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The Balcony Scene

Part One

By Aeowen


Draco wandered into the hotel lobby and sat on one of the plush couches. He picked up a magazine but didn’t read it. Instead, he grinned at nothing in particular, reliving recent events in his mind. He, along with 15 other Hogwarts students were attending an international conference on magic studies in the United States, L.A. to be specific. Four representatives from each Hogwarts house, two sixth-years and two seventh-years, had been chosen to attend based on grades. The hotel was nice and looked out at the ocean. It was run by wizards and probably a few squibs, too. Draco made a face at the thought. Still, most of the guests appeared to be there for the conference, which made for some good social times. In fact, he had just had a charming evening with a delicate looking boy from Beauxbatons.

Dinner had led to going back to the French boy’s room, which of course had led to kissing, groping, and other things…Draco grinned again. They had ended up on the bed giving each other head at the same time. The boy, whatever his name was, turned out to be rather talented in that area and Draco felt wonderful after such an explosive orgasm. He probably wouldn’t see the boy again, which didn’t bother him in the slightest. They were leaving tomorrow for England, and his father would never find out.

He always felt energized after a good orgasm, which was why it was midnight and he was wandering around the hotel, reluctant to return to his room where he would undoubtedly find a snoring roommate. Draco became restless again, and wandered out toward the balcony.

Draco Malfoy nearly turned around when he saw who was on the balcony, staring at the dark ocean and apparently oblivious to anything else. “You shouldn’t turn your back so much, Potter, someone might see it as a good target.” Of course, Saint Potter had to be one of the Gryffindors chosen to attend. Him and that mudblood Granger.

“Why?” Harry replied. “Were you going to take a swing at me? Or is that too physical for you? Just curse me instead?” Harry still hadn’t turned around. He was leaning on the rail and was still watching the ocean in the darkness.

“Are you saying that I wouldn’t, Potter?” His voice was full of malice and he almost spat out his name. “Well,” Harry replied, “we both know your father is a Death Eater, but in all honesty, I don’t think you’re as bad as that. You can be mean, bigoted, and downright petty, but you’ve never shown the inclination to join Voldemort, which, by the way, is the reason you’re here.” Draco tensed at this statement, but Harry continued before he could answer. “I don’t blame you, though. Slytherins are ambitious, shrewd, calculating, and intelligent. Scraping on the ground at another man’s feet doesn’t quite fit with that.”

Draco moved next to the other boy and placed his hand on the rail. He wasn’t sure what to reply to this, so he just stared at Harry until the boy turned to look at him. Harry met his eyes for a moment and then turned back to the sea. Draco realized that Harry wasn’t going to react to him. It crossed his mind that this boy was as comfortable as anyone could be around dark wizards.

For a while, the two boys stood on the balcony, listening to the waves crash against the sand. Draco wasn’t sure why, but suddenly his rival felt very…comfortable. At least he knew Potter wouldn’t attack him.

Harry broke the silence. “You know, Draco, there’s always help if you need it. I’m not suggesting that you’re weak. You’re not. But Lucius Malfoy and Voldemort are a nasty combination to deal with. When you turn 17, you’ll be asked to join the Dark Lord’s side.” Draco tensed again. He didn’t like where this was heading. “Draco, I just want you to know that you don’t have to. I’m living proof that Dumbledore can protect people from Voldemort and his goons.”

“Why are you telling me this, Potter? Don’t you know that I’m past that? I was raised by my father to follow his footsteps.”

“There’s always another chance, Draco. Always…And I’d rather minimize the number of fellow classmates that I have to face in battle. And Draco, this conversation won’t change what would happen. If we met in battle, I would still throw curses with deadly aim. In that situation, I wouldn’t risk everything I love because you *might* be savable.” Harry was still looking out into the blackness.

Draco was shaken; he was glad that it was dark. He had dueled with Potter many times over the years. The boy’s skills were increasing at an amazing rate. He admitted, if only to himself, that he was no match for Potter.

He shuddered when he thought about his future. His father had begun to increase his lessons in the dark arts. He was learning to apparqte illegally now. His father had told him in no uncertain terms that he would have to apparate to the Dark Lord’s side to receive the mark and that he would be severely disappointed if he couldn’t.

Harry interrupted his thoughts. “How’d your evening with that Beauxbatons boy go?”

“How did you know about that?”

“You were eating together. I saw you head up to the Beauxbatons sections of rooms.”

Draco snorted. “I didn’t realize you were so observant, Potter. Perhaps I should be more secretive in the future. Or were you watching me for another reason?” --Did Potter just smile?--

“No, I’ve just been trained to be observant, that’s all. It’s not like much gets past Snape anyway.” They both snorted. The potions master made a strict chaperone.

They were silent for a few minutes and then Harry spoke. “Draco, do you really find such, random and, um, brief trysts to be satisfying?”

Draco shrugged. “It’s what I do. It’s what Malfoy’s do. Why?”

“Just curious. I mean, you’ve never dated anyone back at Hogwarts, just slept with whomever seems to meet your fancy. Anytime you keep something going, it just seems to be for sex, nothing more.”

“Is there a point to this, Potter. Or does my lifestyle insult your sensibilities? Wait, I’ve heard that muggles have problems with same-sex relationships. You’re not like that are you?”

“Hmph. No, I prefer both genders, actually. It’s just that, with such fleeting relationships, aren’t you ever…lonely? Always keeping people at a distance? Don’t you ever want to know that you’ll be waking up next to someone a year from now?”

Draco stared at the raven haired boy. --Why did Harry bring that up? And when did he become Harry and not Potter? Crap.--

Harry took Draco’s silence as stubbornness and shrugged and turned back to the sea.

“Why are you out here anyway, Harry? It’s past midnight.” Harry blinked in surprise at the use of his given name. He didn’t think he had ever heard Draco use it before.

“The water, it’s calming. I love to listen to it. And I like the darkness. I mean, literally, not figuratively. I guess being enveloped in darkness makes me feel…less vulnerable, less obvious.”

Draco nodded. “I guess I can see that. Kind of like my hair, you know? Kind of stands out.” Harry looked at him incredulously for a moment, and then snorted with laughter.

“Well, then you’d better not travel with a full moon, Draco, the moonlight will catch it in a heartbeat.” He reached up and almost touched Draco’s head with his hand before quickly dropping it to his side again. For his part, Draco didn’t move away, and both stared out, aware that something intangible had changed.

Winds were coming up off the shore and it was getting cool again. Harry pulled his cloak around him more tightly. He pushed away from the rail and moved backward, gently brushing against Draco. “I’m heading to bed. It’s been a long day and I’m beat. I got caught up debating the nature of dark arts and charms with a student from Durmstrang.” Draco smiled and snorted softly.

“Didn’t anyone ever tell you to stay away from Durmstrang, Harry?”

“Yeah, but what can I say? I have a taste for danger. Keeps me agile and trained for my annual training sessions with Voldemort.” He grinned at Draco and turned to go.

Draco started and turned. He suddenly felt cold where Harry had been standing. “Harry. Wait.”

Harry turned expectantly. Draco pulled himself up, grabbed a hold of Harry’s cloak clasp and pulled him toward him. He pressed his lips up against the other boy’s. Harry paused. This wasn’t exactly what he had expected. He knew something had changed, but this…he could feel Draco’s passion move up his body and over to his own. He was also surprised at the pace of the kiss itself. He had expected Draco to be dominating and controlling like his father was in any of their insult-filled encounters.

Draco’s kiss was passionate, but not controlling. Once Harry responded and leaned into the kiss, their tongues twisted around each other as they took turns exploring each other’s mouths. The fire between them was amazing, heating but not consuming them. They wrapped their arms around each other and Harry held on to Draco’s neck, his thumb rubbing the sensitive skin there. Finally, Harry pulled back. Emerald and storm-blue eyes stared into each other, Harry’s seemingly searching those blue depths.

He swallowed and spoke. “Draco, you know what I said before. I’m not into something casual. It might be your style, but no one-nighters or just sex for me. I don’t do anything half-heartedly, you know that. If you’re interested in going further, let me know when we return to Hogwarts, ok?” Draco nodded silently. His mind was still reeling from what had just transpired between them. Harry softly kissed the inside of Draco’s palms and then his forehead. He then turned around and walked quickly back into the hotel lobby and up to his room.

When he reached his room, he closed and locked the door. He turned to his now visible body guards. “Well, since you guys are the peeping toms, what do you think?”

The female guard spoke first. “Interesting turn of events. Did you plan that?”

“You actually seemed to make him think. Perhaps he’s not such a lost cause as we thought,” said the male guard.

Harry snorted. “That wasn’t my intention. Initially, I just wasn’t in the mood for one of our duel of insults. It just…happened. Beats me how we got there. Sigh. Anyway, I’m off to bed. Night.”

Once the guards were in the hallway, Harry lay in bed for a while staring at the moonlight streaming through the window. All he could think about was Draco’s soft lips, the caress of his tongue, and the way his pale hair glinted in the moonlight. He suddenly realized that his hand had strayed downwards and was fingering the bulge in his p.j. bottoms. Minutes later, Harry arched off the bed screaming silently into the night.

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