Part Four

By J. Marie

Warning!! This a lemon yaoi fanfiction starring Seifer Almasy and Squall Leonhart from Final Fantasy VIII. It is rated NC-17. Okay, things get steamy in here..... *giggle* I'm getting better at these cliffhanger endings, ain't I? Oh, and I'm switching points of view here temporarily.

What happened between Irvine and Zell? Well, I'll let Zell tell you that, since it's his story and not mine.

I glared over at Irvine with as much hate as I could muster. How could he be so damn cool and calm??? The moment we were sent off to our various rooms, he calmly went in, stripped down to his boxers, sat down on the bed, and stared up at me expectantly. After getting the hint that I wasn't just going to hop in there with him, he sighed, brought out an issue of Hustler, and began to read it. I was freaked enough to just pass out, and he was calmly reading porn, and with an obvious erection. Horny bastard.

I eventually decided to sit on the bed, at the edge farthest away from him. And that's when he gave me his "romantic" proposal. Horny bastard. We were in his room, because Selphie had stipulated that everything take place in the dominant's room. Speaking of that, I wasn't entirely thrilled at being submissive either.

This was gonna suck.


"Look, Zell, you look pretty freaked. I don't want to have sex with you if you're going to act like this. So if you want to back out, then do so, and there won't be any hard feelings. But you're going to have to go sleep in the living room, cuz I'm gonna jack off, and I don't think you wanna be here for that. Figures that I get the one that wouldn't let me do anything with him," Irvine said bitterly, not even bothering to look up from his magazine.

"How can you be so fucking calm? Doesn't it even freak you out in the least?" I demanded.

"Not really. I've done this before," Irvine shrugged.

"With guys??" I asked, incredulous. I mean, we all knew Irvine was one giant walking penis, but still.

"Sure. Only twice, though," Irvine said easily, unperturbed as he flipped to a new page.

I was rendered speechless for a few moments. "Twice...? With who???" I demanded when I was able to talk again.

"Well, once was with Nida while I was still in Balamb. Second time was in Trabia with some guy named Rick. Nida was okay, but I coulda married Rick if he had stuck around. It was that good," Irvine said.

"But I thought you liked girls...?" I said, trying to attribute this to Irvine pulling my leg.

"I do. I like men too. I don't have sex with them as often, because screwing a guy ain't as easy as screwing a girl."

"What do you mean?"

Irvine looked up from his magazine to look me in the face. "Well, with a guy, you can't feed him your normal bullshit. They won't buy it like women will. And gay guys aren't exactly the most common creatures in the world," he said calmly.

"What about Selphie?" I asked him.

"What about her? You think she doesn't sleep around on me? I mean, I used to think I loved her, but now she's more like my best friend. Who I have sex with on a constant basis. Why?"

"I... just thought you two were serious."

"Well, we were, but I mean... we aren't now... All that love stuff kinda faded off after we beat Ultimecia."

I was actually starting to relax, because we were talking kinda normally again. "Man, does everybody fall out of love? You and Selphie, Squall and Rinoa, and me and my ex-girlfriend. God, I forgot her name already," I sighed.

"And the funny thing is that I've fucked every last one of those girls," Irvine snickered.

"YOU SLEPT WITH MY GIRLFRIEND???" I cried. I was gonna beat his face in he made me so bad!

"Whoa! Down, boy! After you guys broke up!! And I forget her name too!! She wasn't that great!" Irvine said, dropping his magazine and holding up his hands.

I sighed and lowered my fists. "I don't believe you, but there's no point in fighting over it. When did you sleep with Rinoa, though?" I asked him.

"Eh, long time ago. Before her and Squall broke up. She was kinda pissy about him not 'delivering'. So I guess she figured I could get her rocks off. And boy was she was a bad lay. I'm not surprised Squall didn't want to have sex with her. She just lay there, doing nothing And then complained about having to tie Squall up and spank him, just to get him hard. I don't think she liked having to do the work," Irvine shrugged. I stared at him.

"That was far more info on Squall and Rinoa's relationship than I ever needed to know."

"Sorry. So are we gonna do anything, or are you going to sleep out on the couch?" Irvine asked bluntly, cutting right to the chase, and causing me to tense up again.

"I... dunno. You make me nervous. This whole gay thing makes me nervous," I sighed, turning back away from him.

"Why? Are you scared you're gonna like it or something? One blowjob don't make you gay, Zell. It just means you experimented. Jesus," Irvine sighed, rolling his eyes. He went back to his magazine.

Alright, here's the truth of it. I kinda like guys. I mean, I always kinda liked Squall, but for some reason, I think I annoy him too much for him to like me. Kinda. I like girls too. I was more hoping to get Quistis, cuz she's hot. Real hot. Or Squall. Just to try. But Irvine is intimidating. He's like the biggest hornball in the world. Sex with guys is freaky enough, but with some guy who would happily screw you as a girl, it's even more freaky.

It's not that he's bad looking. Far from it. Irvine's actually really handsome. You could even call him a pretty boy. He's got this long wavy, butterscotch hair, and these weird violet eyes that are kinda cool. His face is all smooth and perfect, not a hard line to it. All graceful curves. Like I said, he's a pretty boy. He's real tall, like seven inches taller than me. And he's all lean and buff, but still slim looking. But on a personal level, Irvine's a real jerk.

He's the king of the "love 'em and leave 'em" philosophy. He'll say anything to get a girl in bed. And then forget about her the next day. We never really got along, because I was kinda jealous of him. He's tall, good-looking, popular, and all the girl's want a piece of him, ignoring a dorky guy like me. Who wants some weird punk with fangs when they could get a handsome cowboy? It's not fair. I'd give the girl's something real if they wanted it, but instead they'd rather get fucked for a night by Irvine.

It's really not fair.

And here I was, about to be another notch in his belt. I kinda liked guys, but I never had the balls to do anything. I'm too chickenshit to be gay. I couldn't handle it. I admire those that do. So I had decided to just keep away from that sort of thinking, hoping it would go away.

And of course, it didn't.

But I had agreed to do this, or I'd feel like an even bigger chickenshit if I left. Seifer would never let me live it down. And I'll admit my libido didn't want to leave either. I hadn't gotten a blowjob in almost a year.

But this was just a game. I'm not really a notch in his belt. I'll just do the whole oral thing, then we can sleep it off and forget this ever happened. He wouldn't be able to touch me if it weren't for him drawing my card, so he has nothing to gloat about.

As you can see, I was desperately trying not to run away screaming. This stuff is kinda freaky. Is this what girls feel like before sex?

"Hello, Zell? Are you having a Squall moment?"

I blinked and looked over at Irvine, who was peering at me curiously. "Huh?" I asked. Brilliant comeback, I know.

"Are you having a Squall moment? You know, you looked like you were talking to yourself in your head there for a few minutes. I was triyng to talk to you and everything," Irvine grinned.

"I was thinking," I snorted, crossing my arms defensively.

"Wow, you can think? I'm impressed," Irvine smirked.

"Don't be. It's a common thing for us humans. All you gotta do is let the blood from your permanent erection flow back to your brain, and you'll be able to think too," I said cheerfully. I can get 'em when I get 'em.

"Wow. That was almost witty, Zell."


A moment of uncomfortable silence passed between us, and I went back to staring at the wall. After a few minutes, Irvine spoke again.

"So what's it gonna be, Zell? You coming or going? Sexual pun intended, of course," Irvine grinned.

I sighed. Yeah, he was a romantic. "I'll stay. Just give me some time, okay?" I asked crossly.

More silence. Then Irvine reached over and turned off the light, casting us in darkness, illuminated only by the moonlight.

"Here, Zell, I'll try to make you comfortable. Just strip to your boxers, and sit facing away from me. I promise I'm not going to rape you, or even touch you anywhere funny, okay?" Irvine said, sounding like a tired teacher. I wanted to laugh, but had a feeling it might hurt his feelings.

"Alright...." I muttered, taking off my clothes slowly, feeling embarrassed. I sat down on the bed in my boxers, wondering if it was possible to die of embarrassment in reality.

I felt Irvine's warm hands on my shoulders and I yelped. "Hey, take it easy, man! Just relax!" Irvine exclaimed, removing his hands.

I was wound up tighter than a rusty screw in a rusty car. "Relax. Right," I sighed, closing my eyes, trying not be so damn jumpy.

Irvine's hands went to my shoulders again, but I didn't jump. Much. I could hear him sigh, probably in frustration. He began rubbing my shoulders gently. I blinked in surprise, not expecting him to bother with something like a shoulder massage. But Irvine was trying to get me to relax. It was working. He gave a damn good shoulder massage. I was actually starting to lean into his touch, feeling that peculiar thrill one gets when being touched by another human being in a gentle way. He was gentle, but not too gentle, aiming to loosen my muscles as much as cause me to relax. I sighed after a few minutes, enjoying the shoulder rub immensely. If I was a cat, I'd be purring like a motorboat.

Irvine was silent, and I only heard the sounds of his breathing, slightly heavier than before. His hands went lower, down to my back and shoulder blades, working on the muscles there. I leaned my head forward, thinking if nothing else, I could thank Selphie for arranging for me to get the best massage I'd ever had. He kneaded my back muscles firmly, gently inching his way down to the small of my back, working on every muscle.

"Where'd you get so good at this...?" I dared to whisper.

"You think you're the first virgin I've ever messed around with?" Irvine whispered back. For some reason the moment seemed to require quiet.

"I'm not a virgin!" I whispered loudly.

"As far as guys go, you are. Having sex with a guy the first time is like losing your virginity all over again. Just relax and let me do all the work...." Irvine whispered back, leaning over to plant a soft kiss on the back of my neck. I jumped and yelped in surprise.

"You're gonna have to knock that off, Zell..... You're still jumpy," Irvine sighed, reinforcing his massage of my back. It relaxed me slightly, and I managed not to jump again when he licked the back of my neck. I shuddered at the feel of his wet tongue on my neck. He started to lick my neck, working his hands father south, until they rested on my ass.

"Irvine... We agreed on oral...." I whined, getting nervous again at the thought of anal sex. Even if I did kinda like guys, I always felt my ass was an exit-only orifice, and should stay that way. And I didn't have any greater desire to have anything to do with another guy's ass. Or a girl's, for that matter. Sorry, that's how I am.

Irvine sighed. "Alright.... Lay down on your back then...." he whispered, removing his hands. I was sorry to see them go, having enjoyed my massage. I did as he said, looking up at him. His hair hung in his face, and he was watching me through lust-lidded eyes. I was going to regret this in the morning. I just knew it.

He didn't kiss me, but then, I didn't expect him to. At least not on the lips. He bent down and planted a firm kiss on my belly button, flicking his tongue out against it. I shuddered, half in pleasure, half in revulsion. I felt his fingers slip under the waistband of my boxers, and then he tugged them off, rather quickly. Didn't expect him to waste much time either.

I squirmed in the cold air for about a minute, semi-aroused from his massage. Irvine took one final glance up at my face, a rakish grin plastered across his pretty face. Even though I knew what he was doing, and even saw him doing it, the shock of Irvine's mouth around my cock was incredible. And it felt incredible.

I groaned, feeling Irvine's tongue roll against the underside of my cock for a moment. Then he started sucking on me. Not the pitiful suckling a nervous girl will give you, but full, hardcore, lips-sealed sucking. It felt like a vacuum. It was fucking incredible. I was shaking in pleasure. I reached down for his head, almost wanting him to stop because I couldn't handle the pleasure. My fingers tangled in his wavy hair, and I yanked a little, but I was too weak to do anything else. All I could focus on was how good Irvine's mouth felt on my cock. How nicely his tongue rolled along its sides as he sucked. How hard he was sucking me. I wondered if he could even breathe, especially with his nose buried in my pubic hair. Well, I wondered later. I didn't have any blood left in my brain to wonder about anything except when I was going to come.

And come I did. Hard and long. I think I must've came about three or four times before subsiding into small remaining tremors. I didn't know that was even really possible until it happened. I never thought an orgasm could be hard, or so much. I felt him swallow, even though he had said he wasn't going to. I just lay against the bed, only just now feeling the bed, panting heavily.

"Was that so bad?" Irvine asked in a teasing tone, his face near mine, but I wasn't able to focus just yet.

"No...." I panted, finally able to look at him. And he was pleased with himself. His grin could have split wood. He knew how good he was. And how hard I came.

"Your turn...." he grinned, peeling off his boxers to reveal an impressive endowment. He was on his knees, looking at me expectantly.

"Um, shouldn't I be the one on my knees?" I quipped, sitting up, and noting that I was a mess. I was covered in my owm cum and Irvine's saliva.

"Come on, Zell. I've been waiting all night for this," Irvine whined, pouting like a small boy.

"If I ran, how far do you think I could get?" I asked him teasingly, coming to my knees as well and looking up at his face.

"Not far enough to prevent me from beating you harder than you ever been beat before. You're making me blueball," Irvine growled.

"Heh. Seem to have that effect on men," I grinned, bending over to get a closer view on what I was suppose to be sucking on. Irvine's cock was full and erect, quivering slightly in need. He was dripping profusely and his arousal surprised me. Never thought you could get off sucking someone else off.

"Ze-elllll..." Irvine whined, desperate. My inhibitions were pretty much shot to hell, so I was thoroughly enjoying myself. I grinned up at him impishly and then licked the very tip of his cock, causing him to moan. Seifer was right. It was salty. I wondered how he knew.

"Zell, I swear..." Irvine panted, his hands on my shoulders again, trying to bring me closer to his throbbing cock. He was hurting. I took pity on him.

I leaned down to lick at his tip, listening to him mewl. I swirled my tongue around the tip, remembering how good it had felt when my last girlfriend had done this for me. Apparently, Irvine agreed, judging by the sounds he was making. He was rubbing my shoulders, almost like a reward for good behavior. After a few tongue swirls, and more urgent cries from Irvine, I finally took his whole length in my mouth, quieting him for a moment.

He started crying out again when I began to suck. I could taste his precum dripping into my mouth, and I actually kind of liked the taste. Not much different from hotdogs. I rolled my tongue against his underside like he had done to me, but I couldn't suck as hard as he could. I just didn't have the force. I did my best, though. And Irvine certainly wasn't complaining.

He came pretty hard too, filling my mouth with his load. It surprised me, and I gagged for a moment, before recovering. I considered spitting, but he had swallowed mine, so I returned the favor. I waited until he was leaning into me, panting heavily before removing my mouth from his cock. And I was hard again. Sucking him off had gotten me really hot again.

Irvine collapsed onto his bed, taking me with him. I squirmed a little, feeling his hand wrap around my still-slick erection. Our bodies were pressed together, and I was shocked to find that he was getting hard again already, so soon after coming.

"You're good, Zell... Better than Rick...." Irvine whispered, nuzzling my ear as he started to stroke my cock. I moaned and took his hardening cock in my hand, feeling it stiffen in my hand with satisfaction.

We simultaneously masturbated the other, breathing heavily. Gods, he even knew how to give a handjob. I was stroking his cock as hard as I did mine, and he was almost pumping me. My hips were bucking into his hands, and his did the same. I felt a sudden desire to be able to kiss, and shifted my face so it met his. Irvine opened his eyes halfway to look at me, and I closed mine, gently pressing my lips to his. We were both getting pretty close to orgasm.

We kissed and came at the same time, oddly enough. It was weird. But nice. We kissed even as our hands drifted away from the other's cock. It broke off eventually. The kiss wasn't spectacular, but sweet all the same.

Irvine snuggled against me, obviously ready for sleep. I thought that was weird, and then realized he was a guy. I was so use to being forced to stay awake and talk with some girl that being with another man who was quite content to just drift off, was actually strange. I snuggled back, comforted by his warm body against mine. I hated sleeping alone.

I wondered if this had meant anything to Irvine, and I doubted it. I wondered if it meant anything to me, and I was unsure. I mean, Irvine and I weren't exactly best friends, and weren't all that close. I wondered if we could just forget about it, and I thought that might be possible. Then again....

I drifted off, and my last thought went to Seifer and Squall in the next room.

I hoped they had as much as fun as I did.

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