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Harry Potter

The Balcony Scene

[Summary] After an unexpected conversation that has surprising results, Harry and Draco find themselves falling into some sort of relationship. It all begins with a scene that takes place on a balcony, and leads to something special.
[Pairing] Harry/Draco
[Warning] NC-17 Lemon PWP
[Added] 24 August 2003

The Balcony Scene - Part 1
The Balcony Scene - Part 2
The Balcony Scene - Part 3
The Balcony Scene - Part 4
The Balcony Scene - Part 5


Bound To You

[Summary] Harry Potter and Severus Snape choose to be bound together in order to save Snape's life. Sex saves. Seriously.
[Pairing] Snape/Harry
[Warning] NC-17 Lemon Angst, light non-con, mention of rape (but not explicit)
[Added] 26 September 2003
[Status] Work in Progress | Updated: 26 September 2003

Bound To You - Part 1

Bound To You - Part 2