Anything & Everything

Part Six

By Elise Maxwell

“Please Seifer.” Quistis grinned and led Irvine to the door. “Squall wants you to stay.” After a moment she added, “Forever.”

“Then I’ll stay… Forever.”

“Good.” Quistis nodded. “Well, I’m going to start on dinner. Care to bug Irvine for a while?”

“It would be a pleasure.” Seifer laughed.

“Come on pirate.” Irvine motioned him over. “Let’s take a stroll.”

“Alright.” Seifer followed Irvine out of the room and to the double doors at the front of the mansion.

“Wait,” Quistis called out, as the men were about to walk out the door. She jogged over holding the red head’s hat. “Don’t forget this.” She placed it on his head and hesitated for a moment before giving him a kiss on the cheek. “Have fun,” the blonde girl said shyly before walking away.

Irvine watched her as she retreated around a corner with a slight smile on his face. His eyes looked glazed over and off in the clouds somewhere.

“Come on lover boy.” Seifer put a hand to the other man’s shoulder and grinned. “They have that effect don’t they?”

“Always,” Irvine agreed.

The two men meandered around town, exchanging bits of information about themselves, basically getting to know one another before making their way across the sand of the beach. Soon enough they were wading in the water splashing at one another every so often.

“So, you and Squall huh?” Irvine chuckled. “I always kinda knew he was gay.”

“Why do you say that?”

“He never went after girls like me or the other guys. Kept to himself a lot.” Irvine’s red hair glittered like garnets under the dun. “Looking back on it, it seemed like he was punishing himself.”

“You mean, like what he felt was wrong?”

“Yeah.” Irvine nodded. “And now that I’ve come back, even though you’ve only been here for two weeks and I don’t know you very well, he seems so much happier than he’s ever been. Like he’s found what he needed in life.”


“Exactly. It’s quite a breath a fresh air.” He smiled.

The two subsided into silence as Irvine poked around the water, probably looking for shells, and Seifer sat on the beach contemplating.

“What does he like?”

“Huh?” Irvine looked up. “Squall?”

The blonde nodded.

“You mean as far as love goes?”

Seifer nodded.

“Well, do you want to hold him?” Irvine asked.

Seifer frowned. “Yes.”

“Squeeze him?”


“Please him!?”


“Then you got to, got to try a little tenderness!!” Irvine sang out. Peals of laughter emerged from Seifer’s throat and Irvine chuckled. “Just be good to him.”

“That I will,” Seifer told him. “I would never do anything to hurt him.”

“Really?” Irvine asked cheekily.

“Really, really.” The blonde winked.

The red head squinted up at the sky. “Well the girls should have dinner done by now and since Fuujin was graciously healed by you, I’m sure she’ll happily make Squall’s favorite dinner tonight.” He crossed his arms. “She only does it when she’s in a good mood.” He nodded seriously with his eyes closed which made Seifer chuckle at him.

“I hope we get to hang out again.” Seifer smiled as Irvine waded back to the beach where he sat. “You make for interesting conversation.”

“I’m glad you think so.” Irvine winked as his stomach growled. “Alright, alright!”  He laughed as the blonde stood. “As the stomach commands.”

“Yes, they can be quite persuasive.”


Irvine and Seifer blinked confused as they entered the kitchen abandoned and in the middle of dinner fixings.

“Let’s check the study. They’re usually in there if Squall comes home in a bad mood.” Irvine led the confused blonde out.

“What does Squall do all day? Does he have a job?” Seifer asked and almost bumped into the red head as he stopped abruptly.

“He doesn’t need one.” Irvine stopped when Seifer gave him a bewildered look confused as to what went on. “He didn’t tell you?”

When Seifer shook his head, the cowboy rolled his eyes and sighed as if this had happened before. The blonde wondered what was going on behind the curtain.

“Has he taken you down to the shipyard yet?” Irvine grinned when he receive another shake of Seifer’s head. “Squall helps down there a lot. Sometimes there are accidents and people get hurt. He tends to…” he trailed off in thought.

“Feel remorse?” Seifer asked and Irvine nodded. “People getting hurt is inevitable but some of us try to stop it.”

“Bingo.” Irvine turned and started off again. “He comes home depressed and we try to cheer him up. I can’t believe he still helps out down there. I’ve been gone for a while.”

As the two walked up to the study door, it opened and Fuujin hurried out.

“Fuu?” Irvine’s call stopped her. “What happened?” he asked as they came closer.

“You’re crying.” Seifer knelt in front of her and more tears spilled down her cheeks.

“Raijin,” she mumbled sorrowfully leaving Seifer at a loss.

“Her boyfriend,” Irvine supplied for the blonde. “He works at the shipyard…”

“Fuujin.” Seifer wiped away her tears. “I want you to be strong for me, alright?”

She nodded and gripped his shoulders tight as he hugged her. “Affirmative,” she whispered in his ear before he let her go.

“Call us,” Irvine said and she nodded with a wave before disappearing around the corner to another corridor. “Well let’s… Fine. Just go in the room without me,” he said to the empty room and swinging door.

Seifer smirked at Irvine’s comment before turning to the rest of the room. Quistis was standing behind Squall, who was writing on a piece of paper at the desk in the room. The blonde girl put a finger to her lips and made her way toward Seifer.

“One of Squall’s friends was hurt down at the shipyard,” she whispered.

Seifer nodded. “Fuujin told us.”

“He thinks it’s his fault.” Quistis sighed. “He always thinks it’s his fault.” Her voice made him want to hug her but Seifer kept his arms by his side. He knew she’d appreciate a hug much more from Irvine. “Seifer?”

“Yes.” He glanced at Squall before resting his gaze on her eyes.

“Would you look after him while I make dinner? Cheer him up.” Her bright blue eyes looked so hopeful and made him smile.

“Of course.” Seifer leaned down and kissed her cheek, an ulterior motive in his thoughts. “Make it just for us. I want to make it special for him.”

“Alright,” she replied quietly and took Irvine’s hand. She let him lead her out and close the door.

Seifer took a moment to collect his thoughts then slowly walked up behind the brunette. He leaned down and put his arms around the one he loved making the man stop writing and sigh. As Squall leaned back into the embrace, Seifer felt him relax—not just his body, he could feel Squall’s mind slowly calm also. When Squall reached up to hold Seifer’s hand, the blonde squeezed it and nuzzled his neck.

“Can I keep you?” Squall asked.

“Forever,” the blonde replied eagerly. “I need to have your heart next to mine for all time.”

“I hope you can live up to that,” Squall murmured before chuckling.

“How come you always smell so damn good?” Seifer stood straight and the brunette looked up. “Isn’t it fishy down at the shipyard?”

“I should take a shower, shouldn’t I?”

Seifer couldn’t resist. “Would you like me to join you?”

Squall laughed. “You’d like that, wouldn’t you?” The blonde nodded with a mischievous grin. “Well, you can come with me but you can’t shower with me.”

“Alright.” Seifer lifted the brunette out of his chair. “Promise I can dry you off?”

Squall turned to him. “Persistent aren’t you?” He leaned back as the blonde tried to kiss him. “Very persistent.”

“Well you’re just so intoxicating,” Seifer murmured as he kissed Squall’s nose. “I can’t help myself.” He wrapped his arms around the brunette’s waist and smiled when he felt arms rest on his shoulders. “I hope it’s not a bad thing.”

“Just a bit.” Squall buried his face into Seifer’s chest, which made the blonde feel very protective. He wrapped his arms around Squall holding him tight before dropping a small kiss on top of his head. When the brunette moved slightly and a sniffle escaped, Seifer knew what he was doing.

“Hey now,” the blonde whispered as he pulled back a bit to see tears spilling down Squall’s cheeks. Seeing a strong man like Squall cry made Seifer’s heart ache for him.

“It was my fault.” The brunette bit off a sob and shut his eyes tightly making more tears escape them. “I was in the office all day and I should have been helping out there…” he trailed off before burying his face into Seifer’s chest again and softly hitting his fists on broad shoulders.

“It wasn’t your fault Squall.” Seifer petted the chestnut hair and rubbed the shorter man’s back trying to think of something comforting to say. “It probably would have happened if you’d been helping anyway. And you probably would have felt worse.”

“Probably,” the brunette murmured.

“Come.” Seifer turned him and began to lead him out of the room. “Let’s get you cleaned up and then we’ll have a nice quiet dinner hmm?”

“I feel so childish.”

“Don’t. I like it when you’re vulnerable.” Seifer flashed a smile. “Means I get to make you feel better. And nothing makes me happier than to see you smile.” This time, the comment worked as a luminous smile took over the shorter man’s face.

“I just felt so helpless,” Squall confessed as he let the taller man lead him out. Seifer already knew this, but hearing Squall say it confirmed it.

“Don’t dwell on it. I’m sure Raijin is fine.” The blonde put his arm around the man he loved. “If it was otherwise I’m sure we’d hear any moment. It’s been quiet since you got back. He’s probably doing fine.”

“You’re right.” Squall chuckled. “He even told me to go home. They wouldn’t let me stay and help cleanup.”

Seifer opened a bathroom door that he thought was connected to Squall’s room. “Is this the one?”

The brunette nodded and stepped in first letting the blonde follow him in and lock the door. The room was quite spacious for a bathroom, but since they were in a mansion and Seifer had only seen this and the one connected to his room, it didn’t faze him like it would someone else.

Seifer kindly took Squall’s coat and hung it on the back of the door as the young man began to disrobe. After he pulled his white shirt off, the brunette hesitated and glanced at Seifer.

“Do you want me to close my eyes or turn around?” Seifer asked.

“No,” Squall replied. “I’ve just never had anyone see me.” He pulled off a chain around his neck. “Your presence doesn’t even bother me. I just found it odd.”

“The fact that you’re comfortable with me is good.” The blonde stepped forward and let his hands rest on Squall’s shoulders. He immediately though of how soft and smooth the young man’s skin was. His hands trailed over the shoulders and down the young man’s arms until they were holding hands.

“I should think so,” Squall brought the blonde out of his reverie of admiration and looked up to him with a smirk. “Shower,” he reminded.

“Right.” Seifer squeezed the brunette’s hands, a blush creeping over his face. He gave Squall a gentle kiss before smiling. “I’ll be…” he glanced around, “on the counter.” Seifer hopped up and sat on the bathroom counter comfortably.

It made Squall grin and shake his head. “Just don’t break anything,” he murmured as he slipped his pants off and stepped into the shower. The door was translucent enough for Seifer to see the brunette’s silhouette. He smiled thinking how incredibly beautiful Squall was—wet or dry, the man was an entity himself.

Seifer then bit his lip and looked down at the tile floor. Squall hadn’t said it yet—he hadn’t said those three magic words that could make him human forever. If he didn’t, what would happen? Would Squall be hurt? Would he miss him? Would he… forget? Seifer frowned determined—he didn’t want that to happen. He’d become a human to make Squall happy and that’s exactly what he was going to do. When it came to the last day, would he tell Squall? Or would he stay silent, his trust in the man…

Seifer glanced up at Squall’s silhouette in the shower. He had to trust Squall. Showing his trust might let the brunette confess his love—if he was in love.

The blonde rubbed his face—this was all too confusing to think of at the moment. It would all turn out right in the end. Everything would be fine… he hoped.


The blonde blinked and realized that the water had stopped and Squall was peeking out of the shower. “Yes?”

“Towel?” the brunette suggested with a smirk.

“Right!” Seifer grinned and grabbed one of the large fluffy towels off its hook and brought it to the shower. He smiled and kissed a droplet off of Squall’s nose before rubbing the towel on his head. Strange sounds began to emerge and made Seifer laugh. When he pulled the towel away, Squall’s wacky hair made him laugh even harder.

“Har har.” Squall glared at him until Seifer ran a hand through his chestnut hair and calmed it. “Better.” He smiled.

“Of course.” The blonde winked before wiping off Squall’s face. He then moved the towel down across broad shoulders, arms and then down his chest. Once the brunette’s stomach was dry, Seifer moved around behind him and did the same from the shoulders down. As he moved down to kneel, Seifer kissed the small of Squall’s back to earn an amused chuckle. He smiled and continued drying the soft skin of the man he loved. Once finished, Seifer stood up behind the brunette and wrapped the towel around his waist and rested his chin on the shoulder before it.

“That’s it?” Squall asked with a hint of mischievousness in his voice.

“What more do you want?” Seifer chuckled when Squall’s stomach answered for him. “So, I guess you don’t want me anymore.”

Squall laughed and turned to him. “Food can be a very persuasive factor.”

“Well, then I shall take you to dinner.” Seifer smiled and felt his heart flutter as the brunette suddenly kissed him.

“Wait here.” Squall told him breathlessly. “I’ll be ready in a flash.” He smiled and backed toward the door connected with his room. He bumped into it and laughed embarrassed while he opened it and slipped inside.

“I’ll wait forever for you.” Seifer whispered.

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