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This fic is about Harry Potter and Severus Snape falling in love and, in the end,

in the same bed. If you do not like the concept, do not read further...


Chapter Thirty-One - Hogwarts' Owls

By DrusillaDax


Life goes on for the Potter-Snapes. It's rather quiet, even if the twins' interest for everything Muggle has seriously increased.

The school year just ended, and Sarina and Harold are now eleven.

Jules has decided not to spoil the twins' fun, and instead of giving them their Hogwarts' letters before they leave for Oxford through the Floo, he'll have an owl deliver the parchments.

Jules is ready to bet that the owl, which he will use to send the letters, is going to be angry with him because it will certainly have to fly to France, where the Potter-Snapes are going on holidays.

Sarina and Harold Floo back to their house, and Severus and Harry Apparate.

'Where do you want to have lunch?' Câly asks.

She knows what they're going to answer, but it's one of their rituals upon their coming back home. She asks where they want to eat, and they invariably go under the cherry tree.

They're having vanilla ice cream when Sarina asks the first question that the twins have meant to ask for some hours now.

'How will we join the Malfoys in Provence?' she wonders.

Her fathers haven't been mentioning Portkeys, and the trip would be a long one through the Floo - besides, the international connections are not good since the French and British Floo systems aren't exactly operating in the same way.

Harry chuckles and lets Severus tell the twins what they've planned.

'We thought you would like to experience Muggle travel. We're going to take the train to London, then we'll board the Eurostar to Paris, where we'll spend a week. We'll take a plane from Paris to Marseilles, and Draco will meet us with a car and drive us to the villa,' Severus says.

'Do you think that you can help us in French shops when we're in Paris?' Harry asks his children.

Harold is nodding enthusiastically.

Sarina is opening and closing her mouth.

Her fathers know that they've made the right decision. It's the first time that they're planning such a trip - usually, they prefer spending quiet weeks in Oxford - but they feel like beginning to show the world to their youngest children. The prior summers, Severus and Harry were reluctant to leave their haven, but now that the twins are officially on the Hogwarts' list of students, the children could use magic if they found themselves in a dangerous situation without the Ministry objecting. Besides, both fathers considered that even though their children are extremely powerful, gifted, and fascinating, they're young, and it's only this year that the twins will really be able to enjoy what their fathers can give them.

'Really?' Sarina finally manages to ask.

'Yes, my Angel,' Severus confirms.

She starts clapping her hands, transforms into her Animagus form and jumps into Severus's arms. The kitten that she now is licks his cheeks and purrs loudly.

'Sar'!' he feebly scolds her.

She transforms back and sitting on Severus's lap, she grabs Harry's robes, and when he's close enough, she wraps her arms around Harry's neck.

Harry's position is extremely awkward. He's balancing his chair towards Severus and Sarina, his daughter is clinging to him, and Severus is caressing his arm with the hand that's not holding Sarina.

'Thank you!' she purrs.

'When do we leave?' Harold asks.

'Tomorrow morning,' Severus says.

'Oh!' Sarina exclaims, tightening her grip on Harry's neck. 'Can I go and shop at Blackwell?'

'Of course, Princess. Would you like to shop alone this time?' Severus says.

'Would you let me?' the little witch wonders.

'You're a big girl, now,' Harry declares.

Sarina looks at her fathers and her brother. She bites her bottom lip and her brows are knitting a silent question. Finally, she smiles and says, 'Yes! It would be fun! I'd like to go alone.'

'Please,' Harold says.

His sister and fathers turn to him, just in time to notice that he was addressing the cherry tree, and not them. A handful of bright cherries fall directly into his bowl of ice cream, and it makes them all laugh.

After lunch, Sarina dresses in Muggle clothes, and Harry gives her a magical purse.

'You'll find the amount of pounds you need in it when you open it,' Severus says.

'We had a Gringotts' Goblin key it to the vault we opened for you,' Harry explains.

'A vault for 'Rold and me?' Sarina asks, her eyes shining with excitement.

Severus chuckles and says, 'No, Angel. Harold has a vault, and you have one too.'

'Oh! Thank you!' she purrs. 'Could I?' her voice trails off.

'Princess?' Harry says, leaning towards her.

She blushes.

Harry tickles her.

'Stop it, Dad!' she says between giggles.

'Then tell us what you want to know,' he answers.

'Well, last summer I saw a book I'd like to read on our trip, but it's seven pounds something,' she says, her blush deepening.

Harry and Severus trade a look, and the official Slytherin of the two answers, 'You have twenty pounds in your purse.'

'That much!' she shouts.

Her fathers tell her that if she wants to empty her purse, she can. They can see something pass through her eyes.

Severus gives her a watch and declares, 'It's half past one, Angel. I want you to be back home in two hours. It should be enough for a first shopping session on your own. Agreed?'

'Yes, Dād,' she says.

The three walk her to the door. The corridor resumes its Muggle aspect when she touches the door handle.

'Two hours,' insists Harry.

'Yes, Dad!' she says, rolling her eyes. 'I have my purse, my watch, my key. I know who I am and where we live. If anything weird happens, I transform and run back to safety, and if someone bothers me, I freeze that person.'

They let her go, and turn towards Harold.

'Are you sure you don't want to go?' Harry asks again.

'Er... Actually, Dad,' Harold begins.

'Tell us, Darling,' Severus encourages him.

'I... I know that there's a cricket game on telly today. Could I?' the young wizard's voice trails off once more.

'You want to Floo to Hogwarts,' Harry says.

Harold nods.

His fathers trade a look.

'Dād, Dad... The only shopping I'm looking forward to is the one we're going to do for Hogwarts. But the game was mentioned even in The Magical Times, and I'd really like to watch it. Can I?' Harold asks.

His fathers smile, and they agree to let him go if he goes to the Headmaster's office first to ask him permission to go to the Muggle Studies classroom.

In the wink of an eye, their son is gone.

Harry laughs softly.

'His interest for cricket is so cute!' Harry says.

'Do you understand the game, Darling?'

'I have vague memories of the rules, but I bet our son could explain it better.'

'I would have guessed that he'd be a tremendous Quidditch fan,' Severus says.

'As long as he's having fun, and learns to fly properly, it's not important. I'll hex the first to influence him because of my, or my dad's, Quidditch abilities,' Harry declares.

'Mother hen!' Severus teases him.

Harry tries to glare, but chuckles instead.

'Oi! Severus! They're our babies!'

Severus chuckles in his turn.

'We'll have to tell them about their Gringotts' accounts,' Harry points out.

'Maybe we could gradually tell them how much we're giving them,' Severus says, playing with one rebellious lock of his husband's hair.

'They'll never be awful brats, even if they know how rich we and - in consequence - they are.'

'Did you see how Sarina reacted when I lied to her and pretended that she had twenty pounds? Shouldn't we have them get used to the world outside before we tell them that we're richer than the average Hogwarts' teachers?' Severus suggests.

'I hate it when you're right,' Harry pretends to growl.

Severus laughs softly and pecks his husband's cheek.

'Maybe we could raise their monthly allowance significantly to get them used to dealing with more Galleons,' Harry says.

'I think it's a good idea.'

'Tell me, Professor Snape, our daughter is shopping in Muggle Oxford with an enchanted purse that acts as a Location charm, and she's being followed by our house-elf. Our son is glued to a television screen,' Harry doesn't end his sentence.

'Are you, Professor Potter, telling me not too subtly, that we have the house all to ourselves for about one hour and a half?' Severus whispers in Harry's ear.

Harry grins cheekily and nods.

Severus laughs heartily, takes Harry's hand, and drags his husband to their bedroom.

Severus closes the door behind them, wards their intimacy, and leans against the door.

Harry can decipher his bonded's body language, and he knows that Severus is about to pounce.

'Merlin! I love you so much!' Harry murmurs.

Only Harry has the ability to make Severus feel as if his heart were wrapped in pure love.

Severus extends the hand on which he wears his two wedding bands, and Harry clasps it.

They sigh with happiness.

Severus pecks Harry's lips, licks his bottom lip, and manages to deepen their kiss. Even through their teacher robes, they can feel each other's arousal.

Still kissing Harry, Severus begins to divest him of his clothes.

Severus doesn't use magic. If there's one thing that the years they've spent without using magic to make love because of the wards monitoring the twins have taught them, it's that undressing each other without spells or charms can be extremely pleasant. Naked foreplay is delicious, but pre-teasing while undressing became an art.

When Harry finds himself shirtless, he begins to retaliate on his husband.

Soon they're both naked.

Their waltz to the bed ends when Severus's knees hit its side, and he sits down on it.

Harry looks at his lover and straddles him.

Harry leans on his husband, aligns their pricks and kisses him.

Severus caresses Harry's back and they both moan.

Harry rubs his prick against Severus's, and Severus grabs Harry's buttocks and kneads them.

Harry growls, breaks their kiss, and summons a phial of lubricant. He kisses his way down Severus's chest and slithers onto the floor. Harry is kneeling between Severus's open legs.

Harry feels that Severus has let all his guards down. He's lying on their bed, feet planted on the floor, arms open. He hasn't tied his hair, and waits for Harry to make love to him.

Harry caresses Severus's flat stomach and draws feathery circles around his navel.

Such a wave of love flows through Harry that he decides to use spells that will mostly benefit Severus. He places tender kisses on Severus's thighs and whispers the spells against his lover's skin.

'Gods, I love you so,' Harry says.

Severus slightly pushes himself off the mattress and cups Harry's cheek. It's a very brief caress, but the magic in his bands spark off love and tenderness, and Harry feels as if he'll drill a hole in the mattress if he doesn't do something with his bonded very soon.

Severus leans back, Harry prepares himself and goes on to the next stage of his plan.

Harry relaxes his throat and swallows Severus's dick inch by inch.

"My Slytherin is purring," Harry thinks, which makes him grin around his lover's dick.

'Harry!' growls Severus.

As slowly and carefully as if he were working on something both rare and dangerous, Harry swirls his tongue around Severus's pulsing shaft. He gives him head enthusiastically.

One of the spells that Harry used on Severus allows him to climb higher and higher, enjoying the road to climax. Harry could go on giving him head for a bit longer, but Professor Potter has another agenda. Swiftly, Harry releases the delicious member he was sucking, climbs back onto the bed, and impales himself on Severus, who gasps with surprise.

When they look at each other, Harry wears a cheeky grin. He loves it when Severus doesn't guess what Harry plans. From Severus's look, Harry can tell that he was certain that he'd put the lubricant on his own shaft, and hadn't prepared himself to be taken.

Harry rides Severus for a few moments, but he finds that this is not enough. Today, he wants more.

Another of the spells Harry used begins to make Severus feel extremely horny.

Growling, Severus grabs Harry's hips and makes Harry roll under him. Soon, Severus is going to feel insatiable, and he's going to pound into Harry till the rising wave of orgasm reaches its peak and makes Severus fill his beloved with his seed.

What Harry had not expected, but is not unwelcome, is that Severus slips out of him, positions him on all fours, and fills him again. That position allows Severus to go deeper, and Harry doesn't complain about the change of plan.

Harry is enjoying the ride, and when Severus's hand grabs his prick, Harry yells his love and shoots his seed on the white sheet. Severus's strength is all that keeps Harry on his hands and knees. When Severus surrenders and climaxes, he crashes on Harry, who finds himself trapped between the bed and his lover.

'Don't move,' Harry begs, slightly turning his face towards Severus.

A veil of black hair almost completely hides Severus's smile, but Harry feels the peck of his husband's lips on his neck.

Harry falls asleep, sated and happy.

Severus wraps one arm around Harry's torso and intertwines their fingers so that their bands are in contact.

Harry looks so content. He's so gorgeous.

Severus breathes his scent and falls asleep on Harry's back.


The cricket match had to be stopped because of a terrible storm, so Harold has a cup of tea with his uncle Jules, and he goes back home through the Floo.

He finds Leila in the kitchen. He takes the cat in his arms and walks through the house.

Harold looks at the time on the parlour clock, and he knows that his sister must still be out. He concludes that his fathers must be taking a nap. He goes to their door, tampers with their wards and walks in.

Leila jumps out of Harold's arms, and walks to her Slytherin master who wakes up.

Harry registers what is going on when Severus summons their sheet around them.

'You must learn to respect private wards, my son,' Harry says.

The boy nods and says, 'I'm sorry, I should have knocked.'

'It's good that you understand that this room is ours, but you know that this is not enough,' Severus adds.

Harold nods again.

'Therefore, you will not be allowed to watch television for two months,' Harry says.

Since they don't have a set in Oxford, Harold fears that his punishment will start when he begins school.

'From when, Dad?' the boy asks.

Harry closes his eyes and smiles.

'From today,' Severus says.

Harold sighs with relief.

'Now be a good boy, and go put the kettle on,' Harry says.

Harold obeys.

The fathers cast a thorough Cleaning charm on themselves and get dressed in comfortable clothes using magic.

When they reach the kitchen, tea is almost ready.

The fathers notice that their son is remarkably quiet.

They wonder if he's sad to have been caught and punished, if he really regrets what he did, or if he's got issues with what he saw of his fathers' love.

'What's wrong, Darling?' Severus gently asks.

'Dad is your pillow and you're his blanket. Are you sleeping well that way?' Harold asks.

Both fathers smile and trade a look. Finally, it seems that it's time for a complete pre-Hogwarts "Birds and Bees" talk.

They never hid their feelings, but it looks like it might be time to explain some of the basic physical implications of "love", and it would do good to warn Sarina about some special aspects about being a girl.

They tell Harold that they'll tell him everything when his sister is back, so they don't have to repeat themselves.

Sarina lets herself in five minutes before the end of her two-hour deadline.

She's very happy with her shopping.

She went to see Joan Stewart in the college where she works, and she gave her the address of a second-hand book store where she found what she wanted for two pounds, then she bought a book about cricket for Harold.

'It's not much, 'Rold,' she says, handing him the book.

He looks at it and hugs his sister, pecking her cheeks repeatedly.

'I take it that you like it,' Harry says.

Severus pours Sarina's tea.

She takes two brown packets in her pocket.

Her fathers open them.

'I had to buy them for you when I saw them,' Sarina says.

She's found glass paperweights, one with a red lion, one with a green snake.

'I can't believe it!' Harry chuckles.

They thank their daughter.

'It's not much, you know, really,' she insists.

'It's not a question of monetary value, Darling. In love currency, it's priceless,' Severus says.

She blushes.

'Speaking of love,' Harry begins.

The fathers tell her what Harold did, and what he saw. They explain their love, and how it can manifest itself. They give them an elementary lecture on "love" and they warn Sarina of what is going to happen to her someday.

'Is it painful?' Harold asks, worried for his twin.

'Sometimes it can be, but there are potions,' Sarina says.

'Princess?' Severus says.

'I didn't know what it was for, but I see Helena take something every three weeks. Now it makes sense,' the little girl says.

'Not Ginny?' Harold wonders.

Sarina shrugs.

Their fathers tell them that they will certainly have more questions as they grow up, and they should never be afraid to come and ask them anything.

'Provided you knock on the door before coming in,' Harry teases his son.

Harold blushes, but nods.

'We have something else to share with you,' Severus starts.

'Do you remember that we help Fred and George sometimes?' Harry asks.

The twins nod.

'We've had some luck with them, and we have decided to give you some more pocket money,' Severus says.

'You could have spent all that we gave you, Sarina,' Harry says.

She blinks and says, 'I think I'd rather save some of what you give me. There are your birthdays and James's.'

'Whatever pleases you, my Angel,' Severus says.

The twins and their fathers quietly sip their second cups of tea. They're thinking about a lot of things.


On the following morning, the four Potter-Snapes go on their holidays.

On the train to France, Harold is sitting by the window next to Severus, and Sarina is next to Harry. When Severus starts reading aloud the novel bought by Sarina, she invades her Slytherin father's lap, and Harry, whose seat is before Severus and Harold's, kneels on his seat and faces them to enjoy the tale.

There are only a handful of passengers in their carriage. The tale is so funny that at one point Sarina, Harold and Harry laugh. Severus does his best to go on reading, but he stops when he hears their neighbour across the aisle fight not to giggle.

Their fellow traveller looks at them. She's a Muggle and seems to be travelling for business.

'Ai am sory, gentelmen. Ai don't spik vairy whale, but Ai underztand. Zis story iz very funny. Ai don't min to bozer you, but Ai lissened,' she says.

'There's no need to apologize, Ma'am. That book is extremely funny, indeed,' Severus says.

'Ai wonder ow you can read and not laf,' she says.

'The children provide us with good training,' Severus answers.

The Muggle is added to Severus's audience, and soon, the other travellers gather around the Potter-Snapes. The whole trip is very pleasant, and they all end up chatting together.

The Muggle business lady is impressed with Sarina's French.

The Potter-Snapes discover that she is working for a subdivision of the French Ministry of Culture, and that she's even almost convinced that Severus is an actor.

'Our favourite stage is our classrooms, Ma'am,' Harry says.

They keep on chatting about their favourite plays, and Sarina asks how one creates a theatrical company. The Muggle tells her all that she knows.

'Is this what you want to do?' Harry asks.

'Yes, Dad. I could start at school.'

The Muggle looks at Sarina, then at her fathers. She rubs her head.

She takes some aspirin, but her headache doesn't seem to go.

Her headache is provoked by the fact that she sees that Sarina and Harold are Severus and Harry's children, but Cartesianism tells her that it is impossible. The two men must be brothers or cousins, and yet... she can see the truth.

It's farfetched, but she has an idea.

'Were do you titch?' she asks.

'In a private school in Scotland,' Harry answers.

'A praivet skool. My girl wil go to one... It's Beauxbatons in the saouth of France,' she says.

Severus laughs heartily and declares, 'Then, I fear that you can see the truth, but that your brain refuses to process the data.'

She checks that no one is looking and waves a finger between the children and their parents.

Harry nods.

'Zis is magik,' she says, beaming at them.

'That's the idea,' Harold giggles.

Severus manages to give her a potion without the other passengers noticing anything, and she instantly feels better.

They chat in whispers about those private schools.

She learns more about her daughter's abilities in the half hour that their chat lasts than in any documentation sent by Beauxbatons. As the conscientious DADA teacher that he is, Harry decides to owl Arthur Weasley to suggest to him to contact foreign wizarding Ministries and encourage them to take better care of the Muggle-born children and their parents.

Before they part in Paris, she gives them her card and offers them four passes that will let them into all the museums in town. Harold and Sarina are practically jumping up and down with glee.

'Ai've neveur sin children so quiete, naice and intelligent,' she compliments their fathers.

'They're miracles in many ways,' Severus says.

'You'll understand better when you see your daughter at Christmas and she can tell you who we are,' Harry adds.

She knows that she has too many questions, so she says goodbye and wishes to hear from them.


That was a very good start to their stay on the continent, and they have a lot of fun in the French capital. They visit the Muggle and wizarding historical parts of the city.

Severus and Harry go on a pilgrimage on the Pont de la Tournelle.

It was years ago.

It was before the end of the War.

It was before they understood that they were meant for each other.

It was the beginning of their story.

Almost all too soon for their children's taste, they fly to Provence, where Draco drives them to the villa that he and Ginny have now bought.

They have a lot of fun together in the hills around the villa.

Within a week, Harry, Severus, Harold and Elinor are tanned like muffins.

Arthur is too young to suntan, and Draco and Ginny's skins are too fair.

James and Sarina stay in the shade of an old olive tree. Most of the time, they just sit side by side, or look at each other, holding hands. They are in a world that belongs only to them.

Three days before it's time for the two families to leave, two owls bring the twins and James their letters.

Their parents contact the first Weasley cluster, and they agree to go shopping all together the second weekend of August.

Said shopping goes on rather well until they reach Olivander's.

The old wizard finds wands for James, Alexander, Terrence and Remus Weasley, for James Malfoy, and for Harold Potter-Snape. Sarina refused to be the first to try a wand.

The old wizard looks at her.

'This is going to take time, maybe you could go on shopping,' Olivander suggests to the Malfoys and Weasleys.

They have so much to do that they agree.

Olivander crouches in front of Sarina and says, 'I know.'

The little witch sighs. Of course, Olivander knows what she is. Of course he knows that she doesn't need a wand.

She looks up at him and answers, 'I know.'

She knows that she's too young to have people know what she is, and that she needs to pretend to be a normal witch, therefore she needs to find a wand that will allow her to channel her magic.

'I have something that might work,' Olivander says to Severus and Harry, 'but the price...'

'Is not an issue,' Severus and Harry declare in unison.

Olivander winks at Sarina, because her fathers are totally at sea, and he fetches the rarest wand he's ever made. One day, as he was gathering material in a wood, Olivander met a Spirit who was dying. He offered to bring her to a Healer, but she knew that there was nothing that could be done. She told him to enshrine her in one of his wands, she'd make it powerful, but he had to promise to give that wand only to someone worthy of it.

'How much do you think it costs?' Olivander asks Sarina.

'A spell on you so you can dream of her and talk to her each night, and the promise that I'll free and cure her right after I pass my N.E.W.Ts,' Sarina says.

Olivander hands her the wand and the shop shivers.

Sarina tucks her wand in her sleeve and goes out.

Olivander is smiling. 'Impressive children you have, Professors,' he comments.

Harry and Severus are speechless.

Sarina will never cease to amaze them.

The Weasley quartet tries to make her tell what's in her wand, but one Severus-like glare is all that it takes to quiet them all.

The three families go back to their homes, and the Potter-Snapes enjoy their last days before going back to school.

In the middle of the night, the day before they have to go back to Scotland, Harry whispers in Severus's ear, 'Couldn't you blackmail the Sorting Hat so that our babies are in Slytherin?'

'I think that our babies will take care of the blackmailing,' Severus chuckles.


When they find themselves in the Great Hall, waiting for the Sorting to begin, they can't help being sad, for even if Minerva had said she'd retire before those children came to school, they all knew that she didn't mean it. They dearly miss Albus and Minerva tonight.

The second through seventh years are seated.

Severus and Remus come in, the first years in tow.

Remus explains what is going to happen after the Hat's song.

The Head of Gryffindor takes the Sorting Hat, Severus reads the names.

'Malfoy, James,' Severus finally calls.

The blond boy sits on the stool, and the Hat growls on his head. Remus hears it mumbling things about the boy's heritage.

'SLYTHERIN!' shouts the Hat.

James happily joins his mates.

'Potter-Snape, Harold,' Severus says.

The Hat looks at Severus and whines.

'HUF...' it stops. 'GRY...' it stops again, and everybody wonders what's going on. 'RAVENCL... Impudent brat! You are a Slytherin, go where you belong!' barks the Hat.

Harold is laughing, and the four Weasleys have just lost their first bet, because Harold did torture the Hat.

Severus is too happy about having his son sorted into his house to scold the boy.

'Potter-Snape, Sarina.'

The Hat seems to be happy to be placed on her head.

She stands up, leaving the Hat in Remus's hand.

She walks to the Slytherin table.

'Oi! Is she a Slytherin?' Remus whispers to the Hat.

'That's what she said,' the Hat answers dreamily.

Remus shakes his head and Severus calls the next student.

James, Alexander and Remus Weasley go to Gryffindor, but Terrence is sorted into Ravenclaw.


After the feast, Severus goes to welcome his Slytherins.

Harold and James Malfoy find themselves in the same dormitory.

One of the seventh years, who likes Sarina, asks her where she's sleeping, and Sarina answers that she'll be sleeping in her room. Severus doesn't have to wonder what she means for long, because Harry and Dobby come into the Slytherin common room. They announce that Sarina's trunk has been brought to her room in her fathers' quarters by the magic of the castle.

'That's Sarina's magic!' one of the older students says in a giggle.

If their Slytherins don't object, Severus and Harry won't complain.


The Magnificent Seven - as Niki nicknamed them - adapt themselves to student life rather fast. Those who know their parents can spot in those seven children the qualities that they inherited.

They are working well, but they seldom hesitate if they can find a way to have some fun.

One day, a challenge comes to the Slytherins. Harry has resumed his lessons in Parseltongue, and one of his students brings him a black snake that he's found inside the castle. The snake was near the kitchens, and Harry thinks that it was looking for some warmth, and maybe some mice.

The snake obviously understands what Harry says, but it refuses to answer.

Harry finds a tank for it, but it disappeared from it, and no one saw it leave.

It's seen in the Library, in the corridors, in Terry Weasley's dorm, in the Gryffindor common room, but it manages to escape all the Blocking spell thrown at him.

That black snake becomes another Hogwarts mystery.

Only the Potter-Snapes twins know, but they're having too much fun to share the information with the others.

Not just yet.

Maybe the next time someone catches the snake...



To Be Continued...

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