*Please Read NOTES: This fic may get confusing. Okay I'm going to try to make an explanation but it probly wont work. The songs I used have a significance, in the lines mostly, and the flow too. Some of the music will be used in the background. When this happens, I usually skip lines, or even songs on a cd, and the lines will be in this: <blah>. If a song is incorporated into the story as a songifc, it will be announced at the beginning of the fic in the warnings, and I probly wont skip lines, for it is highly unlikely that I wont be using that song and its lyrics for a reason. ^_^ At the end of each chapter I'll list the songs and artists used for background. Please just bear with me, I haven't done anything this grand scheme typa stuff before so, yeah. Hope you enjoy!


Each part is usually third person pov, depending on who I pick, and its not elusive ^_^

Don’t mind the stuff not from their world (ie: CD’s and game consoles). Pretend it’s supposed to be there.

Fifth Avenue

Part 2 - Together

By Elise Maxwell

“You moved here from the garden? Will you miss it?” Rinoa asked as she moved her rook.

“As much as I did when I was with Ultemicia.” Seifer considered her move. “Do you miss Timber?”

She sighed. “I miss my mother.”

“The orphanage, I truly miss that.”

“I wish I didn’t feel so left out when they all talk about the orphanage.” Rinoa smiled. “Quistis has been telling me lots of stories.” She stopped when she saw the miserable look on Seifer’s face from the memories and decided to take a different conversation route. “So, what kind of job are you supposed to get?”

“A bodyguard or something.”

“So a knight for a king. Er, President at least.”

Seifer shrugged. At least it’s someone semi-important to me.

Rinoa watched Seifer’s move and made another of her own. “Checkmate!” she announced as Squall stopped at the doorway.

“You always win!”

“That’s because you let me.” She grinned.

“You’re right.” Seifer sighed and leaned back in his chair. “I only try for the people who are REALLY important to me.”

Rinoa smiled and began to reposition the chess set.

Seifer cocked his head at her affectionately.

Squall leaned on the wall outside of the room with a frown. “Now what’s that supposed to mean?” he whispered to himself.

Squall entered his room to Selphie and Quistis watching Zell and Irvine play Tekken TAG on his PS2. He also realized they were listening to his Eve 6 CD. He smiled to himself. I need to get an apartment or move all the entertainment to another room. My room is big, but not enough for them.

<I would swallow my pride, I would choke on the rinds but the lack thereof…>

“Hi Squall!” Selphie grinned and turned the stereo down. Quistis smiled at him and the boys mumbled a greeting, trying not to distract themselves from the importance of the game at hand.

<Wanna put my tender heart in a blender…>

“Are Rinoa and Seifer still downstairs?” Quistis asked.

“Yeah, they’re playing chess,” Squall told her, taking his coat off and eyeing a plate of cookies.

Selphie picked up the plate and offered it to the gray-eyed boy. “We watched a movie with them earlier.”

Squall picked up a sugar cookie and began to munch on it. “Where did these come from?” he asked.

“Seifer made them.” The little brown haired girl giggled as Squall paused in mid-chew. He finally shrugged and ate the whole thing. “Good huh?”

<Swallow my doubt, turn it inside out, find nothing but faith in nothing>

Squall nodded and swallowed.

“Do you want to go out tonight?” Quistis asked.

“Sure,” he answered distracted, looking for something.

“What is it?” she asked.

“Griever.” He pointed to his neck. “You guys unpacked my stuff. Where is it?”

“Oh! I think it’s in your sock drawer.” Selphie pointed at the dresser.

“Which one?”

“The top one.”

“No, I mean which club.” Squall opened the drawer and pulled out the chain.

Quistis thought for a moment. “How about the one down on Fifth Avenue?”

“Oh come on!” Zell paused the game. “I always get hit on by guys there!”

“I get hit on by girls too,” Selphie rebutted. “You should be flattered!”

“Well, I am, but I don’t swing that way.”

Irvine shrugged. “Doesn’t bother me.”

“You’re bi.” Zell said dully.

“Your point being…?”

“He’s loyal to me anyway.” Selphie hugged her cowboy enthusiastically, who kissed her on the cheek. She took his hat and stood. “Besides, maybe Squall will finally find someone there?” She began to poke the boy in question with her elbow.

<Tell those stories to me>

“Selphie!” Squall pushed her away, embarrassed.

“Squally!” She hugged him. “You’re just too cute to be gay!”

<You strike a smile in me>

Quistis laughed. “Yeah, and with the way you dance with us girls, would show that you are totally devoted to the female species.”

“And he sure can dance.” Irvine smiled.

“I can dance too!” Zell protested.

“Not like Squall!” The two girls laughed.

“Enough!” Squall shook his head amused by their antics. “Sel, did you ask Rinoa if she could go yet?

“Yup! She’s free tonight and said she could coerce Seifer into going if we wanted him to.”

“Yeah, I’d like it if you guys could welcome him. He’s not too happy about leaving and it would help if he could fit in a little I suppose.” Squall turned to his closet as Selphie and Quistis smirked at each other.

“To a club?”

“Yeah.” Rinoa began to put the chess pieces away in the holder. “It’s a big club called Fifth Avenue. They play kickin’ rock music; lots of metal.” She looked at his contemplative face. “Oh, come on sweetie. It’ll be fun!”

“I haven’t danced for a while, but I guess I can go.” Seifer grinned at Rinoa who squealed.

“Alright! Promise to dance with me? And Quistis? She’s the best dancer out of all of us, well except for Squall, but I bet you and her can draw a crowd!”

“I’d rather draw a crowd with someone else.”

“Seifer.” Rinoa said authoritatively.

“I know, I know. It’s just a little crush, I can handle it.” Seifer stretched, reaching back.

Rinoa laughed. “Never the one to be serious.”

“Of course!” He flashed her his dashing teeth.

“I better get ready to go to the club. See you later?”

“Yeah, later.”



Songs used: Inside Out and Leech by EvE 6

I own none of these songs; they belong to their respective writers and singers.

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