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This fic is about Harry Potter and Severus Snape falling in love and, in the end,

in the same bed. If you do not like the concept, do not read further...


Chapter Thirty-Four - Unacceptable Changes

By DrusillaDax


After Seraphina came to Hogwarts - and was sorted into Ravenclaw, the year is rather quiet – interesting, but quiet.

Threatened by his wife, Sirius is forced to allow the relationship between Harold and Seraphina.

Harold is sixteen now, and Seraphina's mother has given him permission to woo her daughter, as she said. Harry is certain that Sirius was clenching his teeth so hard when Arthemis said that, that he heard his first godfather's jaw protest under the abuse.

Harry remembers that he feared that Sirius would have a heart attack when Arthemis announced that she had rented a villa for Seraphina and Harold for a fortnight. Then Harry - and Severus - had pointed out that it was the best - if not the only - way to make sure that the teens were really in love and could stand each other for days on end.

Harold is back from his escapade, and he is impatiently waiting for his twin, who went to the Malfoys'.

Sarina comes back through the Floo, and he immediately catches her in his arms.

He tries to lead her out of the kitchen, but she protests.

'What do you think you're doing, ‘Rold? I can chat with you later. I want to kiss Dād and Dad hello now,' she says.

'Maybe it's not such a good idea, Sar’. They're in the garden, and it's a bloody battlefield. You see, Dād cut his hair and Dad hates it,' he explains.

Sarina touches her own hair and whispers, 'Dād? His hair?'

Her brother simply nods.

She runs downstairs to the garden where Harry and Severus are in the middle of an argument.

Sarina is only a few feet away from them when she stops running. Severus's short hair looks so strange that she squeaks, and her fathers look at her.

'You promised you'd never argue again!' she says.

They both know she remembers their one and only row when Severus thought that Harry might enjoy the company of Nicolai too much.

'We're not arguing, Princess,' Harry says as he hugs her.

'We're animatedly discussing my new haircut, that's all, my Angel,' Severus adds when she slips into his welcoming arms. 'What do you think of it?'

Sarina looks at him and starts crying.

'What's wrong, my Angel?' Severus asks.

'I'm sorry, Dād, it's just too much,' she says.

Her fathers and her brother are looking at her. That is one of the few times they wish someone had taken the time to write a book to help wizards understand witches.

She knows she'll have to explain everything. 'In two years, we're going to be out of Hogwarts, and it means that for the first time in our lives we won't be together. Of course, there's James, but it's not the same. Harold has Seraphina, but I don't like her father. So, you see, Dad, your cutting your hair is a bit too much. And I don't like it!' her last word is said in a wail.

The three wizards had not realised how anxious Sarina was, and they feel guilty.

Câly brings them ice creams and says, 'Order of the Healer.'

They sit down under the cherry-tree, and Sarina ends up on Severus's lap.

'Now, don't cry in your ice cream, my Angel,' Severus says.

She smiles and hugs him.

Severus shivers, and when his daughter lets him go, his hair has the length it had when she left two weeks before.

'Sarina!' he feebly scolds her.

'Sorry, Dād, I couldn't control my magic.'

Severus smiles at her and looks at his bonded and his son. 'Do you all prefer my hair this long?'

They all nod.

'All right! Thank Merlin that we have a democratic household. I will keep it this long,' Severus announces.

Harold winks and nudges Harry; they know better than say a word. They know that Sarina is the only one who can obtain some things from Severus.


Later that day, Harry and Severus agree to owl Matthew to ask him to spy on Sarina to try to find out how afraid she is about her future. They know that Harold won't say a word, and James wouldn't betray whatever secret she might have shared with him.

Their little princess was the first to say aloud that in two years they would part.


'You know, I really do prefer your hair that long,' Harry whispers in the middle of the night.

'And you dare to say that Sarina is more linked to me,' Severus whispers back against Harry's ear.

Harry can hear Severus's smile.

They'll deal with the future tomorrow. Matthew and Osiris are coming for lunch.



To Be Continued...

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