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This is not the last part. The epilogue follows this and you guys are going to love the epilogue! *cackles insanely*

Fifth Avenue

Part 12 - Wasting Time

By Elise Maxwell

Squall lay on the grass of his father’s estate. He smiled comfortably. Today was unusually warm for November. Today, he was also alone for once, in a sense. Everyone else was on the deck lounging comfortably. Well, except for Seifer; he was farther away from the house next to the pond, tossing rocks in.

The brunette sighed. He hadn’t gotten five minutes alone for two days, not even with Seifer. Someone was always there. Squall was annoyed all to hell. He was ready to jump Seifer and drag him off to a deserted place. Although he figured Quistis would find out what he’d done and follow them.

All joking aside, he did want to be with Seifer, just not with anyone watching. Not even now was a time he’d want to talk to Seifer. The girls would watch. They knew things. It irked him.

He barely heard Selphie yell ‘lunch time’ and lay back down like he didn’t. He glanced back to see that everyone was inside and he stood. Squall made his way down to the pond and Seifer looked back in reaction to the sound of the grass.

“Come on, Leonhart. You used to be so good at that.” He turned away and tossed another rock into the water.

“What if I wanted to be heard?”

“Well now that’s a scary thought.” Seifer grinned and patted the space beside him. “How’s the day?”

“I can’t get any time alone.” The brunette muttered shaking his head. “It’s like they're trying to make me go nuts.

“You too?”

“What? You can’t get alone either?” Squall frowned.

“Someone is always there. Except when I’m asleep of course.”

“Yeah. Same here.”

“I don’t get it. Just as we finish dinner, they all walk in. And ever since then its like they cannot leave us alone!” Seifer threw his hands up. “What’s so interesting? I haven’t gotten any time alone for two days. Thursday was a complete mess and I couldn’t even relax after my screwed up day at work. And yesterday I almost strangled Quistis. Thank Hyne Selphie had just gotten back from Trabia and distracted Quistis so I could slip away. I just need to vent some anger.” Seifer stopped his tirade. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to take it out on you man.”

“No need for apologies. I’m pretty much thinking the same of her and Zell. Rinoa on the other hand can sense when I want to be alone.” Squall smiled.

“She always could.”

“She still can.”

The two turned to see the crow haired girl standing behind them. She smiled. “I don’t sense any hostility now. May I join you?”

“Sure,” Seifer replied and threw another rock into the pond.

“You’re raising the water level,” she commented.

“Says who?” He grinned, his blue-green eyes sparkling.

Rinoa sat next to Squall. “Isn’t he sexy when he does that?”

“He does have a talent.” Squall leaned back on his hands.

Rinoa giggled and Seifer chuckled. “You have a way with words Leonhart.”

Squall shrugged and stared at the pond wistfully, wondering why Seifer was calling him Leonhart again.

“Come on guys. Lets go eat. Endure the attention for a couple more hours?”

“I’m not sure I can.” Seifer sighed.

“You can show them you don’t need their attention on the dance floor.”

The two boys looked at her, Seifer with a feral grin and Squall with a red face. Seifer tossed the last of the rocks in his hand into the water and pulled his rival up. “Yeah. This sounds like a great plan.”

“What’s going on?” The gray-eyed boy asked.

Rinoa stood and beamed at the blonde. “Finally?”

“Totally.” He nodded and gazed at Squall. “Checkmate.”

She smiled. “You finally win.” She walked away leaving Squall to wonder what they were talking about once again.

Seifer sat at the bar, wondering how he was going to tell Squall how he felt. He was disappointed because girls would always snatch Squall up on every song. Rinoa got her dance in first, and the other three (including Fuujin) alternated with regular club goers that everyone knew. Every once in a while they’d even dance with Seifer. But he honestly hadn’t talked to Squall since right after they walked in.

Rinoa sat on the stool left of Seifer. “He’s planning to hide in the bathroom after this song.”

Seifer took his gaze from his beer bottle and looked hopefully at his friend. “I take it he’s getting sick of this too?”

“It’s not really their fault. They want to actually see it happen.”

He raised an eyebrow. “They want to see me tell Squall- Why?! This has to do with us, not them!” Rinoa put her hands up in defense to his anger. “Sorry, I’m just…”

“Time’s a wasting!” Squall whispered in Seifer’s ear and dragged him off of his stool by the neck of his shirt. The gray-eyed boy grabbed the blonde’s hand and pulled him away to the bathroom before the other girls could find him.

Seifer watched as the shorter splashed water from the sink on his face and breathed heavily. He frowned. Didn’t they let him rest?

“Are you okay?”

“No.” Squall leaned on the sink, water dripping from his face. “And Selphie hasn’t noticed because she’s on a dancing high.” He stood and pulled his tight navy blue t-shirt off and tried to fan himself. Seifer squinted. It looked like the injury on his side was getting worse again.

“I’m not the best healer like Selphie, but I’m pretty sure you’re in pain.” Seifer kneeled next to Squall and held his hand over the offending wound. He whispered the magic words. The brunette gasped, then looked relieved.

“Thank you.” He pulled his shirt back on.

“Why didn’t you tell her?”

“I’d rather not be near them right now.”

Seifer felt sorry for him. “Look, forget them. We’ll sneak outta here and head for the opposite side of the floor where they never dance.”

Squall looked in the mirror. “I hope you’re right.” He looked at the door. “They better not be waiting outside.”

“I’m sure Rinoa’s taking care of it. Come on. There's a slow song on.” Seifer coaxed the brunette out the door and let him around the outside walls to the other end, far away from their annoying friends.

<I thought you'd be out of my mind

And I'd finally found a way to learn to live without you>

Perfect, Seifer thought. I love this song. He stepped into the crowd of swaying dancers and turned to Squall.

<I thought it was just a matter of time

Till I had a hundred reasons not to think about you>

Something softened the shorter man’s eyes and a smile was played upon his lips. Seifer squeezed the hand he didn’t even realize he was holding and pulled the object of his affection nearer.

<But it's just not so

And after all this time, I still can't let go>

Squall moved closer so Seifer could feel the heat coming off his body. “Now I can finally rest easy,” he whispered into the blonde’s ear.

<I've still got your face

Painted on my heart

Scrawled upon my soul

Etched upon my memory, baby>

“It’s the only rest you’ll be getting for hours.” Seifer grinned wolfishly.

“Excuse me?” Squall laughed. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

“You’re mine now. Not theirs, not anyone’s, mine. Only I get to dance with you.” Seifer wrapped his arms around his rival’s smaller waist and stared into his cloudy eyes. “All night. Got that?”

Squall draped his arms around the blonde’s neck. “Crystal clear.”

<I've got your kiss

Still burning on my lips

The touch of my fingertips

This love so deep inside of me, baby>

Seifer pulled the brunette closer and they held each other swaying to the song, neither one ever wanting to let go again. Squall rested his head on Seifer’s shoulder and sighed contented.

<I've tried everything that I can

To get my heart to forget you

But it just can't seem to>

I could never get you out of my mind. You were always there, behind everything, controlling my actions. It took me so long to realize, Seifer thought.

<I guess it's just no use

In every part of me

Is still a part of you>

All the time I spent watching you, bugging you and pestering you, at the Garden and here, it wasted all my time. Seifer smiled. This time, I’ll do it right. I’ll be your knight; I’ll make you happy.

<And I've still got your face

Painted on my heart>

I’ve waited so long. I should’ve done this before. Wasting my time because I was afraid that you would reject me. Seifer hugged Squall closer. No more. It all begins tonight.

<Scrawled upon my soul

Etched upon my memory, baby>

Squall pulled back and looked up. He was happy, Seifer could feel it, down in every one of his bones.

<I've got your kiss

Still burning on my lips>

“Feeling better?” the green eyed man asked.

Squall looked down. “Yeah.”

<The touch of her fingertips

This love so deep inside of me, baby>

He’s so cute when he’s flustered. Seifer smirked and leaned forward. His lips brushed the brunette’s forehead and he ran his hands through the soft downy hair.

<I've still got your face

Painted on my heart>

He let his hand run down Squall’s cheek and under his chin, pulling it up to see those sparkling eyes.

<Painted on my heart

Painted on my heart, oh baby>

Squall looked so innocent. His eyes were a beautiful silver, shining just for his rival. Seifer watched as Squall smirked.

<Something in your eyes keeps haunting me>


“Nothing.” The brunette leaned forward and nuzzled noses with the blonde.

<I'm trying to escape you

And I know there ain't no way to

To chase you from my mind>

He leaned even more and began to nibble on Seifer’s earlobe. Seifer’s knees turned to jelly. Squall pulled back and smiled at the effect.

<I've still got your face

Painted on my heart

Scrawled upon my soul

Etched upon my memory baby>

Seifer chuckled and held his hand on Squall’s cheek. He caressed the soft skin with his thumb. Squall leaned into it and Seifer took his chance. He leaned forward and captured those soft lips once again.

<And I've got your kiss

Still burning on my lips>


<The touch of my fingertips

This love so deep inside of me, baby>

When the kiss ended they both smiled and looked into each other’s eyes. A camera flash broke the moment.

<I've still got your face

I've still got your face…>

Selphie stood triumphant holding a flash camera and Zell a camcorder.

“Do you mind?! You’re fucking up my chi!” Seifer growled.

The two looked surprised and glanced at one another, then back at the two men.

“I think I heard Irvine call me…” Selphie held the camera behind her back.

“Dude, I so hafta go to the bathroom!” Zell spouted. The two scrambled away before Seifer’s fists scrambled them.

Seifer sighed dejectedly. “They ruined my favorite song.”

“I’ll make it up to you,” Squall said grabbing the blond and pulling him in for another kiss, obviously not satisfied with the first one. Seifer smiled into the kiss then put his whole heart into it, showing how much he’d been dreaming about it.

<When everything is going wrong

And you can’t see the point in going on

Well nothing in life is set in stone

There's nothing that can’t be turned around>

“You must be deprived!” Seifer managed when they stopped for air. He didn’t find the punishment for his sarcasm bad. Squall pulled him in for another round, not caring that anyone was watching.

<Nobody wants to feel alone

And everybody wants to love someone

Out of the tree go pick a plum

Why can’t we all just get along?>

Seifer cut the kiss off. “Don’t think you can just kiss me and fix all the indiscretions both of us have committed to each other in the past.”

“Can’t I?” Squall answered simply and nibbled on the blonde’s ear.

Seifer’s knees went to jelly again. “That takes care of it.” He pulled Squall away from his ear and back to his lips.

<Boys in the girls’ room

Girls in the men’s room

You free your mind and your androgyny>

Oh, who gives a fuck? Seifer ran his hands down from his rival’s face to his tight ass and grabbed it.

<Boys in the parlor

They're getting harder

I’ll free your mind and your androgyny>

Squall went rigid for a second but relaxed as Seifer moved his hands up to the small of his back.

“You are delicious love.” Seifer smirked.

“So are you,” Squall replied and licked his rival’s nose.

<No sweeter a taste that you could find

Than fruit hanging ripe upon the vine

There's never been an oyster so divine

A river deep that never runs dry>

Seifer’s eyes shone in response as he grinned. “You’re so…”


“I was gonna say cute.”

Squall laughed.

<The birds and the bees they hum along

Like treasure they twinkle in the sun

Get on board and have some fun

Take what you need to turn you on>

“I’m thirsty.” Squall tried to pull his rival off of the dance floor.

“For what?” the blonde asked cheekily.

<Boys in the girls’ room

Girls in the men’s room

You free your mind and your androgyny>

Squall’s mouth opened in shock. “Water, you nitwit!” He mock punched Seifer in the stomach.

“Owie! Mommy!” Seifer moaned.

<Boys in the parlor

They're getting harder

I’ll free your mind and your androgyny>

Squall smiled and coaxed the pained boy off the floor to the bar stools. Once there, Selphie suddenly latched onto Seifer and wouldn’t let go.

“I wanna see that sexy butt wiggle on the dance floor!” she spouted.

<Behind closed doors and under stars

It doesn’t matter where you are

Collecting jewels that catch your eye

Don’t let a soul mate pass you by>

Seifer looked into Squall’s silvery eyes. “I think we can arrange that.” He winked. “But who do you want me to dance with?”

The shorter girl grinned. “Me!” She giggled.

<Boys in the girls’ room

Girls in the men’s room

You free your mind and your androgyny>

“Hey! He’s mine!” Squall stood between Selphie and the blonde.

She pouted and sniffled. “But.”

<Boys in the parlor

They're getting harder

I’ll free your mind…>

“Sorry Sel, Squall and I claimed each other, so we can’t dance with anyone but one another.”

“Oh well!” The camera appeared again.

<Boys in the girls’ room

Girls in the men’s room

You free your mind and your androgyny>

Both men groaned as she lined up a shot.

“Kissie kissie!” she demanded.

They glared at her and she grinned. “I’m not leaving until you give me a good shot!”

<Boys in the parlor

They're getting harder

I’ll free your mind…>

Seifer put his hand on his heart. “I would kiss you even on pain of death, like now.” He grinned.


Squall ruffled his hair.


Selphie focused her camera.


The men leaned forward and their lips met.


Selphie happily snapped the shot and planned on frame shopping soon. When the kiss ended the blonde turned to Selphie. “I get a copy of that.”


Squall laughed and slid out of the blonde’s hold as Seifer chatted with Selphie. He looked at his friends who all gave him looks of happiness and approval. He nodded and retreated outside. Squall pulled on his coat and passed Leo at the door.

Leo patted him on the back and gave him a thumbs up. “I hear the gay bars are a lot more fun though.”

“I’m not gay Leo, I’m in love,” Squall answered as he stepped onto the snow dotted sidewalk. The flecks of white were falling slowly from a pitch-black sky. He sighed and leaned back, facing the sky with his eyes closed. What happens now? Squall opened his eyes and stared at the dark sky. Snow melted on his face and caught in his hair. He smiled. I can’t believe it. I… I have someone… He strolled onto the street as he began to remember the all the kisses they had shared so far. A goofy grin appeared on his face.


Squall turned to see his man standing on the curb. He was smiling affectionately.

“Not anymore,” Squall replied.

“You look gorgeous.” Seifer came closer and ran a hand over the brown snow covered hair. The brunette chuckled sheepishly, taking the compliment graciously. “No, really.” Seifer put his hand under Squall’s chin. “I mean it. You always have.”

Squall looked up and lost himself in sea blue. They leaned in and kissed as the snow whirled around them. Hyne, I love you Seifer.

The two men’s lips stayed locked in the silent snowfall, lost in their love, forevermore.



Songs used: Painted on My Heart by The Cult and Androgyny by Garbage.

I own none of these songs; they belong to their respective writers and singers.


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