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The Balcony Scene

Part Five

By Aeowen


Potions, remarkably, was not as bad as usual, at least in Harry's opinion. The potions master seemed to be taking it easy on both he and Draco. The blonde received several questioning looks from the other students, both for being absent for most of the day and for the few scratches on his face and hands.

Snape, though, barely blinked, and merely continued as normal but without the usual snide remarks in Harry's direction. Ironically, or perhaps because of the day's events, they were making a moderate-level healing potion that would "take care of injuries both internal and external that are common to uncontrolled youth," as Snape snidely put it. Each student drank some and Draco's scratches completely vanished.

The rest of the day passed without incident. Apparently, Professor Snape had assigned two Slytherins whom he trusted to watch over Draco during the general passing of the day. He had yet to devise a way to protect the young Malfoy at night, and so Dumbledore asked him to stay another night in their room.

When Draco had already headed back to the room, Harry spoke with the headmaster. "Sir, I was wondering. Would it be ok for me to spend the night with Draco?" He blushed and stammered, "I mean, sleep in the room, too? He's still pretty shaken about today and I think he would, um, appreciate not being alone." Dumbledore looked at him for a moment, and then assented.

Harry gave the password and quietly opened the door and slipped in. Draco was thoroughly absorbed in reading in an armchair. Harry tiptoed behind him and slid his hands onto the blonde's shoulders and down his chest. Draco's head fell back. "Harry," he murmured, "what are you doing here? I hate to be the responsible Gryffindor in this relationship, but you shouldn't be here."

"It's ok, love. Dumbledore said it would be ok if I stayed here tonight. To…comfort you. To, keep you company," Harry replied between kisses to Draco's ears and neck.

"Hm, that's good. Because I wasn't planning on letting you go any time soon." His arms snaked up and pulled Hary down by his neck for a long slow kiss.

As Harry stared to lick his way down to Draco's collar bone, he murmured, "Clothes. We should get them off. Now." They broke apart and Draco pulled Harry to the bed where they fell into each other, their kisses broken only when necessary to removed clothing. Finally, they were completely naked, lying on their sides kissing and caressing each other.

They both knew where they were heading. Blue-grey eyes met emerald orbs. Draco spoke. "Will you…I want you inside of me, Harry. Please?" Harry saw the insecurity in those eyes, a past of hurt. And Draco, looking at those green eyes, saw the same.

Harry kissed his boyfriend, slowing increasing the passion, his hands mapping out the pale flesh beneath them. He then moved down, tracing every curve, every shadow of bone, every sensitive area of skin with his lips, teeth, and tongue. By the time he had made it to Draco's toes, the blonde was writhing beneath him. Harry turned Draco over and then did the same to his back, stopping along the way to deposit extra kisses nips on his sensitive spots: the backs of his knees, his upper thighs, the small of his back.

Harry went to the bathroom and retrieved a bottle of lotion. Draco was still on the bed on his stomach, and Harry had to stop and admire the beautiful sight he made. "You're really beautiful, you know that?" "Hmm." Harry ran his hands over Draco's back and then turned him over and lay down, spreading himself over the blonde's body.

They both moaned at the sudden contact, and they ground their erections together while they kissed. Harry pulled back and brushed some stray blond hairs from Draco's face. He caressed Draco's cheek, saying, "I'm going to make love to you now, Draco. I'll be gentle." Draco smiled. "Well, it's about time, Harry." He grinned and reached up to pull Harry down for a kiss.

Harry opened the bottle of lotion and poured some out on his hand. He looked at Draco who promptly spread his legs and lifted his knees, giving Harry full access to the lower part of his body. Harry rubbed the lotion around on his hands, making it warmer, and then slowly rubbed some around Draco's hole.

The blonde arched a bit and sighed. Harry smiled and looked up; his jaw dropped. Draco was running his pales fingers over his chest, concentrating on his nipples and sides, and ending at the tuft of blonde hair above his penis before coming back up again. "See anything you like, Harry?" he said, licking his lips.

"You shouldn't do that, Dray."

"Why not?" Draco pouted.

"Because, I might just give up control and fuck you right now." Harry pushed his finger into Draco's opening a bit to make his point. Draco gasped. "Yes…" When he had recovered, Draco quirked his eyebrows in response. "Keep going, Harry."

Harry pushed in two fingers and twisted them a bit, eliciting more gasps from the blonde above him. He put some lotion on Draco's cock and then his own. When he thought that Draco was ready, Harry threw the bottle off the bed, which was followed by the sound of shattering glass. "Oops. We'll get that later," Harry shrugged. Draco giggled, "I love it when you're wanton," and pulled him up for another kiss.

Harry put a pillow beneath Draco's hips and pushed his legs further apart and lifted them up. "Comfortable?" Draco nodded. Harry braced his hands on either side of his boyfriend's shoulders and positioned himself between Draco's legs and slowly moved in. When the head of his cock was past the ring of muscle, he paused. At Draco's nod, he continued until he was completely sheathed inside of Draco.

For a few moments, neither boy moved or said anything. It had taken them so long to get to this point, so long to get past everything that had ever stood between them, that it seemed almost fragile. Finally, Draco wriggled a little, pulling a sudden hiss from Harry. Draco stopped and stared at his boyfriend. "Did you just swear in parseltongue?" "Um, yes? I didn't mean to, it slips out sometimes." Draco burst out laughing and covered his eyes with his hand.

"I'm sorry, Draco, I swear, it just, just comes out sometimes when I'm emotional or something," Harry pleaded.

"It's ok, honestly, I just wasn't expecting it. What did you say, anyway?"

"Um, 'fuck yes,' basically."

Draco giggled and then kissed Harry. "You should realize that *I* certainly won't have a problem with snake language…" Draco flicked his tongue tantalizingly over Harry's lips.

Harry breathed in deeply, and then started to move. He pulled out all of the way and then thrust slowly back in. he repeated this a few times until he hit the spot that made Draco arch completely off of the bed. Once Harry had the angle, he started to thrust in and out of the blonde boy beneath him, increasing the speed and strength of his thrusts.

"Fuck, Draco. You're so tight! So hot, you have no idea…" Harry was in heaven. Draco's heat engulfed him and he was quickly losing control. Draco wasn't helping either. He arched up, wriggled, and thrust up, meeting Harry half-way.

"You're so big, Harry. Keep going. Take me. Faster." Draco was moaning now and both boys were panting. Harry took hold of Draco's cock and rubbed his hand up and down. Draco's hand joined his, and together they pumped him, keeping their eyes locked. Their clasped fingers brought the blonde to climax. Draco shuddered, spilling his seed over their joined hands and stomachs.

As Draco's ass clenched around Harry cock, he slammed in one more time and froze, screaming his completion. Draco moaned as he felt Harry's seed spill into him.

Harry pulled out, trying not to hurt Draco, and collapsed on top of him. For a few minutes, they caught their breaths. Harry rolled off of him and reached for his wand. A quick cleaning spell took care of their bodies, the bed, and the floor. Draco pulled the blankets up and covered them and Harry pulled him into a strong hug.

Harry met Draco's eyes. "Thank you for giving me that, Draco."

Draco caressed Harry's cheek. "I think I love you."

"I know. I love you, too." Harry smiled and pulled the blonde closer.

Draco sighed and then giggled. "I still can't believe you swore at me in parsletongue. Talk about a unique first time experience."

"What? Are you saying you liked it, Draco?" Harry teased. "Hmm. Maybe I should use it more often when we're together…" Draco smiled and giggled again. He sighed and snuggled into Harry's arms.

Thoughts of what had occurred earlier in the day flashed through Harry's mind and he pulled Draco closer to him. At least he was safe for now. Now all they had to do was keep out of danger while in Hogwarts and figure out a way to defeat Voldemort. Sounded like something to save for tomorrow.

"Hey Draco, we'll figure this stuff out, ok? You'll be safe. Dumbledore will figure out something."

"You know, I'm more worried about you, Harry. You're the one on the top of Voldemort's list." Draco caressed Harry's face and then rubbed the mark he still had on his neck from earlier.

Sigh. "I know. But don't worry about me, seriously. I've survived so far. And that four times, by the way. Looks like I'm destined to live…So you'll just have to put up with me for longer. Ha." Harry grinned as Draco stuck his tongue out and darted out to lick it with his own tongue.

They kissed for a while before settling down again into each other's arms. Harry and Draco closed their eyes, protectively covering each other as they fell asleep. Soon the only sound was of slow measured breathing.

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