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Hiya! Glad you could make it! This is where we've housed all the fics we've managed to get our grubby little hands on. As said in the [summary] of this archive back on the archive main page, all the fics here are slash (boy love if ya didn't know). Why? Cos we happen to like slash very much and mainstream gets boring really fast.

Submissions: If you'd like to submit a fic for this archive (please? Pretty please please?), or know of a fic that falls into this category and isn't here (horror of horrors), drop us a line and we'll see about getting it here.

NOTE: These fanfics all have ratings and classifications for their content. If you didn't read how we classify them, and what all the little [warnings] mean, I suggest you head on over to the Glossary and read it. Also has all the contact information.


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The Balcony Scene
by Aeowen

[Summary] After an unexpected conversation that has surprising results, Harry and Draco find themselves falling into some sort of relationship. It all begins with a scene that takes place on a balcony, and leads to something special.
[Pairing] Harry/Draco
[Warning] NC-17 Lemon PWP
[Added] 24 August 2003

The Balcony Scene - Part 1

The Balcony Scene - Part 2

The Balcony Scene - Part 3

The Balcony Scene - Part 4

The Balcony Scene - Part 5


by DrusillaDax

[Summary] How many battles will Harry Potter and Severus Snape have to fight before they can enjoy a quiet life together?
[Pairing] Snape/Harry
[Warning] NC-17 Lemon Spoilers, mild angst
[Added] 10 August 2002 | Completed: 22 May 2004

Chapter 1 - A Sunny Sunday Morning

Chapter 2 - Thank you, Albus, really...

Chapter 3 - Graduation was last Saturday

Chapter 4 - A Kiss Is But A Kiss... And Sometimes It's So Much More

Chapter 5 - One Step at A Time...

Chapter 6 - When the World Wakes Up

Chapter 7 - Wandless Magic Called Love

Chapter 8 - The Reason Why

Chapter 9 - Partying! Or What Happened on Remus's Side

Chapter 10 - Partying! Or What Happened on Albus' Side

Chapter 11 - Tying The Knot

Chapter 12 - Everyday Life Is Full of Surprises...

Chapter 13 - Mothers and Priestesses

Chapter 14 - Back to Hogwarts

Chapter 15 - Lessons

Chapter 16 - That Muggle Fable Was True After All

Chapter 17 - Sarina and Harold Potter-Snape

Chapter 18 - Family

Chapter 19 - A Ghost and Two Intruders

Chapter 20 - Warding Darkness Away

Chapter 21 - Changes Inside the Ministry

Chapter 22 - Magic and Friendship

Chapter 23 - One Loss in the Family

Chapter 24 - One Hundred and Sixteen

Chapter 25 - Adding and Subtracting

Chapter 26 - A Storm in Sarina's Dream

Chapter 27 - The New Headmaster

Chapter 28 - Success

Chapter 29 - Wedding

Chapter 30 - David Synon-Poppins

Chapter 31 - Hogwarts' Owls

Chapter 32 - The Spirit of the Marauders

Chapter 33 - A Modernization of A Shakespeare Play

Chapter 34 - Unacceptable Changes

Chapter 35 - Dreaming The Future

Chapter 36 - New Lives

Chapter 37 - The Miracles of Love


Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder
by Redrum

[Summary] A brief glimpse from a stranger's point of view on Severus' and Harry's first time in a Muggle restaurant.
[Pairing] Snape/Harry
[Warning] PG PWP
[Added] 29 April 2005

Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder


by Darkangel Rose

[Summary] Harry muses on just how deeply Sirius' death affected him, and why.
[Pairing] Sirius/Harry
[Warning] PG-13 Citrus | Spoilers, angst, suicidal themes
[Added] 25 December 2003



The Best and Worst Dream Ever
by Darkangel Rose

[Summary] Harry turns to Ron for comfort after, in a dream, he gets a far too in-depth look at Voldemort's sex life.
[Pairing] Voldemort/Lucius, Ron/Harry, suggestions towards Severus/Lucius or Severus/Voldemort
[Warning] PG-13 Citrus Humour Pre-Slash | Mild language
[Added] 25 December 2003

The Best and Worst Dream Ever


Between Captains
by Kamikaze Mission

[Summary] Oliver needs a little consolation after a Quidditch match.
[Pairing] Marcus Flint/ Oliver Wood, Slight Fred/George, hints at later Fred/George/Lee
[Warning] NC-17 Lemon POV PWP | Hints of incest
[Added] 22 May 2004

Between Captains


Billie Jean
by dented-sky

[Summary] Ginny loves Harry, but Harry is gay. So what does Ginny do? Sleeps with anyone she can get her hands on.
[Pairing] Cho/Hermione, Harry/Draco
[Warning] PG-13 Citrus POV
[Added] 24 August 2003

Billie Jean


New A Bitter Taste New
by LdyBastet

[Summary] Lucius finds out that he will be a father... What should have been a happy occasion leaves a bitter taste in his mouth.
[Pairing] Lucius/Severus, implied Lucius/Narcissa
[Warning] PG-13 Citrus
[Added] 9 December 2005

A Bitter Taste


Bitter Water
by lierdumoa

[Summary] What if Snape were half dementor? This is his life history, from birth to middle age.
[Pairing] Snape/Black
[Warning] NC-17 Lemon AU | Angst, supernatural themes
[Added] 3 October 2003
[Status] Work in Progress | Updated: 3 October 2003

Bitter Water - Prologue

Bitter Water - Chapter 1

Bitter Water - Chapter 2

Bitter Water - Chapter 3

Bitter Water - Chapter 4


Black Letter
by dented-sky

[Summary] One windy, overcast day, Remus Lupin died.
[Pairing] Harry/Remus
[Warning] PG-13 Deathfic | Angst
[Added] 29 November 2004

Black Letter


The Black Unicorn
by Hephastus

[Summary] Snape has been lured into a ritual, and endures psychological and physical torture at the hands of Voldemort.
[Pairing] Voldemort/Snape, Dumbledore/Snape, Snape/OC
[Warning] NC-17 Lemon AU | Non-consensual sex, drug use, torture.
[Added] 22 May 2004
[Status] Work in Progress | Updated: 22 May 2004

The Black Unicorn - Part 1

The Black Unicorn - Part 2

The Black Unicorn - Part 3

The Black Unicorn - Part 4

The Black Unicorn - Part 5

The Black Unicorn - Part 6

The Black Unicorn - Part 7

The Black Unicorn - Part 8

The Black Unicorn - Part 9


Blame Voldemort
by Powder96

[Summary] The Boy Who Lived finally comes up with the solution for the wizarding world's problem.
[Pairing] None
[Warning] PG-13 Parody
[Added] 24 August 2003

Blame Voldemort


Blood Magic
by Gateway Girl

[Summary] Blood magic was supposed to keep Harry safe, but his relatives are expendable. Blood magic was supposed to keep Harry looking like his adoptive father, but it's wearing off. Blood is a bond, but so is the memory of hate -- or love.
[Pairing] Harry/Hermione, Snape/Lupin implied, Snape/Lily implied
[Warning] R Angst, mild language, spoilers, mild violence, Severitus Challenge
[Added] 29 April 2005
[Status] Work in Progress | Updated: 29 April 2005

Chapter 1 - The Burning

Chapter 2 - An Unexpected Letter

Chapter 3 - Expected Letters

Chapter 4 - An Unexpected Letter, II

Chapter 5 - A Surprised Visitor


Blurring the Lines series
by Rachael Sabotini

Night Music [Pairing] Snape/Harry
[Summary] On the eve of the unnamed year, Snape contemplates the new term.
[Warning] PG-13 Pre-Slash
[Added] 5 December 2002

Shadows by Candlelight [Pairing] Snape/Harry
[Summary] During the start of term banquet, Harry sees how everything has changed.
[Warning] PG-13 Pre-Slash
[Added] 5 December 2002

Standing Circle [Pairing] Snape/Harry
[Summary] Harry and Snape spend some quality class time together.
[Warning] PG-13 Pre-Slash
[Added] 5 December 2002


New Born and Bred New
by Paradox

[Summary] After the attack on James and Lily Potter, Lucius spirits Voldemort away to a safe haven and suggest they take in baby Harry ( who just may be the Dark Lordís heir after all) instead of kill him. Thatís all I got so far.
[Pairing] mention of Lucius/Sirius, Voldemort/Lily
[Warning] R AU Deathfic Pre-Slash | Mild violence, implied non-consensual, baby snatching (guess that counts as disturbing content )
[Added] 9 December 2005
[Status] Work in Progress | Updated: 9 December 2005

Born and Bred - Introduction


Bound To You
by Aeowen

[Summary] Harry Potter and Severus Snape choose to be bound together in order to save Snape's life. Sex saves. Seriously.
[Pairing] Snape/Harry
[Warning] NC-17 Lemon Angst, light non-con, mention of rape (but not explicit)
[Added] 26 September 2003

Bound To You - Part 1

Bound To You - Part 2


by dented-sky

[Summary] Lestat and Louis travel the magical world together, only to separate in Diagon Alley.
[Pairing] Lestat/Draco, Louis/Remus
[Warning] M15 Citrus Crossover Horror | Gore
[Added] 29 November 2004



Bring Me To Life Ė A Continuation
by I Got Tired of Waiting

[Summary] A Continuation of "Pledges" by Amireal with Amirealís permission. This story is about separations and joinings.
[Pairing] Snape/Harry
[Warning] NC-17 Lemon AU Deathfic | Angst, some language
[Added] 19 May 2003

Bring Me To Life - Prologue

Bring Me To Life - Part 1

Bring Me To Life - Part 2

Bring Me To Life - Part 3

Bring Me To Life - Part 4

Bring Me To Life - Part 5

Bring Me To Life - Part 6


Broken Bridges
by Knowing Shadows

[Summary] It's the final year, and everyone is prepared for Harry to fall at Voldemort's feet in defeat. As he prepares for a losing battle, trouble crops up in Draco Malfoy. Death Eater and spy, or the greatest love he'll ever have?
[Pairing] Harry/Draco
[Warning] PG-13 Spoilers, mild langauge
[Added] 29 November 2004
[Status] Work in Progress | Updated: 29 November 2004

Broken Bridges - Chapter 1

Broken Bridges - Chapter 2

Broken Bridges - Chapter 3

Broken Bridges - Chapter 4

Broken Bridges - Chapter 5

Broken Bridges - Chapter 6


By Any Other Name
by DrusillaDax

[Summary] [Response to Snape_slash_improv challenge #1: Snape catches/watches someone masturbating and hears an unexpected name (not his own)] So, Harry Potter whispers a very unexpected name and he does not know Severus Snape is there to hear...
[Pairing] Snape/Harry
[Warning] NC-17 Lemon Mild angst
[Added] 10 August 2002

By Any Other Name

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