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by Kafers

[Summary] Squall lives a somewhat normal life in York, England. Then things from the past come to the surface, and Squall's life is never the same again.
[Pairing] Seifer X Squall
[Warning] NC-17 Lemon AU Humour | Maybe a bit of Brit slang
[Added] 24 August 2003
[Status] Work In Progress | Updated: 24 August 2003

Ragnarok - Chapter 1

Ragnarok - Chapter 2

Ragnarok - Interlude

Ragnarok - Chapter 3

Ragnarok - Chapter 4

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Raijin's Game
by ZeoRu

[Summary] Basically, just before the beginning of FF8, Raijin suddenly becomes the "player". Not knowing how or why he's given those insights, he begins to try and change the course of game events...more successful sometimes than others. As is the nature of the "main" character, he begins to dominate the flow of the other characters, the story line's tangents suddenly circling on the burly brute instead of the tacturn SeeD...
[Pairing] Raijin x Squall/Seifer/Nida/Zell ...and Diablos if you use your imagination
[Warning] M15 Lime Language, mild spoilers
[Added] 24 August 2003
[Status] Work In Progress | Updated: 24 August 2003

Raijin's Game - Part 1

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Rapunzel - A FF8 Parody
by J. Marie

[Summary] When Ellone tries to bring back Raine for her "Uncle Laguna", time and reality go awry in this yaoi parody. Kiros winds up a "helpless damsel in distress", Laguna his "gallant prince", and Edea as the "wicked Witch".
[Pairing] Kiros X Laguna, Seifer X Squall
[Warning] PG-13 Lime Parody
[Added] 6 February 2001


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The "Red Is Not Racy" Story-Arc
by Garden’s Gnome

Red Is Not Racy [Pairing] Zell X Squall, Irvine X Seifer
[Summary] The boys run out of fuel returning from a night out. What do you do for entertainment in the middle of nowhere with a cute guy?
[Warning] NC-17 Lemon Pre-slash PWP
[Added] 26 September 2003

Night At The Drive-In [Pairing] Squall X Zell, Irvine X Seifer
[Summary] A night out in a Garden car *grins*
[Warning] NC-17 Lemon PWP
[Added] 22 May 2004

Cowboy’s and Cream [Pairing] Squall X Zell, Irvine X Seifer
[Summary] Whoever said cream was for cakes?
[Warning] NC-17 Lemon PWP
[Added] 22 May 2004

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The Redcrosse Knight
by fyre byrd

[Summary] Every knight has a story. Seifer and Squall make their own.
[Pairing] Seifer X Squall
[Warning] PG-13 Language, mild spoilers
[Added] 29 November 2004
[Status] Work In Progress | Updated: 29 April 2005

Part 1 - water

Part 2 - thunder

Part 3 - sleep

Part 4 - hero

Part 5 - reflect

Part 6 - drain

Part 7 - whisper

Part 8 - barrier

Side Stories:
New Interlude: Letters [Pairing] Seifer X Squall
[Summary] Letters between Squall and Seifer.
[Warning] PG-13 Language, spoilers
[Added] 9 December 2005

Interlude: Letters - Part 1

Interlude: Letters - Part 2

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by Koumori

[Summary] After the events of FF8, a remorseful Seifer returns to Garden seeking redemption.. but that isn't such an easy thing to find. Sorry for the derivative title. :) R for some language, sexuality and yaoi content.
[Pairing] Seifer X Squall, Seifer x Rinoa
[Warning] R Lime Angst, mild spoilers, mild language
[Added] 1 February 2002


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by J. Marie

[Summary] Seifer finds himself coming apart at the seams four years after the defeat of Ultimecia. Zell tries to help Seifer, while the former Sorceress' Knight tries to discover who he really is.
[Pairing] Seifer X Zell
[Warning] NC-17 Lemon Songfic | Language, angst, mild spoilers
[Added] 9 February 2001


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by Rain

[Summary] Seifer thinks about his relationship with Squall. . .
[Pairing] Seifer X Squall
[Warning] R POV Songfic | Angst, language, OOC
[Added] 18 March 2003


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A Regret
by darksquall

[Summary] Things turn out differently for Irvine.
[Pairing] Seifer X Irvine
[Warning] NC-17 Lemon AU | Angst
[Added] 5 April 2002

A Regret

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by Yuri Nigasa

[Summary] Nearly nine years after the defeat of Ultimecia, Seifer and Squall meet unexpectedly. They are forced to deal with their collective past and unfolding future, but are threatened when a nemesis they thought was defeated returns.
[Pairing] Seifer X Squall
[Warning] NC-17 Lemon Language, spoilers
[Added] 18 June 2002

Author Notes

Chapter 1 - Regret

Chapter 2 - Bois De Merveilles

Chapter 3 - Unmei no Deai

Chapter 4 - Le Ciel

Chapter 5 - Syunikiss

Chapter 6 - Hakai no Hate

Chapter 7 - De Memoire

Chapter 8 - Chikasui Myaku no Meiro

Chapter 9 - Seraph

Chapter 10 - Madrigal

Chapter 11 - Au Revior

Chapter 12 - Ju Te Veux
Chapter 13 - Uruwashiki Kamen

Chapter 14 - Garnet

Chapter 15 - Chimamirareta Kajitsu

Chapter 16 - Zencho

Chapter 17 - Sakai no Chi to Bara

Chapter 18 - N.p.s.N.g.s., Part I

Chapter 19 - N.p.s.N.g.s., Part II

Chapter 20 - N.p.s.N.g.s., Part III

Chapter 21 - N.p.s.N.g.s., Part IV

Chapter 22 - N.p.s.N.g.s., Part V

Chapter 23 - N.p.s.N.g.s., Conclusion

Chapter 24 - Regret, Reprise

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by sexylyon

[Summary] On their way to the Fire Cavern trial, Quistis discovers what it can mean to dance with death.
[Pairing] None
[Warning] PG-13 Violence
[Added] 28 February 2003


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Requiem for a Heart of Stone
by Pixie518

[Summary] Seifer pays Zell an early morning visit on his way out of Balamb Garden.
[Pairing] Seifer X Zell
[Warning] NC-17 Lemon Language, mild angst
[Added] 18 June 2002

Requiem for a Heart of Stone

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by J. Marie

[Summary] Matron asks Squall, Seifer, Quistis, Selphie, Irvine, and Zell over for a week-long "family" reunion. Squall begins to question himself, trying to sort out his feelings and motivations. And somehow Seifer seems to be the key...
[Pairing] Seifer X Squall
[Warning] NC-17 Lemon Language, angst, mild spoilers, mild drug use, alcohol use
[Added] 18 May 2001

Reunion - Part 1

Reunion - Part 2

Reunion - Part 3

Reunion - Part 4

Reunion - Part 5

Reunion - Part 6

Reunion - Part 7

Reunion - Part 8

Reunion - Conclusion

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The "Right Here" Story-Arc
by BlackRose

Right Here [Pairing] Squall X Zell
[Summary] The eye of the storm after personal loss.
[Warning] PG Angst
[Added] 18 June 2002

Just Enough [Pairing] Squall X Zell
[Summary] Companion piece to "Right Here"; quiet companionship in time of need.
[Warning] PG Mild angst
[Added] 18 June 2002

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"The Ring" Story-Arc
by Garden’s Gnome

The Ring [Pairing] Squall X Zell
[Summary] Squall decides that just watching isn't what he wants anymore.
[Warning] PG-13 Pre-slash POV | Slight Rinoa bashing
[Added] 22 May 2004

The Wish [Pairing] Squall X Zell
[Summary] Wishes come true for our favourite tattooed blond.
[Warning] PG-13 Pre-slash POV | Slight Rinoa bashing
[Added] 22 May 2004

The Promise [Pairing] Squall X Zell
[Summary] Squall and Zell wed and begin their honeymoon.
[Warning] NC-17 Lemon Rinoa bashing, mild language
[Added] 22 May 2004

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Rivaling Cygnet
by Julie

[Summary] Study buddies Seifer and Zell visit a museum. There they stumble through ancient ruins into a war-torn fantasy world with subservient guys in skirts. Fun huh? Now all they have to do is find a way out before they are sucked into a quest to save the world.
[Pairing] Seifer X Zell | Seifer X Squall
[Warning] M15 AU | Mild language
[Added] 22 May 2001
[Status] Work In Progress | Updated: 1 February 2002

Chapter 1 - It starts off normal...

Chapter 2 - but soon it gets weird...

Chapter 3 - things get weirder...

Chapter 4 - and weirder...

Chapter 5 - It has deepened...

Chapter 6 - it only gets deeper...

Chapter 7 - as the stage is set...

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Road Trip
by PrincessDesire

[Summary] Seifer has a new car and the Balamb Garden boys could use a break...
[Pairing] Seifer X Squall
[Warning] PG-13 Language
[Added] 22 February 2002

Road Trip

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Rose In A Champagne Bottle
by Kumaguro

[Summary] Squall wants to take things further with Seifer. Seifer refuses. But Zell is there to hold the pieces of Squall’s broken heart together.
[Pairing] Seifer + Squall, Squall + Zell, Seifer + Zell
[Warning] MA15 Citrus Angst
[Added] 22 May 2004

Rose In A Champagne Bottle

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Routine Set to Flame
by Deena

[Summary] Displaced during Time Compression, Ultimecia's Eight Guardians have been scattered all over the world. Drawn to their calls, Seifer sets off to junction them all, only to be placed under the authority of one chicken wuss SeeD.
[Pairing] Seifer X Zell
[Warning] PG-13 Pre-Slash POV | Language, spoilers
[Added] 25 December 2003
[Status] Work In Progress | Updated: 22 May 2004

Chapter 1 - Desert Heat

Chapter 2 - Inside an Acceptance

story divider

by Drakon Sword

[Summary] A wedding/reunion of the FFVIII gang after 8 years when everyone has gone their own way. A wedding brings them all back together. Especially Squall, who disappeared from them for years.
[Pairing] Seifer X Squall
[Warning] NC-17 Lemon Language, mild angst
[Added] 9 January 2002


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Rip Rhyme
by Lena ban Obsidian

[Summary] Shit goes down. School starts up. Seifer licks Squall. We like Seifer.
[Pairing] Seifer X Squall
[Warning] R Violence, spoilers
[Added] 29 April 2005

Rip Rhyme


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