Billie Jean

By dented-sky


“So I saw him go into the broom cupboard,” wept Harry, who was curled up at one edge of the couch, knees drawn into himself, rocking back and forth ever so slightly, “the broom cupboard, of all things,” he gave a short derisive laugh that startled me, Seamus and Dean, who were sitting around him, listening intently, “into the broom cupboard, right,” he repeated, “so I… I went to the broom cupboard…” 

“I think we’ve established it was a broom cupboard, Harry,” I said as soothingly as I could, rubbing his shoulder. 

“Yes, right, so I went after him…” 

“Naturally,” offered Dean. 

“Yes, naturally, so I opened the door and… and he was in there.”  There was a short pause as Harry looked around at us.  Seamus, kneeling in front of Harry, gave him an encouraging look, urging him to continue.  “Ok, well, he was in there with… with Ginny.”  Harry winced as a collective gasp pierced the air. 

“With Ginny, Harry?” squeaked Seamus. 

“Oh, my God,” whispered Dean. 

“What exactly was Ron doing in a broom cupboard with Ginny, Harry?”  I asked matter-of-factly.  Three boys turned to look at me, horrified, as if the question was the death curse itself.  Well, it had to be asked.  And I had to know all the details if I wanted to solve this particular problem.  Maybe it had to do with a charm gone wrong or a potion someone had put into Ron’s evening drink, so I needed details if I was going to squeeze in some time to go to the library before breakfast tomorrow… 

“He was kissing her,” said Harry softly, barely audible. 

“Oh, my – " 

“Oh, Harry my love!” Seamus cried as he abruptly shoved me aside to sit on the couch and squeeze Harry to his chest, “Don’t worry I’ll make the pain go away my darling!”  He began patting Harry’s hair.  Harry, who did not seem to care that he was nearly suffocating in Seamus’ tight arms, sighed loudly and closed his eyes.  I rolled my eyes at the two lovers and looked at Dean expecting to find a similar reaction when I was startled to see he looked extremely sad.  In fact, he looked like he was about to cry. 


There was History of Magic research to be done, so I dragged a reluctant Dean to the library to give The Lovers a bit of privacy.  But I was still startled to see that Dean would not look me in the eye.  Was that just me, or were those tears in his eyes? 

“Hermione.” He uttered my name softly as we settled down at a table. 


He finally looked into my eyes, and a tear escaped to roll down his cheek, clear against his black, or rather, to be politically correct, dark brown skin. “Do – do you think it’s true?” 

I put my hand on his and opened my mouth to answer but I was rudely interrupted.  “Starting a Mudblood club, Granger?” came the familiar drawl, “planning to make badges again?  What will it be this time, D.I.R.T.?  Because that is exactly what you two are.”  Behind him, his two penis-extensions sniggered.  I was surprised Crabbe and Goyle even knew how to spell. 

I whirled around in my seat and looked up at Malfoy calmly.  “Why, hello there,” I paused, making sure to say my question in the best possible way.  ”Did you know,” I said sweetly, all sugar-coated with the extra flutter of my eyelashes for effect, “that Harry is going out with Seamus now?” 

A flitter of strong emotion poured over his face like liquid for only a second before his face contorted back to its usual sneer, but I caught it, and it was all I needed to see. 


“It’s not my fault!  You can’t blame any of this on me!” 

“Yes it is,”came the sob from Ginny, “it is…” 

There was a scowl from Harry before they saw me, and Ginny whirled around on her heel and ran away down the corridor. 


“I think I love her, I really do Hermione,” Neville was saying as I shoved toast into my mouth, “I couldn’t believe when she said she would go out with me last year.”

I mumbled a reply, and he continued, "I want to get her something, something nice, you know?” 

I mumbled yet another reply, and snuck a look at Ron, who looked extremely pale.  No one was suppose to know about the cupboard incident, and so the four of us had made a pact as not to tell Ron what Harry saw, so Ron thought that no one knew.  This, I realized as I took a sip of my tea, was really bad news.  Griffindors never keep secrets from each other, because we are really bad at keeping secrets, and really bad at lying; traits that were given to Slytherins and not us.  So this just meant that later, when the festering emotions from within my boys finally come through in a big explosion, there will be hell to pay; all blood and guts and broken hearts.  Speaking of which… 

Malfoy and Harry were glaring at each other across the Great Hall again.  Lovely, there will be plenty of fights in corridors in attempts to blow off bent up testosterone today.  Just a warning: Do not get too close unless you want your head blown off. 


Ron shook his head, “no, Hermione, Michael Jackson is a Wizard and always has been.  Why do you think muggles think he’s so strange?” 

“Well, it does explain a few things.  And I suppose he used magic to change his face and skin?” 

Ron frowned further, “some Dark, I would assume.”  We both turned back to our books.  I turned the page, read a bit, frowned, turned the book around and slid it across the table to Harry.  He read some of the page then snapped his head up to look at me, hair defying gravity and expression full of surprise and anger mingled with an accusation.  He opened his mouth to speak, but I interrupted. 

“Remember what Dumbledore said about the significance of Lily’s eyes, Harry.” 

“Of course I remember!” he snapped, eyes flaring with dark green and dark emotion, “but I will always think of her as my mother, Hermione.  Always.” 


“I just can’t wait for the Yule Ball tonight.  Are you going to do your hair nice again, Hermione?” Lavender giggled. 

“Hmm?  Oh, yes.” 

“Who are you going with anyway?” 

I made sure there was a definite twinkle in my eye when I turned to her, “Wouldn’t you like to know!” 

She turned away, and said very quietly, “I would, actually.” 


Sixth-year Griffindors - with the exception of Ginny who was hand-in-hand with Neville - burst into the Great Hall in pre-Ball laughter.  It was a beautiful night.  The charmed roof showing a crisp-clear sky, and the Hall decorated beautifully.  Many other students had already arrived, clad in their colourful robes and dresses, sporting well groomed hair and expensive accessories. 

Classical music was played first, so that everyone paired off and danced properly.  Some cake and a few cups of punch later, I was slightly tipsy, very happy and they had put some pop music on.  My friends and I danced together, and then they started peeling themselves from the group two by two until there was only me and Harry left dancing together.

“Fun night isn’t it.” I said, beaming. 


“I said: ‘Fun night.’ " 

“Oh!Yeah.”  But he was not looking at me, but something past my shoulder.  I walked to stand next to him to see what got him so distracted, and then saw, and raised my eyebrows in surprise. 

Draco Malfoy was walking – no, not walking – sauntering across the dance floor to us.  And Harry was fixated, gaze full of longing, finding its’ target and holding it there. 

I side-stepped away just as Malfoy came up and stood facing Harry, and that song by Michael Jackson came on. 

She was more like a beauty queen from a movie scene
I said don't mind, but what do you mean I am the one
Who will dance on the floor in the round
She said I am the one who will dance on the floor in the round

They started dancing with each other.  Not touching, but just dancing as boys do, only, their eyes were locked together, and neither ever looked away. 

She told me her name was Billie Jean, as she caused the scene
Then every head turned with eyes that dreamed of being the one
Who will dance on the floor in the round

I could not help notice how much the two boys had grown up over the years.  They were both so much taller, with muscles, strong jaw lines and they were both handsome yet pretty.  So similar, yet so different; and now they were dancing together

Now People always told me be careful what you do
And don't come around breaking young girls' hearts
And mother always told me be careful who you love
And be careful of what you do 'cause the lie becomes the truth

Harry took Malfoy’s hips in his hands and turned him around.  Harry pulled Malfoys hips to rest on his crotch and they ‘dipped’ to the music. One of Malfoy’s hands was resting on the back of Harry’s head.  I am pretty sure I then saw Harry kiss Malfoys ear, then neck… Oh God. 

Billie Jean is not my lover
She's just a girl who thinks that I am the one
But the kid is not my son
She says I am the one, but the kid is not my son

Malfoy turned around and they both stopped dancing, then Malfoy leant in and kissed Harry on the lips.  It was different somehow; much more beautiful and delicate than what I had seen of Seamus’s kisses. 

For forty days and for forty nights
The law was on her side
But who can stand when she's in demand
Her schemes and plans
'Cause we danced on the floor in the round
So take my strong advice, just remember to always think twice
Do think twice

“They make a bizarre yet cute couple, don’t they?”  

I was snapped out of my stupefy and I spun around to look up into sparkling chocolate eyes. 


She gave me a quick kiss on the lips. “Hello my little dragon.  You forgot to meet me at the door.” 

“Oh!  I am so sorry!  I got a bit distracted.”  I looked her up and down.  She not only looked beautiful, she was incredibly sexy.  She wore a red traditional Chinese dress and black strappy high heels that emphasized her curves and made her look more like an adult than a 17-year-old girl. 

She grinned, “I can tell,” then frowned, nodding in Harry’s direction, “Isn’t he going out with Seamus Finnegan?” 

Oh no!  I completely forgot!  Cho raised her eyebrows at the shocked expression I was wearing on my face.  I whirled around, trying to look through the crowd for Seamus, but he was not anywhere to be seen.  Maybe he went somewhere and had not seen Harry and Malfoy together, who were now having what seemed like a tongue war on the dance floor.  Or maybe – gulp – he had, and had run away to cry!  “I have to go find him!”  I did not wait for Cho’s reaction, and ran around the Hall frantically.


I burst out of the doors to come out to night and freezing cold air.  Seamus and Dean were talking a little ways off.  Dean was looking depressed again and Seamus was red faced and shouting things at him.  Oh no… Seamus knows… He must have seen Harry and Malfoy together. 

“Oh Seamus, I’m so sorry!” I blurted as I ran up to the pair. “I didn’t mean for you to see –“ 

He snapped his head around at me, sandy hair tussled and some strands were falling into his eyes.  The cold air made him look like he was blowing steam and he appeared to be very pissed off.  “You too, Hermione?  Does everyone know except for me?” 

I stopped in my tracks.  “Well you know, Seamus, they were doing it in front of everyone.” 

His eyes widened and he turned to fully face me.  “Doing what in front of everyone, exactly?  God Hermione, I would have thought you would at least tell me what is going on, but no!  You’re just as bad as Dean here.”  He thrust an index finger in Dean’s direction, and I glanced at Dean to find that he had turned around to avoid looking at me.  Seamus dropped his arm and he continued, his Irish accent was usually quite cute on him but when he was angry, it just put on more of harsh edge, “And Ginny too.  She’s just as bad, if not worse.  You’re all bloody disgusting!  The only sane person around here is Harry!” 

I blinked.  What the hell is he talking about?  “Er,” 

“Ha!  So you can get an answer right in Potions but when it comes to real issues you’re –“ 

I stopped listening, because I had realized something.  Ginny!  What if Ginny saw Harry and Malfoy?  She would be very upset!  I had to go find her.  “Listen Seamus, I have to go.  Just stay out here for a while OK?” 


The first person I ran into when I got back inside was Cho, “Whoa!  What’s the matter?” 

“Ginny,” I breathed, “And Harry…” 

She smiled, “Harry and Draco left a while ago, and Eve just told me she saw Ginny in the girl’s toilets crying.” 


So I suppose you saw them, did you?” said Ginny as I gingerly wiped smudged make-up off her cheek with tissue transfigured from toilet paper. 

“I’m sorry.” 

“That’s alright,” she sighed, staring at her mirror-self, “That’s not the reason I’m upset you know.  I know Harry prefers boys over me.” 


She shook her head and turned to face me, “Hermione,” a tear slid down her cheek and she looked as if she was about to burst into tears again, “I’m pregnant,” she squeaked, and then covered her face with her hands, burst into tears and howled. 

I patted her back, “Well… you know, there are ways to go around it, both muggle and magical.  Have you told your parents yet?  Have you told Neville?” 

She was howling even louder now, “No! No I can’t!  I – I don’t know who’s it is!” 

I stopped patting her back and I froze with horror.  Oh. My. God

And what was worse: What if it was Ron’s


Lavender and I were the only two seventh-year Griffindors’ to go to the Yule Ball the following year, but I did not mind.  I loved just sitting with her at the table, listening to the music, gazing up to see a crisp-clear sky and holding her hand.  She was absolutely gorgeous this year, and I swear on my wand she is the only witch who could wear a pastel pink dress and still look absolutely stunning. 

Ron disappeared shortly after Ginny quit school and has not been seen since.  Dean also quit school and is studying part-time at a college far from here, while working.  Seamus and Neville have become best of friends and usually keep to themselves.  Rumar has it they are doing special training for the Order.  Harry rarely leaves Draco’s room and Pavarti is off on an excursion for her Magical Artifacts course. The infamously terrific group of Griffindors had completely split up.  This is what happens when Griffindors lie and keep secrets. 

“I saw you got an owl this morning, love.” 

“Oh!” I grinned at her, “Yes I did.  It was from Ginny; she’s staying at Bill’s place at the moment,” I thought of poor Ginny, and the events of last years’ Ball.  And then I remembered that song Draco and Harry danced to: 

Weasley G is not his lover
She's just a girl who claims that Harry is the one
But the kid is not his son 

Before I could stop myself I burst out laughing.  Lavender gave me a puzzled look.  “I’m sorry, babe.  Just something I remembered.  Oh!” Just then I remembered what Ginny had sent me along with the letter.  I rummaged through my little purse and pulled out the small photo of a baby, and handed it to Lavender. 

“Ooo!” she cooed, “she is absolutely gorgeous.  Has she given her a name yet?” 

“Annie,” I smiled. 

“Aw,” Lavender continued to stare, “such beautiful dark skin and hair, just like her father.  And, wow, what beautiful dark green eyes!” My eyes widened at this discovery and I peered over her shoulder to get another look. 

She told Draco to dance to three then she looked at Harry,
Then showed a photo of a baby cryin', eyes was like his
So they dance on the floor in the round




Author's Note: If you didn’t get it: Ginny slept with Dean and Ron while she was going out with Neville, and she probably slept with more people than that but we’ll never know will we?  And the significance of the “dark green eyes”: I was implying that Lily was not Harry’s real mother, but Harry got her green eyes by some magical way, and the same thing happened with Ginny.  Annie’s father is Dean but because Ginny was madly in love with Harry, some magical thing happened and so Annie has Harry’s eyes.  Whatever this ‘thing’ is, you can use your imaginations.

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