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Chapter Sixteen - That Muggle Fable Was True After All

By DrusillaDax


So... On August 1st, Severus and Harry celebrate their birthdays, the defeat of Voldemort and their handfasting.

They have breakfast with Albus and Minerva in the garden and both men consider it's a good thing because they don't think they could have been reasonable in the kitchen where they kissed for the very first time a year ago.

That was but a year ago and yet so much has happened.

Both Severus and Harry have silly grins pasted on their faces, but they don't even try to hide it from their friends who are positively beaming with happiness from witnessing so much love.


Pretending that he has some supplies to buy for work, Harry leaves Albus's house to go and shop for some more gifts for Severus and Severus lets him go with Câly because there's one particular potion he's batching for Harry and he doesn't want his lover, now more than competent in potions, around to put two and two together.

The weird twinkle is back in Albus's eyes...


When Harry and Câly leave the bookstore in Hogsmeade, the house-elf is the first to spot the bird and she immediately understands what's happening. Her scream of surprise is heard throughout the village.

Harry sees the bird with the white bundle in its beak, but he doesn't understand: what's happening to him right now is so rare that it's one of the magical possibilities never mentioned in his training.

Câly is speechless and trembling with excitement and everybody around is silent.

The stork lands before Harry and makes it clear that the bundle is for him.

Harry takes it and instantly his son wakes up. His black irises have emerald-green speckles and Harry simply feels that this baby is his and Severus's. He finds a parchment that he gives to Câly because he cannot take his eyes off the child.

'Can you read it, please?'

She nods and starts, '"Your son, Harold Terence James Potter-Snape, is being delivered to your household today. His name has been inscribed on the Hogwarts list since Yule. May your lives be blessed and happy"... Your love must be even stronger than I suspected if you desired a child and were granted that wish.'

'He is ours? Because we wished him?' Harry asks, still watching the baby.

'Yes, my little one. Now we should go back to Albus's to introduce Harold to his other father and the stork will not leave until we have done so.'


As he walks into the house, followed by the bird and the elf, Harry calls Severus, but he doesn't answer.

After trying the guest-room, the kitchen, the parlour and the library, Harry walks into the garden where Albus and Minerva stand next to Severus who's sitting on the bench under the plum-tree.

That's when Câly squeaks.

That's when Harry sees the stork.

Another stork...

'Severus?' Harry calls.

His lover turns around. He's beaming and holding a baby.

Both storks fly away, their mission accomplished.

'Harry, come and meet our daughter, Sarina Alba Lily Potter-Snape.'

She has emerald-green eyes with black speckles.

When Harry sits next to Severus, brother and sister join hands and giggle.

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