Uncertain Memory: In the End

Chapter Four

By Elise Maxwell

Squall leaned on a pillar in the ballroom watching the people move about as his thoughts ran rampant. The one thought he was focusing on at the moment was the last ball he had attended; the one where he’d met Rinoa. It seemed like so long ago, but it had only been a few months. But technically, this wasn’t a ball. Tonight was the Christmas party; much like the victory party they’d had a short time back. Squall smirked and wondered if he’d kiss Seifer on the balcony this time.

“Good evening,” Quistis said as she leaned on him and pushed him to the side. “What’s up with the wallflower thing?”

“Wallflower?” Squall asked amused.

“You need to dance,” she replied and put her arm around his. “Come on, you should have fun for once.”

“I have fun,” he countered as she dragged him away from the pillar. “Lots of fun. Tons, I swear. Ask Seifer.”

“Ask who?” The blonde in question turned around to reveal himself in a crowd near the two. “My Hyne, what happened to you?!” Seifer eyed the brunette amazed.

Up until that point, Squall had forgotten about the shimmery accents all over his chest, arms and face. “Selphie attacked me with glitter after you left. She said only a real man wears body glitter.”

“I like how it makes your skin contrast with your clothes. Black makes it shine even more,” Quistis commented on the black leather pants and black tanktop he wore. Squall then held his hands out to reveal the fact that Selphie had painted his nails black. The blonde girl snickered, coughed and then walked away trying not to laugh. He rolled his eyes—that was to be expected.

“Oh, don’t worry baby!” Seifer wrapped his arms around the shiny figure. “I still wuv you!”

“That’s so comforting Seifer.” Squall rolled his eyes.

“Wanna dance?” The blonde touched his forehead to the glittery one.

“Joy of joys. So I can look like even more of a moron?”

“I think you’d look sexy,” Seifer murmured and pulled back. “What’s wrong?”

“You know me and social functions. We don’t mix. Dangerous combination; could cause an explosion.” Squall smirked.

“Well then, let’s go back to our dorm and do something without this riffraff.” Seifer gestured at Selphie across the room. She obviously thought he was waving and waved back energetically. “Just the two of us.” He rolled his eyes and turned back to the shorter man with a smile. “Waddaya say?”

“Sounds like a plan.” The brunette’s smile grew when Seifer held out his arm and led them out of the party. Finally, they would have some peace and quiet, alone.

“Hyne, you could at least wait until I can get the door open!”

“I can’t, you’re too delicious,” Squall mumbled as he nibbled on Seifer’s ear from behind, his arms already going under the front of the blonde’s shirt. Who says foreplay isn’t fun?

“Someone seems eager to get into this room,” Seifer replied and turned around. “Are you trying to seduce me Commander?” he asked as Squall grinned wolfishly.

“Sure seems like that.”

The two men turned to see Selphie standing a few meters away with a smile.

“What do you want?” Seifer asked with a threatening tone.

“Nothing.” Selphie shrugged. “Just making sure you weren’t skipping out of the party because you were bored or sleepy, but I can see that you have other things planned.” She winked and waved as she turned. “I’ll see ya tomorrow.”

“Bye…” Seifer murmured after she turned the corner. “Now, where were we?”

“I was seducing you.”

“Oh, well then. I better get this door open.” Seifer quickly punched in the code before Squall could start in on him again and stepped back through the now open door. “Coming?” He grinned

“Horrible pun.” Squall shook his head and stepped over the threshold and into the other man’s arms.

“Don’t I know it!” Seifer grinned and clicked the button to close the door. “So, what do you want to do.”

“You,” Squall stated simply before pushing the taller man against the wall and crushing his lips against Seifer’s.

“Yet another pun in disguise.” Seifer quirked an eyebrow. “We’re full of them tonight.”

“Full of something, that’s for sure,” the brunette murmured before he rocked his hips into Seifer’s and received a hiss.

“Don’t make me let it out,” the blonde mumbled as he leaned down to nibble on Squall’s neck. “You do realize that you’re still jailbait, right?”

“Don’t make me order you to shut up.” The brunette commanded and sighed as Seifer began to suck on his neck, which sent pleasure running down his spine.

“But then you wont be able to hear me moan in pleasure!” Seifer exclaimed appalled.

“Shut up and kiss me damnit.”

“As you wish.” Seifer attacked Squall’s lips with his own, his tongue stressing the need they both felt. While Squall distracted the blonde with the kiss, his hands deftly and quickly undid the bindings of Seifer’s pants. By the time the kiss had ended, Squall had successfully undone the dress pants and half of Seifer’s button up shirt.

“Eager?” The taller quipped breathlessly.

“I can tell you are.” The brunette winked and kissed his way down the blonde’s chest.

“Squall, you don’t have to…” Seifer trailed off as the other man gazed up at him, lust painted in his eyes. Squall could see the need in Seifer’s eyes. This was the night—he would finally pay Seifer back tonight.

“No, but I can.” The commander finally answered and pulled Seifer’s boxers away from the flesh beneath. “Now who’s eager?” He smirked.

“Shut up.”

Squall dipped his head down and gave Seifer a lick.

“Hyne,” the blonde gasped, “don’t do that. I’m not Superman!”

“Had me fooled,” the brunette murmured before leaning forward to touch his lips upon Seifer again. It was warm against his tongue and he heard Seifer moan quietly as his mouth took the hardness in.

Squall sucked softly on the head and wrapped his hand around the rest of the flesh that he couldn’t taste and began to pump it slowly. His hand’s movement gradually increased and Squall heard Seifer’s breaths become heavy. He heard his name roll off of Seifer’s tongue in a low husky groan.

When the blonde’s hands touched his shoulders, Squall quickened the pace and began to use his tongue more. He had the urge to tease Seifer when he felt a shiver run through the blonde’s body and the hands on his shoulders turn vice-like. The hands then began to thread though Squall’s hair and the brunette knew he was doing something right, so he bypassed the torture.

Squall was grateful for the fact that Seifer didn’t want to push him, and had tried to stay as still as possible, but the real test was still around the corner. He felt Seifer’s body tighten and heard the blonde’s skull bang impatiently on the wall behind him. Hyne, could he be any louder?

Squall had to grin mentally at his horrible self-control. The cock twitched in his mouth and readied himself for what was to come. With a quiet groan, Seifer emptied himself into Squall’s mouth, and much to the brunette’s surprise and pleasure, he swallowed almost all of it. He licked the last of the milky fluid off of Seifer’s now soft flesh as the blonde regained his bearings.

“That was…” the blonde trailed off breathlessly as Squall covered him and stood.

“Happy Birthday.” The Commander smirked as Seifer’s jaw dropped.

“You just…” The green eyes blinked in disbelief. “You just gave me a blow job… for my birthday!?”

“Well that’s not all…” Squall looked away and then back, through his bangs. “Well?”

Seifer bumped foreheads with him, an evil glimmer entering his eyes. “If this is only a birthday thing, then may it be my birthday everyday.” He then kissed the smaller man with an intensity Squall didn’t think he could have had after what they had just done.

“Surprised?” the brunette asked when Seifer’s lips left his.

“Very.” Green eyes glimmered as he smiled. “You are full of surprises my lion heart.”

“Good, because I have a few more things for you.”

“And that would be?”

Squall smirked and fixed Seifer’s pants, zipping them up before explaining. “I have something else for you.” When the brunette tried to move away to grab Seifer’s present, the taller’s warm arms wrapped around him and kept him stationary. Squall rolled his eyes as the blonde nuzzled his neck. “Seifer…”

“What’s better than you?”

“Nothing.” A smirk took control of his face.

“Then where are you going?”

“To get another part of your gift.”

“There’s more after that?”

“Of course,” Squall answered to acquire freedom from Seifer’s arms, but let one of his hands stay trapped—that he didn’t mind at all. “Close your eyes.” He laid his free hand over those sea green eyes to see the blonde smile. “Just do it and follow me.”

“I’d rather do you.” Suddenly Seifer’s hands were all over Squall again and the brunette let out a disgusted sigh.

“Can you for just a few moments take your mind out of the gutter, you pervert?” The commander smacked at the cadet’s hands.

“Can’t. Permanently nailed there. Won’t try.” Seifer grinned wolfishly as Squall rolled his eyes. Was he ever serious?

“Come on,” Squall dragged the lecherous blonde into the bedroom they shared and then turned to him. “Are you ready?”

“Bring it on baby.” The cadet kissed Squall’s forehead and smiled.

“Alright,” the brunette replied with a nod and turned the blonde to face the desk. “Happy Birthday.”

The blonde blinked in shock and disbelief. “Oh my god…”

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