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The Balcony Scene

Part Two

By Aeowen


Several days after the students returned from the international conference on magic studies in L.A., Hedwig landed happily next to Harry at breakfast carrying a small note. He untied it and let Hedwig sip from his pumpkin juice. The note simply read, "Meet me at the top of the Astronomy Tower tonight at 11pm. -DM." He looked across the hall to find the blonde Slytherin discreetly looking in his direction, and he nodded.

That night, Harry walked silently up to the Astronomy Tower under the invisibility cloak. When he arrived, Draco wasn't there yet, so he kept the cloak on. A few minutes later, the door opened and a blonde head snuck around to survey the landing. Draco slithered out and silently closed the door behind him. Harry watched for any signs of deception and then let the cloak fall. Draco jumped, but didn't seem terribly surprised.



"So, you got my note."


"I've been thinking about what you said the other night. What you…offered. Look, I know I'm not prime material for the Light side, but if you really think that Dumbledore can protect me, then I guess it's better than being forced to submit to Voldemort." He shuddered involuntarily, but continued. "But I would like to ask for something in return for joining you."

Harry snorted and grinned. "Ever the shrewd Slytherin, eh?" Draco scowled. "It's ok, go on, Draco."

"Well, I was wondering, I mean, could would you, could I spend time with you?" Harry was astounded. He had never heard the blonde Slytherin be tongue-tied before.

Finally, he said, "Yes, I'd like that." He smiled at Draco, who smiled back. It was, perhaps, the first real smile Harry had ever seen on him. For once, he didn't appear to be completely guarded.

Harry sat next to Draco and stared out. "Déjà vu. It's late at night and we're staring into the darkness again. We have to stop meeting like this. They might suspect something." He said the last part in a mock serious tone and Draco laughed and replied, "Yeah, we do." He moved his hand so that it brushed against Harry's. In turn, Harry clasped Draco's, and swallowed. This wasn't going to be easy and he hated to have to do it.

"Draco. You realize, you're going to have to speak with Dumbledore alone and declare your loyalty? And there's more than that. I mean, considering your…background, he will probably demand some sort of test of allegiance." Draco looked at him alarmed. "Nothing massive. He's not like Voldemort, Draco. You're not going to have to kill or brand yourself or something. I don't know what stipulations he'll give, but…"

Draco squeezed his hand. "It's ok, Harry. I figured that much. Hell, I'd be worried if he didn't."

Harry continued, "And then there's your housemates. Some of them won't react well to this…I don't know, Draco, he'll figure out something. Dumbledore doesn't miss much. Hell, he'll probably know about this meeting by morning." Harry bit his lower lip. He was worried. He knew how nasty the Slytherins could be, especially in numbers, and if some of them were looking for favor in Voldemort's eyes…

Draco smoothed his thumb along Harry's lips until he stopped biting it. He leaned over and gently placed his lips over Harry's, waiting for a reaction. He got one when Harry tilted his head and opened his lips, his tongue sneaking out to run across Draco's. The kiss deepened and hands found their way around waists and beneath the outer robes and cloaks.

Draco's hand brushed over Harry's erection and he moaned and pulled back. "Too fast," ha panted. "Not here, not yet. Sorry." Draco nodded. "It's ok. Don't be sorry."

Harry placed a chaste kiss on Draco's lips. "I'm scheduled to speak with the headmaster tomorrow afternoon. Do you want me to tell him anything?" "Um, no. I think I'll skip a class and talk to him in the morning." He sighed. "Which means that I should get to bed. And you, too." Harry nodded. They left the Astronomy Tower and parted at the base of the stairs.

The next day during lunch, Harry looked for Draco in the Great Hall, but he wasn't there. That was worrying. Professor M'Gonnagal approached him and said, "Potter, the headmaster wants to see you. Follow me, please." He followed her to the gryphon statue and she gave the password (gum balls), and he climbed up the stairs knocking on the door before entering. When he did, he saw Draco sitting in the chair in front of Professor Dumbledore's desk.

Draco looked up and gave him a slight smile, something not lost on the headmaster. "Ah, Harry, have a seat please. Tea?...Mr. Malfoy here has been telling me some interesting things of which I am sure you are aware."

"Yes sir."

"He has expressed a desire to swear allegiance to our side and to fight Voldemort. He has also informed me that this has come about partially as the result of a developing relationship between the two of you. Is this correct?"

"Yes sir, it is."

Dumbledore continued, "I admit, I was aware of that part already. I have always hoped that the animosity the two of you share would one day dissolve into at least friendship. Now, I will work with the staff, particularly Professor Snape, to make sure that you, Draco, are safe, both from outside forces and from people inside Hogwarts. I advise both of you to keep your interactions the same as they have been, at least on the surface, until we can ensure your safety." Harry and Draco looked at each other a bit disappointedly.

"However," Dumbledore continued, "I am not so old that I do not remember such…emotions. Therefore, I will arrange for the two of you to have a meeting place where you can be safe." Harry raised his eyebrows in surprise. Dumbledore held up a hand. "I am not doing this, however, to give you privacy to do anything not condoned by Hogwarts. I believe that the two of you can forge a strong bond that will aid you in fighting Voldemort. Draco, if I am not mistaken, you have already undergone significant training in the dark arts under the tutelage of your father." Draco nodded. "This will have to be done under the instruction of a professor, but I would like you to teach Harry to defend himself against some of what you have learned. I believe that having wizards trained the Dark Arts will help us immeasurably. This, along with other information will be a part of the stipulations we discussed earlier. Is this agreeable to you?"

"Yes sir, it is," Draco replied. "When will you give me the veritaserum?"

"Later today. I will need to assemble certain people to witness it." Draco nodded.

Harry and Draco agreed to separate after leaving the headmaster's office and entered potions at different times. Harry was careful not to look in Draco's direction for fear of staring and giving them away. This was going to be harder than he thought.

The veritaserum inquiry went well. Besides Draco, Harry, and Professor Dumbledore, Remus Lupin and Professors Snape, and McGonnagal were also present. Snape gave the serum to Draco, dropping three drops onto his tongue. Despite the seriousness of the situation, Harry felt a sudden urge to reach his own tongue between those lips and get to know that wet heat better.

Draco answered the questions and even admitted a few specifics regarding some nasty dark arts training at the Malfoy manor. Even after the witnesses agreed that Draco was indeed leaving Voldemort and joining their side, they knew that they weren't out of trouble yet. Precautions would have to be taken to protect Draco, and Professor Dumbledore led the boys to a small room near the charms corridor where they would be able to spend time together.

Dumbledore led them inside and they looked around. It looked like a sitting room, complete with two sofas, a few arm chairs, a desk and chairs, and a fire already burning in the fireplace. "This should work well for you," said Dumbledore. "However, I must put down some rules. Several professors will know the password, but please feel free to bring your own friends here, as long as you know you can trust them. I must ask you not to give anyone else the password though for your own security. You may not spend the night here unless there are special circumstances. Draco, this will generally apply to you. If you feel in danger or under extreme pressure, you may stay here, but on the condition that you speak to me immediately in the morning. Although it will probably seem a good idea to spend a lot of time here, do not isolate yourselves. Professor Snape will begin with your extra classes and training. He will speak with you tomorrow. For now, you have free time until dinner."

Once Dumbledore had left, Harry let out a breath he hadn't been aware that he was holding. "Well, um, that went well." For some reason, he was nervous to look at Draco at the moment. His stomach appeared to be trying out for the next Tri-Wizard Tournament judging by the acrobatics it was doing. Together, they explored the room a bit and found, among other things, a bathroom in the next room complete with a mirror that criticized their untidiness, a book that flipped to different pages of poetry depending on its mood, and a small turtle statue that would suddenly zip across the mantelpiece and skid to a halt before falling off the end.

"Well," Draco said. "It's not what I'm used to, but it'll have to do...for now." He grinned at Harry who swatted his head playfully.

"Seriously, Draco, are you comfortable with this? I mean, do you feel safe?"

"Well, it helps to know that I can come here if, well, when stuff turns nasty." Harry put his hand on Draco's shoulder, saying, "It's not too late, you know. You can always go back, or at least, not see me. It might be safer if you don't, you know. People around me whom I care about tend to get hurt." Harry looked down, tears pushing their way from the back of his throat. Draco watched Harry's face. He wasn't quite sure what to do at the moment.

After a pause, Draco caressed Harry's cheek and then pulled him in for a hug, rubbing his back. --Crud. I'm not good at this. Malfoy's don't cry. We just don't. Um, say something.-- "Um, it'll be ok, Harry. Don't worry about me, honestly. I can take care of myself"

"I know, I just, I feel like I need to protect everyone."

"Shh. Don't worry about that. Look, judging by the fact that you're number one on you-know-who's list of people to knock off, and you're *still* in one piece, I'd say I'm safe." --As safe as I'll ever be, considering.--

Harry sniffled once and then pulled back. "Thanks, Draco." Draco pulled Harry to one of the couches and sat next to him. He took Harry's glasses off and placed soft kisses on his eyes. Harry smiled slightly. While Harry's eyes were still closed, Draco paused millimeters away from his lips and then pressed against them sending shivers down Harry's spine. Harry snuggled down into the couch a bit and pulled Draco on top of him.

"You know, for someone who's not used to being in a real relationship, Draco Malfoy, you're awfully good at this," Harry teased, tickling his belly button. Draco snorted softly, mumbling, "You haven't seen anything yet," before leaning down to capture Harry's lips for a more passionate kiss.

Harry broke the kiss, panting. "Draco, we need to talk. Seriously." The blonde scowled a bit. Harry looked into his blue-grey eyes. "I need to know where we are going. On that balcony, I made you an offer, one that still stands, but there's no half-way here. I won't agree to a casual relationship or to seeing other people on the side." His emerald eyes flickered to the fire.

Draco swallowed before answering. "I know, Harry. I, I want that, too. Something serious, I mean. I said I wanted to spend time with you and I meant it. I mean, it'll be hard. I'll have to break it off with all of my *other* boyfriends," Draco said jokingly. Harry smiled a bit. "Honestly, Harry, I want you, I want us."

Harry smiled fully now, biting his lower lip a bit. "I want that, too. Come here." He pulled Draco on top of him again. Their lips met for a soft slow kiss. Draco caressed Harry's cheek and then dove in for a passion-filled kiss, their tongues thrusting into each other's mouths.

Soon, hands found their way beneath shirts and slacks. Draco pulled back and looked questioningly at Harry as his hands went to the closure of Harry's slacks. Harry shook his head. "Wait, Draco." He pulled off his sweater and Draco lunged forward, attacking the buttons. When Harry's chest was bared to his eyes, Draco licked his lips and leant down to gently lick at one rosy nipple. Harry groaned and arched up, his fingers instinctively tangling themselves in Draco's blonde hair. Draco gave the nipple a gentle bite and Harry gasped. Draco then moved toward the other bud, giving it the same treatment. He started to kiss his way down Harry's flat stomach when hands pulled him up for another kiss. Harry pushed up Draco's sweater and they parted to throw it on the floor. Harry sat them both up and Draco ended up sitting on his lap. He then began to work on the buttons on Draco's shirt. As he undid each button, he kissed and licked at each patch of pale skin that he uncovered. He nudged Draco down onto his back so that he could reach the lower buttons. When he had Draco's chest completely exposed, Harry licked upward, ending at his collar bone in one swipe. Draco shivered and threw his head back. "Oh gods, Harry…"

Harry leaned over Draco's body and kissed his neck. He pulled back and grazed his fingers over the edge of Draco's slacks, raising his eyebrows in question. "Hell yes." Harry grinned and slipped his hand beneath his boxers. He rested his hand on top of Draco's prominent erection and paused, only rubbing his thumb over the tip. They stared at each other for a few minutes, both breathing deeply. Finally, Draco arched up. "Harry, if you don't start doing something soon, I'll throw one of the unmentionables at you." Harry laughed and wrapped his hand around Draco's cock.

He pulled his hand out abruptly, eliciting a disappointed complaint. Harry quickly undid Draco's trousers and pulled them off. Draco, in turn, reached up and undid Harry's. For a moment, they took in each other's bodies, but only for a moment. Harry pulled Draco onto the carpet and on top of him. Draco gave Harry a feral grin as has started to grind his erect cock against Harry's. The raven-haired boy moaned and moved his hips in a circle, adding to their rhythm.

Draco moaned and leant down, kissing and nipping at Harry's neck. He found a nice spot that he liked quite a bit, judging by the noises Harry made when he bit there. It was right at the junction between Harry's neck and collar bone, and Draco latched on, pulling the soft skin between his teeth and worrying it with his tongue. He pulled back satisfied by the mark Harry would undoubtedly have for a few days.

Harry stopped moving and looked at Draco with lidded eyes. He rolled them over so that he was on top and kissed Draco softly on the lips. Before the blonde could react, though, Harry rolled off and moved to the side. He knelt beside Draco and ran his tongue around the tip of Draco's cock, eagerly lapping up a small drop of pre-cum there. Draco mewled and then gasped as Harry swallowed him completely in one move. Harry moved his mouth slowly back up, making sure to swirl his tongue along the underside. He then moved back down again and back up, slowly grazing his teeth very gently against the sensitive flesh. Draco gasped. "Oh gods…yes. Harry…that's it." Harry smiled and sped up.

He paused in his ministrations when he felt hands on his hips. Draco pulled Harry's lower body on top of him, and began to lick Harry's neglected cock. Harry hummed in appreciation, sending slight vibrations to Draco's groin. Soon, they had a good rhythm going, and they bucked into each other, each moan pleasuring the other. Draco nudged at Harry and flipped them over so that he would have move room to maneuver.

Harry could feel Draco tensing up and sped up. When Draco's cock became impossibly hard, he clamped his mouth down and swallowed every drop of Draco's seed. This sent Harry over the edge, and he climaxed, exploding into Draco's waiting mouth.

For a few minutes, neither moved and they slowly caught their breaths. Draco rolled off of Harry and moved around so that they were head to head. He pulled out his wand and transfigured his robe into a blanket, which he then threw over them. He collapsed, his head resting on Harry's chest. Harry reached up and caressed Draco's head.

"That, was…amazing. Draco. Exhausting, but fabulous."

"Yeah. We should do it again some time."

"Could I give you a rain check on that? I don't have the energy to pleasure you at the moment…" He sighed.

"Well, ok, if you must," Draco teased.

"I'd tickle you, but I don't have the energy for that either."

They napped for a while and then cleaned each other up in the bathroom before heading down to the Great Hall for dinner.

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