Anything & Everything

Part Eleven

By Elise Maxwell

While making their way back to the beach, Seifer stopped to help Squall across some jagged rocks. The brunette tripped and fell into Seifer’s chest, which caused him to chuckle and hold the boy upright.

“Having fun?” Squall asked with a teasing tone to his voice.

“Tons,” Seifer replied with a grin. A rush of happiness filled him when Squall rolled his eyes and smirked. He was so glad to see that smirk again. It had only been a few hours but the fight with Ultimecia made it feel like days since he’d seen Squall. Seifer shook his head, knowing it sounded odd but that’s how he felt. He ruffled the chocolate hair as the boy squawked and laughed in protest.

“Not my hair…” Squall gave a huff as he gave up and all of his longer hair fell in his face making it difficult to see anything. He grinned as Seifer brushed it out of his face and gave him a soft kiss on his lips.

Seifer pulled the smaller man into an embrace and looked up at the sky to see… “Whoa…” he murmured and blinked at a figure atop the rocks.

Raine had climbed up on some higher rocks and was staring out at the ocean. The white dress she’d materialized in was billowing out behind her beautifully in the soft ocean breeze.

“She’s so beautiful,” Squall said breathlessly, seeing the same that Seifer was.

“Yes, very,” the blonde agreed. “But not as gorgeous as my ma.” He grinned impishly and laughed as the brunette swatted at him.


The two turned to see Quistis waving at them from the beach. Behind her was Irvine and the merfolk: Zell, Selphie, Rinoa and Kaeli.

“Race ya!” Seifer called as he started off toward the beach. He laughed when he heard Squall yelling from behind him and ran faster. Once on the beach, Seifer grabbed Quistis and spun her around. It was good to feel the cool ocean air on his body. That cave had been so warm and musty. The blonde girl’s laugh was infectious and had him laughing again before he set her down. A bit dizzy, the two looked up to see an out of breath Squall.

“Hey! You were supposed to bring him back in good condition!” Quistis smacked Seifer’s skull before he could avoid it. She’d become far too advanced at that.

“He’s in one piece!” Seifer argued as Raine approached them.

“Oh my god.” Quistis’s hands went to her mouth when she saw the older woman.

Raine smiled and her eyes sparkled when she saw the blonde girl. “Quisty? Is that little Quisty?” The black haired woman put her arms out to Quistis and hugged her fiercely. “I’m so sorry I left you two alone,” Raine said looking at her son.

“I can’t believe you’re alive.” Quistis looked up with tears in her eyes. “It’s been so long. What happened to you?”

“Yes, you haven’t explained it to us yet.” Rinoa said from the ground.

“What’s going on?” Selphie asked blinking at everyone confused. “Who are all these people?” She looked from Rinoa to Seifer somewhat bewildered.

“All in due time child.” Kaeli put a hand on Selphie’s shoulder to quiet her.

The four merfolk stayed together on the ground as the humans backed up from Raine as she climbed onto a higher rock. “Can you all hear me?” she asked and smiled when she received nods.

“Will this take long?” Seifer asked.

“Patience, boy, is a virtue.”

“No it isn’t.” Seifer grinned cheekily and Squall smacked his stomach.

“Go ahead mother.” The brunette smiled as if nothing had happened.

“I used to be a mermaid,” Raine stated determined. “During my life under the sea, Kaeli and I were best friends and had also studied to be priestesses of the highest order. There was another priestess among our ranks who was very talented, but started dabbling in the dark arts and was thrown out and banished from the kingdom by Rinoa’s father. As you can easily guess, that was Ultimecia.” Raine glanced solemnly at Kaeli, but continued. “Not long after she was cast out, Ultimecia gathered together others who saw her point of view and built a great army. At this time, Rinoa’s father had just taken the throne and had to prove his power. He asked me to help fight, but I had fallen in love with Laguna…” Raine trailed off and looked away.

“Was he angry?” Squall asked.

“More disappointed than anything, but he understood how I felt about fighting against someone who had been my friend. So, he let me leave.” She told them.

“But my mother fought.” Seifer looked to the platinum blonde on the ground whose smile gave him a glimmer of faith.

“Along with your father who died in the battle.” Raine nodded. “You had been born a few months before the fight.”

Seifer nodded confirming her history. “I remember everyone saying how you left right after I was born.”

Raine continued, “King Caraway countered Ultimecia’s attack then with one of his own and won. Ultimecia then went into seclusion, vowing never to forgive him.”

“This was all after you left?” Quistis asked.

“Yes,” Squall’s mother nodded. “And nine months later…” She smirked and winked at her son.

“Ma!” The brunette blushed making some chuckle, including Seifer. He found Squall’s blushing so cute.

“But my stay didn’t last long. Ultimecia struck at a time when I completely didn’t expect it.” Raine bit her lip and took a deep breath. Seifer could tell she was angry at what had happened. “Almost two years after Squall was born, she lured Squall out to the beach with her Siren powers.”

“Siren powers?” Irvine finally said something. “What are those?”

“They hypnotize,” Seifer explained. “Remember the picture Vinzer gave Squall?”

“Oooh,” Irvine realized and smacked his forehead. “Please continue.”

“Well, when she lured Squall out to the ocean, there was a horrid storm coming to port. The sailors had spotted it and alerted everyone—and that’s when we noticed Squall missing. I went to the beach looking for him because he loved to go there. When I arrived, the waves were already building, and I saw his head disappear under the water.” Raine gazed out at the water as she told the story, as if remembering it just by looking. “I dove in after him and took him to shore, and that’s when one of the larger waves hit. I pushed Squall out of the way just as I saw Laguna arrive, and I was carried out to sea by the water.” She hesitated a moment and wiped a tear from her left eye.

Squall reached out and squeezed her shoulder. “You can do it.”

“After I went under she struck, stole me and my powers,” Raine told them and looked up. “She captured me with a spell and kept me captive for over 15 years!” The woman looked angry and ashamed at the same time.

“There was nothing you could do hun,” Kaeli said from the ground. “She had obviously been planning that for some time. She even captured me.”

“What?” Raine gazed at the mermaid shocked.

“When Seifer was only five, she helped a group of men capture me and show me off in a fair.” Kaeli gripped her friend’s hand. “I fought her like the dickens though and left her in great need of rest. We have both gone through trials and have come out triumphant.” She smiled up at her son. “And our children have turned out to be fine men.”

Seifer suddenly felt very proud of himself and that he’d released his mother and Raine from their confinements. “Thank you, mother.”

“No, thank you for freeing me from my glass cage,” Raine said and cocked her head interested at him. “So you are Kaeli’s son. You look just like your father.” She put a hand to his cheek, and then trailed her fingers over his scar. “Except for this. Why do you both have mirroring scars?” she asked the two.

Seifer stepped back and put an arm around Squall. “We are connected.”

Raine blinked surprised for a moment, then looked thoughtful.

“I think they make a cute couple,” Kaeli voiced her opinion, as everyone else started to agree.

“Very!” Selphie giggled as the two men smiled modestly.

“So who is everyone?” Raine asked finally giving the group a look.

Seifer grinned and went about introducing everyone. Afterward, everyone seemed much more comfortable with one another and began to converse quietly. The blonde and his lover stood off to the side watching them all.

“Their existence must still be kept a secret,” Seifer said quietly.

“I know,” Squall replied and turned to him. “But I think the secret couldn’t be safer with anyone else.”

“You’re probably right.” Seifer smiled. He leaned down and was about to kiss the brunette when a voice rang out across the beach.

“Squall!” Laguna’s voice carried over a tall group of rocks.

“Dad!” Squall breathed happily and stopped as Raine stood, her eyes searching for the bearer of the voice. “Let’s go help him,” the brunette whispered to Seifer, who nodded. The two climbed up the rocks and found Laguna on the other side trying to climb up with his cast on.

“Hey there kiddo!” Laguna grinned when Squall snickered at him. “Could you help your dear old dad who’s been looking for you and Quisty?”

Squall grinned. “Sure dad.” The two helped the gimp up and then to hobble across to the otherside of the rocks where everyone waited. “Dad, brace yourself.”

“Why?” Laguna asked and looked at the group. The merfolk on the ground didn’t seem to bother him but… “Oh my god!” he whispered and gripped Squall’s shoulder as he almost fell over. “Raine…”

Seifer almost felt his heart break when the man said her name. So much pain and hope could be heard in just that one name.

Laguna looked at his son, ache and longing in his eyes. “Is it really her?”

Squall nodded and bit his lip, trying not to reflect the same in his eyes. “Yes.”

His father looked back to see Raine running toward them. She climbed up the rock and literally jumped on him producing a yelp of pain and surprise from the man.

“Laguna!” She sobbed into his shoulder.

Tears of happiness escaped the corners of the man’s eyes as he held his wife tight. Squall hugged Seifer as they both laughed at the two on the ground.

“Why are you laughing?” Raine demanded as she sat up. “This is a very touching moment and you’re ruining it! You’re grounded!”

“What? I’m just happy for you guys!” Squall rebutted.

Raine gave him an affectionate smile. “Come here son.” She held an arm out and Squall fell to his knees to hug his parents.

“I’m so glad you’re back,” the brunette whispered.

“Me too baby.” She kissed his forehead. “Me too.”

Laguna ruffled his son’s hair. “One little happy family.”

“Well,” Raine turned to Seifer. “Almost.” She crooked a finger at the tall blonde. “Come here.”

Seifer kneeled in front of the mother. “Yes ma’am?”

“I know you love my son and I know that you were of the merfolk.” Raine put a hand on his shoulder. “Will you keep him happy?”

“Forever,” Seifer answered immediately without thinking.

“Then you shall stay.” Raine smiled and moved her hand to his forehead

Seifer braced himself for pain but was instead filled with a rush of cool energy and for once he felt at perfect health since the fight. He frowned confused at her. “It didn’t hurt.”

Raine reflected his frown. “No, why should it?”

“Well, when Ultimecia…”

“Oh pish posh!” The woman waved a hand. “She had no idea how to use my powers. She was never trained for it.” She stopped. “Are you still in any pain? If you are, I can fix it.”

“No, no.” Seifer put his hands up and chuckled at her motherly concern. “I’m fine. I swear!”

“Hey!” a voice called from below.

The blonde stood and looked over the edge of the rocks to see Quistis. “What?”

“What’s going on?” the girl asked. “Everyone’s waiting for you guys.”

“We’re having a tear-filled reunion!” Seifer told her and grinned. “Gimmie a sec and we’ll have Laguna down there.

“Irvine!” Quistis called the red head over. “Help them bring Laguna down.”

“Aiit,” the cowboy trotted over and kissed her cheek. He then looked up to see that the boys had helped Laguna to the edge of the rocks. They all lowered the older man down, careful not to hit his leg on anything. Irvine then helped Raine down and waited for the two left on the top of the rocks.

“They’re not paying attention,” Quistis whispered in the cowboy’s ear when Seifer wrapped his arms around Squall and winked at them.

As the four traversed from the rock outcrop, the two men stood atop holding one another. Seifer finally felt complete as a different rush took over his body. Love flitted through his veins as he hugged the brunette tightly.

“You did all of this for me.” Squall’s gray eyes caught Seifer’s. “I’m glad you did come to me. I couldn’t stop thinking about you after that day I met you.”

The blonde smiled lovingly. “Sweets, I would have done anything for you.”

“You’ve done everything. Thank you,” the brunette murmured as the taller man leaned down to kiss him. As their lips met, Seifer’s fleeting thoughts didn’t come to an end. No, this was just the beginning…




Seifer yawned as he and Squall walked down the hallway toward the kitchen.

“Tired already?”

The blonde raised a sable eyebrow at the shorter man with a feeling of annoyance. “You made me get up early.”

“Well you wanted to help down at the harbor.” Squall shrugged as they stopped just outside the kitchen door.

“And you made me stay up late and s—” The blonde stopped short as Squall’s hand covered his lips.

“Shh!” the brunette demanded. “I don’t want to freak out my parents!”

“…Suffer.” the blonde finished and smirked when the shorter man rolled his eyes.

“I’m sure it was torture, Seifer,” Squall muttered.

“Sheer.” The blonde nuzzled the brunette’s nose, weaseling a smile out of him

“Has anyone ever told you that you're amazingly self assured?” Squall asked as a pair of arms wound around him.

“Every day.” Seifer winked and kissed the brunette’s nose.

Squall shook his head and slid out of the blonde’s hold. “Cheeky bastard.”

“That I am,” Seifer agreed as he followed the shorter man into the kitchen.

“MOTHER!” Squall looked as if his eyes were going to fall out of his skull—for good reason. Raine was sitting on the counter of the kitched and Laguna was standing in front of her. The two had obviously been making out before the men had walked in. They blushed as furiously as their son. Seifer just found the whole situation amusing.

“Squall.” Raine cleared her throat and hopped onto the floor. “Didn’t expect you to help with dinner tonight. Seifer has said something about s—”

“SEIFER!” the brunette exploded and turned against his lover.

“SUFFER!!” the blonde rebutted.

“Sounds like they're fighting over how to pronounce his name,” Laguna said languidly.

“Dad!” Squall’s temper had receded slightly with the joke.

“He did say suffer honey,” Raine assured her son, though smiling at the meaning of the word.

“We didn’t mean to walk in…” her son trailed off.

“Oh, it’s alright.” Raine grabbed a pot and began to fill it with water. “So much love in this house, you just can’t seem to get away from it.” She glanced at her husband, her eyes glittering in emotion.

Squall coughed. “I understand.”

“Did you guys need help with dinner?” Seifer asked.

“No,” Raine replied as Laguna nodded in agreement. “Go on and have fun or something. The bedroom I’d presume.”

“Mother,” Squall growled and turned a deep shade of red.

“Raine! You're telling them to do that?!” Laguna gave her a reproachful look.

“What?” she asked almost laughing. “It’s not like they HAVENT done it already.”

The two men yelled at her as Seifer burst out laughing. “Come love.” The blonde put an arm around Squall’s waist and pulled him backward. “We must cure this nasty rut you’ve put yourself into.”

“Go on.” Raine waved them away and Laguna just smiled amused.

Seifer dragged the brunette into the hall. “What, no fight?”

“Carry me.” Squall demanded.

“Over the threshold?” Seifer asked.

“Just make me feel less embarrassed?” Squall pouted as the blonde hefted him up.

“I live to make you feel loved.” He kissed the brunette’s cheek.

“That better be a good offer.”

“Forever and always.” Seifer smiled.


“Anything for you.”





Well, I have finished Jubee’s challenge and I really really really hope she and everyone enjoyed it ^_^ I sure loved writing it. Thanks all for your support and I’ll be posting again soon. ^_^

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