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Fifth Avenue

Part 7 - When Worlds Collide

By Elise Maxwell

I try to kiss him and he gets all bitchy. Guess we won’t be getting the money tonight. Seifer shifted in his seat at the table. Everyone else was dancing, and for once, Zell’s rhythm was good.

<You can't talk to me.

You're not supposed to be, in my face>

He says he’s alright with it, then pushes me away like I’m the most disgusting thing in the world. Seifer finished off his second beer. That hurt.

<You gotta keep that dog ass breath, all up in my face>

He leaned back in his chair and wondered if he should join the dancers or mope at the table. Moping sounded good, as he was in a bad mood anyway.

<I remember when, you would never lie to a friend>

Faye kissed the blond’s cheek and switched his empty beer for a full one. He looked at her and she pouted. “Not feeling good?”

“You could say that.”

<Life keeps on tickin', tickin', tickin' into the future>

“Go dance, it will cheer you up.”

Not if he keeps ignoring me. Seifer smiled. “I’m good here thanks.”

“Suit yourself,” she said and strolled away to another table.

<Somebody better stop me.

Or at least stop this beat,

Before we start gettin' out of hand>

Seifer rubbed his face. “Who the hell would I dance with anyway?”

“Wanna dance with me?” Selphie asked, Irvine behind her. “Irvy is tired and you look like you could use a good dance.” She smiled. “Just forget Squall, he’s shy ya know.”

<Cause this is how we learn

And this is how we (burn)>

Seifer frowned. Did she know? Before he could contemplate any more, she grabbed his arm and dragged him onto the floor.

<You can't erase me

I'm alive as I can be, in your face>

Selphie jumped onto him, her arms around his neck and legs around his waist. “Lets have some fun!”

“You’re so forward Selphie. And I like it!” Seifer grinned and spin around to make the little girl dizzy. He set her down and they began to dance normally.


“He’s fine Rin, he’s dancing with Selphie,” Squall told his partner.

“She probably dragged him out here.”

<Why you insist, it's gotta turn out like this>

“He looks like he’s having fun.” Squall raised his eyebrows as his rival picked up the little girl and spun her around, her feet flying through the air.

<It's gotta burn out like this all up in my face>

Rinoa turned to look. “He’s always surprising. I hope he doesn’t hit anyone.”

“You can say that again.”

<I remember how, you said you want it all and you want it now>

“No money tonight huh?”

“Well, I don’t know. I was just scared. What if we end up having a huge fight or stop speaking or something?” Squall dipped Rinoa.

<Cause you were so young, you were so dumb>

“Well, have you ever hugged him?”


<You were so fucked up anyway>

“Same difference only your lips are touching. You can kiss someone without feeling anything. You and I proved that.”

<Life keeps on tickin', tickin' tickin' into the future>

Squall smiled softly. “I do love you Rin, but not the way a married man would.”

“I know, but you understand what I’m saying right?”

“Yeah, thanks.”

<Cause this is how we learn>


Selphie squealed as Seifer pulled her up between his legs and began to jitterbug with her. The funny thing was, the dance didn’t go with the song at all. Some of the club regulars were cheering them and joining in, doing the same. Soon enough, Selphie and tired the blond man out.

“Come on Sel! I gotta go to the bafroom!” Seifer pleaded.

“Aw!! Dance with me again later? Promise?”

“Maybe, I don’t know.” Seifer grinned as she pouted and he kissed her head. He waved and headed to his escape. He grinned, looking at the line for the women’s bathroom as he entered the empty men’s room. Vibrations of the new song could be felt inside the door.

<Crawling in my skin, consuming all I feel>

Why was he looking at me like that? Was he mad?

<Fear is how I fall, confusing what is real>

He leaned on the sink. Was he mad at me? For trying to kiss him?

<There’s something inside me that pools beneath the surface

Consuming, confusing>

Seifer looked in the mirror and at the scar. He ran a finger down its length. It might as well have been Squall standing in front of him, a mirror image.

<I can’t seem to find myself again, my walls are closing in>

He tried to get that one straggling piece of hair to join the others, but it wouldn’t.

<I’ve felt this way before, so insecure>

I like it. It gives me character, just like the scar. Something to remember…

<Fear is how I fall, confusing what is real>

God, Squall I cant read your mind! Seifer’s muscles tensed.

<Discomfort endlessly has pulled itself upon me>

You can’t just look at me like that! At least tell me why the hell you’re glaring at me.

<Distracting, reacting>

He looked up in the mirror.

<Against my will I stand beside my own reflection>

Wait a minute.

<It’s haunting, how I can’t seem to find myself again>

Seifer smiled at his newfound thought. I’ll have to test it. This might just work.

<Crawling in my skin, consuming all I feel>

Squall you little bastard! Were you jealous of Selphie? For me?

<Confusing what is real>

I must have fun with this. It might earn me some brownie points. But first I hafta pee!


Squall entered the bathroom to find his rival washing his hands. “Hey, I just wanted to apologize.” He leaned on the wall and crossed his arms. “I was worried about our friendship, so I was scared.” He looked at everything but Seifer.

“No need man. If we want to get the money, we have to work together. We’ll do it during a dance.”

“What?” Squall followed him out the door.

“You see,” Seifer put an arm around Squall’s shoulders, “if we don’t give them a good show like last time, we won’t get the money. And I can so dance better than you!”

“Oh yeah?” Squall stopped in front of their friends. “I think we dance about the same.”

“Another contest?” Quistis asked.

“Yeah, only it will be just him and me!” Seifer pulled his rival close. “We’re gonna give y’all a good show, right Squally?”

Squall snuggled up to him. “Right.”

They strolled off leaving the group to stare.

“You have that money, right?” Rinoa asked Quistis.

“I’ll find it!” The little brunette went through her coat and purse. Her face scrunched up as she fished around, then lit up as her hand went into the air. Green was waved around. “Found it!” She glanced around. “Now where did they go off to and hide?”

Seifer swept his rival across the dance floor and stopped as the song ended and another blasting beat began.

<Now this is what it’s like when worlds collide>

“You sure this is okay?” Seifer hissed as their arms took position.

“I swear. Scouts honor.” Squall put his nose to Seifer’s. “I promise.”

“A promise is a promise.” The blond smirked and rolled his hips into his rival’s.

<What is it really that is going on here?>

“Are you taking the lead?” Squall questioned.

<You’ve got the system for total control>

“I’m the taller one so I get to lead!” Seifer grinned and spun his counterpart around.

<Now watch us suffer cause we can’t go>

Squall spun back and latched onto the blond so he couldn’t move. Seifer laughed as he tried to pry the smaller man off.

<I’m gonna be the one that’s taking over>

“Promise that you’ll like it?”

“Now I dunno about that.” Squall eyed the struggling blond. “I suppose…” He let his grip loosen and they began to grind to the beat.

<Are you ready to go, cause I’m ready to go!>

Squall leaned back and flung his head around, his brunette locks flying in all directions.

<Are you going with me? Cause I’m going with you>

His hands raked through his own unruly locks as Seifer pulled him closer. Their bodies slid against one another along with their flushed faces.

<What is it really that motivates you?>

Sultry faces looked at one another as hands wandered. Seifer felt hands over his ass, then his back, and rake through his short hair.

<I’ll go along for the ride, but surprise>

He let his hands slide over Squall’s leather behind and squeezed.

<Now who is the light and who is the devil?>

Squall let out a squeak, if you could call it that. They both began to laugh. Squall saw the girls’ eyes glued on their performance and the guys with slight interest in their eyes.

<Now this is what its like when worlds collide>

The boys never lost a beat, their hips still bolted together. Squall leaned forward and nibbled on the blond’s ear.

<What you gonna do baby, baby?>

Seifer tensed, then kept on with the music, while enjoying the feeling.

<It’s the end of all time>

He let his hands slide down Squall’s chest and pushed the brunette away.

<You are a robot>

Seifer did his best robot impression to the chagrin of their spectators. Selphie yelled annoyed and waved the money around.

<Now this is what it’s like when worlds collide>

Squall cracked up, and grabbed his partner to dance again to appease The Selphie.

<I’m gonna be the one that’s taking over>

He smirked and wrapped his arms around Seifer’s shoulders, pulling the man closer.

<Are you ready to go? Cause I’m ready to go>

Faces touching, sweat glistening on their foreheads mingled in the touch.

<Are you going with me? Cause I’m going with you>

Seifer’s thumbs caressed Squall’s face and their lips finally met. Electricity of the moment was evident in their moves.

<What you gonna do baby, baby?>

Their lower bodies worked along to the music along with their lips. They lost themselves in the sound and movement.

<It’s the end of all time>

Selphie, who was leaning forward too far, fell off her chair. Zell’s face registered in surprise, Irvine’s eyebrows raised with interest. Rinoa and Quistis grinned at one another for a split second before their gaze went back to the show.

The boys’ lips parted as the song end abruptly, to their dismay. Squall stared confused at his rival, breathing slowly. Seifer almost leaned in to kiss the brunette again, but a new song, and the girls stopped him. He saw the split second disappointment in Squall’s eyes, but let it go for the money.

“WOW!” Selphie jumped onto Seifer and latched on tight. “That was SO HOT!”

“Why thank you sex monger.” Seifer grinned.

Irvine laughed, then chuckled quietly when Selphie shot him a look. “What? You are!”

“No handcuffs!” She pointed at him. The cowboy’s jaw dropped and he walked dejectedly back to the table. Zell grinned and followed, to console the poor cowboy.

Quistis and Rinoa babbled to Squall and dragged him off as Seifer was left with the little girl stuck on him, still on the dance floor.

“Uh, Sel?”


“Can we go sit now?”

“Sure!” She hopped down and held up the money. “You spend that wisely now, you hear?”

“Right, Sel.” He grinned and watched her bounce back to the table and Irvine try to console with her.

I don’t know what to do now. Seifer walked over to the bar and gazed around, and at the table. Squall would steal glance, every once in a while. Was I right? Is he watching me because he wants the money? Or is he watching… me



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Songs used: Crushed by Limp Bizkit, Crawling by Linkin Park, and When Worlds Collide by Powerman 5000(PM5K)

I own none of these songs; they belong to their respective writers and singers.

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