Uncertain Memory: In the End

Chapter Five

By Elise Maxwell

The blonde blinked in shock and disbelief. “Oh my god…”

The desk sat as it always did, next to the door, but what it held was more important. A large triptych frame rested upon its surface captivating its new owner. The two smaller outer frames each held two pictures while the center held three, the center picture being the largest and most recent.

Seifer moved forward and onto his knees to see the pictures and get rid of glare from the lights. His amazed irises traveled around the large frame taking in each picture that Quistis had taken of them one year ago. The blonde then smiled broadly at the center picture.

“Selphie took that a few days ago, in Balamb City.” He pointed at it, his grin widening.

“Yeah,” Squall replied quietly and kneeled down behind the birthday boy to hug him. “I didn’t even know she developed them so fast until she came up to me the next day.” He nuzzled his face into Seifer’s broad shoulder. “She asked me if I’d gotten you anything for your birthday yet and asked if I wanted it.” Squall glanced up to look at the frames with his lover.

Seifer reached out to pick up the frame and look closer. It had snowed recently in Balamb, to everyone’s surprise and pleasure. Selphie told Squall he and the gang were going to Balamb City with her or they wouldn’t be going anywhere for a long time. She’d dragged them all to the park where, to Selphie’s delight, a snowball fight erupted. No one knew who’d started it, but it ended just after Seifer tackled Squall and whitewashed him. The blonde had helped Squall up and the two smiled at each other, and then heard a click. Not five feet away, the short brunette girl grinned from behind the camera. Who said Kodak moments weren’t real?

“It’s…I honestly cant really figure out what to say besides perfect.” Seifer’s voice reverberated through his chest and into Squall’s cheek.

“More perfect than me?”

Seifer turned around and grinned. “Are you fishing for compliments?”

Squall blinked, caught off guard. “No.” He turned red and Seifer began to laugh. “Shut up!”

“Sorry!” The smile that lit up Seifer’s face told Squall what he’d done was right. Well, everything so far anyway. “So, was that it?”

“Well, kinda…” the brunette trailed off embarrassed.

“What? Is there something else?” The blonde looked at him expectantly.

“Me,” Squall murmured as he looked away nervously.

“You?” Seifer sat on the floor and leaned back on the desk. “Waddaya mean you? I already have you.” He squeezed Squall’s hand and grinned.

“You know what I meant.” The commander gave him a deadpan glare. “Dork.”

Seifer snorted and pulled Squall over to kneel in front of him, his legs spread to either side of the younger man. “You know,” he took Squall’s chin in his hand, “it doesn’t have to be all about sex.”

The brunette blinked at him confused. “Why not?” he asked innocently, as if he didn’t understand at all. Squall soon after dissolved into snickers when Seifer stared at him with an incredibly shocked expression.

“You ass!” Seifer grabbed the smaller man and put him into a chokehold, Squall laughing the whole time.

“Yeah, I do have a nice one don’t I? But then again, I’m Mr. Obvious so what do I know?” Squall asked with a cheeky grin.

“That it is!” Seifer smacked the young man’s bottom and snickered when Squall yelped in surprise. “Want me to do it again.”

“Oh, yeah baby. Take me now!” Squall muttered sarcastically. “Whoa!” he yelled when Seifer picked him up.

“Okay!” the blonde grinned and threw him onto the bed.

Squall sat up just as Seifer was crawling over him. He grinned down at the blonde, seeing the mischievous dance those oceanic eyes were doing. “What are you going to do?”

“Nothing you wouldn’t do to me.” Seifer caught the brunette’s lips before he could protest and pressed him down into the comforter with his body. Squall groaned into the kiss as the blonde rolled his hips. Hyne, at least he knew what he was getting himself into. And this time, his need was taking over.

Lips still locked, Squall pushed up against Seifer and in no time was straddled upon the blonde’s lap, nipping and kissing at his neck. He didn’t protest in the least when Seifer pulled his shirt off, except for the short lack of contact.

Then the blonde turned the tables by nibbling on Squall’s ear and neck. “You said that I could have you, so you’re mine.”

“Oh, really?” Squall asked quickly before the blonde cut him off with another kiss. He barely noticed the strong hands below his navel that worked at the binds of his pants as he fiddled with the shirt Seifer still wore. “Well then,” he replied as he undid the last of the buttons, “What are you going to do about it?”

“I’m going to fuck you stupid,” Seifer growled as he pushed the brunette onto his back and ripped his pants off. The blonde then quickly rid himself of his own clothes as Squall pulled his boxers off and reached for the drawer.

Seifer caught his hand and grinned. “My birthday, my night, remember?” He pushed the brunette’s hand away and reached into the drawer.

Squall rolled his eyes and sighed. “Fine, you big oaf.” He let Seifer kiss him back onto the bed and to the center. The blonde’s gentle hands ran up his sides and arms as they kissed, holding them above his head. His eyes flew open when he heard a click and he looked up—silver bracelets and a chain. Squall stared in disbelief then turned his gaze on the blonde, whom was grinning oh so smugly. “HANDCUFFS?!”


“Seifer,” the brunette growled and then gasped, as the blonde lay flush against him. He hissed quietly as the man atop him kissed his chest.


“Get on with it.”

A wolfish grin took over Seifer’s lips. “Of course.” He winked and kissed his way down the brunette’s torso. The blonde then ran his hands down the inside of Squall’s thighs to receive a shuddered gasp. “I see your legs are as sensitive as ever.”

“Quit t-teasing me…ah…” the brunette gasped as Seifer kissed his left leg and ran his lips along it.

“But it feels so good, doesn’t it?” Seifer whispered against the young man’s pale skin. His distraction was working well. Squall had barely noticed that two of Seifer’s fingers were inside of him already.

“Nnnnnhh,” was all Squall could reply as he arched his back.

Seifer then nibbled on the soft skin as he coated his erection with the slippery liquid he’d retrieved earlier. Taking his attention off of Squall’s legs, he finally leaned forward and captured the brunette’s lips as he buried himself in the young man’s body. A low growling moan reverberated through Squall’s throat and into Seifer’s as the blonde began to move.

Squall knew that the handcuffs were going to be torture, because as Seifer teased him, he wanted to make Seifer go faster—ached to touch the blonde with his own hands. It was sheer agony having to be bound, but it was also incredibly erotic. He realized as they moved together that his frustration turned him on more. Seifer did know him too well.

Their energies built up like they were crawling up a mountain. Bit by bit, they came closer and closer, passion intensifying the game. Cold air ran across Squall’s skin and intensified the shudders he was experiencing from the heat in his body. He didn’t want to leave this heaven, ever. Squall looked down from the ceiling he’d focused his attention on and caught Seifer’s eyes. A deep emerald lust was hidden in their depths.

Squall knew he was close and kept the blonde’s attention by letting his name spill over his lips just before his world exploded. As the orgasm hungrily ate up his energy, he had the privilege of seeing Seifer come just moments after him. Before Squall could do or say anything, his lover leaned over and kissed him. Then suddenly, his arms were free, and he greedily wrapped his arms around the blonde and pulled him closer. Seifer held him and kept him warm as he thanked him for the wonderful birthday present—everything.

This was the Seifer that Squall remembered. And when the blonde pulled back and smiled, his oceanic eyes gleaming, Squall knew that his memories would never be uncertain again.



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