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Life is Waiting for You

Part 5 - I Promise

By Elise Maxwell

“That was SO cheap!!” Seifer yelled from across the yard. “No junctioning!!”

Squall snickered from his hiding place. Selphie had convinced everyone that, on this nice warm day, they should have a water fight. She’d even supplied the water guns. Irvine was all for it, knowing he was a master with guns. They never knew Squall was such a great shot though. Seifer had obviously been annoyed that he’d gone on the other team now.

Rinoa crawled over to Squall and gave him a high five. “Nice!” she whispered with a grin.

“Thanks.” Squall let Shiva go and gripped his gun again. “Water was cheap though.”

“It wasn’t a rule until now. I wish I’d thought of it!” She reloaded her gun with an extra plastic tank. “Blizzard would’ve been cheap.”

“Yeah.” Squall froze as a spurt of water shot past his face and turned to shoot Seifer in the chest.

The blonde pulled at his now wet white beeter, which matched his red and white flowery patterned pants. He threw his gun to the ground. “I give up! You win.”

“Aw.” Squall smirked and stood. He dropped his gun and kissed the older man. Just as he was doing so, Seifer broke a huge water balloon on his head. “You…” Squall pointed at him angrily then looked at his soaked grey shirt over khaki long shorts. He sighed. “Well I guess I have to change.” Squall took off his shirt and rang it out. He raised an eyebrow as Seifer’s eyes captured his well-defined body in their depths and smirked. “Like what you see?” Squall’s wet hair also made he look quite sexy.

“Oh yeah!” Selphie glomped onto the brunette and stuck a tongue out at Seifer.

“Hey! Mine!” Seifer growled making Selphie eep and run away.

“A quite agreeable attitude.” Squall grinned.

“Really?” the blonde asked as his man just nodded. He grinned, putting a hand to Squall’s cheek, and kissed him.

“Get a room!” Zell shouted from the other side of the yard.

“Get a Quisty!” Seifer shouted back, still looking at Squall, both smiling at one another. They heard Selphie take another picture from their right but didn’t pay any attention.

“WHAT?!” Quistis shouted from the opposite side of the yard than Zell.

“Lookit lookit!!” Selphie bounced around the table that Seifer, Squall, Rinoa and Fuujin sat at. She was holding a pack of pictures.

“You already got them developed?” Seifer asked shocked.

“Of course!” She winked. “I have a TON of you two looking SO cute! The lady at the shop ‘aw’ed at them a lot!”

Squall rolled his eyes as Selphie showed them off.

“I claim copyright,” Seifer commented as he looked through them. Selphie agreed before dragging Irvine onto the floor to join Quistis and Zell who were already dancing.

Squall leaned over to look at the pictures “You know, I wonder what she’d do if she got one of us in bed together.”

“Sell it on the internet.” Seifer grinned as Squall laughed. The blonde’s grin turned evil as a new song started in the club.

“Oh no.” Squall said as his boyfriend dragged him away from the table and onto the dance floor, next to Quistis and Zell.

<Hell is gone and heaven's here. There's nothing left for you to fear

Shake your ass come over here, now scream>

Seifer spun Squall around then back to himself and latched onto the brunette. Squall responded by grinding into the taller man, who approved.

<I'm a burning effigy of everything I used to be

You're my rock of empathy, my dear>

The men let go of one another and began to dance wildly. Seifer did some moves of his own while Squall head banged around the floor.

<So come on let me entertain you

Let me entertain you>

Quistis and Zell gravitated towards the two men and they danced in a group. Seifer immediately grabbed Zell and started dancing with him. The spiky blonde laughed and went along with the taller man. Squall and Quistis reacted by grinding with one another as they did before Seifer came into the picture.

<Separate your right from wrongs, come and sing a different song

The kettle's on so don't be long, Mon cher>

The two blondes began to act horribly foppishly gay and were bopping around instead of the club dancing everyone was used to seeing them do. People began to point and laugh and Squall yelled something about giving people the wrong idea about them.

<Let me entertain you>

Seifer laughed at the comment and went to kiss his boyfriend. The crowd chuckled then went back to their dancing.

“They only get the wrong idea if they want it. Like Justin did.” Seifer let his thumb trace Squall’s cheek.

“I suppose you’re right.” Squall kissed him again, but this time frenched him. Zell said something obscene and the two heard a hollow thump, meaning Quistis hit him in the skull. He laughed out half-hearted apologies as the two men continued to kiss.

<Your mind gets burned with the habits you've learned

But we're the generation that's got to be heard>

Seifer and Squall smiled at one another and began to dance again. The other two blondes took their lead and danced beside them. Zell stuck his tongue out at Seifer, who in return, blew him a kiss. Squall unsuccessfully tried to keep a straight face as Quistis tried to hold Zell back from the taller blonde man.

<He may be good he may be outta sight

But he can't be here so come around tonight>

Seifer just gave him a smile and hugged Squall protectively.

<Here is the place where the feeling grows

You gotta get high before you taste the lows>

Zell pouted and smiled at Quistis who frowned at him and crossed her arms. The spiky blonde hugged her and kissed her forehead. She sighed dejectedly, put her arms around him, and kept dancing.

<Let me entertain you>

“Should we go home early?” Squall smirked.

“Maybe.” Seifer raised an eyebrow. “But whatever for love?”

Squall leaned forward and nibbled on the blonde’s earlobe, making the taller man’s knees and mind turn to mush. “For fun. I promise.”

“We’ll see you later!” Seifer waved at the other two dancing beside them.

“You’re kidding, right?” Quistis frowned at them, then tried not to laugh at the way Squall was turning his lover on by nipping at his neck. “Never mind.”

Zell snickered as the other two men passed to leave. “I don’t think they're gonna get much sleep tonight.”

“They deserve every bit of it though.” Quistis smiled.

“They're so obvious.” Zell frowned as the girl he danced with laughed. “How come we never do that?”

Quistis stopped and stared at the young man. “You mean… Are you serious?”

Zell nodded and smiled. His sky blue eyes sparkled as he leaned down and kissed Quistis softly. She smiled into it and pulled him closer.

Seifer and Squall catcalled from the table then ran out of the club before Zell could go after them.

“Leave them, they're not worth it,” Quistis murmured and kissed him again.

Squall and Seifer fumbled up the stairs while they kissed and held each other.

“Which room?” Seifer asked only to be pulled into Squall’s room, which was closest, and cleaner. They fell onto the bed and laughed.

A chuckling Seifer quickly unbuttoned the dark shimmery gray shirt that covered Squall. His love’s pale chest was a stark contrast to the dark material. He ran his hands up the porcelain chest and up to Squall’s shoulders pushing the shirt down his arms and off altogether.

“Wasting no time I see.” He looked up to see Squall’s lust-filled eyes and captured the brunette’s lips pulling him into an embrace. Squall nibbled on Seifer’s lower lip and let his hands wander under the blonde’s shirt. He pulled away from Seifer and lifted the shirt off of the blonde.

Seifer complied by raising his arms and letting the shirt slide over his head. The brunette tossed the white shirt onto the floor to lean on the bare, more tanned chest. Seifer’s hand strayed to that brown hair and ran through its silky softness. Squall nuzzled his face into the smooth skin of the blonde’s chest and the taller chuckled.

“I’m nervous,” the younger admitted, muffled into the broad chest.

Seifer smiled. “I know.” He kissed the top of Squall’s head in reassurance. He felt cool arms snake around his torso and returned the hug.

“Relax,” Seifer said and began to let his fingers wander around Squall’s toned back. The brunette sighed in the feeling as the blonde let his fingertips slide across the soft, smooth skin.

Squall looked up into Seifer's emerald eyes and lost himself in them. Suddenly they were kissing again, Seifer's tongue licked at Squall's lips and gained entrance. Soon the kiss was overtaken by lust and need. Squall moaned into the blonde's mouth as he began to lean back.  Before he knew it, Seifer was atop of him and the kiss had broken so the blonde could lay hot kisses all over his chest.  Seifer stopped at one of the pink nipples on Squall's chest and nibbled at it.  Squall's hands gripped the sheets on the bed and gasped; the blonde grinned at the reaction he got from the younger man and let his tongue trail down the center of squall's chest and stomach.

"Well what do we have here?" Seifer asked as he got to the edge of Squall's pants. He nuzzled the bulge that poked at the pants.

Squall gritted his teeth and looked at his lover. "Stop teasing or I will too."  The blonde chuckled and kneeled back.

"You think I’d give without expecting to receive it?"  Seifer stood and put his hands on the edge of his pants. "Want me to strip for you?"

Squall grinned and tried not to laugh. "Are you serious?"

"Of course."  Seifer slowly unbuttoned his tight black leather pants with the obvious bulge. He turned around and wiggled his butt back and forth as he unzipped them.

Squall reached out and smacked his ass, "Hurry up!"

Seifer turned his head over his shoulder, "You first."

Squall stood behind the blonde with a smirk. "I don’t think so." He put a hand on each side of Seifer's hips and slowly went down to his knees, Seifer's pants along with him.  Seifer bit back a gasp as the cool air hit him then he pulled Squall back to a standing position and shook his head.

"No, like this." Seifer turned around and kneeled in front of the brunette. He undid the restraints of Squall's shiny blue pants before taking them in his teeth and dragging them to the floor. Seifer looked up from his position near the floor. Squall's eyes were half lidded, staring down at him with a small grin full of lust.

He stood and put his hands to each side of Squall's face making the shorter man blink in confusion. "You're so beautiful.  Mind, body, and soul."  He smiled when Squall blushed and kissed his angel.

When they broke the kiss, Squall saw a sparkle of mischievousness in Seifer's eyes and narrowed his own with a smile. Seifer softly pushed the brunette onto the bed and crawled atop of him.

Squall pulled him down and kissed him. Their hands searched each other’s bodies with need. Seifer’s felt like fire on Squall’s cool skin, while Squall’s icy hands penetrated the warmth of his lover’s body. He squeezed Seifer’s ass and got a chuckle out of the blonde while they kissed.

Seifer then let his body lie parallel on the brunette’s their erections grinding against one another. They broke the kiss, both arcing back and gasping in pleasure. Seifer recovered first and rocked is pelvis against Squall’s, making the younger man moan and react the same way.

“God Seifer,” Squall managed, gasping. “I don’t think… Hyne, I can’t think…”

“Good.” Seifer sighed and moved away from Squall to the bedside table. He opened the drawer and pulled something out. He crawled back over. “You’re sure about this?”

“I’ve never been so sure about anything.” Squall sat up and put a hand to Seifer’s cheek. “I promise.”

Seifer finally noticed that Squall was still wearing his chain. He fingered it and chuckled. “Well then, I promise to make this as enjoyable as possible.” Seifer motioned Squall to lie down and spread his legs and the brunette complied. He covered his first two fingers with the liquid from the tube he held and inserted a finger into Squall. As he did so, he leaned down and sucked on the tip of Squall’s erection to distract him. The brunette squirmed under Seifer’s ministrations.

Seifer inserted another finger as he licked down and up the underside of Squall’s cock, leaving to brunette to gasp and moan out his lover’s name. As Seifer took the manhood into his mouth, Squall tried to thrust his hips up, but Seifer held them down with his free hand.

Squall looked down, lust glazed eyes stared at the blonde man. Seifer licked at the cock one last time before pulling his fingers out of the brunette to coat his own erection with the lubricant.

“Come here.” Seifer waved his hand as he sat back. “I want you to have control. It’s going to hurt, but I promise it will be more pleasure than pain.”

Squall kneeled in front of Seifer and looked into his eyes. “You promise?” He smirked, playing with the blonde.

“Yes,” the taller man hissed, pulling Squall closer for a kiss. As they kissed, Squall lowered himself onto Seifer. He leaned over the blonde’s shoulder and gasped in slight pain as he finally let Seifer in him to the hilt. He raised himself a little, slowly, getting used to the feeling, then back down.

Seifer, frustrated by the slow pace, laid back and thrust up into Squall, causing the brunette hiss and arc his back. Squall moved with him as he pulled out and thrust twice more before his lover shivered. He had hit that one spot in Squall’s body that made him oblivious to everything but the pleasure. Seifer ran himself over it again and again as he took Squall’s erection in one hand and began to pump it time to their bodies’ thrusts.

Their bodies began to move faster with urgency, and Squall leaned forward, moaning Seifer’s name. Squall began to shudder as his body went through the final phases of their actions. He cried out as he came, leaning forward on his arms, over Seifer. As his body tightened around Seifer, the blonde thrusted up one more time as he came inside of the beautiful brunette.

Seifer panted, coming down from the high, and looked up at his sweat glistened lover. He reached up and thumbed Squall’s cheek, bringing the brunette back to himself as he opened his gray eyes. Seifer ran a hand through the chocolate hair in front of him and pulled Squall down for a soft kiss. He then reached over and grabbed the stereo remote.

“I forgot we need romantic music.” He laughed as Squall shook his head.

<The strands in your eyes that color them wonderful

Stop me and steal my breath>

“How convenient, a love song.” Squall smiled and pulled back to let Seifer out of him. He sat on the blonde’s stomach and admired him for a moment.

<Emeralds from mountains thrust towards the sky

Never revealing their depth>

He smiled as Seifer cocked his head in wonder. “Your eyes, they're sparkling. You’re glowing.”

Seifer laughed, making his eyes sparkle even more.

<Tell me that we belong together

Dress it up with the trappings of love>

“I love you,” he said, his eyes glinting like emeralds.

“I love you too.” The gray eyed man leaned down and kissed the blonde with intensity to prove what he said.

<I'll be captivated; I'll hang from your lips

Instead of the gallows of heartache that hangs from above>

“We should probably clean up.” Squall took the remote and turned down the volume. “Wanna take a shower?”

“You bet!” Seifer grinned.

Squall rolled his eyes, stood up and held out a hand to the blonde. Seifer took it and was pulled into an embrace. He held Squall, just for the moment, being with him, breathing in the scent of him. He never wanted to leave the other man’s side.

“We’ll be together forever.” Seifer took Squall’s hand into his own and held it between their bodies. “I promise.”




Songs used: Let Me Entertain You by Robbie Williams and I’ll Be by Edwin McCain

I own none of these songs; they belong to their respective writers and singers.

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