Uncertain Memory: In the End

Chapter Three

By Elise Maxwell

Squall mulled over the past weeks as his eyes stared through the papers on his desk. He’d been seeing Dr. Kadowaki every Monday, Wednesday and Friday to talk about the regression of his memories. He knew that the therapy was slightly unnecessary now, but it was good to confront his fears out loud and finally let go. Seifer went with him occasionally but was usually in class and couldn’t make it.

Yes, Cadet Almasy had been re-accepted into the academy and was studying more than ever. With less than a year to train for his last chance exams, Seifer was giving everything his all. If he couldn’t pass before he turned 20, he would be discharged and knew it, so he studied hard. Squall knew this because he and the blonde lived together once again.

The student body had been shocked to find what had happened after they’d seen Squall and Seifer’s exchange the day the blonde came back. There were a few radicals who quit the school due to the men’s relationship, but everyone seemed to be supportive, which surprised Squall. After hiding it for so long, the men were finally able to express their love freely. Though there was rarely anything that happened between them, once in a while, Seifer dared to kiss the commander, but only when they were alone. They even slept in the same bed, but Squall wasn’t ready for much more—not yet anyway. A wistful feeling entered the brunette and he pushed it away with other thoughts.

Quistis and Rinoa visited the men in their room most often. Rinoa and Seifer would study together while the headmistress and commander would talk. After Cid quit and named Quistis his heir so to speak, the two authorities began to talk more. Squall found a great many things about Quistis he never would have guessed.

She had known—felt the power of his junctions right after Seifer was captured. She’d had a feeling that he was planning to forget by using the GF’s, so she tried to get him to remember. Her flirting tactic hadn’t worked so well, so when she noticed Squall falling for Rinoa, she acted jealous and tried to keep them apart. Quistis later gave up and gave everyone a fake confession about having a crush on Squall. In the end, she felt it was his decision who he fell in love with. Squall wished she’d pulled him aside and told him the truth somewhere along the way, but he had a feeling that the truth about his relationship with Seifer might have had the same effect. Everything happened for a reason and he was glad it turned out as it had.

A knock on Squall’s office door brought him out of his thoughts. He checked the clock on the wall and smiled as the door squeaked open. A blonde head poked in through the crevice and sea green eyes peeked in.

“Busy?” a baritone voice inquired.

“Not at all.” Squall sat back to watch the blonde enter and close the door behind him. A rush ran through his body as Seifer approached the desk—it always did that when he saw the blonde. No one ever made him feel the way Seifer did. It felt good for once.

“Want to go out for lunch?” the blonde asked as he perched himself on the edge of the desk comfortably. “I’m sure you can take the afternoon off if the students were given free time too.”

“True,” Squall replied as he stood and gathered papers together from his desk. “You buying?”

“I’m sure I can swing it.” Seifer leaned over the desk and touched foreheads with the brunette. “Even if you can get food anywhere for free.”

The Commander smiled and caught the blonde by surprise by kissing him. Warmth quickly swept through his body as a hand caressed his cheek. He leaned into the touch and felt Seifer move closer as the kiss deepened. As Squall stood, arms wrapped around his torso making him feel protected and comfortable. He begged Hyne for this feeling never to leave.

“You seem enthusiastic,” Seifer commented when their lips parted.

“As do you.” Squall nodded at the blonde who was kneeling on top of the desk. He then climbed up to join him. “Must be a new craze.”

“Heh,” Seifer scoffed. “I’d climb over anything to get to you lion heart.”

Like that had to be said. Squall smirked and pulled the blonde close again. Just as their lip were about to touch, the door burst open and there stood a wide eyed Xu and Quistis with an eyebrow raised.

“Do you mind?” Squall growled at them.

“Not at all, go on.” Quistis gestured with a grin as Xu coughed amused.

Seifer sighed as Squall rolled his eyes. He helped the brunette down from the desk and kissed his forehead. Squall smiled shyly, a far cry from what he’d been less than a minute ago, but as long as he was with Seifer, he was fine. Other people still made him retreat into his shell a little. Having Seifer there behind him was better though.

The blonde sat on the desk and turned Squall to face the girls. He then wrapped his arms around the brunette’s waist. Yes, right behind him through anything.

“What was it you needed?” the Commander asked calmly earning a smile from the female SeeDs.

“Budget for the Christmas festival.” Xu held up a folder.

“You should learn to knock,” Seifer commented over Squall’s shoulder as the women approached. “It’s a valuable asset.”

“Seifer, you think your ass is a valuable asset.” Quistis took the folder from Xu and smacked his head with it before giving it to Squall.

“I hate to say it, but I agree with him,” Squall replied, his eyes dancing mischievously as he took the folder and opened it. “It’s of great value.”

“You shouldn’t be fraternizing with the students Squall,” Xu scolded. “Especially in your office.” She winked.

The Commander looked up from the papers. “Huh?”

“You’re almost as had as Selphie.” Seifer shook his head as the girls giggled. “She listens for about 30 seconds then goes, ‘Oh shiny!’ and runs off to inspect a rock on the ground.” He shook his head as Squall chuckled. “I don’t know how she made SeeD, I really don’t. Hell, she even does it when she’s teaching!”

“At least I was paying attention to the important object.” Squall waved the folder in the air before setting it on his desk.

“I’m not an important object?” Seifer asked innocently.

“Oh, you're an object all right.” The brunette turned to his man,

“Do you mind?” The taller man asked the women pointedly.

“I believe I already answered that question.” Quistis grinned and Xu just snorted in agreement.

“Alright.” Squall shrugged and kissed the blonde. He didn’t mind—he knew Quistis wouldn’t make fun of him too much. She was too proud of them.

“We should have a big orgy,” Seifer suggested with a sly grin.

“Hey, that sounds like fun!” Xu giggled.

“We need one more person,” Squall replied.

“Why?” the blonde man asked.

“And we need to take our shoes off.” Quistis winked at Squall, knowing what he meant.

“I’m lost.” Seifer frowned cutely making Squall smile.

“Orgy is a Centurian word. It was when five or more people got together for a gathering or party and left their shoes at the entrance.” The brunette watched as Seifer gave him a skeptical look. He bit his lip trying not to laugh at the blonde’s amusing expression.

“No shit?” Seifer asked.

“Completely shit free.” Quistis waved her hand with a bright smile.

“How do you guys know?”

“You obviously didn’t listen to me in class!” The blonde girl smacked the cadet.

“Well after you absorb it once it starts to turn into drivel!” Seifer defended. “Do you know how many times I took that class?!”

Quistis rolled her eyes and let them land on the Commander. “I need you to sign those papers.”

“Why? You’re the headmistress.” Squall stuck his tongue out at the blonde girl.

“Don’t do that unless you plan on using it!” she reprimanded and waved a finger at him. So, Squall smirked and suddenly laid a wet one on Seifer’s lips.

“Ew!” Xu crossed her first fingers as if to ward off their evil as the headmistress rolled her eyes.

“I shouldn’t say things like that.” Quistis put a hand to her forehead.

“Yeah, some people tend to take it to heart,” Seifer replied and kissed Squall’s forehead.

“Five bucks says you wouldn’t do that in the halls.” Xu put a hand up, her five fingers up in a challenge.

“A pen, a pen!” Squall said as he searched the top of his desk. “My gunblade for a pen!”

Xu put the hand to her face. “And he’s not even listening.”

“I’m listening…” the Commander trailed off as he searched. He finally peeked around Seifer’s back to find the penholder and held one up triumphantly. “Now, which ones do I have to sign?” He picked the folder back up and flipped through the papers as Seifer looked at them over his shoulder.

Quistis moved closer to point at the papers. “Just sign on the line next to any one I signed.”

Seifer rolled his eyes and looked around the office bored as the two did business. He crossed his eyes at Xu who bit her lip to keep from laughing. The blonde then began to make much more odd faces making her burst out laughing. He then realized Squall and Quistis were giving him bewildered looks and chuckled nervously. The blonde girl shook her head and Squall snickered as he continued to sign the papers.

“So,” Quistis started when Squall handed her the finished folders. “What are you two doing this afternoon?”

“We were going to go out for lunch.” Squall leaned back into the blonde again who was still sitting on his desk. Seifer’s broad arms wrapped around him protectively as he gave Quistis a ‘He’s mine hahahaha!’ look.

“Can we come?” the headmistress asked with a smirk.

“Yeah, we have nothing better to do.” Xu grinned.

Squall rolled his eyes annoyed. She was always trying to nose her way in just to annoy him. Whatever. “Screw it, let’s just eat here. You know theyre just going to follow us around.”

“Nah.” Quistis waved a hand. “Just teasing.” She winked. “Xu and I have work to do anyway. We’ll see you later.” The two waved as they turned to leave the office.

The men watched the females’ retreating backs until they had closed the door behind them.

“So, now what?” Squall asked the blonde.

“To the FOOD!”

“That’s very out of character of you,” Squall grinned at his counterpart as they walked through the hall to the cafeteria.

“Yeah, well, what can I say? I’m a faerie.” Seifer winked at his man who laughed at him.

Squall grinned at the taller man and shook his head. Who would’ve thought that Seifer and Squall could be so open with one another? He noted the people they passed on their way—the giggling girls who thought that they were cute together, the people who greeted them and nodded, they didn’t care who they were, they had respect; the quiet ones, the people who didn’t really approve of their relationship but couldn’t say anything because it wasn’t their choice. Then there weren’t very many of the hostile people; they kept their distance anyway. And Squall—he didn’t care, it was his life to live, as he chose. He would love Seifer as long as the blonde loved him back.

“Hey!” Selphie waved at the two men from the entrance of the cafeteria and ran up to them as the stopped. “Are you two going to the festival tonight?” she asked jubilantly, waving a stuffed animal in her arms around.

“That think looks familiar.” Squall pointed to the plushie in her hands. “What’s it from?”

“Mah Lil Mule,” Seifer said automatically.

“What?” The brunette turned to him bewildered.

“It’s a cartoon!” Selphie put her hands on her hips and huffed. “Don’t you watch TV? It’s like the Powerpuff Girls only sillier.” She hugged the huge stuffy to her chest with a grin.

“Ah, I see why you like it.” Squall looked away knowing he should have expected that.

“That’s my favorite character.” Seifer nodded to the stuffy. “Where did you get that?”

“Oh, Hyne, not you too.” The Commander put a hand to his forehead.

Selphie ignored his comment and replied, “From a shop in town. I can take you down there if you want. They just got them the other day.”

“I must be back in Time Compression…” Squall looked around, trying to find an escape and Seifer grabbed him around the waist and held tight.

“I’m going to have to make you watch the movies I have.” He winked and kissed the brunette’s cheek. “It’ll be fun, I swear.”

“The Mah Lil Mule movies?” Selphie asked to get a nod from the blonde. “You’re kidding! You have BOTH!?” She squealed in excitement. “Can I borrow them?”

“Please.” Squall murmured.

“PLEEEEEEEEEEZE?!” Selphie echoed the trapped man, but with more zest.

“Sure.” Seifer grinned and let Squall go. “I’m sure we could think of something more interesting to do.” He nudged the shorter man and raised an eyebrow.

“Seifer,” Squall murmured as he turned a light shade of pink. “Shut up.” He wanted to crawl into a hole as the other two snickered.

“Oh I’m just kidding around.” Seifer put an arm around Squall. “Yeah, Sel, you can borrow my videos.”

“YAY!” Selphie suddenly glomped him and disappeared in the direction of the dorms.

“I hope she doesn’t break into my room,” Seifer said with a worried look on his face then turned to Squall. “Because I wasn’t kidding about the more interesting things.”

Squall rolled his eyes with a smirk. “I sure hope not,” he joked.

“Mah Lil Mule. Yeah, I love mah lil mule. I love to ride mah lil mule, ALL night long.” Seifer teased and suddenly kissed the shorter man.

Squall’s eyes went wide at first but he melted into the kiss. He couldn’t help it, even if there were people around. Sure, he was going to get hell for this, but damn, it was worth it.

The kiss was cut short as they pulled away to the sound of hoops and hollers from the dorm entrance. The two men looked over to see Zell and Irvine cat-calling them. Squall turned a deep shade of red as Seifer flipped them off in his usual manner.

“Imna write them up. Where are Raijin and Fuujin when I need them?” Seifer snarled. At about that moment, Raijin and Fuujin appeared from the dorms. When they saw what the other two men were doing, they cracked up at the antics. So much for the DC.

“Come on! Where’s the show?!” Irvine called as Zell whistled.

“Why I oughta…” Seifer growled and waved a fist.

“I think we should go out to eat like we planned.” Squall grabbed Seifer’s shirt and pulled him the other way toward the front gate feeling very embarrassed. Zell was gonna get it, and good. But that was later, when he had time and could sit down and write up a demotion for the dumbass. Food called and he hoped once he got it, he’d have the stomach for it.

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