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Chapter Twenty-Nine - Wedding

By DrusillaDax


Harry went to see Jules a monthbefore the Yule break and he told him that he and Severus had just been invitedby Matthew to Templeton Hall for the holidays.

Jules assured Harry that he couldsurvive to a fortnight without them in school.

Harry smiled and left. He knew thatJules must know.

Jules filed some more parchments andwalked to Gryffindor House. He didn't go to see his husband. Jules Ode-Lupin wanted to have a chat with one of the inhabitants ofthe portrait that now guarded the entry to Gryffindor.

The Fat Lady had been offered aquiet spot in a deserted corridor, and she had been delighted to move far awayfrom the energetic Gryffindors.

A portrait of Minerva McGonagall wasguarding the door, and most of the times, Albus Dumbledore was playing wizarding chess with her - this is not what they were doing whennobody watched, though.

'Albus?' Jules said.

'I think you're right, my child. Ibet a Galleon that you can begin to write your blessing,' the paintinganswered.

Jules waved and left them.


'Do we have everything?' Harry asks for theumpteenth time.

Severus doesn't answer. He simply caressesHarry's back.

Harry turns to his bonded and cannot growl.Severus is smiling that small smile that Harry brought into his life, and Harryknows that he's a bit too nervous about all this. Even if they do forgetsomething, either Câly or one of Matthew's house-elves can go and fetchit for them.

Matthew invited them to his home under thepretence of organizing a huge birthday party for Harold and Sarina, who areturning ten, but Severus and Harry hope that their eldest son is going to havesome familial news to share with them.

The elves, the Potter-Snape-Templetons,and the friends of Harold and Sarina have been plotting together to plan a hugebirthday party for the twins.

Sarina and Harold could be spoiled rotten, butwhat they receive in abundance is love.

Their party ends up as a merry dinner with alltheir guests.

'I don't know what James did,' Draco whispersin Severus's ear.

The Potions master turns towards his blondfriend.

'What do you mean?' Severus asks.

'He took me shopping for Harold, but he boughtnothing for Sarina. I tried to convince him to have even some silly thing forher, but he stubbornly refused. Hell! I won't be surprised if he's sorted intoGryffindor, after his mother,' Draco explains.

Severus has seen what passed between James andhis angel. Considering Sarina's Calling, it's notsuch a surprise, but Severus could not imagine that James would notice it sosoon and pledge himself at such an early age.

'Do you trust me, Draco?' Severus whispers.

No word could ever be enough to voice the trustDraco has in his former Head of House. Draco simply nods.

Severus takes a deep breath.

'James brought something to Sarina, but youjust couldn't see it,' he says.

Draco blinks and looks at his first son sharingcakes and sweets with Harold.

'There's something I don't know, and you can'ttell me,' Draco states.

Severus nods in his turn.

Draco takes a deep breath and declares, 'Tillyou can tell me what's going on, I'll be happy with the fact that my baby doesstrange things, but isn't an ungrateful brat.'

The children play together and include thehouse-elves in their games, and their parents watch them with love.

Harry grabs two glasses of pumpkin juice andsettles on Severus's lap.

It's only at night, in the room that Matthewhas given them that they voice their thoughts.

'Ten years,' Harry whispers in awe.

He's in Severus's arms, and they're looking atthe park from the windowsill. That position reminds them ofroom 9 at the Leaky Cauldron and of the night when they bonded their lives andsouls.

'I still can't believe that we wished them atthe very same time,' Severus whispers back against Harry's neck.

'We were in the deserted Great Hall. Dancing. I remember drowning in your eyes and thinking howmuch I love you and how happy you make me. I wished our love to be evenbigger,' Harry says.

'And when our lips met on our birthdays, Iremember wishing something more for us, but I don't exactly remember my wish,'Severus confesses.

Harry caresses the arms that encircle him.

'I know,' Severus says.

He knows that Harry sometimes takes the fourthtalisman that Sirius sent from Australia out of the drawer where they've putit, and wishes for another child.

Harry turns around slightly and opens hismouth.

He can't utter a word for his lips are under Severus's.

'I know, and I don't mind,' Severus says.

They share a tender kiss.

Severus takes something from his sleeve andhands a small box to Harry.

'An early Christmas present?' Harry asks.

Allowing his husband to make him blush ever soslightly, Severus shakes his head and says, 'I hear it's nice to thank one'spartner for giving joy, and beautiful children.'

Harry grins and eagerly opens the box. In it,he finds a tiny branch of white lilac, and when he takes it out of the box, itresumes its normal size. When they're back in their quarters in Hogwarts, Harrycan add it to his lilies and red roses.

‘Lilac is for,' Severus begins.

'True friendship,' Harry interrupts him.

Holding the flowers, Harry thanks his bonded witha shower of kisses.

'Why, Professor Snape, this is a very Mugglething to do for the Head of Slytherin!' Harry teases him.

Something passes through Severus's eyes, andHarry deciphers what's going on. Severus somehow still feels guilty for evenbelieving that Harry might look at any other man.

'Severus Silly Snape, I am madly in love withyou, and you'll never get rid of me in all eternity,' Harry declares.

Severus gulps.

One second later, Severus finds himself with atiny box in his hand.

'I have something for you, as well,' Harryannounces.

Severus is about to open the box when Harryplaces one hand over Severus's.

'The way we got ours was unusual. They'refantastic, but they're not ours,' Harry says.

Severus opens the box and finds two weddingbands. Two magical bands ready for them to store a thread of their lives.

They silently kneel in front of each other, thewhite lilac deposited between them. They say the string of spells and store apart of themselves in the bands.

Harry places a thread of his life on Severus'shand. Severus gasps when he feels Harry's love, trust and friendship permeatehis cells, his heart and his soul. Harry was right, this was much better thanthe threads Lily and James had given them. The spirits of Harry's parents hadblessed them and offered them a protection, but this... This was warmth. Thiswas waking up holding one's lover on a sunny spring morning, laughing togetherat a pun that had not even been said aloud, looking at the children growing up,healthy and happy.

A single tear rolls down Severus's cheek.

Harry laps it and invites Severus to place hisown thread on Harry's hand.

Severus obeys.

Harry has to remember how to breathe.

'Beloved. I think I'd like to try them overthere,' Harry says, pointing a finger towards their bed.

Severus stands up, carries his bonded anddeposits him on the bed.

They don't notice that the white lilac isglowing on the floor.


On the following morning, when Harry andSeverus join their children and Osiris for breakfast, they both sport thesilliest grin they've ever had in their entire lives.

They quietly share breakfast, and Harold asksfor permission to go and watch the making of the edition of The MagicalTimes while his sister means to invade the library.

When the twins are gone, Matthew casts aSilencing charm on the room and Osiris starts laughing.

When she can control her laughter she thanksMatthew.

'So,' she begins, pointing towards Severus andHarry's new threads, 'that's the reason why.'

'What do you mean, Osiris?' Harry wonders.

Matthew buries his nose in his cup of tea andmumbles something.

'Louder, Matthew!' Severus says.

'There are permanent Silencing spells on your room,but you breached through them, and we were wondering if it was only a privatecelebration for your first wishing of the twins,' Osiris almost giggles.

'We breached...' Severus can't bring himself tofinish that sentence.

Matthew and Osiris joyfully nod.

'Amazing,' Harry comments.

'Not that much when you consider the strengthof your love,' Matthew declares.

'I hope we'll have the same,' Osiris says.

'Ahah!' Harryexclaims.

In perfect harmony, Severus and Harrystraighten on their chairs and lean towards the young couple.

'There's no beating around the bush,' Matthewsays, blushing.

Severus and Harry clasp their hands and wait.

'We want to get married next July,' Osirisannounces.

'It's high time!' Harry purrs.

'Not everybody gets married straight afterschool. Even you waited a whole year before bonding... and I won't comment onProfessor Snape's choice,' Osiris says.

Harry and Severus speak simultaneously.

'I was an idiot,' says Harry.

'Wise decision,' Severus pretends to growl.

Harry looks at Severus and declares, 'We've gota little over six months to plan everything.'

'You don't have to,' Osiris says.

'Be an obedient daughter, and let my bondedplan your wedding,' Severus intervenes.

Osiris blinks.

'Besides, he's a Gryffindor, he can't helphimself,' Severus adds.

'We want to invite you... and maybe convinceJules to perform our bonding, but you don't have to burden yourself with thecost of our wedding,' Matthew says.

'Son. Shut up!' Harry says.

It's Matthew's turn to blink.

Harry goes on, 'It is our duty to take care ofyou.' He pauses. 'Besides there are things you do not know. Osiris, my deargirl, I want you to make a list of all the things you want for yourwedding. If you don't give me one, I'll go and ask your mother. Do I makemyself clear?'

The young couple keeps protesting.

They even argue with Severus and Harry.

'You don't know how much it's going to cost!'Matthew growls.

Severus summons ink, feather and parchment and ordersOsiris to write down the cost of her ideal wedding. She obeys reluctantly, andSeverus and Harry look at the figure on the parchment.

'Do we tell them?' Harry asks.

Severus nods.

Harry writes down another figure, hands the parchmentto his children and says, 'This is what is sitting on the account we opened foryou. Sarina and Harold each have one, and we have much more in our own vault.'

Matthew imitates a fish out of water.

Osiris is squeaking.

'Now, once you recover, I believe you'll agreeto let us organize your wedding,' Severus says.

'More than four times that?' Matthew says,showing the piece of parchment.

'We've had some luck with the Weasley twins,'Harry explains.

Matthew and Osiris are speechless, but Harry pointsout that they don't need to speak to write their wishes.

They begin their list.


The Potter-Snapes Flooback to their quarters just before the fathers have togo back to their respective classrooms.

Harold decides to invade Jules's office, andSarina spends her day with Irma Pince.

It's only in the evening after they've put alltheir children to bed, that Harry and Severus can get some rest in their room.

Harry takes his new branch of white lilac andadds it to his vase of love, as he calls it.

Harry is holding Severus's hand, their two setsof bands in contact.

The flowers glow. The lilies tremble. The lilacis radiating light.

The red roses multiply before their hypnotizedwitnesses.

They need no words to express their love.

After some moment, Severus opens his mouth.

'I don't want a bigger vase, Darling. That oneis just perfect,' Harry answers before Severus even proposes that.

Severus closes his mouth... on his husband'slips.


In July, Osiris Stewart becomes Mrs Templeton-Snape.

They've let their fathers plan everything, butthe couple finds a way to thank them by keeping Severus's surname when theycould have stopped using it. Even the Hall is rebaptized.

At the end of the party, just before they go onhoneymoon (Harry has booked them a cruise on the Nile), the Templeton-Snapesask their fathers what they can bring them back for their birthdays.

'Just don't stay longer in Egypt. We've planneda huge party at the Three Broomsticks, and we'd like you to be there. Your happinessis ours, too,' Harry says.


They've planned a nice lunch with theirfriends. Harry is turning thirty and Severus fifty. They know that they won'tescape their friends.

On the first of August, they'll celebrateMatthew's birthday.

In the evening...

In the evening, they'll send the twins to theMalfoys, and they'll go to the Hogsmeade house.Sarina and Harold know the story of their fathers and they gladly agreed toleave them alone to celebrate, in private, their birthdays, and the anniversaryof their first bonding.


First, they go to Rosmertaand help her prepare some things for their party.

All their friends are there, and it's a realsuccess.

The Stewarts have been brought to Hogsmeade with the three Synons. TheMuggles got used to magic over the years, and they enjoy the magical towntremendously.

The entertainment of the day is provided by theRettins. Frederick and James are pointedly looking atOdin.

'Yes?' Odin asks James, batting his lashes.

'Nothing,' James growls.

Amalia laughs softly.

'You're impossible, James,' the young witchsays.

'James, Frederick,' Odin says, 'I know that youbelieve that I'm a bad boy who doesn't deserve Amalia'slove, and you wonder when I'm going to ask you for permission to marry her.'Hermione's MOSS and his husband nod furiously. 'But this is none of yourbusiness, and it's something I could only ask her.'

'She's my baby sister,' James says.

'And you're deaf,' Severus comments.

James - and all the others - turn to thePotions master.

Jules looks at Amalia,who nods.

'Conjunctus,' Julescoughs, and they all turn to him.

'When?' Frederick asks.

Matthew and Osiris clear their throats and waveat the Rettins.

'Why didn't you tell us?' James growls.

'Because we knew you'd react that way,' Amalia declares.

'That way?' James says.

'Tell me what you think of what I did,' Amalia goes on.

'You could get married,' James says.

'We are,' Odin states.

'Our commitment to each other doesn't have tochange our lives drastically,' Amalia says.

James looks straight into Amalia'seyes and seriously declares, 'I will not yell at you for not sharing this withus. You are right. This is your life. But from now on, Idon't want you to growl if we spoil the new addition to our family.'

Mrs Stewart stands up and goes to peck James'scheek.

'Welcome to our family, too,' she says.

'You knew!' Thomas Synonsays, an accusing finger pointing at his sister-in-law.

'Of course, there are things that we, women,feel,' Hermione says, nursing her drink.

They turn to her as if she'd grown anotherlimb.

'By the way, I think it's time to share theother pieces of news,' Hermione adds.

The ladies all giggle. Most of the men arelost.

Amalia and Osiris announce theirpregnancies.

Matthew looks at his fathers and exclaims, 'Youknew!'

'Well, I did a good job with my Gryffindor, andhe's the one who monitored Osiris,' Severus admits.

Ron starts laughing. When he can finally stop,he says, 'You're going to be a grandfather by proxy at thirty-one!'

'Thirty,' Harry murmurs as he heats the brandyin his glass.

He's got such a happy smile that all theirguests smile as well.

Harry has the family he's always dreamt of, andthat makes him happy.

'Any of you care to join the fun, girls?' Amalia asks.

'My two idiots might have been grinning likethey belonged in Bedlam when I gave them our sons and daughters, but my womb isjust screaming "NO!", and I guess all my eggs are hiding from anyseed,' Hermione answers.

They all chuckle.

'I want another child.'

It's Liz's voice, and she has just managed tomake everyone speechless.

Remus and Jules look at her, a bit lost.

Jules clears his throat and declares, 'I don'tknow what we can do, but we'll find a way to grant you that wish, if this iswhat you really want.'

'Surely, you must have something like Muggleinsemination if you can't... you know,' Thomas Synonsuggests.

'There will be no need for that,' Liz declares.

'We... we can't,' Remus stammers.

'There will be no need for that, because I'vehad a lover for the past three years, and I mean to live with him,' Lizexplains.

'You can't leave us! We love you! We are afamily!' Remus and Jules shout at the same time.

'Who ever said I'm leaving,' Liz quietly says,with a smile worthy of a Slytherin even though she spent her Hogwarts days inHufflepuff.

Jules and Remus are gaping.

'I'm joining the family,' David Synon says.

'But I'm not sharing him,' Liz points out.

'No... We'll just share the children,' Davidadds.

'Sweet Goddess! Do you really mean that?' Julesmanages to ask in spite of the huge lump in his throat.

'Yup!' David says, taking Liz in his arms.

David's father is looking for his lower jawsomewhere on the floor, and Susan is crying and laughing at the same time.

'That explains the soot!' Susan finally sobswith happiness.

'I thought I spelled David clean when I broughthim back from our escapades!' Liz exclaims.

'Not thoroughly enough, it seems,' Hermionegiggles.

They all laugh heartily.

'I'll have to check if a Muggle can live withus,' Jules seriously declares.

'There should be no problem,' Liz says.

Jules observes her with a strange look.

'Before you ship me to St Mungo's, I might aswell tell you that I had a chat with Albus, and he said it's all right,' sheexplains.

'When can you move in?' Remus asks David.

Jules chuckles; he knows that his mate iscraving for a pack.

'As soon as Minister Weasley authorizes me touse the Floo Network, so I can go to work in Oxford,'David says.

'Of course, my dear child,' Arthur says. 'I'llhave a parchment sent to Hogwarts. Er... David?'

'Yes, Minister?'

'Call me Arthur, and would you mind sharinginformation with me. I am planning a decisive rapprochement with your Mugglegovernment, and I'd like you to enlighten me,' Arthur asks.

David agrees gladly. Now that all his friendsknow that he's involved with a witch, he'll be happy to help the collaborationbetween both worlds.

This was a fantastic birthday party for Severusand Harry, but it wasn't as good as their private celebration two days later.


To Be Continued...

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