Anything & Everything

Part Seven

By Elise Maxwell

“I can’t believe you planned all that for me,” Squall said as he and Seifer walked from the dining room and into the hall. The blonde glanced back to see Quistis wink at him and he smiled. He blinked when he felt a hand envelope his, but grinned happily when he saw the shy blush on Squall’s cheeks.

“Only the best for you,” Seifer replied honestly making the brunette blush more. “You’re a regular tomato!”

“I hate tomatoes,” Squall grumbled making the taller man chuckle.

“Sorry,” Seifer apologized with a wry smile as they stopped just outside the door of the brunette’s room.

“Would you like to come in?” he asked and gave the blonde an expectant look.

“Guess dinner’s not enough for you, huh?” Seifer teased.

“Never.” Squall turned the handle of the door and held his hands out to the blonde, who took them and was led into the spacious bedroom. Seifer was amazed at its size and also the amount of warmth he felt as he walked in. His gaze rested on a portrait of a woman he could have sworn he’d seen before. It was probably someone he’d seen who resembled the woman in the city. He shook the feeling off and looked back to Squall. “It’s so big.”

“Compared to the sea?” the brunette asked amused.

“Of course not.” Seifer laughed. “But the room they gave me is so much smaller.”

Squall shrugged. “True.”

The taller man felt embarrassed when he realized their hands were still linked then smiled when the brunette squeezed them. He let the shorter man pull him closer and felt arms wrap around his back. Seifer let his arms rest on Squall’s shoulders as he gazed into stormy eyes. They had taken on a hint of blue tonight and Seifer found them even more beautiful than before. He didn’t know he’d leaned down until his lips touched the ones below. Everything went hazy and tingles rushed through him slowing his mind, making him feel like they had been kissing for hours.

Warmth spread through his body centering from his groin. He broke the kiss and looked down. Redness painted his cheeks as he looked at Squall. “It’s… supposed to do that, right?” An amused smile spread across Squall’s lips and Seifer felt so mortified.


“Oh,” was all Seifer could say.

Squall took the blonde’s hand and placed it over the groin of his own pants as surprise spread across the blonde’s features. “It’s perfectly natural.”


“Well, not technically,” Squall replied pulling Seifer’s hand away to hold.

“Because we’re both men?” The taller man frowned determined when he received a nod. “I don’t care.”

The brunette peered up at his oceanic eyes. “You sure?”

Seifer nodded. “You’ll teach me?”


“Teach me to make love to you,” Seifer murmured as he claimed the shorter man’s lips once again. They were so sweet with bliss that made Seifer never want the kiss to end. When it did, he didn’t mind so much because they never once let go of one another.

Squall coaxed the blonde to his bed without having to try very hard. He pushed Seifer down to sit on the bed and climbed on the blonde to straddle his lap. “Your kiss needs a little work.”

“Is that right?” Seifer leaned forward and sucked on the brunette’s neck to earn a pleased sigh. “What am I missing?”

“Some fun.” Squall pulled his chin up and claimed his lips. Seifer felt a hot tongue run across his lips and got the message. He opened his them to let Squall’s tongue slip past and fell into a whole new world of pleasure. His mind reeled and before he knew it, he was on his back with another body flush against his. As the kiss ended the brunette unconsciously thrust his hips against Seifer’s, earning a groan from him.

“Is it always like this?” the blonde asked breathlessly.

Squall nodded, his hands roaming over Seifer’s expansive torso.

“Then I never want to go back.”

“Less talk, more tongue.” The younger man claimed Seifer’s eager lips once again.

Seifer ended the kiss by pushing Squall up and grinning. “I never understood you humans and clothing. They just get in the way.” His hands slid up under the edge of the brunette’s shirt.

“Smart ass.” Squall grinned wickedly.

“I’m a fast learner, remember?” Seifer peeled the white t-shirt off of the brunette to reveal a tanned and toned torso. While he was distracted, Squall unbuttoned the blonde’s shirt and opened it.

“Are you sure you’re ready for this?” he asked the older man while trailing his fingers from Seifer’s navel to his neck.

“Always.” The blonde put a hand to Squall’s cheek. “Anything for you.”

Squall looked modest and grinned. “You know, there is one thing about clothing that’s good.”

“Hm?” Seifer kissed the brunette’s chest. “What’s that?”

“Playfulness.” Squall pushed the blonde down on his back. His fingers danced just above the waist of Seifer’s pants. “Foreplay.” The deft digits then took hold of the zipper and pulled it ever so slowly down, making the blonde squirm.

“Do you always do this?” Seifer growled.

“I haven’t done this for a long time.” Squall replied. “Trust me.” He leaned down and pecked Seifer’s lips. “Even though it was only a few times, I know what I’m doing.”

“Sure you do.” Seifer grabbed the brunette’s neck and pulled him down into a deep kiss. He rolled atop the smaller man and their bodies pressed flush against one another. Seifer’s mind exploded in pleasure as the hips against his thrust up making his body ache. He gasped breaking the kiss, trying to keep a grip on reality. Then again, this bliss was the reality so, what the hell?

“Maybe we should go a little slower,” Squall suggested noting Seifer’s pause.

“Why? To exploit the torture more?” the blonde asked to receive another wicked smile. “Feeling pleasure like this maybe a first of mine, but I’d rather it be this way—to feel like I’m standing still in time.” He nuzzled Squall’s nose as he spoke, lulling the young man closer to his lips. “I want to be the only one who exists in your mind in this very moment. Only you and me—no one else,” he murmured as his lips moved against Squall’s. Those lips had suddenly become his lifeblood—he craved them like nothing else.

“Damn you’re good.” Squall’s hands ran down Seifer’s back and over his ass to squeeze it softly as his eyes held the oceanic ones before them.

“Mmm,” the blonde responded as he laid butterfly kisses over Squall’s cheek and down his neck. “There’s no other way I’d want to be.”

“Good…” Squall trailed off distracted as Seifer’s tongue trailed down his chest to the edge of his pants.

The blonde smirked and unclasped the belt around his hips and then the pants themselves. Squall sat up and held himself off the bed as Seifer pulled the slacks off with a flourish that made the brunette laugh. He then tossed them across the room and kissed Squall’s lips again. Such sweet candy those lips were… why did he taste like honey?

“Your turn.” Squall winked and pushed the blonde up and off of the bed to stand. Before the blonde knew it, Squall had ripped his pants and underwear off.

“Hey!” Seifer crawled atop the laughing brunette and ripped his boxers off. “There! Now we’re even.” He grinned as he was flipped over and Squall pinned his shoulders down.

“My bed—you do what I want.” Squall pointed a finger at him.

“Oh really?”

“And you stay still.”

“That’s hard,” the blonde replied sarcastically.

Squall glanced down and winked. “No kidding.” Seifer laughed as the brunette leaned to the side and retrieved something from a drawer in the bedside table.

“What’s that?” Seifer raised a curious eyebrow to Squall’s smile.

“Something to make this all easier.”

When the blonde cocked his head confused, Squall leaned down and whispered something in his ear that made him blush and then his jaw drop.


Squall nodded.

“Fireworks?” Seifer grinned amused at the description.

“Would I lie to you?” Squall unscrewed the cap on the bottle he held.

“I don’t suppose…” the blonde trailed off and gasped as he felt a wet finger enter him. He shifted uncomfortably as Squall inserted another finger but his mind was put at ease as the brunette leaned down and kissed him softly.

“Trust me,” Squall whispered and began to kiss and suck on the blonde’s neck. Seifer let his hands wander the brunette’s torso as the man in question exploited one of his weak spots.

“I trust you,” Seifer replied before the brunette claimed his lips again and was thrown out of his world. He gasped into the kiss as Squall pushed himself into Seifer’s nether regions making the blonde feel discomfort. But then he started moving and by the gods—Seifer had never felt anything so full of pleasure before. Each time Squall moved he swore it got better and better.

Seifer could feel everything—the cold air, his hands raking through the soft chocolate hair, the warm sheets beneath them—the act was making his power sensitive to everything around him, especially Squall. He could feel the young man breathe on his shoulder and heard him moan throatily, consequently making him do the same. He could feel Squall’s sweat shined skin moving against his. It was a dizzying high.

The energy built up inside him, growing as his senses heightened with every move. And finally, everything hit a point—the point at which everything climaxed. And by god Squall was right—Seifer could have sworn he’d seen fireworks. Moments after he felt a power build up in the brunette as he reached his limit. He wrapped his arms around Squall as the man collapsed against him, both breathing heavily.

Seifer kissed the brown disheveled locks and sighed as the shorter man caught his breath.

“That was… amazing…” Squall murmured.

“I’ll say.” Seifer grinned.

“It’s never been like that before.”

Seifer could feel him smile. “Good.”

“I feel sorry for Quistis though,” the brunette’s voice sounded amused.

“Why is that?”

Squall turned to look at the blonde, his eyes dancing mischievously. “She’s going to have to change the sheets.”

Seifer laughed. “Many times, yes?”

“Of course.”

Seifer buried his face into Squall’s back when the sunlight hit his face through the window.

“I thought you liked to bask in the sun,” Squall teased suddenly, proving his wakeful state.

“Too early.” Seifer snuggled closer. “Sleep,” he murmured, his baritone voice sounding particularly childish.

“Should have let you sleep then hmm?” the brunette asked cheekily.

“Of course not.” Seifer smiled to himself. Last night was… wow. No words could describe what they shared.

Squall turned over and kissed the blonde. He was about to say something when there was an unpleasant knock on the door. They glanced over at the door then back to one another, confused looks painting both their faces.

“Squall!” Quistis’s voice floated through the door.

“Oh, what the hell does she want?” The brunette in question sat up and scratched his head with both hands, making his hair messier than before, but just as sexy in Seifer’s opinion.

“Are you decent? Can I come in?” the girl asked again.

“No!” Squall yelled and flopped back down on the bed.

“Squall, Vinzer is here.”

The young man sat back up. “What?”

“He said there was an accident with your father. He wants to see you!” Quistis said and there sounded to be a scuffle.

“Let me in there,” a male voice said.

“No! I won’t disobey him!” Quistis must have pushed Vinzer away from the door, but the two men weren’t paying attention.

“Dad…” Squall whispered and turned pale.

“Squall…” Seifer froze as the brunette grabbed his hand and held it. The blonde wrapped his arms around the shorter man and felt arms around him in return. “I’m sure he’s fine.”

“You would know.” Squall pulled back and smiled sadly.

“Get away from the door!” Quistis screeched. She obviously knew who was in the bedroom and was trying to keep the man out long enough for Squall to get him out.

“Shit,” Squall cursed and jumped out of the bed. “Where is my clothing?”

“Stupid question.” Seifer gestured at the scatter of clothing around the room.

The brunette rolled his eyes and tried not to laugh. “You could help me here!”

Seifer bit his lip trying not to snicker. “I’ll get the clothes. Just get dressed and I’ll go out the bathroom.”

Squall nodded and opened his wardrobe pulling various materials out without thinking. One quick peck on the lips and Seifer slipped into the bathroom to get dressed. He then peeked out the door to the hall and watched Squall answer his bedroom and took the time that Vinzer was distracted to steal away to his own room. Once there the blonde took a cold shower and got cleaned up to look somewhat respectable once they finally decided to inform him about things. Seifer worried about Squall. As he ran a comb through his hair he wondered if Laguna was all right for about the hundredth time and jumped startled when there was a knock on the door of the bedroom. He left the adjoining bathroom and answered the door to a relieved looking Squall.

“Is he alright?”

“My father?”

Seifer nodded and realized he was still clutching the comb in his hand and from the pain he felt, too tightly.

“Yeah.” Squall chuckled and shook his head. “Can I come in?”

Seifer nodded again and stood aside.

“Wow, she did give you a small room.” Squall glanced around then smirked. “I bet she just wanted you to move into my room.”

“Can I?” Seifer asked with mock eagerness and shut the door.

“Sure.” The brunette sat on the bed and did a double take as he realized his clothing that had been strewn about his room was folded and sitting on the bed to his left. He obviously dismissed it and shrugged. “My father would never care.” Squall then put a finger to his chin in thought. “We could make this the linen room. Gonna be in need of sheets you know.” A wicked grin took over his face.

Seifer laughed. “You seem fine. How’s your father?” He sat next to the jovial brunette.

“You’ll never believe it. He broke his leg,” Squall told him with a grin.

“Wouldn’t that be bad?” Seifer asked suspiciously.

The brunette snickered. “He tripped on the edge of some rug or another at the capital.” He laughed and rolled his eyes. “He’s so accident prone.”

“I take it this has happened before?” The blonde leaned down and put his socks on with a wry grin.

“Yeah. He trips over our dog Angelo all the time.”



“I trip over that damn dog too!”

Squall burst out laughing. “I think Angelo’s got it out for us humans.”

“No kidding.” Seifer put his arm around Squall and grinned. “So, do I get to meet dad now?”

“Yes, you get to meet dad.” The brunette grinned and let the taller man lean down and kiss him.

“Vinzer’s gone right?” The blonde asked, not wanting to see that man again.

“Laguna sent him away.”

“Good.” Seifer stood and winked. “At least your dad is smart.”

“Intelligent maybe, but a complete klutz for sure.” Squall smirked.

“Let us hope it isn’t a trait that can be passed onto your next generation.” Seifer suppressed a snicker as the brunette glared at him. “Which I know it hasn’t… from experience.”

“And you’ll be getting a lot more experience,” Squall replied, an evil look invading his eyes.

“Learning is my forte.” The blonde pulled him up to stand from the bed.

“I know.” Squall leaned up and kissed the taller man and the only question that had the audacity to run through Seifer’s head was, ‘Can we do it again?’

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