Author's Notes: This is based on a fic that was written before OoP. I have integrated a few pieces of information from the fifth book by JKR. For the sake of continuity, I have kept certain elements of the fic and all characters present. *Raises glass* Thank you to my betas Jesse Drache and Force Master! Your comments and critiques helped a great deal!!

Warning: YAOI/slash, angst, light non-con, mention of rape (but not explicit)

Bound To You

Part 2

By Aeowen


Sunlight was streaming into the room when Harry rolled over and buried his face in the pillow.

~It's too damn early,~ he thought. ~Why am I awake right…Whoa!~

Harry's eyes widened as he felt a strong wave of arousal wash over him. In fact, it felt remarkably like an orgasm, though perhaps not as strong. Harry scrambled to check the lower half of his body. He was clean but was sporting a raging erection.

Sighing, he reached down and pumped himself to completion. It wasn't until he was sated and ready to get up that he remembered the previous day.


He and Harry had formed a magical bond with each other the day before. Or rather, Harry had broken the snakelike connection between Severus and Voldemort and had bound the former to himself.

Suddenly, Harry was aware of the fact that his bed and his rooms were empty besides himself. He sat up, looking around as if expecting to find Severus hiding behind a chair or dresser. Nothing.

He sighed heavily. Somehow, Severus' absence made him feel empty. Still, it didn't really surprise him that his former professor would want to leave before he was up. The man could put up emotional and mental barriers faster than you could say Occlumency. Harry suddenly realized that a single tear was falling silently down his cheek.

Frowning, Harry brushed his face with his hand and got out of bed, heading for the shower. He summoned breakfast from one of the Hogwarts house elves. He was famished. During the events of the previous night, Harry had given up quite a substantial amount of physical and magical energies to wrench Severus from Voldemort's grasp and form a new bond between them.

When he had finished eating, he picked out some robes to wear. He was just closing the top clasp when a wave of fear and bitterness washed over him. Harry put his hand on the dresser to steady himself.

~What was that?!~

As fast as it had come, the wave of emotion was gone.

~It wasn't me. I'm not feeling that. My mental barriers must be weak after last night.~

Harry shook his head and headed towards Dumbledore's office. He knocked on the door and stepped inside. He stopped abruptly when he saw Severus sitting in a chair already speaking with the headmaster.

"Sir, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to interrupt."

His green eyes flicked between the two men. He smiled furtively at the dark potions master.

"That is alright, headmaster," Severus said, his tone flat. "I am finished."

He rose and nodded to his former student. "Harry." Harry could have sworn he saw a brief smile grace those thin lips, but then it was gone. Dumbledore smiled up at his protégé and gestured towards a chair.

"Cup of tea, Harry? Biscuit?"

Harry smiled. If there was one thing he could always count on, it was small things like this. He accepted both, still feeling a bit hungry, and looked into the bright blue eyes before him.

Dumbledore broke the silence. "Severus told me about what happened. I am relieved that you both came out unscathed."

"Though you probably knew what happened between us the moment it occurred, sir," Harry said, smiling.

The headmaster raised his eyebrows in mock innocence. Then he took on a serious tone.

"How are you feeling, Harry?"

"A bit tired. And hungry. It took a lot of energy. I ate a lot this morning. How is Severus? He left before…"

The older man smiled sadly. "Yes, he did not wish to disturb you. He knew just how much it took for you to complete the process."

Harry frowned. "He wouldn't have distur-sorry, sir. Anyway, it seemed to go ok. Voldemort definitely felt us. He fought me when I severed his bond with Severus."

Dumbledore nodded. "Yes. It is no longer safe for Severus to leave Hogwarts. I fear the lack of freedom will be difficult for him…"

Harry looked at Fawkes, trying to calm himself as his thoughts strayed to his godfather.

Sensing this, Dumbledore stayed silent for a moment. He motioned to the phoenix, and the large bird flew off its perch and gently landed on Harry's knee, spreading its magnificent plumage out. Harry smiled and ran a finger along the red and gold feathers.

"How is the bond itself, Harry? Can you feel it? See it?"

Harry cocked his head to the side as if in thought. Yes, it was there.

"Yes. I don't know what Severus sees, but it's like an addition to my own magical powers. If I don't pay it much attention, it just sits there, not doing anything. But…" His voice trailed off.

"But you have felt some things since rising this morning that are out of the ordinary," Dumbledore finished. Harry nodded. "Yes, Severus was saying something similar. He said that he felt some emotions that were not his own."

Harry's eyes grew wide. He nodded. "Yeah, I felt something similar." He bit his lip, hesitant to mention that he had obviously felt his former professor orgasm. Suddenly, a strong wave of hunger passed over Harry. It took him a moment to understand and then he looked up at Professor Dumbledore.

"Physical reactions, too. I think Severus is hungry."

Dumbledore smiled, his eyes twinkling.

"Well, Harry. It seems that you and Severus will need to work on stabilizing and strengthening the bond between you. I believe that these feelings and emotional leaks, if you will, can be brought under control. You are not as strong as Voldemort was when he originally recruited his Death Eaters, so it is understandable that you are not able to control it as well as he did. Don't worry," he said, leaning across the desk and patting Harry's hand, "I have faith in your ability to both make and keep the bond stable and to treat Severus with dignity. However, I *have* asked him to meet with you later today to work with each other. This is important, Harry. You both need to make an effort to strengthen your bond or we will, I fear, lose both of you."

Harry nodded. "And what will you tell the rest of the Order, sir? I don't think Severus or I would like the others to know, well…"

~that we bonded through sex, that we can feel so much from each other, that I miss him…~

The headmaster smiled knowingly. "No one will know the details besides the three of us. I ask that you keep it within your confidences for Severus' sake as well as yours. The Order will know only that we have solved the problem by binding Severus to you and that he is no longer bound to Voldemort."

Harry nodded, his brow furrowing. The headmaster motioned to the door, and together they walked up the stairs to where the Order of the Phoenix was meeting.

When they walked in, the talking died down. Harry took his seat, greeting his godfather and other members. He nodded to Severus, who returned the gesture, before Dumbledore cleared his throat.

The meeting itself was relatively uneventful. Harry listened to various members give their reports on their assignments.

"Lucius Malfoy has been slinking around the Ministry again," Arthur Weasley said. "We're watching him though. Might just be looking for opportunities for his son, but nothing he does is ever *that* benign."

Everyone snorted. Harry suddenly found himself thrown back by a wave of hatred. He turned towards Severus and cocked his head. Wondering if he could possibly communicate through the bond, he concentrated on feeling concerned, though he couldn't guarantee that there wasn't a bit of inquisitiveness mixed in as well. For a moment, there was nothing. Then Harry felt what was unmistakably reassurance mixed with curiosity. He smiled.

Then the emotion stopped completely. It was like Severus had put up a wall around his mind, effectively cutting Harry off. For some reason, he felt hurt. He knew that they were supposed to be learning how to block everything from each other, but he still felt pained that Severus was shutting him out. He frowned and tried to turn his attention on the conversation about the activities of Lucius Malfoy.

When the meeting was done, Harry made his apologies and quickly left the room, brushing past Severus as he did so. The older man turned to stare at him, his face unreadable, but Harry did not notice. He was already down the stairs, heading towards his rooms.

Dumbledore gathered his papers and quills and smiled inwardly. The silent conversation between Harry and Severus hadn't been lost on him. He nodded to Severus once before leaving, and turned his attention to Tonks and Minerva, who were animatedly discussing the Ministry.

When Harry reached his rooms, he roughly threw his outer robe onto the floor. Leaning on his desk, he took a few calming breaths. He suddenly realized that something or someone was prodding at the back of his mind. Mentally, he followed the gentle taps and recognized Severus' magical signature. Focusing on the source, Harry smiled inwardly. It was rather like sitting across from the potions master at Order meetings, watching his look of intent concentration, giving him a searching but not malicious look.

A sudden knocking on his door woke Harry from his almost meditative state. Sighing, he opened it and found himself face to face with the intense look of the potions master himself.

"Severus," he said surprised. "I didn't feel you coming…Come in. Please."

"You *were* rather intent on examining my prods…Harry."

Harry quickly picked up his robe and put it in his bedroom. He motioned for Severus to sit and conjured a pot of tea. For a few minutes, neither spoke. Finally, Harry decided to break the silence.

"How are you feeling? You left so early this morning; I didn't get a chance to-"

"I'm fine. And I didn't want to disturb you."

"Actually, I was going to say that I didn't get a chance to thank you." Snape looked at him inquisitively. "For trusting me, Severus. Thank you. Really. And I knew you were fine. I could feel it…"

Snape was silent for a moment. When he spoke, his voice was soft, low. "You are - very strong, Harry. I would trust you with many things, including my life. Though, as the prophecy says, if you don't succeed in ridding this world of the Dark Lord, then there won't be much left anyway."

Harry snorted softly and leaned back into his chair. "I take it Albus explained that we need to work on strengthening the bond?"

"Yes. The best way, would be to work together meditatively. Most of the burden of holding up the bond will fall on you, so I trust you will be more talented in this than in my potions class?"

Harry merely raised his eyebrows in challenge and smiled, though it did not reach his eyes. He turned to the fire and sighed. Why was Severus blocking him? You'd think after sharing something so - intimate - that they would at least be on slightly more comfortable, if not amicable, terms. Then again, perhaps not. It seemed that they had reached an unwritten agreement to not mention or discuss the sexual nature of their bonding.

He suddenly felt very tired, as if trying to understand Severus Snape was more than he could handle in one morning. He was jerked out of his reverie when Snape broke the silence.

"We should begin as soon as possible, Mr. Po-Harry. The longer we wait, the more vulnerable both of us are."

Harry nodded. "Right. Um, I usually meditate on the floor. Is there anything in particular that works for you?"

"The floor would be fine."

Harry kicked off his boots and socks, and, clad only in jeans and a t-shirt, he knelt on the floor. Snape moved more slowly, as if moving quickly would show too much eagerness. He carefully removed his outer robes, but opted to keep his boots on.

He lowered himself to the floor with almost feline grace and knelt facing Harry. With a flick of his hand, Harry nearly extinguished the fire in the hearth.

"Too hot," he murmured. "Difficult to concentrate."

Snape inclined his head a bit and said, "Although we both need to work on keeping the magical bond between us strong, stabilizing it will fall mostly on you. As with the Dark Lord, you have most of the control in this situation. The reason that it is unstable, and therefore why we are feeling each other's emotions and physical reactions, is generally because you, as a teenager, have less control over your emotions than the Dark Lord did."

Harry nodded. "Ok, so how exactly are we going to work together in meditating?"

"Focus on the bond itself. Imagine it as a piece of ribbon or rope. The leaks are there because he rope is not perfect. Imagine adding new threads to it, making it stronger with fewer imperfections."

After taking a few deep, calming breaths, Harry focused his awareness on the bond. Technically, it had no physical substance, but visualizing it as a piece of rope, as Severus had suggested, made the idea itself easier to grasp. Harry identified the place where the rope was "attached" to himself, as if it were connected to his soul. He then mentally followed the rope until it reached Severus. Along the way, Harry noted sections that were weak, torn, or frayed.

"Ok," he said, whispering as if speaking loudly would destroy everything, "I can see the bond. I've visualized it as a rope like you suggested. Can you find it?"


"Good. We need to do this together, Severus. I'm going to start working on strengthening it and then adding a protective layer."

Strangely, Harry felt Severus' assent rather than heard it.

Focusing, Harry began to work. With Severus' aid, he filled in the week spots with gold, making the bond shimmer between them. When it appeared strong enough for the moment, Harry added a sheath of blood red. The red covered it, revealing only a bit of gold shimmer beneath.

Pulling back, Harry sighed and leant forward. The exercise had taken more effort than he had anticipated. It wasn't until he felt a hand on his shoulder that he realized that he was almost resting his head on the floor.

Looking up through his fringe, Harry saw Severus leaning down and looking at him with a concerned look on his face.

"Are you alright?" the older man asked.

"Yes, just-"

"Thirsty. I'll get you some water. Here," he said, taking a hold of Harry's arm and wrist and pulling him up. He helped Harry into a chair and then disappeared for a moment before returning with two glasses of water.

"Thanks," Harry said once he had finished the glass.

"My pleasure, Harry. Are you sure you're alright? I can always summon Poppy…"

"No! That's ok. I just need to rest for a bit. It took more than I thought it would, but I'm glad it's done."

Severus smiled and inclined his head.

"Perhaps, then, it would be best if we continued tomorrow?"

Harry nodded silently and was dimly aware of the other man leaving and closing the door behind him.


Harry had the strangest dream that night. He dreamt that he was in a manor somewhere in southern England, in a massive bedroom. He was in bed with another man, and this fact, in his dream, did not disconcert him. In fact, he was naked. So was the other man.

Turning, Harry couldn't seem to find the man's face. Dark hair and pale skin flashed in front of his eyes. But he knew, somehow, that he was neither in danger, nor was it strange that he be there. Wherever 'there' was. Indeed, Harry seemed to feel like he belonged there.

The man put an arm around his waist and possessively drew him forward until their bodies touched. His legs were parted as the man pushed his leg between them. Rubbing and rocking against each other, they quickly reached release.

Harry arched and screamed a name, a coil of red and gold twisting between them.


When Harry awoke, he shook his head slightly, trying to remember. Images from his dreams moved murkily through his brain, but he had the impression that he had dreamt something good. Something that had made him happy. Sighing, he rolled out of bed and began to get ready for the day.

Several meetings and one duelling session later, Harry returned to his rooms tired and uneasy. Every time he had seen Severus Snape, strange, vague images from his dreams came to mind. He still couldn't pinpoint exactly what he had dreamt. Throughout the day, he had a difficult time concentrating on important matters during meetings, such as Death Eater raids, whenever the Potions master was present. Just listening to Severus' voice for minutes on end made Harry hard and uncomfortable.

Attributing these reactions to the fact that they had slept together during the bonding ritual, Harry took a cool shower. Dressing in a loose fitting robe, Harry sat down to await Severus for their meditation session.

He didn't have to wait long. Opening the door, Severus said nothing as he stepped into Harry's rooms. The older man looked, if possible, even more reserved than before. Frowning at his back, Harry silently followed him into the sitting room.

He had placed a new softer rug on the floor for them to use while meditating. Upon reaching the room, Severus merely nodded to Harry and began to strip off his outer robe. Quirking his eyebrows at him, Harry paused for a moment. He didn't need to remove anything, having not put on shoes, so he silently knelt down and waited for Severus to join him.

A memory of his dream the previous night washed over Harry and he anxiously rearranged his cream colored robe on the floor. Looking up, he found himself staring into impossibly dark eyes that seemed to reach out and caress him. Shaking his head slightly, Harry looked down, saying softly, "Are you ready, Severus?"

Without a word, the older wizard lowered himself to the floor until he was kneeling facing his former student. He inclined his head once.


"Are you alright, Severus? You seem…"

"I'm fine," he said, almost snapping at the younger man. "I'm fine," he repeated more calmly. "Continue. Please."

Harry decided to ignore the fact that Severus was obviously not fine, that if it weren't for the past between them, he might not have spoken a single word to him.

He sighed and said quietly, "Ok, I'm going to start. We should focus on making it stronger."

The older wizard neither spoke nor moved at this so Harry closed his eyes and focused inwards.

Their mediation was different this time. The bond was already covered by Harry's essence, if one could call it that. With the deep red and gold intertwining, it definitely looked like it had come out of the heart of a Gryffindor. Contemplating that, Harry turned his attention so that he was more or less "looking" at Severus. The man definitely looked peeved about something.

Smiling to himself, Harry began to patch up the bond again, this time looking for new flaws, symbols of their issues with each other. Instead of gold, he used silver, and with its addition, the bond began to shimmer like he had never seen before. He gasped inwardly. It was beautiful.

And if he wasn't mistaken, Severus was also enjoying it. Mentally, he was doing the equivalent of smiling. Harry was just focusing on a strange looking gap in the bond when an image presented itself at the forefront of his mind.

Harry jerked backwards. He saw himself in his sitting room in the exact same position as he was now, kneeling on the floor and resting his heels. Except that he wasn't wearing any clothes and his legs were spread revealing a raging erection.

This image had to be coming from Severus. But why- Harry's thoughts were interrupted when the mirror image of himself reached down and began to play with the tip of his penis. Harry barely stopped his hips from moving. He *loved* to do that to himself. How in Merlin's name had Severus known?

And suddenly, all the pieces clicked together. His dream. This image. The silent barriers that Severus put up. The way that they had felt so comfortable and so *whole* when they had been together. There was no other explanation possible. They had fallen for each other. Hard. Without realizing it, they had grown…attached.

Trying to ignore the image in his mind, Harry quickly thought of his options. He doubted that Severus was aware that he was sending Harry this image of himself. In fact, he suspected that if the older man suddenly knew that he was broadcasting as clear as day, Harry wouldn't be able to hold any semblance of a conversation with him for quite some time.

This left Harry in a bit of a bind. Fairly soon, he wouldn't be able to contain his physical reactions to the image coming from Severus, and then the older wizard would know. Sighing inwardly and pretending that he wasn't seeing images of himself masturbating, Harry focused his attention on the gap that he had seen. While attempting to repair the gap, Harry let a few images leak out, powered by his own libido.

He ignored the barely muffled gasp coming from the other man. Well, he wasn't the only one who could fantasize. Harry continued to send out the images, making sure that it appeared that he wasn't aware that he was disseminating them, all the while repairing and strengthening the bond. Gently, Harry signalled to Severus that he was finished for the moment and pulled back, bringing himself back to the reality of sitting on the floor.

Upon opening his eyes, Harry focused on Severus. The other man's eyes were still closed and he was engaged in some deep breathing exercises. When he suddenly found himself staring into impossibly dark eyes, Harry smiled and rearranged himself so that he was sitting cross-legged on the floor.

"Is everything alright, Severus? Did everything go ok for you during our meditations?"

"Yes," he faltered a bit. "The bond seems to be stronger now. You're doing well in strengthening it."

Harry smiled at the compliment and they both started to push themselves off the floor and onto chairs. "Thank you, though you're helping, too. I know it sounds corny, but it's true."

The older wizard snorted. "If you break into a children's song about how working together makes the world better…"

Harry grinned and snickered. "Nah. I wouldn't do that to you. That counts as cruel and unusual punishment. Water?" he asked as two glasses of water flew through the air and into their hands.

Severus nodded his thanks and sipped while Harry gulped down the cool liquid. When he was finished, Harry put the glass down and looked at his former teacher.

"How is the mark," he asked quietly. "Does it still hurt?"

Instinctively, Severus' hand went to his left arm.

"No. It does not. As we predicted," he continued in a professional tone, "there is no trace of the Dark Mark on my skin. And the new mark that you gave me is - different."

He averted his eyes and glared at his glass, as if daring it to do something subversive.

"Good," Harry replied. "I mean, good that it doesn't hurt or anything. And I take it that 'different' means different in a good way." He snorted. "That was the one part that I couldn't take out of the ritual and it was the one thing I *really* did not want to do. Can - may I see it? The mark?"

For a moment, Severus' expression was unreadable. Then he nodded and stood up, rolling up his left sleeve as he did so. Harry walked over to him and peered at the outstretched arm. Gently, he grasped Severus' arm from beneath and twisted it so that he could see the mark.

The mark was very faint now, betrayed only by a soft difference in the pale skin where he had the previous night placed a gentle kiss.

~At least it's healed,~ Harry thought.

"Can you feel anything in the mark, Severus, when we're close like this?"

The older man closed his eyes, as if trying not to see what was happening before him. He nodded.

"Yes," he said softly. "A little, not much. A slight tingling, but nothing painful."

The younger man nodded knowingly. He could feel a bit of a pull, too, though it wasn't centered in any one place on his person. Still cradling Severus' arm in his hand, he gently rubbed over the mark with his thumb without thinking. He stopped when he felt Severus move towards him ever so slightly.

Looking up, Harry dropped the arm and reached up to slowly trace Severus' face, from his cheek bone down to his jaw. He half expected Severus to jump back or scowl, but he didn't. The potions master stayed perfectly still, neither moving inward nor moving away.

Harry focused on the strong lines of Severus' chin, tracing them as if he were going to chisel them into pale marble that would match the skin of the original. Then, slowly, haltingly, Severus brought his hand up and caressed Harry's cheek with the back of his hand. The touch was so soft that Harry would have thought that he had imagined it had he not seen it.

Harry tilted his head, leaning into the touch and sighing contentedly. When he opened his eyes, he found himself staring into deep, obsidian orbs. Severus smiled at him and cupped his face.

"Harry, I…"

Smiling, Harry tilted his head and reached up. Softly, he pressed his lips against Severus', letting them stay there for a moment before pulling back. They locked eyes, and moved in towards each other, their lips meeting. Harry titled his head and opened his lips. Almost immediately, Severus' tongue slipped between his lips and into his mouth.

Harry moaned when he felt a hand slip to his waist and pull him closer to Severus. His own hands moved down Severus' back of their own volition, caressing him through his robes. Deepening the kiss, Harry pushed a knee between his legs. Severus froze.

Suddenly, he pulled back, and, avoiding Harry's eyes, mumbled, "I shouldn't have - I'm sorry. I should go."

He headed towards the door, but Harry was too fast for him. He zipped around and blocked the other wizard's way, shaking his head.

"No, Severus. I'm not going to let you walk out on us like this. It's too special, we need it too much! You can't go!"

"Well," he said, his voice touched by sarcasm, "you *can* stop me from leaving, seeing that I *am* bound to you."

Harry tried to quell the anger that was quickly rising inside of him. "But that's just it! I don't *want* to make you *do* anything! So you're bound to me. Beyond the fact that it saves your life, I don't care! I'm never going to call on you to do something. I'm not going to burn things into your skin or make you commit murder or torture people or…" Harry took a calming breath. "I am never going to force you to do anything, Severus. I - " Harry broke off, trying to think of something else to say.

Opposite him, the potions master stood stock still, staring at Harry. He hadn't moved since the beginning of Harry's outburst and his impassive face belied nothing to the younger man. Harry swallowed and dared himself to look Severus in the eyes. The black eyes remained expressionless, and Harry almost thought that he had lost him.

Then Snape moved. He shifted his weight slightly and swallowed. Slowly, as if waiting for Harry to bolt, the older wizard stepped towards him and stopped when they were close enough to touch.

Silently, Severus reached out and cupped his cheek, holding Harry's brilliantly emerald gaze in his own black one. Not wanting to interrupt this moment, Harry's only movement was to lean into the touch, encouraging without words.

Finally, when Harry could not stand still anymore, he reached out and tentatively placed a hand on Severus' arm. Smiling, he stepped forward and they embraced, arms resolutely wrapping around each other to confirm and support. Being slightly shorter, Harry rested his head on Severus' shoulder. Above him, Severus tucked the younger man's messy black hair beneath his chin and sighed.

They stood like that, wrapped around each other, for several minutes, eyes closed, revelling in the safe warmth. In the stillness, their movements were slow, tentative, seeking. One of Harry's hands drifted downwards, softly feeling Severus' back through his robes. Severus craned his neck and bent down, seeking out those sparkling green orbs, lips looking for soft skin to caress.

They moved slowly, each fluid motion bringing them closer together. As Harry's hands began to move around Severus' back and sides, he tilted his head up and met his lover's lips for a soft kiss that seemingly lasted forever. When they broke apart, Harry was suddenly aware that one of his hands had slithered its way under Severus' outer robes and was searching for his waist-band, and that one of Severus' hands was now grasping one of his ass cheeks, the sudden squeezes causing his hips to jerk forward.

Their breaths coming faster, they kissed again, the heat between them increasing rapidly. Harry was vaguely aware that Severus was unbuttoning his robes. Some part of his brain reminded him that he wasn't wearing anything underneath, but that didn't matter when his own hands uncovered the small hollow in the center of Severus' collar bone.

Grinning, Harry left the heat of Severus' mouth, though not without a tinge of regret, and immediately turned his attention to this new part of his lover that he had uncovered. He looked at for a moment, taking in the soft curves, before leaning in and giving it a sound lick followed by a few soft kisses.

He could have sworn that he heard something akin to a whimper, but that was soon forgotten when Severus undid the final clasp on Harry's robes. The younger man obligingly shrugged out of his robe and then remembered that this move would leave him without clothes. Hearing a soft gasp, Harry looked up, slightly embarrassed.


Severus' eyes made several sweeps up and down Harry's body. He fought the urge to cover himself. He had been naked in front of Severus before, but this seemed more personal, even more important.

Severus lifted a single eyebrow in question. "Do you always-"

"I didn't think that we'd be, um, doing anything. I just threw it on after my shower…" Harry's voice trailed off.

The older man was silent for a moment and then he laughed. "Too bad you're no longer my student, Harry, or I would give you points for anticipating what I'm going to do next."

The corners of Harry's mouth twitched. "And what would that be, Severus?"

Stepping forward, the taller man placed a hand on Harry's hip and leaning down until his lips were nearly touching his ear, said, "Run my hands over every inch of your body, find every sensitive spot until you scream from pleasure."

Harry released a soft whimper and leaned into Severus. He wasn't sure if he was going to be able to stand for much longer. Nipping at Severus' neck, he asked, "Does that mean I can do the same to you?"

Chuckling, Severus replied, "Yes. Once I'm finished with you."

"Getting a little possessive, hmm?"

Pulling away, Severus looked down at him. "Does that bother you?"

"No. I'd rather belong to someone than no one at all. And I'd rather belong to you."

Wordlessly, he pulled Harry into a warm embrace, wrapping his black robes around the smaller, naked body. Harry smiled at this gesture. Kissing the other man's neck, Harry looked into the black orbs and said, "Bed?"

Still wrapped in his cloak, Severus picked Harry up and carried him into the bedroom, their eyes never leaving each other. Severus deposited Harry on the bed and stepped back, looking down at him.

"Aren't you going to undress? This works better without clothes."

"Just admiring," Severus replied, starting to slowly unbutton his robes.

"Then perhaps I could entice you to move faster?"

Harry knelt on his knees and spread his legs, moving into the position he had been in the vision that he had seen. Slowly, he brought a hand down and began to play with the tip of his cock. His head fell back and his hips automatically thrust forward a bit. When he opened his eyes again, he noticed that Severus had moved closer to the bed, but was completely still, his mouth hanging open.

"Harry." His voice was low, velvety.

"Is something wrong, Severus?" Harry asked. Smiling, Harry gave his cock a tight squeeze and gasped. "This *is* something you wanted, isn't it. At least, it looks pretty close to what you were sending me before, though I could move to the floor if you'd like." Harry looked apologetically at the confusion and then fear and then anger that crossed his lover's face. "You were leaking thoughts before. Don't worry. It's how I figured out what was going on, and I thought I would, um, you know..."

Brow furrowed, Snape cupped Harry's cheek. He leaned into the touch, almost cooing. Keeping his legs spread, Harry reached out and finished unbuttoning Severus' robes. Severus pushed them off his shoulders, letting the heavy layers of black fabric fall to the floor.

Harry was just starting to map out his body when the older wizard jumped swiftly onto the bed and covered him from head to toe with his long, muscled body. When Harry recovered from the shock, he grinned.

"Guess I was enticing enough, huh?"

"Well yes. It was *very* enticing," Severus said silkily. "That and I thought I might try to help you with your little fantasy as well."

Harry blushed and looked down, but then forgot about it when Severus kissed him, exploring his mouth with his tongue. Severus broke the kiss, only to rain more soft ones on Harry's cheek, neck, moving steadily down his muscled chest and stomach.

When he reached the patch of dark hair between Harry's legs, Severus stopped and looked up, his black eyes glittering in the darkness.

Twirling a single long finger in the hair, Severus purred, "Now, I believe it had something to do with my tongue?" Harry stared wide-eyed as Severus' tongue snaked out and quickly liked the tip of Harry's cock before disappearing between pink lips. "Or more precisely, my tongue exploring every inch of the skin between your legs?"

Harry gasped a Severus' tongue licked once down his shaft and continued lower to his scrotum. The older wizard pushed his lover's legs apart and gently licked each sac, nibbling at the sensitive flesh. When he continued lower, Harry moaned. He had never been licked there and it had always been a fantasy of his. It felt wonderful, and he tried to keep his hips still as Severus' tongue fought to gain entrance to his body.

Harry barely realized that Severus was working his way up his body again until he felt a soft tweak of a nipple. Then the older wizard's face was hovering directly over his and pulling him into a searing kiss. They broke apart, panting and staring into each other's eyes.

It wasn't until Harry felt Severus move to pick up the jar of lubricant that he realized that they hadn't discussed exactly who was going to be the bottom. Sure they had slept together before, but that was in the form of a ritual, a bonding ceremony. Harry suddenly realized that they knew very little about each other's preferences in bed.

Severus must have guessed his thoughts, or been having similar ones, because he rolled off of Harry and onto his side facing him. Severus caressed his arm, tracing each muscle and Harry reached out to touch his chest. It was hairless and he marvelled at the smooth muscles apparent just beneath the surface.

"Harry, we never discussed exactly what we're going to do or where our preferences lie."

Harry nodded. "Yeah, I was just thinking that. Um, what do you normally prefer?"

"I generally top." Harry blinked and then smiled at how easily Snape could become brusque. Well, you couldn't get any more blunt than that.

"I-I haven't had too many lovers, but um, I think I preferred to bottom."

"But you don't anymore."

"No no, I mean, I still do. I just haven't done much in a while. There hasn't been much time to pursue-" He was cut off when Severus kissed him.

"We'll go slowly then."

Harry smiled. He was glad at least that they had come to some kind of understanding. Plus it felt *right,* as if Severus had the right to reclaim some the dignity that Harry had tried so hard, but had probably failed, to fully preserve.

As they kissed, Severus rolled them over until he was on top of Harry. He slithered down the younger man's chest, pausing to flick his nipples with his tongue and then giving his belly button quite a bit of attention. Looking up through the hair hanging in his face and locking eyes with Harry, Severus suggestively moved his tongue in and out of the small crevice a few times until the younger man arched his stomach up, urging the man further down.

Licking his lips, Snape moved down, only grazing the younger man's cock with his finger tips. Harry groaned in frustration. That wonderful mouth had been so close. He was still feeling disappointed when Severus pushed his legs apart as far as they would go and put that wonderful mouth to good use further down. Harry moaned and tried not to buck up too much as Severus licked around his entrance.

To Harry, it felt like Severus' wicked tongue was reaching into every crevice, lavishing the most wonderful feelings on every part of him between his legs. The potions master's tongue was making its way back up to Harry's scrotum when the younger man felt a slick finger enter him. He groaned. Two more followed, and he attempted to spread his legs further, thrusting his hips up in the process.

The dark head between his legs stopped. Severus looked up, his eyes glittering. "That's right, Harry," he said, tracing a single finger across the back of one thigh, over his ass cheeks and other thigh. "Open yourself up for me. Show me everything. Spread these beautiful legs as far apart as they will go."

Harry moaned. Thrusting his hips up, he spread his legs as wide as he could go, letting a hand trace a random pattern down his stomach while his other one played with a nipple. Opening his eyes, Harry noticed that Severus' dark eyes were transfixed on the hand that was rolling the hard nub between his fingers. Smiling, he gave his nipple a sharp twist. He gasped and heard a similar sound from his lover.

He reached out with his palm up and beckoned Severus to him, mouthing, "Come here, love." Once the older wizard was settled over him, Harry brought his legs up and wrapped them around the strong torso of his lover.

"I'm ready," Harry said, stroking Severus' face. "I want you inside of me."

Severus kissed him once and then positioned himself.

"I love you, Harry."

"I know," Harry replied, reaching up to stroke his lover's face. "I love you, too."

Slowly, Severus pushed into the younger man beneath him. He did not stop, continuously pushing in at a steady, slow pace until he was buried completely inside of his lover. Harry concealed the wince of pain, knowing that Severus would want to stop if he thought he was hurting him.

Harry wrapped his legs around Severus tightly and for a while, neither one moved, their foreheads pressing against each other. When they did move, it was soft, subtle. A gentle rocking that pushed their lips together for a passionate kiss. Then the rocking became subtle thrusting. Though Severus did not move out at all, their bodies thrust into each other, building a calming rhythm.

Finally, Severus pulled out a bit and moved back in. Harry arched. Silently, he urged Severus to speed up. Severus felt his young lover's need and began to move more forcefully, his powerful thrusts bringing them further into ecstasy.

Suddenly, when Harry was moaning and writhing beneath him, Severus stopped. Throwing his lover a feral smile, he pulled out entirely, and, ignoring the whimpers of protest, flipped the younger man over onto his stomach. Harry grinned to himself and immediately pushed himself up onto his knees, wiggling his ass a bit for extra enticement.

He needn't have bothered though, because his lover thrust back in almost immediately. They began to move together, Harry meeting every powerful thrust. Harry reached for his cock, desperately needing contact. Kissing his back, Severus reached around Harry and grabbed his cock, keeping the younger man's hand there as well. Pumping in time to their movements, Harry screamed and exploded, his seed falling onto their clasped hands and onto the sheets below.

The spasms of Harry's orgasm ripped any control that Severus had been holding on to. He gasped and thrust roughly in a few times before emptying himself inside of his lover.

They collapsed onto the bed, slowly catching their breaths. When Severus pulled out of Harry's body, they both groaned at the feeling. The older wizard cast a cleaning charm on them and on the bed and pulled Harry into a warm embrace. Harry snuggled down, burrowing his head in the crook of Severus' shoulder. The older wizard tightly hugged his young lover, caressing his unruly hair until his breathing became deep and measured.


Harry awoke to the wonderful sensation of being held and of a warm hand gently rubbing his lower back in circles. A small smile playing on his lips, Harry opened his eyes. His head was resting on his lover's chest, his eyes level with a tight pink nub. In the misty fog of waking up, Harry reflected that he loved the thin line of dark hair that played down Severus' chest. He shifted slightly and looked up. Black, amused eyes were looking back at him.

"Morning love," Severus said, playfully touching a finger to the tip of Harry's nose.

"Hey," he softly replied. "How long have you been awake?"

"Not long. I've been admiring the view."

Harry snorted softly and shifted his lower body further onto Severus'. He groaned as his body crushed his erect cock against Severus' hip bone.

"Sev," he said breathlessly.

"Hmm," the Potions master replied, "as much as I would love to stay in bed and worship your delectable body, I have a meeting with Poppy and several doctors from St. Mungo's."

Harry whimpered and jerked his hips against his lover's body.

"Trust me, Harry," he said silkily, bringing the younger man's hand down to his own erection, "I'd rather stay here with you. But the healing potions are important and I need to be there."

Harry gasped and grinned. He was tempted to squeeze Severus' arousal, but thought better of it.

"I know," Harry said. "I suppose there are things I should be doing, too." He sighed. "But," he said, positioning himself so that their cocks slid together, "you had better return soon."

Severus smiled wickedly. "Or what, you'll pleasure yourself without me?"

"Um, something like that…" Harry replied, burying his face in his lover's neck.

"That does not seem to be as entertaining as other possibilities." Severus smiled. "I'll be back soon, Harry. I promise."

He gave Harry a quick pinch on one of his ass cheeks and untangled their legs. From the bed, Harry watched his lover get ready. When the older wizard was done showering, Harry got up and began his own morning routine.

Looking in the mirror, Harry giggled. He looked rather well-fucked, he thought. He was going to have some explaining to do with Ron and Hermione. Not to mention Sirius and Remus.

~Still,~ Harry thought, ~they're good problems to have.~

Smiling, he went about his day. Suddenly, the world didn't look quite so bad as it had before.

In the back of his mind, Harry felt a rush of emotion. Severus agreed.


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