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Warnings: maybe AU?, shounen-ai, yaoi, , so if you don’t like that stuff, leave now! Squall+Seifer, Selphie+Irvine, dancing/grinding, and LOUD MUSIC!!!


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And I’ve also wanted to say, I’m really assuming a lot with this fic. I’m assuming that the group is very forgiving, Rinoa isn’t rude, that they have the type of music and ESPECIALLY the way they act at a dance club. I’ve never been to a dance club but if I had, I wish my experience was like this fic, fun! So if you have another opinion about what a dance club is like, PLEASE tell me so I can make it a little more real. I know its not right to assume, but I hope you can enjoy how I wrote it all anyway. ENJOY!~~


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Each part is usually third person pov, depending on who I pick, and its not elusive ^_^

Fifth Avenue

Part 4 - Chained to you

By Elise Maxwell

What are they doing? Squall peeked around the wall from the stairs. It had been a week since they had all gone to the club. For some reason Selphie had come by to show Rinoa something. At the moment, they were bickering about something and the shorter was waving some shiny silver object around. Seifer turned around from watching TV to see what it was they were giggling about.

“What is that?”

“None of your business.” Selphie put it behind her back.

“Well you’re waving it around in the common room, you might as well let me see it.” Seifer reached a hand out. Before Selphie could hand him the object, Squall snatched it from her hand and held it out. A pair of handcuffs hung from his fingers. He immediately balked but instead of dropping them, he just frowned at them.

“Who are these for?” he asked, holding the shiny silver just out of Selphie’s reach.

“Not you!” She jumped as high as she could, trying to reach the handcuffs.

Seifer burst out laughing as Selphie tackled Squall to get at the metal.

“Where are the keys?” Selphie asked when the scuffling had ceased.

“Why?” Rinoa came closer. Squall and Selphie had ended up handcuffed to each other. This made Seifer laugh even harder and Rinoa giggle as she grabbed the keys from a coffee table. She tossed the set to Selphie who released herself from the restraining metal. She got up and walked away grumbling, giving the keys back to Rinoa. Squall stood and held out his restrained wrist to a curious Seifer.

He cocked his head and grabbed the one end. “Pull,” he ordered to Squall. They both pulled with all their strength. The muscles in Squall’s arm flexed nicely. Seifer looked impressed. “If you lock them to something sturdy, Irvine won’t be able to break them,” he told Selphie stoically.

“You think so?” She came closer. “Do it again.”

“Hold on.” Seifer locked the silver around his wrist and nodded that he was ready. The two ex-rivals carefully pulled to show Selphie the strength of the steel. She got an evil little grin on her face.

“Gimmie the keys.” She held out her hand to Rinoa who dropped the keys into Selphie’s hand. But they keys didn’t stop in her hand. They kept going down. The two girls looked down to see the vent next to the couch.

“Uh oh.”

The two boys looked over. “What does ‘uh oh’ mean?” Seifer asked.

Selphie pointed at the vent with a sheepish chuckle. Rinoa bit her lip to keep from laughing at the dread that passed over the guys’ faces.

“You mean they…?” Squall pointed at the vent.

The girls nodded.

Squall grabbed Seifer’s arm and dragged him off of his chair, to the couch. They both looked down the vent, not seeing the reflection of the keys anywhere.

“You’re kidding right?” Seifer asked. The two girls shook their heads. He chuckled nervously. “But I have to start work today. How am I supposed to be a presidential assistant with the son attached to my arm?”

The girls shrugged.

“I’m sure my dad will let you off if we explain the situation. We could call instead of walking around in public.” Squall shook his wrist to emphasize the fact that they were *really* stuck together. Seifer nodded. “Go call my dad Rinoa, I’m sure he’ll understand.”

“Sure thing!” Rinoa went to get the phone.

The rivals stared at the chain holding them together.

“We could use a saw or a blow torch,” the blond offered.

Selphie shook her head. “You know what the gunblades are made of?” They nodded. “Yeah, well it’s made of the same stuff. That’s why they’re so strong.” The two gave her their most dangerous glares. “Hey! It’s not my fault that my boyfriend is buff!”

They rolled their eyes. “Let’s go to the locksmith,” Squall said.

“Good idea.” Seifer started toward his coat, pulling Squall along. “Oh, sorry man.”

Squall looked at his cut wrist and frowned. His counterpart’s wrist was also bleeding. “Are they supposed to be sharp?” He raised he eyebrows at the little brunette.

“Only when you make sudden movements.” She scuffed her shoe on the floor.

The two men sighed as Rinoa came through a doorway, holding the phone a good three feet away.

“What did he say?” Squall asked.

“He’s been laughing for five minutes straight!” she replied.

“What? Gimmie that.” Rinoa handed him the phone. “Dad? Dad- dad shut up! No, I- It’s not- what?” He sighed. “No, they’re Selphie’s.” He rolled his eyes. “Yeah. No, dad that’s fine. Yes I’ll call you later and tell you how it turns out. Bye.” He clicked the off button staring daggers into the phone. “He says you can start tomorrow if we’re separated by then.”

Seifer shook his head at Selphie. “How much did these *stupid* things cost?”

“A pretty penny, so don’t damage them!” She pointed at them. “Or else you pay for them.”

“Folded steel. Really Selphie, he’s not that strong.” Seifer pulled Squall toward the door. He stared at the coat rack. “We can’t put our coats on.” They looked at one another, then at the girls, who shrugged again.

The boys fought for arm space on the busy street. With no coats, they were cold, which made their bruises hurt even more, but they got numb after a while. They had nicks and cuts all over their wrists before they even found the locksmiths. One woman had tried to walk between them, much to their chagrin. They caught her before she fell backward from their forward push. She frowned at them but hurried on her way. Squall shrugged and kept going.

Add another pain to the list of scars, Seifer was pulled along. And I’m cold.

A shivering Squall stopped at a door a couple hundred feet down the block.

“Closed?” He gaped at the door as Seifer also read the sign.

The blonde frowned. “There must be more in this city.”

“There have to be.” Squall sighed.

“This would be a lot easier if you would hold my hand.”

“What would?”

The two men looked over to see Zell and Irvine on the corner. They held up their wrists and the other two men looked at each other and chuckled.

“What did you do?” Zell asked.

“Selphie bought these,” Squall answered.

They all looked at Irvine. “What? I can’t help it if I’m strong!”

“Why not?”

They all turned to see Quistis on the corner holding a bag.

“You went shopping with Quistis?” Seifer asked.

“Shut up!” Zell rebutted.

“What’s going on?” she asked.

The two bonded held up their hands.

“Are you guys okay?” She looked at their cuts. “Would you like me to cure it?” She moved a hand toward theirs as Seifer jerked them back roughly.

“No we’re fine,” he replied as Squall cringed in pain. The smaller man looked a bit sorry then. Seifer sighed.

“Did you go a locksmith?” Irvine asked.

“He’s closed.” Seifer pointed. “He’s the only one we found in the book. You guys know if there are anymore?”

The other two men shrugged and Quistis shook her head.

“Why don’t you break them?” Zell asked.

“She got them specially made out of folded steel or something,” Squall replied. They all looked at Irvine again.

“I give up!” Irvine threw is hands in the air.

“I wish I could,” Seifer muttered.

Squall stared at his scratch riddled wrist. Cuts decorated it all around. He wished he hadn’t been such an asshole about finding the Locksmith at first. Then he wouldn’t have all these reminders of the pain they went through just to find the place.

“Can I have my arm back?” Seifer was leaning to his right so Squall could inspect his arm.

“Sorry.” Squall put his arm back near the center of the couch so his jail mate could sit comfortably.

“Look, I’m sorry that you’re not comfortable with me and all, but it would be easier if we sat closer or held hands.” Seifer looked at the sulking brunette. “Can’t it be like when we were kids?”

Squall looked at him. “Huh?”

“You know, when you would crawl into bed with me during the winter cause we were cold?” Seifer asked. “It didn’t bother you to be near me then.”

“We were kids. We didn’t know any better.”

“What’s the difference now? We started over, and no one’s here to scold us for just laying together for comfort. Well, except Rinoa, but she knows better.”

He has a point. Squall sat on the edge of the couch while the blonde lay down comfortably. He tentatively settled himself quietly on the larger man’s chest.

“Was that so hard?”

“No,” Squall admitted, but he was nervous. “What now?”

“Well, we can sleep.”

“Hey guys,” Rinoa said from the doorway.

They looked at her and she smiled.

“It’s nice to see you’re getting along. Selphie was really sorry about losing the keys,” she told them. “She said she would pay for everything.”

“Only because she can’t use them tonight.” Seifer smirked.

“Good night, guys.” Rinoa smiled and went to bed.

Seifer put his one arm around Squall, who decided to do the same, for comfort. Seifer sighed.

I can hear his heart beat… Squall drifted off rather quickly, leaving Seifer to contemplate the day’s events.

He let his hand slide from Squall’s back to trace the floor. Interestingly enough, his hand encountered something cold and metallic under the couch. Picking it up he found, the keys. He didn’t seem shocked by this fact. The vent was right next to the couch; the girls assumed they fell in the vent, and not under the couch.

He chuckled. “Well I’ll be. I’m free,” he whispered. Carefully, he unlocked both sides of the handcuffs and placed the pair and the keys on the coffee table. Seifer then put both of his arms around Squall. The brunette shifted in his sleep and did the same.

“I wish I could stay chained to you…” Seifer whispered, running a hand over Squall’s soft hair, and slipped into the waiting arms of sleep.

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