Ingredients: Miscellaneous pairings (S x Sq, S x Z, I x Sq and uh, more?), AU, OOC, angst, Shonen-Ai themes (maybe even June ^-^). For creaminess, mix in some adventure, weird fantasy themes, romance and gratuitous amounts of barely clothed hotties. Heat up via swanky sex, then serve.

Summary: Study buddies Seifer and Zell visit a museum. There they stumble through ancient ruins into a war-torn fantasy world with subservient guys in skirts. Fun huh? Now all they have to do is find a way out before they are sucked into a quest to save the world.

Author’s Notes: Woo, second chapter. Things start to move. I should REALLY be working on Sentimental but... whatevers. Nothing much to note or say >_<;;;

Disclaimer: Um, hopefully you know that I don’t own Squaresoft or their characters. If you don’t then, Seifer and Zell are NOT lovers. Seifer is actually Zell’s pimp and every other weekend Zell becomes some lucky person’s gigolo. There, that’s the truth… except for part about weekends. He’s pimped out by Mack Daddy Seifer 24 7 ^0^

Quick note: Thoughts are in italics~!

Rivaling Cygnet

Chapter Two - but soon it gets weird...

By Julie a.k.a Raruku-chan

 The buses parked outside their destination, Timber’s Metropolitan Museum. One by one, the students quietly filed out. Zell angrily booted Seifer out of the bus.

 “Ow. Don’t kick me too hard. My sides hurt from laughing at you too much.” Seifer snickered. Zell glared at him. For hours, he had to deal with the bitchy girl snapping at him with no aid from Seifer.

 “Why didn’t you TRY to help me, bastard!” Zell growled. He glared at the taller blonde who was rubbing his sore butt.

 “Didn’t really feel like helping you… besides, it was mad fun watching you getting dissed by that girl. She’s worse than me!”

 He kicked Seifer one more time before dashing off to get their tickets from Professor Kramer. Seifer followed him, his book in one hand, Zell’s bag in the other.

 The class silently entered the museum. Every where guards were posted, making sure the quiet, tranquil atmosphere was maintained.

 Soon the students had split up into groups. Some went to see medieval weaponry. While others admired the tapestries on the walls.

 Seifer and Zell on the other hand… were still arguing. In fact, they managed to argue their way into the recent exhibit of ancient ruins. Families nudged their young children away from the two noisy delinquents.

 The exhibit area was quickly emptied of people, except Seifer, Zell, and an old security guard. The latter was leaning against an obelisk, snoring softly.

 “SEIFER! You… you,” Zell growled. Seifer smirked evilly.

 “What no good come back? Don’t get so riled up princess! I just want to see what’s in your diary.”

 He can’t see it. Zell frowned at the snickering bully. Until I confess my feelings for him. He CAN’T see it!

 “Give it back… please?”

 “…” Seifer looked a little surprise. Wow, The twerp is begging. There has GOT to be good stuff in this book. I am glad I grabbed his backpack. Problem is, my pain-in-the-ass conscience is starting to kick in… I SHOULD give it back, right?

 “Please! Just give it back.” His eyes twitch. Zell’s patience has reached its peak. A thunderous roar blasts through his head. His heart thumps loudly as he angrily punches a cracked pillar.

 “Well, since you asked so nicely. Sure.” Seifer grumbled, raking a hand through his hair. Stupid Conscience.

 He tossed the bag to Zell but it fell short and hit the shaky pillar.

 The years and weather have worn it down. Fortunately, the people who discovered it managed to deliver it in tact to the museum. Unfortunately, it was old and made rather unstable by Zell’s quick fit of anger. That boy has power to his punch.

 His knuckles throbbed in pain. He might have hit the antiquated object too hard. A little blood seeps through small cuts on Zell’s hand.

 It happened too quickly. It seemed planned. One moment, Zell hits the ancient column, the next it cracks under pressure.

 By that time Zell and Seifer are oblivious. One is inspecting his bag for any missing goods. The other is staring at the fountain beneath the platform they stand upon.

 Cr…Crack. It’s too soft to hear but then the crash that follows is deafening.

 Zell looks next to him.

“Oh SHIT! Seifer!”

Too late, Dincht. The column cracks and breaks at an angle. The fallen pillar starts a chain line of broken columns, like a domino effect. The reddish arc of brown rock, held above the column, crumbled due to lack of support.

The taller blonde turns around, alerted by Zell’s worried scream. His aqua eyes narrow. The slabs of rock, which were once above him, have formed a pile of rubble across from him and a shocked Zell.

 He’s in big trouble.

 Seconds fly as the last pillar, on the edge, almost lands on Seifer. Zell’s heart constricts as he makes a mad dash towards his friend.

 Gotta save him. Gotta do something! Zell, you dumbass! You almost killed the man you love…

 He charges and knocks Seifer away from the falling pillar. Problem is, Zell also pushed Seifer and himself off the ledge.

 They scream loudly as they plummet towards the shallow fountain. The guard jumps in shock.

 An enormous splash is heard and large waves are brought forth. Yet only darkness is seen. A deep slumber consumes Seifer and Zell.

 They lay in the fountain in a tight embrace.

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