.” Squall nodded as the blond continued, “I’m working for Laguna.”

<You just hit me with the truth>

“Really? Why?”

“Selphie, leave him alone.” Irvine ruffled her hair and she smiled up at him.

“It’s okay,” Seifer told Irvine. “I was getting sick of the cadets harassing me at the garden.”

“They get away with that?” Quistis asked, worried.

<Life would be much better once you’re gone>

“Not anymore.” Squall was dusting himself off.

“My leaving will help that.” Seifer leaned on the car. “I’m sure you guys won’t be very comfortable with me here, but I’ll try to stay out of your way.”

<Sure may hate me>

“Don’t say that.” Rinoa replied and Seifer shrugged. She hugged him and afterward he left inside with a wave.

<Don’t really wanna make it tough>

She then hugged Squall, who said to all of them, “Leave him alone for a while.” He stared after the man. “You know we were all pretty attached to the place.” I know I was.

<I don’t want to be the loser and I’ve had enough, Baby byebyebye>

“Mr. President. Sir, you have a visitor.”

Laguna looked up from some papers he was reading. “Huh? Right now?”

“It’s your son, sir.” The man in black smiled. “I figured I could interrupt you for him.”

“Oh, well! By all means, let him in!” Laguna shoved the papers into a drawer and stood. Squall wandered in, looking a bit hesitant.

“Son!” Laguna hugged his own blood, nearly squeezing the life out of him. “How are you my boy?”

“Fine dad,” Squall replied with a weak smile. Dad… It sounds weird coming out of my mouth.

“I hope you’ll get used to saying that. I’ve been wanting to spend time with you.” Laguna gestured Squall to sit in a chair.

“Thank Seifer.” Squall fell into the chair comfortably.

“I hear you’re his watchdog now.” Laguna laughed. “How is that job then?”

“It gets irritating,” Squall said honestly.

“Well, why don’t you make friends with him? I’m sure it wouldn’t be that bad!”

“Him? He only has Raijin and Fujin, and they’re gone on SeeD missions.” Squall sighed. “I guess you could say I’m the only person left he might consider his friend. Well, besides Rinoa.”

“I don’t get it. What’s so wrong with him?” Laguna gave his son a confused look.

“How about the fact that he joined the wrong side?” Squall replied.

“Well, it was sort of his dream. He was a confused kid being used. You know he’s not too happy about what happened either.”

“I guess.” Squall shrugged.

“I don’t understand why he gets you so angry. Do you?” The father watched his son think on this question.

“I don’t know.”



Songs used: Bye Bye Bye by N Sync

I own none of these songs; they belong to their respective writers and singers.

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