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The Balcony Scene

Part Four

By Aeowen


Draco and Harry were walking to the Great Hall for dinner. They were approaching the doors and were about to separate and walk toward the tables of their respective house tables when they heard a shrill shriek behind them. "Draco, *what* are you doing with that filthy half-blood? Did Saint Potter put a charm on you or something?" The boys turned to find Pansy Parkinson and a few other Slytherins staring daggers at Harry and looking suspiciously at Draco.

Harry started to back off, but Draco stepped forward. "No, he didn't. And don't call him that," Draco said. All of the Slytherins blinked and a tense silence filled the hall. Ron and Hermione entered at that point and stood behind Draco and Harry. Hermione put her hand on her wand and Ron followed her example.

"What do you think you're doing mudblood?" one of the Slytherins shot at Hermione. "This doesn't concern you. Leave." Hermione took out her wand, saying, "Harry is my friend, and you're insulting him. That makes it my business, and frankly, I'm asking you as a prefect, to move on." The Slytherins scowled, but Draco spoke, looking at Harry for permission. Harry pursed his lips, and then nodded, smiling slightly. "Look, insulting Harry stops here. He and I have…come to an understanding. From now on, if you insult him you insult me." His voice dropped dangerously low. "Is that perfectly clear?" He narrowed his eyes and threw a menacing look that he had inherited from his father.

As they left, Harry looked thankfully at Ron and Hermione. Luckily, he and Draco had explained most of what had happened between them, without the details, a few days ago. It had been interesting, to say the least. Ron blinked and opened and closed his mouth like a fish. Hermione stared and blinked and then hesitantly wished them happiness, and luck. Lots of luck.

Draco let Harry do most of it, and the three Gryffindors talked for a while. Surprisingly, both Rona and Hermione ended up being relatively supportive, although still flabbergasted. Not surprisingly, Hermione offered to help with her prefect status, and Ron kept throwing furtive glances in Draco's direction and fingering his wand.

When they entered the hall, Draco still opted to sit with his house, and Harry made sure that he sat so that he could see him, although the staff was already watching for any problems.

Amazingly, dinner went well, although Draco did not look as comfortable around his housemates as he usually did. When they were leaving, Professor Dumbledore motioned for Harry and Draco to follow him. They entered the side room where Harry had initially joined the other champions at the beginning of the Tri-Wizard Tournament. He looked seriously at them. "I have received a disturbing letter from someone, who doesn't matter, that Lucius Malfoy knows about your new connection to each other. He is planning to come here tomorrow." Harry paled. "I am concerned, Draco, that he might attack you or try to remove you from the school by force. He did attack Harry in Hogwarts several years ago. Therefore, I would like to take some precautions. Draco, I would like you to stay in your new room tonight. I will arrange for suitable sleeping arrangements to be made. It's possible that one of the children of other Death Eater's will act against you. Professor Snape agrees that until he can take proper precautions, it is not safe for you. Is this acceptable to you?" Draco nodded. "Yes, that would work."

As if reading his mind, Dumbledore said, "Since it is not necessary, Harry, please do not join him tonight. I would like both of you to be in my office tomorrow morning after breakfast. I believe that would be the best place for Lucius Malfoy to confront you. Is this agreed?" The boys nodded, giving each other a brief goodnight kiss before parting.


The next morning, Draco and Harry followed Professor Dumbledore to his office. He had just offered them tea when the door opened and an angry Lucius Malfoy strode in, cane in hand. When he saw his son sitting next to Harry, his face tightened. "So, it's true. You've joined up with Potter. I demand that you leave him at once and return to the manor with me immediately."

Draco met his father's eyes. "No father. I don't want to."

"I will not have you disgracing me, boy. You will obey me…Or do I have to take you to someone who will be more than happy to teach you a lesson?" The threat of taking Draco to Voldemort hung in the air.

Dumbledore spoke, "Lucius, if you would, please, sit. We should discuss this."

"There is nothing to discuss," Malfoy senior spat. "He is my heir, and he *will* obey me." He grabbed Draco by the shoulder and hauled him up. Draco tried to lash out, but his father had pinned his wrists behind his back.

Harry jumped up and yelled, "Get your hands off of him! He doesn't belong to you!"

"Bloodlines and lineage would contradict that statement Mr. Potter."

"Draco is a human being and he belongs to no one," Harry ground out in a low tone.

Dumbledore held up his hands. "Lucius, I really must agree with Mr. Potter on this one. Draco is underage, but he does have the right to stay here should he desire it." He looked Draco in the eyes. Draco's eyes widened.

"I, I want to stay here. With Harry. Let me go, father. Please."

Mr. Malfoy's face contorted with rage and threw Draco across the room and into a display case, shattering the glass. The case in question happened to be holding the sword of Godric Gryffindor and it fell, nearly piercing the blonde boy. With Seeker reflexes, Harry caught the sword and stood over his boyfriend protectively.

The headmaster spoke, his angry tone unmistakable. "I must ask you to leave, Lucius. This matter will be discussed with the board of governors." Malfoy took one more look at his son's limp form and the sword in Harry's hand, and stormed out of the office.

They were silent for a moment, and then Harry dropped the sword and knelt next to Draco. "You ok, love?" The blonde opened an eye blearily. "That's the first time you've called me that." He smiled at the concerned face hovering above him and then looked at Dumbledore, who was also kneeling next to him.

"I think a visit to the hospital wing is an order. I will go with you. And don't worry, your father is gone. Can you stand and walk?" Draco hesitated and slowly got up with Harry's help. Some blood began to dribble down his chin. Harry did a simple healing spell on it.

Harry worried about being seen like this. Draco wouldn't want to appear weak, but the headmaster, it seemed, had already anticipated that. He led them through a small side door just outside of his office. This led to a passage and stairs, and they suddenly found themselves in front of the hospital wing with Madame Pomfrey worriedly waiting for them to arrive. Harry looked back as the passage. There was no way they had walked all of that distance.

Madame Pomfrey ushered Draco to the first bed and began to cluck over him, much like she did over Harry every time he was injured. The two boys sat next to each other on the bed and Dumbledore sat on an adjacent one. Harry spoke up. "Sir? What will happen now? Summer is coming. Draco can't possibly go home!"

"Yes, well, we will protect Draco from his family, even if it means hiding him here or elsewhere. Still, there are witnesses to Lucius Malfoy throwing Draco across the room, and seeing that Draco is still underage, that makes the act child abuse. It will be difficult though. We all know how much sway your father has, Draco, in the Ministry. But don't worry; I won't let him come after you." Dumbledore smiled at the blonde who managed a weak smile and then buried his head in Harry's shoulder.

Harry was taken aback at this, seeing the Draco had never done anything with him in public before, but he put his arm around the blonde and stroked his hair.

"Now," said Dumbledore, "Do you feel, Draco that you could return to classes this afternoon after, say, a refreshing bath and a cup of hot chocolate?" Harry snorted. How often had he had similar advice from the headmaster over the years?

"Yes, sir, I can."

"Good, now I believe that this afternoon you have potions together, yes? Well that is settled then. Draco, do I have your permission to briefly explain what has transpired to Professor Snape? As the head of your house, he should know about this." Draco nodded. "Good, then I will see the two of you at dinner, and I will inform you both of any pertinent information regarding Draco's father. Now go relax for two hours. But make sure you make it to class."

The boys nodded, and once Madame Pomfrey had given Draco a satisfactory evaluation, they walked back to their room. Harry stopped short when they entered. He had almost forgotten that Draco had spent the previous night there. A dorm-sized four poster bed sat in what appeared to be a new enclave in the room designed specifically to fit the new piece of furniture. Draco watched him. "There's a bathtub now, too." Harry walked into the bathroom and saw that the room had been expanded to support a nice sized bathtub.

He bent down to look at some words engraved next to the tap. They read, "Say what it is you want." He blinked and shrugged. --Sure, why wouldn't it work that way. Dumbledore had it put in.-- Then aloud he said, "I would like a hot relaxing bath." Immediately, he tub began to fill with hot water that scented faintly of lavender and was covered in bubbles.

Harry walked back out into the room to fetch Draco. The blonde hadn't moved from his spot and his eyes weren't focused. --Uh oh, this is bad,-- Harry thought. "Draco? Why don't you come with me? I've started the bath going. It'll feel good, I promise." He gently pulled Draco into the bathroom and helped him out of his clothes. The bath was full by then, and Harry helped the blonde into the tub and sat him down.

"Hold on Dray, I'll be right there." Harry quickly stripped and eased himself into the water and sat behind Draco with his legs on either side of him. Luckily, the tub was quite large and easily accommodated both of them. Harry leaned back and nudged Draco down until all of his body was below the water. He wrapped his arms around the blonde's waist and gently stroked some of the soft skin there with his thumb.

Draco let his head fall back onto Harry's chest and closed his eyes. And then the tears fell. They slipped out from under his light colored lashes and down his face. Harry tightened his arms and rocked him from side to side. Words wouldn't help Draco at this point, perhaps this would.

Finally, Draco's breathing stabilized and Harry stopped, staying still while Draco slept. He realized that he was still rubbing his stomach and stopped that too. Suddenly, Draco mumbled, "Don't stop, felt good."

"I thought you were asleep. Didn't want to disturb you."

"You can't disturb me. Not any more anyways."

"Darn, and I was trying so hard, too." Draco smiled, lighting Harry's heart. "You want to stay here for now? This tub seems to be keeping the water hot."

"Yeah, it feels good. My father makes me feel so cold….He's so cold. I don't want to be cold like him."

"Then stay here, with me, Draco. And you're not cold…hell, I think you're hot." He placed a kiss on the blonde's head and Draco snorted.

"Let's not talk about it right now, ok? I know, I know. I'm not avoiding the issue, Harry, I just…I don't want to think about it at the moment."

"Ok. I understand. We've got and hour and half until potions. What do you want to do?"

"Stay here in your comfortable arms until Snape comes to drag us out?"

"I'm not sure I want Snape to see me in the bathtub…though it would be amusing," Harry conceded. "Got a second choice?"

Draco wiggled his bottom against Harry's groin. "I've got one I think you'll like, Harry." --Oops,-- Harry thought. "Um, sorry about that, Draco. I was trying not to…but, I mean, I just, you know…" Draco giggled. "You're so cute when you're shy in bed, you know that, Harry? It's ok, honestly. I'd be surprised if your body *didn't* react." Harry smiled sheepishly. He felt that it was rather inappropriate to have a hard-on when his boyfriend desperately needed comfort.

Draco sighed and leaned back again. Beneath the water, he brought Harry's hand down and placed it on his semi-erect cock. "Would you?" he asked, meeting emerald eyes. Harry smiled and kissed Draco's lips. He pushed Draco's head back onto his chest and began to play with the blonde's cock. He ran his fingers over the tip, resulting in a full erection. He then started to fist his prick, his other hand gently playing with his nipples. Draco's breaths quickened and he squirmed under Harry's hands.

Harry drew out his Draco's orgasm, keeping him just below the threshold. When Draco was practically arching out of his arms, Harry stopped completely, despite a whine of protest. He pulled Draco's legs up and rested them on the sides of the tub so that he was completely open, though still covered by the warm water. Harry kissed his cheek, and ran his hand down his chest and rested on his inner thigh. He licked his ear and started to pump Draco's cock again. Draco shivered as Harry other hand strayed down into his cleft, seeking out Draco's opening.

"Yess…" Draco hissed. "Please." Harry's finger circled his opening and ran over it, making the blonde buck down. Finally, the raven-haired boy slipped a single finger into Draco. He waited for Draco to relax around him, and then began to move the digit around, twisting and moving in and out, setting a moderate rhythm that matched his fist pumping the blonde's cock.

Harry could feel Draco's imminent orgasm and sped up. He latched his teeth onto the other boy's neck, worrying the soft flesh between his teeth. Draco closed his eyes and let loose a howl, and came while arching up into Harry's hand.

Harry suddenly realized that he himself was close to orgasm. He had been so intent upon making Draco forget about his father that he hadn't even noticed his own body's signals. Harry moved his hips in a circle once and came, spurting some seed beneath the water.

Harry wrapped his arms around Draco's waist protectively.

"Feeling better? Less…tense?"

"Hmm…thank you." After a few minutes of what passed as post-orgasm cuddling in the tub, Harry nudged him up. "We've got a bit before potions. Want to eat?" They gingerly got out of the tub and found two plush bath robes just outside of the bathroom door. Two trays of food were on the desk. "Dumbledore takes care of everything, doesn't he?" said Draco. "Well, the house elves do at least," Harry replied. They sat down, eating quickly before trudging to the dungeons for double potions.

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