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The Balcony Scene

Part Three

By Aeowen


The following day, Draco and Harry were studying in their room, waiting for Professor Snape to join them for tutoring. They decided to sit at the desk instead of a couch, or worse yet, the floor, in order to minimize the distractions each posed to the other. Still, Harry’s hand strayed under the table to rest on Draco’s thigh. Draco glared at the raven-haired boy; Harry just looked at him innocently and batted his eyelashes slightly. Draco looked at his potions essay. He had plenty to write, but Harry was tempting. When he saw the deceptively innocent look Harry shot him, he decided to play along, and resolutely refused to react to Harry’s hand, even when it inched up and came to rest over his crotch. Harry was running a single finger over Draco’s cloth-covered erection when a brief knock on the door announced Professor Snape’s arrival. They both got up and Draco grabbed Harry’s crotch. “You’ll pay for this, Potter.” Harry grinned deviously and licked Draco’s lips before stepping across the room and opening the door.

Professor Snape looked at both boys before entering, and Harry had the distinct impression that he could see everything that they had done recently. He fought the urge to check the carpet for stains, and instead said, “Professor, please come in. Er, would you like some tea?” He wasn’t quite sure what to do in this situation. Technically, Snape was here to teach. Technically, they were also in a sitting room. Snape paused. “No, Mr. Potter. Thank you.” Behind them, Draco snorted under his breath.

Their lesson went well, although both boys had a bit of a problem concentrating, Draco in particular. He rearranged his slacks and robes several times in attempts to relieve some of the friction around his erect cock. He nearly sighed in relief when Snape got up to go. He also nearly screamed in frustration when Harry stopped him halfway across the room to ask a question about their potions essay.

When Snape finally left and the door closed, Harry found himself pinned to the door with Draco’s warm body pressing full into his back. “That wasn’t very nice, Harry,” Draco hissed in his ear. “That wasn’t Gryffindor-like at all.”

“Just teasing you, love. Besides,” Harry said, managing to turn himself around so that they were facing each other, “I just want to know where your limits are.” Harry licked Draco’s lips again, this time pausing to give the blonde a chance to respond. As they kissed, Draco shoved a knee between Harry’s legs and then pulled back. “And there’s one more thing, Harry. I really need to teach you how to act around Slytherins. You do not offer a Slytherin potions master [kiss], head of house [kiss], and former Death Eater [lick] tea.” Harry giggled and replied, “But I thought I was handling my own Slytherin fine before now.”

Harry reached down and stroked Draco’s returning erection. Draco narrowed his eyes and glared at Harry. “Are you going to take care of that? Or are you just a tease?”

In response, Harry quirked his eyebrows and pushed Draco onto the nearest couch. He aligned them so that that he could grind his own erect cock against Draco’s. They both groaned at the sensation, and renewed their frantic kisses.

Somewhere along the way, Harry’s robe found its way to the floor, as did his sweater and shoes. They each had one leg between the other boy’s and as Draco’s hand strayed to dip beneath Harry’s slacks on the back, the raven-haired boy began to rub his leg against the other boy’s prominent bulge. Draco moaned into their kiss and began to rub Harry’s erection in turn.

Suddenly, Harry pulled back and looked at Draco hungrily. “Draco Malfoy, *you* are wearing too many clothes.” Draco looked down and realized that he was still fully clothed. He nudged Harry off of him and toed off his shoes and socks. He grinned at the Harry, ran his finger over his lips, and stood up.

Draco slowly undid the clasp on his robes and let them fall to the ground. He then pulled off his sweater with and equally maddening slow pace. The tie went next, landing on the back of the couch behind Harry.

Harry’s eyes widened when he realized what Draco was doing. He licked his lips and watched the blonde slowly strip in front of him. Draco unbuttoned his shirt, fingers ghosting over the soft skin exposed. When it was completely unbuttoned, Draco’s head fell back, and he ran his fingers down, pausing at the top of his slacks. A moan escaped Harry’s mouth and Draco’s head snapped forward. “Like what you, Harry?” Harry reached forward but Draco slapped his hand away. “No, don’t touch until I say so.” Harry whimpered slightly.

Draco slowly unzipped his slacks and let them fall to the ground before throwing them across the room. All that was left were his boxers, and Draco cupped Harry’s chin, saying, “*Now* you can touch me.” He smiled as Harry eagerly got onto the floor and pulled the boxers off of Draco’s slim hips. Harry swirled his tongue around the head of Draco’s cock before placing his hands on his backside and holding him still while he slowly licked around it like a lollipop.

Draco bit his lip, trying not to cry out. This proved to be even more difficult when Harry covered the first half of his cock with his beautiful lips and sucked, hard. Draco’s groaned and swiveled his hips a bit. He saw Harry sneak his hand down to his own cock. Draco abruptly pulled out.

“Don’t do that, either, love. Unzip your slacks. Good. Take out your cock. Now cross your wrists behind your back.” Harry whimpered again, but obeyed Draco and looked up at him expectantly.

“You have no idea how tempting you are like that, Harry. Pink lips swollen from kisses, emerald eyes lidded in desire, ready to be taken and pleasured beyond anything.” Harry couldn’t help but blush. His previous partners had seen him as the dominant one, being The Boy Who Lived. He was happy to oblige, having been schooled in relationships by Sirius, but sometimes he just wanted to give up control. If only for a while…

Draco knelt down and gave Harry a surprisingly gentle kiss. Harry didn’t realize until Draco was standing again that the blonde had pulled his red and gold tie through his own legs and was holding it behind his back. Draco caught his eyes, and then gently pushed Harry’s mouth back onto his cock.

Draco sighed appreciatively. “Oh gods, yes. That’s it, Harry, suck it. Take it in.” Draco waited until Harry had become comfortable with their position, and then began to thrust into his mouth. He pulled on Harry’s tie, drawing his mouth down further.

“I’m going to speed up, love.” Harry hummed his assent, sending shivers up Draco’s cock. Draco groaned and began to fuck Harry’s mouth in earnest. He pulled the tie tightly through his legs, effectively holding Harry’s head in place as he thrust in and out, relishing the wet heat and tongue movements he felt there.

Draco’s free hand tangled itself in Harry’s hair. “Touch yourself, Harry. Rub that beautiful cock of yours.” Harry moaned and fisted his cock, jerking his hips up. Draco dropped Harry’s tie and held onto his head with both hands.

He felt Harry emit a moan around his cock and the boy below him shuddered, shooting his sperm over his stomach and Draco’s legs. Draco thrust in for another minute and then screamed, filling Harry’s mouth with his seed.

Draco eased out of Harry’s mouth and they both panted, catching their breaths. The blonde boy collapsed onto the couch and then slid onto the floor to wrap his arms around Harry’s limp form.

“I didn’t hurt you, Harry, did I? I know that was kind of, um, dominating…” Harry shook his head and smiled at his boyfriend.

“No, you didn’t hurt me…Kind of?” He smiled at the uncomfortable look on Draco’s face and kissed him.

“Besides, I liked it. Come on,” said Harry, pulling Draco up and leading him to the bathroom, “let’s get cleaned up.”

“You know, Harry, there *are* spells for this…”

“I know,” Harry said mischievously, “but this is so much more fun.” He licked his lips and pulled Draco into the bathroom with both hands, closing the door behind them.

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