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A Regret

(Also known as a Sad Song)

By Darksquall

“Every cowboy sings a sad, sad song.”

Poison: Every rose has it’s thorn.


The hall leading past the disciplinary confinement rooms was completely silent. Not even the sound of breathing cut through the blanket of stillness, but then, it wouldn’t as the member of staff who had been standing outside the locked rooms was now lying outside the door that lead to the corridor with his throat cut.

A bang suddenly shattered the silence as someone kicked the door of one of the holding cells. “Hey!” A deep voice called out. “Don’t I get no food?” His only reply was the vague echoing of his own voice. He called out again and again, the voices of the others in the holding pens they inhabited joining his. “Fuck it.” He finally collapsed to the floor, his throat dry and his voice horse. Closing his violet eyes to the bland surroundings of his cell, he tried to sleep.


How long he had been out, he had no idea, but he heard the sound of boot steps in the corridor outside and quickly shifted to the bed. The door opened slowly, the light from the overhead lamps shimmering on the surface of a weapon… A gunblade. He looked up at the man holding the shining weapon of which so few people were masters.

The man that was holding this most elusive of weapons smirked at him. “What are you in here for?”

“Who the fuck are you?”

“An interested party. What did you do?”

The prisoner looked him over with curious violet eyes, recognising the familiarity of the tall man with his shock of straw blonde hair and bright, emerald green eyes. His features were handsome, his strong jaw set against the slight curve of his lips in a smile. A scar curved down from the right side of his forehead into his left cheek. It was still faintly pink, it couldn’t have been more than a week old.

He was beautiful.

The prisoner stood, around an inch taller than his blonde visitor. “I’m a sniper. The headmaster pissed me off this morning and I decided play a trick. When he entered the quad, I shot his hat off his head… unfortunately, he moved as I pulled the trigger and the bullet took the top layer of skin off his head.”

The familiar visitor blinked several times. “Are you kidding me?”

“Nope. Then the fucker locked me in here.”

The blonde visitor burst into laughter, throwing his head back as the tears ran down his face in his mirth. When he had composed himself enough, the blonde straightened. “Hmmm. A sharpshooter…? I could use someone with that skill. What is your name?”

“Irvine Kinneas.” The man with the violet eyes said.

“Very well Kinneas. We have taken over this Garden. You have a choice… Side with sorceress Edea and myself, or die where you sit.”

“Edea….” Irvine mumbled. “But….”

“Well? Make your decision.”

“I’ll follow you.” He murmured.

The blonde offered his hand. “I am the sorceress’ knight. Seifer Almasy.”

Irvine shook his hand, wondering what had bought his childhood crush to this fate, and what had bought Edea to change so much.

The Galbadian soldier’s uniforms were itchy to say the least, but at least he was out of that holding cell and he was back to sleeping in his old room. He stared up at the ceiling, longing to be able to wear his usual outfit.

No, he didn’t really care about that anymore.

If Seifer was still around from the old orphanage gang, where were the rest of them? And why were they going to attack Balamb Garden. It made no sense.

“You intrigue me Kinneas.” A familiar, smooth and sexy voice said. “I feel like I’ve known you before.”

Irvine sat bolt upright and looked straight into the deep green eyes of Seifer Almasy.

“Did I scare you?”

Irvine pulled his helmet off. “Maybe you have known me…” He prompted, desperate to know whether he had been completely forgotten.

“Maybe…” Seifer purred, thinking aloud. And then he kissed Irvine as hard as he could.

With wide eyes Irvine tried to comprehend what was happening, then finally he melted into the heat of Seifer’s kiss. Seifer finally pulled back, and cupped Irvine’s cheek, tracing his thumb over the arch of the auburn haired man’s cheekbone, studying the man.

Seifer reached behind Irvine’s head loosening the small band that held the long auburn locks back. The silk soft waves of the auburn hair fell down about his ears and Seifer couldn’t resist running his fingers through it.

The blonde kissed Irvine again, teasing his mouth open with a searching tongue, to be met with an eager likeness. Irvine broke the kiss this time, to gaze longfully into Seifer’s eyes that were rendered almost black in the dim light of the room. Seifer shrugged off his coat as Irvine struggled to unbuckle the breastplate of his uniform.

With a soft laugh, Seifer reached over and deftly undid the awkward fastening with ease. “Eager?”

Irvine looked at him with hurt in his eyes, and Seifer kissed him again, harder than before, reaching one hand up under the blue wool of the uniform top to tease Irvine’s nipple with cool fingers. The pink flesh quickly hardened under Seifer’s ministrations and Irvine’s breath came in short sharp gasps. As Seifer pulled the woollen cloth up over Irvine’s head, he forced him back down onto the bed.

Seifer bent his head, tracing his tongue from Irvine’s navel up to his earlobe, feeling the long body shudder below him.

This was the sort of thing Seifer longed for, the ultimate conquest that he only gained in battle or sex. And Irvine was a very beautiful conquest.

Even as he moved one hand down to unbutton Irvine’s flies and ease the jeans down, Irvine gazed up into Seifer’s eyes with pure lust. Even as Seifer’s leather clad hand moved to encircle Irvine’s hardening sex, the auburn haired beauty kissed him once more. And as their lips met, the faintest electricity passed between them.

The fire in his heart that the sight of Irvine had bought about burned ever brighter. Seifer began to move that hand backwards and forwards teasing the hardened sex as he watched Irvine bite his lip, shuddering in the throws of passion already.

Seifer moved away just long enough to strip, shedding his clothes without a thought. He knelt on the bed and pulled Irvine up to him, encircling the auburn haired beauty with his strong arms and enjoying the sensation of naked skin against naked skin.

As Seifer’s hardened sex brushed against his own, Irvine moaned into Seifer’s shoulder, and moved his hands down to that sex. Brushing fingertips down through the tight blonde down around Seifer’s length, he felt Seifer bury his head in the russet tones of his hair.

The blonde turned Irvine suddenly, pushing him against the wall and easing his strong legs apart.

Seifer’s strong hands moved down from Irvine’s shoulders, circling the muscles down to the curve of his thighs.

And with one swift thrust, Seifer entered Irvine’s body.

A short sharp cry cut through the quiet of the room and a tear of pain cut it’s way down Irvine’s cheek.

“First time?”

He nodded.

“Want me to stop?”

A violent shaking of Irvine’s head quickly dismissed any thought of doing that. Slowly at first, Seifer rocked into Irvine’s body, pulling back almost to the point of withdrawal before forcing his way back in.

With each stroke, Seifer’s each movement became more fervid, increasingly violent. And with each passing movement Irvine’s small cries of pain became small moans of pleasure.

Seifer’s hand moved to grip Irvine’s sex once again, mimicking the blonde’s own movements and sensations. And Seifer moaned into his ear as he neared his end.

Irvine threw his head back, his hair dancing like fire in the half-light of the room, and he whispered Seifer’s name as he came.

A heartbeat behind him, Seifer came in a hot rush.

Leaning against the strong set of Irvine’s shoulders, Seifer sighed as he heard the man whisper; “I love you.”

Seifer remained silent and wondered what the morning would bring, with it’s attack on Balamb Garden.

~Somewhere in the midst of the attack~


“Selphie…?” Irvine whispered as he fell to his knees in front of the tiny brunette.

“Do I know you?” She asked, in a concerned voice as he slipped the helmet from his head. The tiniest spark of recognition shone in her eyes.

Zell insisted on handcuffing him as he poured out the story of their childhood. He begged Selphie to remember and begged for forgiveness as Balamb garden drove at Galbadia garden in a final effort to regain the upper hand.

“It is you…” She mumbled. “It IS you!” She cried and caught him in an embrace, knocking the wind out of him.

“Sephy…” He murmured.

“I remember you! I didn’t mean to forget Irvy…. I’m sorry.”

“Selphie…” Zell warned. “I’m gonna give him to Kadowaki while we attack. You can figure all this out later.

~Seifer’s Final Defeat~


(Irvine’s POV)


As the Blizzaga danced from my fingertips and hit him full force, I already regretted it. That spell had been the last straw and he fell to his knees before me.

His eyes were on me until the very last, until he finally slipped into unconsciousness. They seemed to ask why… I moved to him as he lay there on the floor, checking for a pulse with Squall close behind me.

“Love…. You….” He whispered as I bent over him. I made a show of checking for a pulse, finding a strong one.

I stood and moved back, feeling so angry with myself wondering if I could have done something to stop all this. A minute later Seifer jumps up and runs out. Rinoa screams somewhere outside and Quistis runs in to tell the guys and me that Seifer’s grabbed the little princess and took her off somewhere. Squall glances up at me.

“Quistis, Zell, you’re with me.”

Squall’s a pain in the ass sometimes, but he knows when someone’s hurting. I really should thank him for that.


I didn’t see Seifer after that.

Not until this very day.

Relationships started in the middle of a war rarely last. They write poems and songs and all that about the wartime romances, about lovers lost and broken hearts…

So I guess that’s what this is…

Just another sad song for a lost love.

Wherever you are Seifer….

I love you.





Author’s notes.

This was written for Genex. The 51st reviewer of Journey’s end.

It was my first attempt at IrvineXSeifer… So…….  Blame Genex if you hate it.

Please leave a review. As a good mate (nakiko) often says, “I’ll luv ya forever!”

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HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!

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