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Chapter Seven - Wandless Magic Called Love

By DrusillaDax



The morning air is crisp, even for a summer day.

Actually, the air has that particular smell it can have very early in the morning, when you leave your house after a good breakfast and discover that it's still a little bit cold outside.

It's that precious and particular moment in the day when there's no one around, and the world seems to belong to you and you alone.

Until today, Harry Potter had never really had the occasion to experience or even enjoy that time of the day, when one can feel in communion with the world. In his early years,the Dursleys prevented anything pleasant from happening to him. Then, when he went to Hogwarts, he was often distracted by his friends, and, finally, he was forced into hiding by Voldemort.

Upon apparating into the cathedral, having followed Severus's magic, Harry briefly considers thanking "dear old Voldie" in a prayer to anyone above, for without the raving lunatic, he might not be with Severus.

"Good morning, Professor Snape!" calls out a young man, sweeping the floor by the altar.

"Good morning, David." Severus answers, " You're staying here during the holidays ?"

"Yes, sir. I've been offered a temporary position at the Bodleian. The wages will allow me to continue reading here. Before the Library opens, I come and help here," the young man explains.

"You were always in the cathedral, even when you were a child..." Severus reminds him.

As the eager sweeper chuckles, he remembers that Severus has been away from his Oxonian home for a long time, and he offers, "Would you like some help in your house, sir ?"

"That's very kind of you, but I am rather looking forward to dealing with the years of dust myself and, as you can see, I've brought some help..." Severus says, turning towards Harry.

The green-eyed miracle extends his hands, the young man does the same, and they shake hands, while Severus properly introduces them to each other as 'Professor Potter' and 'David Synon', the young David being the son of Severus's, and now Harry's, neighbours.

Severus and Harry escape after having promised to come and visit at tea-time, someday.

They walk through the cathedral, exit Christ Church College on St Aldate's. Even years at the magnificent Hogwarts coupled with the Muggle pictures he had seen of this place in his childhood had not prepared Harry Potter for the different kind of magic that was emanating from the old buildings around him. Severus could feel Harry's glee in his own veins and *that* was exhilarating and worth any battle that was to come.

Severus starts reciting poetry, "'Oh ye spires of Oxford! domes and towers! gardens and groves! your presence overpowers the soberness of reason.'"

They turn right, on Carfax, towards High Street.

"*Professor* Potter ?" Harry finally inquires.

"My dear Harry, Oxford and Cambridge are the two best Muggle towns for wizards: no one will look twice at our robes," Severus declares.

"He doesn't know you're a wizard ?"

"None of the Synons do... I think you're going to like our house even better than the one in Hogsmeade..." Severus teases Harry.

"Why ?" Harry inquires, taking the hand of his love.

Severus first welcomes the gesture, but then lets go of Harry's hand in favour of wrapping his arm around the other man's neck, glad to have the advantage of a few inches. Harry looks about, as if he were afraid of what people would say: he's had enough 'people' giving him pieces of their minds on his choice for today!

"Don't worry! Another blessing of the place... No one will pay attention to such a gesture, between fellows... or lovers." Severus purrs in Harry's ear.

"Good!" Harry says, now holding Severus by the waist, "So, what's special about the house ?"

"It changes."

"Do you plan to tease me to death, Severus, or do you want me to kneel and beg ?"

A fire burns in the black eyes of the Potions master when he says, "I shall keep your last suggestion in mind... But returning to the subject of the house, I bought it after my graduation and worked on transforming it. When a Muggle is visiting, it will act as a proper and ordinary Muggle home, with electricity, gas, a bad boiler, and a staircase that creaks at night. However, it is a complete wizard house as well. I think there may even be more tricks than in Albus's house!"

"Tricks ? Such as ?..." Harry wonders.

"I'll give you an example: our garden is in the cellar... The other surprises, I'll let you discover one by one."

"What's with you and dungeons and cellars ?" Harry jokes.

"Ahh! Someday... Soon enough, I shall demonstrate the many uses of such rooms." Severus says with his purring voice once again.

Most of Harry's blood rushes down to a certain part of his body.

The young wizard starts imagining things... Things that can be done in cellars... He may be inexperienced, but Hermione has always been a great source of information, even when the information took a "different" orientation over the last months. She never commented on his choice of "extra-curricular" books. Harry imagines he can already feel Severus's hands on his body, while they are in total darkness. The idea is, strangely, so exciting that Harry finds it extremely difficult to walk normally.

They walk in silence for some time before an important question comes to Harry's mind.

"Why didn't you hex or punch Sirius ?" He asks.

Severus sighs, proffering his left hand to Harry, but the gesture is not clear enough for the young man.

"We are bound, Harry, and Black, whether I like it or not, *is* your godfather. Ergo, in some twisted way, I considered that there is a link between Black and myself, and I haven't been brought up to fight with my kindred..." Severus deciphers.

Harry only holds him tighter.

"Yours is 'a countenance more in sorrow than in anger.'" Severus quotes, tightening his grip as well.

Finally, somewhere down on High Street, Severus stops walking, and fishes for a Muggle key in one of his pockets, handing it to Harry so he can do the honours.

Harry turns the key in the lock and opens the door, grinning.

"Welcome to your new home Harry!" Severus declares, inviting his love to go in.

From outside -Muggle-side-, the house looks like a rather narrow, three-storeyed building. However, when Severus closes the door behind them, the Muggle hall, with its old carpet and outdated wallpaper, transforms into a comfortable Wizarding foyer, with a thick carpet on marble and imitations of Roman frescoes on the walls.

Harry's grin gets even wider.

"That carpet feels like it could swallow you knee-deep!" Harry exclaims.

"We could ward the house, and I could offer you a tour of the place..." Severus offers.

Harry nods fervently, and while Severus is protecting their intimacy, the young wizard seizes the two phials noiselessly and walks towards his love.

Once Severus has activated the last ward, Harry puts his hand in Severus's sleeve and places the phials in it.

"You're in charge..." Harry says.

For one split second, Severus considers the possibility of ravishing the young man then and there, in the hall, on the carpet.

Severus figures he could drop the two phials on the carpet, then grasp Harry and undress him by magic. Then, with his young prey at his mercy, Severus could caress him until Harry starts to plea, beg or yelp for more. Severus could lower him onto the carpet, putting some magic on it so that it would not hurt Harry during their love-making. If he got rid of his own garments, he would be again skin to skin with that glorious body, which harbours a soul dearer to him than his own. Severus could, and wants, to lick all of Harry's skin. Slowly. Bringing Harry to orgasm that way. Finally swallowing him. Tasting him. And then...

But Severus Snape has other plans... Even Harry adding, "... For now..." does not make him change his mind.

Their first time.

Severus wants it to bring a new definition to "magic"...


Severus shows the house to Harry: a drawing-room, a huge dining-room, a potions laboratory (Harry's 'what a surprise!' earns him a teasing slap on his backside), a gigantic kitchen (in the attic!), the *masters* bedroom (with a bed so huge that Harry has to be careful not to drool) with a bathroom with a tub so large one could hold Olympic competitions in it, if one were so inclined, a dressing-room, some spare rooms and all the other rooms in the house are filled, from floor to ceiling, with books.

Harry hadn't known yet that he could fall even more in love. Yet. He does.

"Masters ?"

Harry turns around in one of the book-filled rooms and comes face to face, well... somehow, considering the difference in height between himself and the house elf in question .

"Harry, let me introduce you to Câly. She's the one we have to thank for not having to dust the house from cellar to attic," Severus announces.

"I only did my work, Master Severus. Would you and Master Harry like to have some coffee or anything else in the garden ? The cherry-tree is quite beautiful..." Câly says.

Severus turns to Harry, who nods, mainly so he can see that garden!

"Italian coffee and cantuccini, please," Severus orders.

The elf pops out.

"She's very articulate!" Harry remarks.

"Can you imagine me tolerating an elf who spoke as if English grammar had never been invented ?" Severus wonders.

"No!" Harry chuckles.

"Let's go to the garden! The last time I had the opportunity to taste the cherries, they were really delicious... And Câly is the queen of jams, jellies, and marmalades... I'll have her prepare you some rose-perfumed Turkish delights..."

"How long has she been in your family ?" Harry asks, going downstairs.

"All her life. And mine. She took better care of me than my family."

"How come you never spoke of this house or of her ?" Harry wonders.

"Before our kiss in the kitchen or our handfasting yesternight, I had not yet dared to hope you'd come here with me one day. I thought you might want to go and see the world after Voldemort's defeat..." Severus confesses.

"You've become my world over the years."

Severus stops dead in his track.

"I know I sound like a mushy character out of a bad Muggle romance, but the feeling is there, Severus."

Severus smiles and opens the door to the garden.

If Harry had thought that he loved the other floors, he now knew that this whole house is perfect... If he were to be trapped here till the end of his life, he would not object for one second.

A huge cherry tree is in the middle of a lawn where a variety of flowers, bushes and smaller trees give an impression of richness.

Câly is already waiting for them and she's placed a tray on a small iron-forged table under the cherry tree. There are matching chairs with cushions looking soft and comfy.

The men sit down, side by side once more as the elf pours their coffee.

Harry is about to ask for a lump of sugar when Severus shakes his head and Câly hands him the plate of cantuccini. Harry takes one of the almond biscuits and is about to bite it when Severus stops him.

"If you want to avoid breaking a tooth, dip it in your coffee, Harry. It makes a pool of crumbs of a cup, but it's worth it," Severus informs him.

Harry obeys and moans his thanks, which makes his two witnesses smile broadly.

"Will you be needing anything else, Master Severus ?" Câly says.

"Have you been shopping ?" Severus asks.

"Yes, Master, you will find everything you want in the kitchen."

"Then, I want you to go to Albus Dumbledore's house in Hogsmeade and bring back Harry's possessions and mine. You'll go to Hogwarts afterwards and you'll invite a white owl named Hedwig to come and join us," Severus tells her.

She smiles, nods and disappears.

"We have some serious planning to do..." Severus announces.

"About..." Harry says, grinning and pointing to Severus's sleeve.

"No, eager one... *That* plan I have already made..." Severus purrs, "But we must be prepared for whatever may come Harry. We can make a list in the kitchen while we fix lunch..."

"It's not even ten! Do you want to start preparing lunch so soon ? Are you planning to fatten me and then transform me into a fowl of some sort, and eat me ?" Harry cries.

Severus takes Harry's hands and drags him behind him as he explains, "What I have in mind requires time, even with some magic, and... You might be grateful for the extra calories before the end of the day."

"Ok, I promise to shut up, Severus!"

"As if you can do *that*!" Severus jokes, putting a hand on Harry's shoulder.

In the kitchen, Severus takes off his wizard robe and puts it on a hook behind the kitchen door before taking out all the ingredients he needs. Harry imitates him, hanging his robe on Severus's and beginning his inspection of the kitchen. He spots a roll of paper and a pencil which he takes and goes to sit on a stool next to Severus who's preparing two different kinds of dough.

"What do we have to plan ?" Harry inquires.

"Counter-measures for all the battles to come. Someone at the Ministry, other than Fudge, might want to investigate my case. After all, for many people, I am still nothing but a Death Eater."

"Aah! Fudge, 'the portrait of a blinking idiot'. I think we should contact Hermione. She can and will certainly do something..."

"You might be right... There are other things...Even if you've dealt with Skeeter, she's not the only reporter and, face it Harry, you *are* famous, more now that you've finally defeated Voldemort. The entire wizarding community all around the globe will want to know everything about you..." Severus goes on, putting a cloth on the two salad bowls where he's put the two different kind of dough.

"Maybe we should attack first..."

"How ?"

"Either *we* give an interview, but I'm not really fond of that option, or we *just* have an announcement published in the Daily Prophet. Something that could run like: Professor Severus Snape and Mr. Harry Potter handfasted on August 2nd, the ceremony was private." Harry offers.

"I like that solution better as well..." Severus concedes, dicing potatoes, "And it brings us to another point: the *wedding* we promised to our friends..."

"What do you have in mind ?"

"A blessing ceremony..."

"Do you think Jules would do it ?" Harry wonders.

"Yes, I think he would... We can go in town tomorrow and phone him."

"He'd kill us if Hedwig were to land on his balcony!" Harry laughs.

"You know, Albus is going to be highly disappointed."

"Except if either one of us makes him a "best man"..." Harry offers.

"My! You've been around me too much! You're thinking like a Slytherin."

"Yes, I know and 'yet never have you tasted our reward, or been reguerdon'd with so much as thanks' for that miracle!" Harry jokes.

"Sweet Goddess! I do *not* know what possessed me when I introduced you to Shakespeare." Severus answers.

"You saved my life, or my sanity, with that gift."

Severus is obviously embarrassed, and he concentrates on the courgettes he's slicing, before he says, "Focus, Mr. Potter! What are the points we haven't mentioned yet ?"

"The 'half-wit' clan ?"

"Yes," Severus chuckles, cutting leeks now, "And what do you suggest for them ?"

"Molly can be dealt with thanks to her children... There is a slight chance that she'll have an attack when she's told that her daughter is to be Mrs. Virginia Malfoy... Otherwise, I guess that Arthur, once the hang-over is gone, will be on our side: he properly does not give a damn, and Albus will certainly have a few choice words with her... Right before he heavily falls on Sirius for being an ass..." Harry offers.

"Back up plan on Sirius ?"

"We win Remus to our cause so that the only remaining Marauder, beside my dear godfather, can kick his ass if he means to keep on behaving like an idiot ?"

"And we can win Remus to our cause, because... ?" Severus tests Harry.

"Because he likes me and respects you..."

"And... ?"

"And because he's gay as a goose and he *can* threaten to bite Sirius ?" Harry tries.

"Right! And, now, Mr. Potter, which aspect have you forgotten, I pray you ?"

Harry starts rereading his list, "The Ministry, the press, the adversaries to our happiness..."

"The future, Harry. Our future. We have to plan it... What do you want to do now that you can go safely into the world ?"

"I want to stay here with you until the end of time ?" Harry proposes.

"I'm afraid we cannot afford that... You see, my whole heritage was spent buying this house and my wages at Hogwarts let me enjoy it, but I... we... need those wages." Severus explains, grating cheese.

"Severus ?" The Potions master stops grating and Harry goes on when he knows he has his love's full attention, "Would you be mad at me if I offered Albus to teach the Defence Against the Dark Arts class ?"

"Harry..." Severus pauses theatrically, "I would say two things. First, Hedwig is impatiently standing on the window-sill behind you..."

"Second thing ?"

"Why aren't you already writing ? You've seen where I keep parchment, quills and ink!"

Harry hops gracefully off the stool, pecks Severus on the cheek and runs downstairs.


It takes him more time than he had expected, because he's not yet familiar with the house, but he finally comes back with a parchment for Albus which Hedwig gladly accepts.

Then, Harry turns towards Severus, who has just finished a pie of some sort and is about to put it in the oven.

"Can I help you ?" He offers.

"Wash you hands and come and knead the dough while I fix the filling... We'll prepare the sauce afterwards..." Severus announces.

"What are you cooking ?"

"Raiola and tantifulusa." Severus says.

"Beg your pardon ?"

"Recipes from Piedmont. Fresh ravioli filled with cheese and smoked ham and a sauce with nut, olive oil and basil. The pie is filled with mashed potatoes, and sautéed leeks and courgettes."

"Sounds good... Already smells good!" Harry remarks.

"When you've rolled out the dough, can you crack two dozens of nuts, please ?"

Harry nods, but gives a peculiar look to Severus at the mention of "nuts".

"Who would have thought that I'd link my destiny with a saucy wizard!" Severus comments.

There's the huge bottle of olive oil on the table. Severus could unbutton Harry's shirt with his hands still covered with flour, while his young love has his hands in the pasta dough. He could caress him, hold him tight, till his own heart beats at a normal rhythm again. He could prepare Harry to be penetrated with the oil instead of the potion which is still in the sleeve of his robe. He could make Harry bend on the table and make love to him, murmuring ancient spells and prayers of love. But...

Not yet...


Severus had been right. Even with two wizards in the kitchen, the lunch was ready only at one o'clock.

They stayed in the kitchen and this is where Hedwig finds them on her way back from London. Albus's answer is extremely short: "Harry, you've got a job! Will come and visit you tomorrow, tell Severus to take his wards down by teatime. AD."

Harry and Severus read the parchment at the same time, side by side, again.

"Well, one thing to put off the list. You're stuck with me, Severus, it's official!" Harry declares.

"Am I complaining ?" Severus jokes.

"You may start when I invade your quarters at Hogwarts..."


Harry wears a goofy grin. Slightly contagious.

Harry and Severus finish their lunch.

"Why don't we take a nap under the cherry-tree ?" Severus suggests.


Shoes and socks off, only in their shirts, trousers and whatever underwear they each have, the couple settles on a huge square of thick terry-towelling dotted with pink-tea rose petals and two dreadfully fluffy pillows.

Harry falls asleep in Severus's arms.


Once again, it's the sun that wakes up Severus. Well it's either that small ray of sun coming through the leaves of the cherry-tree or it's Harry's tender weight on his chest which brings him back from the land of dreams.

Once again, Severus has only one free hand to operate on Harry and divest him of his clothes, starting with the shirt.

The buttons at the handcuffs go first and Severus makes his touch feathery to caress Harry's wrists. Delicate and strong at the very same time. So much like Harry.

Before going on, Severus makes a thorough prayer to the gods who are playing with his life and who gave him the opportunity to be with someone as incredibly wonderful as Harry.

Soon enough, somewhat too soon for Severus's taste, Harry's shirt is open and Severus can kiss Harry's throat where there's that small vein pulsing.

He can lick Harry's collarbone.

He can lick and nip at the first nipple he finds.

Harry moans and starts stirring under such a gentle ministration.

Severus reaches under his pillow and the phials click against each other. Harry's mind register that noise and to Severus's utter surprise, his love starts purring, like a green-eyed, elegant and eager panther.


Harry now looks at Severus with an intensity the Potions master had *never* witnessed.

"'What angel wakes me from my flowery bed' ?" Harry whispers, his voice betraying his passion.

"A fallen angel who still cannot believe he's not going to wake up... Alone." Severus confesses.

Harry had never imagined his own insecurity could be matched. He puts one hand on Severus's arm, caresses him upward and, when his hand reaches his neck, he brings Severus towards him and claims his lips in a tender kiss that turns hot, delicious, intense. Tongues fight. Lips are sucked, licked, nipped, slightly bitten.

Eventually, they remember they have to breathe.

"Do you want us to use some magic, Harry, or not ?" Severus asks, breathless.

Caressing his love's hand, Harry whispers, "I do not know... What I know is that I trust *you*."

Severus feels like he could slowly dice the stupid human who invented trousers: it feels as if he'll never be able to get out of those without magic!

Even if he is uncomfortable in that outfit, he takes a ribbon in one of his pockets and secures his hair with it.

When Harry raises his eyebrows, Severus confesses one of his darkest secrets, "I really hate to eat my hair when I... You see ?..."

"Not yet! But I have good hopes!" Harry teases.

Severus kneels, grabs Harry by his shirt, takes it off and holds the young man in his arms. He kisses Harry's lips once more. He licks both nipples, Harry arching in his arms. He bites Harry's neck to leave a mark, but his love only moans unintelligibly, his nerve endings like hot coal. When Severus reaches for Harry's earlobe, the young man is a mess: there's not one coherent thought left in him and it's a wonder he can remember how to breathe. Yet, his torture is far from being over: Harry finds himself, still in Severus's arms, but facing the lawn and Severus's tongue traces patterns on his spine while one of his hands is teasing his navel.

One click of phial, one drop of potion.

"Is there a taste to which you object ?" Severus asks.

Harry fights to focus. The sounds Severus produced must be words, with a meaning of some sort. Some brain cells come to Harry's rescue and all he can do is shake his head and lean even more on Severus.

One spell, making the Taste Giver efficient on Harry's entire body. One word, naming a taste, which makes Harry shiver with anticipation.

Severus's tongue is back on his spine, licking as if Harry were a decent meal after a long fast. Harry can feel a hand on his trousers. When all the buttons are off, Severus has the annoying item of clothing slid off Harry by magic. Severus chuckles softly: there's no underwear in sight. His Harry must be really impatient and he has learnt one or two Slytherin things, because Severus knows that his love put on some this morning when they got dressed together in the Leaky Cauldron.

Severus caresses Harry's buttocks and this new sensation produces more moans and Severus can feel the pulsing of Harry's cock. And his own.

Harry stops being a mess and a mass of jelly in his lover's arms, he rolls over and starts unbuttoning Severus's shirt.

"You have too many clothes on." Harry says.

"*That* can be fun as well..." Severus teases him, yet letting Harry undress him.

Harry's emerald eyes become darker and he has to fight to remain focused.

"Maybe. Right now I need to feel your skin against mine!" Harry announces.

Severus claims his lips and tongues duel.

Somehow Harry masters his feelings and his body enough to acknowledge the fact that, bloody hell, he is a trained wizard and when he's realized that, Severus finds himself in his birthday suit in a second.

And it's Harry's turn to explore Severus's body.

Sucking nipples hard and becoming incredibly proud when Severus gasps and moans and whispers incoherent words.

Licking Severus's navel gives even better results.

Yet, not as good as when Harry tentatively gives one lick on the tip of the shaft and Severus hisses with pleasure. Then, Harry makes a mental note to thank Dobby with an awful lot of mismatched socks for bringing so many bananas at Albus's during his stay and he thanks anyone above for having a naughty mind and having found another use to those poor fruits before eating them. Harry cannot relax his throat enough, and he reflects that he'll have to train on Severus... repeatedly, but the result he gets makes him proud: it's most certainly far from being perfect, but Severus doesn't seem to be bored under him.

From having experienced a little bit on his own, Harry feels that Severus's orgasm is not far off. He's surprised when Severus stops him, but he understands fast enough.

Severus puts one drop of Taste Giver on his slit.

Another spell.

Harry whispers a taste, ignoring Severus's raised eyebrows, and resumes his activity.


A shout.

Harry swallows as much as he can, licks his lips and kisses a path upwards.

Before he can reach Severus's lips, the Potions master casts a Slytherin spell on himself and Harry finds himself on his back and very much under Severus, who gives him a rough kiss on the lips before kissing and caressing his cock.

Taste Giver, spell, taste.

The second phial is opened.

Harry shivers already when his lover's mouth swallows his shaft. He had never imagined it could be so good. Even in his wildest dreams. Or fantasies.

Severus's fingers find Harry's opening while still working on his erection and he brushes something inside of him. Something that feels more than good, more than extraordinary.

Harry wonders where the kitten he can hear is hiding, but that's only himself whimpering in lust, needing more. More Severus in him, in *any* way. Harry wants to say so, but he can only produce moans.

Severus seems to understand that form of language, because he puts lubricant on his penis erected again and positions himself above Harry, spreading the legs of his young lover and blessing the inventors of Quidditch and its various forms of training, because Harry is extremely supple.

Severus pauses to have Harry's attention, or what's left of it.

"The last thing I want is to hurt you... One word and I'll stop." Severus declares, his voice soft and tender.

Harry caresses his lover's ribcage and hope that the invitation for "more" is clear enough.

Severus lowers himself on Harry, entering him slowly and finding few resistance.

Both men moan.

Harry feels like he could cry: it feels incredible... But there must be more, no ?


After having held his breath, Severus starts to move in and out of Harry.

Slowly in the beginning and then, when Harry grabs his back, and then the small of his back, and then his buttocks, faster. And much faster.

Both need to drown in each other.

The hand that is not holding Severus's weight off Harry finds the erection of the young man and strokes it. Harry purrs again.

Severus whispers an Egyptian spell which enhances all their sensations, and then a Chinese one to allow their love making to go on for some more time.

Harry had never been more excited by Severus's voice. Maybe it's the sound of those languages, maybe it's the effects of those spells. The green-eyed miracle doesn't give a damn. It's just there, and right now he knows he is about to become quite loud. And he does.

Still stroking his lover's shaft and pumping in and out of him, Severus licks Harry's collarbone. When he feels that Harry is about to explode into orgasm, Severus seals his lips on Harry's and he swallows the shout of pure pleasure coming from Harry's throat and from his soul.

When Harry comes under the hand of his lover, he clenches around Severus's cock and the Potions master surrenders to his senses. He releases Harry's lips and howls his ecstasy under the avid gaze of a green-eyed wizard who has only one thing in mind: to do the same to his lover.

"May I ?" Harry asks.

Both are still having spasms in the lower parts of their bodies and they are still connected.

"Um ?" Severus wonders.

Harry says the Slytherin spell that allows them to be instantly ready for more "fun", including the both of them and rolls on Severus.

"May I do the same to you ?" Harry explains.

Severus smiles a brand new smile. One Harry has never seen... For quite a good reason since it is the first time Severus experiences so much love and the smile is a brand new one...

Harry takes it as an invitation.

The young wizard is tempted to ride his lover, but it would not be fair and he wants to bury himself in Severus.

Even if his body mourns the loss of the pulsing cock that gave him so much pleasure.

When Harry puts the lubricant on himself, he is so hard that he wonders how he'll be able to last inside Severus for more than two seconds.

Severus decodes the look of near pain on Harry's face and he repeats the Chinese spell.

Harry, in his turn, positions himself between the legs of Severus whose lack of practice over the past few years makes his spreading somehow uncomfortable for some muscles, but it is soon forgotten thanks to Harry's tenderness.

One more kiss.

Severus looks deep down in Harry's eyes and silently invites him to penetrate him.

Harry had not imagined *that* either. Feeling Severus around his cock is overwhelming.

It feels like it's such a complement to the love they obviously have come to share, working together, and living together.

It feels so right neither can conceive why anyone would forbid them to be together...

Harry listens to his instincts to make love to Severus and his attachment and enthusiasm make up for his lack of skill. The young wizard needs both his arms to keep balance and some coherence, therefore Severus uses one hand to caress his love and one to take care of his leaking erection. Harry is very close and Severus increases his rhythm.

They experience orgasm more or less at the same time and Harry collapses on Severus, miaowing kittenwise when he slips out of Severus.

Green irises and black ones look into each other.

"I love you."

"I love you."

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