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This fic is about Harry Potter and Severus Snape falling in love and, in the end,

in the same bed. If you do not like the concept, do not read further...


Chapter Thirty-Six - New Lives

By DrusillaDax


Sometime before Seraphina sits for her N.E.W.Ts, Harold stops teasing his twin for the number of pads of paper and rolls of parchment she fills.

First, Seraphina is so tense that Harold spends a lot of time soothing her, and then, James points out that Harold's writing requires nearly as much paper and parchment as Sarina's creations.

Sarina spends the following summer with her fathers, her elder brother and the Malfoys, while Harold spends most of his summer in his house in Edinburgh, sharing his time between redecoration, writing and some "Seraphina-worshipping", before his girlfriend goes and travels around the world for almost a year.

When they're all back to school, the twins are taken by a whirlwind.

They have some more work to do on their respective projects.

They've got to help their groups with revisions. If James is extremely quiet - certainly thanks to Sarina's magic - and Terry rather calm - because he's tutoring Hadrian Ode and the boy is already showing some traits of his adopted father - the three Gryffindor Weasleys are emotional wrecks. Harold helps them with their assignments while Sarina's quiet presence soothes them.

By Easter break, Sarina has been granted permission by the Ministry of Magic (actually, it's Arthur Weasley who signed every bit of parchment she needed in the blink of an eye) to buy an old theatre even though she's still underage. She's got permission to hire wizarding and Muggle technicians, who are going to work together for her. Sarina really means to bring the best of both worlds together in her theatre.

Severus and Harry become listeners to the daily evening reading that takes place in the Slytherin common room. Sarina is training the future members of her company thanks to those readings. Any Slytherin from Severus's time at school visiting the common room would certainly have a heart attack. The heirs of the serpent are among the happiest and most cheerful students, and house rivalry, even with the Gryffindors, has turned into something positive. They all want to be the best and impress their teachers. The latest "prank" in Hogwarts ended up with the guilty Hufflepuff being offered an apprenticeship with Professor Sprout!

Of course, Sarina and Harold have known for a long time that they would obtain top grades in all the subjects they chose for their N.E.W.Ts. The Potter-Snape twins have a bet going on on the results of James Malfoy and the four male Weasleys.

Sarina bet on James - of course.

Harold bet on Terry - of course.

Sarina wins, much to her fathers' delight, because the look on Harold's face when he's told the results and they take a wizarding picture that is nearly as good as the one they have of Matthew when he opened his door the first time he celebrated his birthday as a Templeton-Snape.

Sarina didn't bet Galleons, instead her brother will have to help her with the first play she's going to produce.

At one point, Terry feels like abandoning the Magnificent Seven, but a private chat with Draco convinces the young wizard that drowning in work is just what he needs before anything can happen between him and Hadrian. In consequence, Terrence Weasley becomes Sarina's administrator.

Sarina hires a Muggle director, who is absolutely delighted with all the possibilities that the wizarding world bring into her creations.

Just before Severus and Harry go back to Hogwarts in September, The Nexus opens.

As people walk through its doors, they stop noticing what their neighbours do, say or wear. Thanks to a strong permanent spell, Muggle and wizarding people stand side by side without staring at one another.

Sarina has chosen her family's favourite play to begin the season. In Much Ado About Nothing, she is Hero, and James is Claudio. With a little coaxing, and Seraphina losing a bet to Sarina, Harold plays Benedick, and his girlfriend becomes Beatrice.

Matthew feared that no one on his team would be objective enough to write a review of his baby sister's first production, so he decided to publish the comments of the audience - and Sarina would still be blushing two weeks after the first representation.

To say that it's a success would be a pitiful understatement.

While they're celebrating, Arthemis Ally suggests that it might be time to plan a certain wedding. Seraphina and Harold grin widely, and announce that they'll do just that - the next summer. Happily for Sirius, Poppy is in the lobby with them when he chokes on an olive.


Harold and Seraphina now live in Edinburgh.

The Malfoys sent an owl to Harry and Severus to warn them that James had emptied his room, and that they knew he was settling down in Sarina's house in Hogsmeade.

The two fathers know that, like themselves, James and Sarina are soulmates. It's weird for them to see their little princess grow up, but they are extremely fond of James, and they are happy for them.

The twins are not there that first night after the Sorting when Severus and Harry start reading a new book to their Slytherins. Severus and Harry are very tired when they walk back to their quarters.

Both fathers practically jump to the ceiling when Sarina comes out of the bathroom and hands them her comb so that they help her with her hair. She tells them about her day and the evening performance, and she asks about the Sorting. When her hair is combed, dried and braided, she goes to sleep in her room in the dungeons.

The next morning, she's gone even before Severus or Harry is up. When they join the high table in the Great Hall, Jules takes a good look at them and laughs softly.

'She didn't warn you, did she?' Jules says.

Severus and Harry shake their heads. No, their angel hadn't told them that her soulmate would go and live in her house while she would stay with them in Hogwarts.

'Can she do that?' Harry asks.

'She is your daughter and isn't married or bonded or whatever. It's not forbidden for her to stay with you. James and Sarina are meant to be together, but not just yet. Sarina is extraordinary, but she needs time to change things in her life. When she's used to her new work, I'm sure that she'll move into Hogsmeade,' Jules says. He leans towards Harry and whispers, 'You won't be able to do naughty things with your husband before she leaves.'

'What makes you think that I'm not already doing naughty things with my husband at night?' Harry whispers back.

'Ah! That explains the way you look in the morning,' Jules teases him.

Harry leans even closer to Jules and says in the Headmaster's ear, 'Look who's talking.'

Jules looks at his DADA teacher, the man who contributed to saving the wizarding world, the man who looked so lost when he slept on his sofa in his Parisian flat decades ago, the man who made his best friend happy, and who wished miraculous children... Jules looks at Harry and pecks his cheek. Harry reads Jules's thoughts in his eyes, and he pecks him back.

The students don't even say one word about that.

The next generations of witches and wizards are weaving new dimensions to magic.


When Harold and Seraphina decide on a date for their wedding in early July, Sarina is staying in Oxford with her fathers.

Severus and Harry let her be.

They Apparate together where Severus and Harry got married before their friends.

All their friends are already there, Arthemis and Sirius are chatting with Remus, who is still extremely cold towards his former best friend, and Jules is waiting on the sacred stone.

The young couple Apparates, and they can start.

Before he activates the wards, Jules turns to Sirius and coldly says, 'I hope you do not mean to disrupt this ceremony, Mr Ally.'

Sirius shakes his head.

The two sets of parents give their children away, Terry Weasley is Harold's witness, and Irma Pince is Seraphina's.

Sirius is still not happy that his only child is in love with Snape's son, but Harold is also James and Lily Potter's grandson, and Sirius clings to that idea.

The young couple's house is too small to hold their friends and families, so they all go to Templeton-Snape Hall, where the elves are ecstatic about the wedding party.

Some of them even wish to have the opportunity to take care of Miss Sarina's wedding party.

James Malfoy blushes deeply when he hears them.


Two weeks after Harold and Seraphina's wedding, Sarina and James announce to their parents that they have agreed to get married on the following year, on July 15th.

By the end of the year, when The Nexus is on hiatus between plays, James stays with the Potter-Snapes in Oxford.

Severus and Harry agreed that they should give their children the opportunity to chat with them.

Severus goes shopping with Sarina and Ginny on the continent.

Harry is busy in the Oxonian kitchen with James.

'Thank you, Harry,' James finally says, as he follows the instructions given by his future father-in-law.

Harry takes the young wizard in his arms.

He waits for James to ask what he wants to know.

James takes a deep breath, opens his mouth, looks at Harry, and closes his mouth.

After five minutes of silence, Harry says, 'Don't think of me as Sarina's father. Talk to me as your old Uncle Harry.'

A dam breaks, and James pours all his fears into Harry's willing ear. He tells him that he's afraid. James Malfoy is afraid because he's never more than kiss the witch he loves, and in six months, they're going to be married.

Gryffindor Harry blushes a bit, but he's happy that he's the one who stayed with James.

'James, I'd only had a handful of kisses when I bonded with Severus,' he says.

'Yes, but he knew what he was doing.'

Harry reflects that James has a point.

Harry opens his heart and tells James how he fell for Severus. He tells the tale of their first kiss, of the spell against Voldemort, of their bonding, of their first time together.

'Of course, it's different from your life, but there's no reason to be afraid. Even if your first time isn't perfect, you'll have over a century to practice,' Harry says.

James hugs him.

It's almost disturbing to see that Malfoy so sensible.

James has grown to look a bit like his grandfather, on the Malfoy side. James could pass for Lucius, except that he's got Ginny's kindness showing through his eyes, and the warmth that Draco discovered when he fell in love for the Weasley witch.

'I have an idea. Do you trust me?' Harry asks.

James nods.

Harry calls Harold through the Floo, and he comes in Oxford as soon as Câly puts the cauldron of bouillabaisse away.

Harry hugs his son.

'Have a chat with James. It's for your sister's happiness,' Harry whispers in Harold's ear.

With those words, Harry goes out to buy chocolates for the children, and calissons for Severus, who still doesn't like chocolate.

Harold is gone when Harry comes back home, but the hug he receives shows that Harold succeeded in calming some of James's fears.

Sarina, Severus, and even Ginny, can spot that something happened, but they feel that they won't be told what it is.

They have Yule to plan, and details about the wedding to take care of.

If it's important, they'll eventually find out.

Right now, Câly is smiling, Hedwig is nodding on the widow-sill, and Leila is purring in James's arms.

Life is good and their biggest worry is the list of guests to invite to the wedding next summer.



To Be Continued...

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