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This fic is about Harry Potter and Severus Snape falling in love and, in the end,

in the same bed. If you do not like the concept, do not read further...


Chapter Thirty-Seven - The Miracles of Love

By DrusillaDax


That gathering is not the end.

This is just the beginning, but our protagonists just don't know how much.



Sarina Potter-Snape Apparates into the heart of a forest in Brittany.

This is where her fathers got married.

This is where her twin got married.

This is the day and hour of her wedding.

She just Apparated into the circle formed by her friends and family.

All the Weasleys are there. Arthur and Molly are there. Bill and Meriem and Idris Al'datjah came with their two sons and two daughters. Charlie, Ron and Hermione Apparated with James, Alexander, Terrence, Remus, Sophia, Lily, Serenity and Mary. Fred, Andora, George and Verena brought their children, as well. Percy and Bartholomew Bithda have been appointed to keep an eye on their nephews.

Hermione's MOSSes came as well. James and Frederick Rettin Portkeyed with their daughter Emma, and with Ethan, Suzy and Liz Bell. Another Portkey brought George Pierre, Christian Anthony and their families into the clearing.

Rubeus Hagrid and Argus Filch were accompanied by Professors Hooch and Flitwick.

Helena and Nicolai Vlad are here with their daughter and two sons.

Most of the Hogwarts staff members are present.

Jules Ode-Lupin and Remus Lupin-Ode had to resort to a Portkey to bring Hadrian Ode and his sister and brother, Samantha and Stuart Synon, while Liz Synon got a special permission to Apparate her husband, David.

Arthemis Ally Apparated directly next to Jules, so that Sirius remains quiet - though she doubts that he'll even try growling today, because it's not one of his own children who is getting married.

The witches and wizards met some of the Muggles invited to the ceremony and who had to be magically brought to this forest.

Susan and Thomas Synon wouldn't have missed this for all the tea in China, and they came with Robin, Joan and Evangeline Stewart.

Even Dudley Dursley has been invited to the ceremony, and stays near the other Muggles.

Amalia Rettin and Odin Stewart are present, and check that their children are quiet.

Of course, there's Sarina's family.

Ginny and Draco Malfoy are grinning like Cheshire-Cats, and Elinor and Arthur are beaming.

Câly brought Hedwig and Leila. The bird is on her shoulder, and the cat in her arms.

Osiris is in Matthew Templeton-Snape's arms, and Vivian and Albus are holding hands in silence.

Harold is holding his wife, Seraphina, who is expecting their first child.

Of course, Severus and Harry are waiting by the sacred ground, hand in hand.

Of course, James Malfoy is already there.

Sarina and James’s robes are matching – Slytherin-green outer robe on a Slytherin-silver one.

James's waist-length hair is flowing in the wind, and his grey-blue eyes are sparkling.

It's the first time in years that people who aren't family members get to see Sarina’s hair untied. Usually, she uses magic to keep her locks tamed, but today she let her raven-black hair down and it reaches her knees.

Her emerald green black-speckled eyes lock with James's and she beams.

She nods. James nods back and they take their places.

Their guests form a circle around the sacred ground.

The ceremony can begin.

Ginny, Draco, Elinor, Harold, Severus and Harry join James and Sarina on the sacred stone.

Sarina looks at them, and they nod in their turn.

She doesn't need to voice the spell to activate the ancient runes carved in the stone to ward them, and the signs glow. They feel the magic wrap itself around them.

James and Sarina are facing each other, and the young wizard offers his hands to his fiancée. She gently takes them in hers, and does some more magic.

The spirit of Milk is the first to appear on the stone.

//Hello, my Princess!// the snake happily hisses.

//I'm happy to see you!// she says.

The guests and parents don't know what to expect exactly, even if some of them know the extent of Sarina's powers.

Only James and Harold know what is about to happen.

The spirits of Alba and Terrence Snape join this plane.

They're followed by Lily and James Potter.

This is not the last surprise Sarina has planned. She wants all those she loves to be present when she links her soul with James's.

Albus Dumbledore and Minerva McGonagall join them; they're holding hands and smiling.

The fiancés' families (alive or dead) form a circle around them.

They don't know what to do, but Sarina's magic is guiding them without words.

James and Sarina are speaking to each other through their fingertips with touches that are almost imperceptible.

Sarina's heart calls the one who will officiate: Narcissa Malfoy.

Draco gasps, and Ginny pecks his cheek.

Narcissa looks at them all with so much love, that those who met her when she was alive believe that it's another witch who has been summoned.

'James, Sarina?' Narcissa asks.

They nod.

'Is anyone objecting to this ceremony?' asks Narcissa.

The clearing is silent, but for birds chirping.

Looking at the sparrows, Narcissa declares, 'I'll take that as a "yes".'

They all chuckle, the tension leaving the participants.

'My friends, we gather here to witness and share the blessing by the Above of James Malfoy and Sarina Potter-Snape,' Narcissa announces. 'Our presence here today is but one manifestation of the powers these children have, and I don't only mean the presence of the spirits that some of us have become.' They all smile. Narcissa's blessing promises to be unforgettable. 'Look at you my children. Muggles and magical folks, old enemies and new friends, family of the heart and blood relatives, you all came here today to celebrate the bonding of James and Sarina, two miracles in many ways. You grew up with them, or watched them growing up. Some of you know that they were meant to be together. Their souls were woven together even before they were born. This ceremony is a mere formality. A gathering of friends and kin,' Narcissa pauses, to give them a moment to look at one another. 'The powers you have, James and Sarina, won't be enough to ward all evil from your lives. You will have to fight for your happiness, but as your parents did, I am sure that you will do this bravely. No one can say what the future holds for you, but I have no doubt that you will bring even more light to our world. Fight for your happiness and enjoy every single moment you are given in this world.'

James and Sarina nod.

Narcissa takes a deep breath. This is moving, even for a spirit - after all, she is marrying her grandson.

'James Malfoy, why are you choosing to link your life with Sarina Potter-Snape?' she asks.

James ignores everybody around him and answers, 'Even before I was brought into this world, Sarina was my world. She has always been a part of my soul. She's my heart and more than my life. Today, I'm showing how much she means to me by linking us before our friends and families. Yet, not one of them will ever know how much she is my life. Sarina is the world, and all things pleasant and agreeable. There is nothing beyond Sarina. I have always been in love with her, and shall be in love with her till this world comes to an end.'

They all sigh.

Narcissa is grinning. She turns to the witch and says, 'Sarina Potter-Snape, why are you choosing to link your life with James Malfoy?'

'I could say that I am James Malfoy as much as he is Sarina Potter-Snape, but this is not enough. Each breath I take is a hymn rejoicing in the fact that we have been granted the gift to be together and to acknowledge the nature of our souls - though I should say "our soul" - at a very early age. We are equals, and we are friends. Our love doesn't have a definition yet, and I want us to write it together. I want to make him happy. James... James is more than my everything.'

There is so much strength and depth in their declarations that even Narcissa gulps.

'Who is giving James Malfoy away?' Narcissa finally asks.

'We are,' Ginny and Draco say.

'Who is James Malfoy's attestant?' Narcissa goes on.

'I am,' Harold says.

James and Sarina have decided to add more ties to their families. By becoming James's attestant, Harold will be considered as James's wizarding brother.

'Who is giving Sarina Potter-Snape away?' asks Narcissa.

'We are,' Harry and Severus say.

'Who is Sarina Potter-Snape's attestant?'

'I am,' declares Elinor.

The spirit of Milk slithers into the air, and Narcissa binds him around James and Sarina's left hands.

//May my blessing protect your love!// Milks says.

Magic glows onto the fiancés' skin.

'May the Above endorse the vows!' says Narcissa.

It's time for James and Sarina to bond.

'I want to be with you, at your side, caring for you. I want to be yours. Body and Soul, eternally,' they declare in perfect unison.

'The knot is tied!' Narcissa, Albus, Minerva, Alba, Terrence, Lily and James say.

Milk entangles himself around James and Sarina's hands, and then slithers around Narcissa's neck. The dead witch affectionately caresses the snake's head, because she saw the magical knot that the little snake used to bless them.

'Blessed be!' shout those around the magical stone.

James kisses his wife’s hand and winks at his grandmother.

The newly-weds have one more surprise for this ceremony.

'May I present you James and Sarina Potter-Snape?' Narcissa says.

Harold and Elinor giggle as Ginny, Draco, Harry and Severus look incredulously at one another.

The seven spirits point their wands at the young couple, and offer them a gift through a silent spell. Guests and family see what happens, but they don't know what it is exactly.

James gathers his wife in his arms and holds her.

The spirits bless their children and their friends, and then float towards Sarina and James.

After one more blessing, Sarina deactivates the runes, and the spirits fade.

Their parents see that James and Sarina are about to slip into that world that belongs only to them, so Matthew suggests that they begin to Portkey and Disapparate to Templeton-Snape Hall, where Sarina's elder brother has planned a huge party for his little Princess and the prince of her heart.


The party is a success.

At one point, even Sirius falls for Sarina's charms, and one of the young children hears him whisper that they are a beautiful couple.

The child innocently answers that she is a Light Lady.

Sirius picks the child up and answers, 'You must be right. She certainly is the perfect antithesis to a Dark Lord!'

Harry chuckles.

Sirius looks at his godson, at his godson's miraculous daughter, then at the child he sat on his lap.

Realization dawns.

It is so farfetched that Sirius can barely believe that what he just thought can be the truth, and yet...

Sarina's aura, and her fathers' quiet smile confirm that he's right.

Finally, it feels as if it's time to grow up and truly be an adult - without Arthemis watching his back to prevent him from making blunders.

Sirius puts the child back on the ground, stands up, and walks to Severus and Harry.

He asks Severus a question.

After the surprised Potions master has answered, Sirius says, 'May I?'

Severus and Harry nod.

If Sirius offers to give a blessing to Sarina and James, they won't complain.

Sirius asks the same question to Draco and Ginny.

When a magical presentation of a baby takes place, the shower of natural items that the witnesses make fall on the baby holds a blessing and a protection.

When the same items are showered upon newly-weds, blessings and protections are multiplied tenfold.

Sirius got from James and Sarina's parents what was used during their presentations.

He takes his wand and puts all his strength into the spell that reproduces a cascade of a variety of petals, down, magical snow and raindrops.

Sarina and James have a lot of fun fighting off that magical shower.

They still have petals and down in their long hair when they rise to cut their cake.

'I knew we'd make something of him,' Arthemis whispers in Harry's ear.

He chuckles and whispers back, 'It took Sarina to achieve that miracle.'

'Of course. It could only be Sarina,' Arthemis says.

Harry understands that she knows.

He smiles and turns to his husband.

Severus's smile makes Harry's heart flutter.

They lean towards each other and share a brief kiss.

Sarina feels the magic, looks at Jules, and... gapes.


The wedding lunch turns into tea, and then dinner.

The house-elves lead the Muggle guests to bedrooms, where they can rest.

Most of the witches and wizards use their powers to go back to their homes when the sun sets.

The newly-weds say good-bye to their relatives, and they Disapparate to their Hogsmeade house.

The Malfoys stay at Templeton-Snape Hall, but Severus and Harry go back to their Oxonian home.


The night is beautiful.

Severus and Harry make love under the cherry-tree. In some weeks, they're going to celebrate their twenty-first wedding anniversary, and they want to train for their private celebration.

They wake up entangled around each other.

They clasp their hands and let their two sets of rings convey their love.

Câly knows her babies well, and she brings breakfast into the garden.

Hedwig and Leila are there.

Both wizards believe that their familiars know that their elf has prepared some treat - after all, this is the first time in two decades that they have the house all to themselves.


But if they had spent the night inside, maybe they would have noticed the new change.

Hedwig and Leila know.

Câly was too busy keeping an eye on her wizards.

She walks into the garden with her last tray as Severus and Harry finally stand up and wrap themselves in their robes.

The tray never makes it to the table under the cherry-tree. It crashes on the lawn, and Câly squeaks and points at something behind Severus and Harry.

They turn around.

There is a stork waiting for them with a white bundle in its beak.

Both men kneel, and the bird walks to them. It deposits its cargo in their four hands.

The baby wakes up, and blue-green and grey eyes with black speckles look at them.

Harry and Severus look for the parchment they know must be here and give it to Câly.

She reads, '"Your daughter, Minerva Narcissa Potter-Snape, is being delivered to your household today. Her name has been inscribed on the Hogwarts list since Yule. May your lives be blessed and happy". I can't believe you did it again!'

'Yule has always been special,' Harry says.

'And summertime as well,' Severus adds.

'That thing with Sarina yesterday!' Harry exclaims.

'She knows, of course,' Severus quietly states.

'Of course! I'm stupid!'

'You are but a Gryffindor, Darling,' Severus teases him. 'Jules knows too,' he adds.

Harry nods.

'More stories to read!'

'I guess we'll celebrate her birthday on July 16th, or we'll have birthday planning issues,' Severus suggests.

Harry nods again.

They wince simultaneously.

'No!' Severus wails. 'You'd think I'd be too old to lactate!'

'You weren't too old to make her!' Harry teases him. 'You feed her first.'

Severus and Harry bring Minerva back home, where Câly informs them that the baby witch has her own room, next to their room and her brothers and sister's.

The elf brings them the fourth talisman, and they place the bracelet on her wrist.

She is such a little glutton that she needs both her fathers to feed her.

The Synons are at the Templeton-Snapes, so the wizards decide to ward the house and disconnect the Floo Network.

When Sarina and James Apparate into Oxford, they'll share the good news with the rest of the world.

Right now, they get to enjoy their new daughter all by themselves.

They had never dared to hope to be so blessed.



Life is a constant battlefield, but where there is love, there is no end.

This is just the beginning of another set of adventures that nothing will ever stop as long as time goes on...




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