For: Jenova and Kristen, I think.

Rip Rhyme

By Lena ban Obsidian

Thunder ripped the sky asunder there were raindrop tears and tears on the very earth jagged. He breathed deep and snarled and shook embers from his eyes and anger made the gasp sharp, the fear clear, oh god, here, like this, like this he'll kill me, he'll kill me.

Hyne, he's going to kill me.

Hyperion came down black smack slash sharp and it stung, burned his eyes for an instant with blinding fire so bright he couldn't breathe, see, shit, shit you FUCKER and he was on his feet and charging, Lion Leon hart swinging down to make that bastard pay, you'll pay, you fucking scared me you...god damn you, what the HELL do you think you're doing, you cheat, you CHEAT--

Kiss crash and thunder, and the rain coming down in droves, splatter patter rush roar all around them, drowning sounds and souls alike, drenching them, draining them. The rain was cold; Squall didn't feel it.

He felt the blood mingling, hot against the cold, with the rain on his face. He was angry, he felt that, but still quivering with fear, too, because Seifer kept his head down a long time, and what if he'd hurt Seifer more than he thought? He'd only meant to give as good as he got, definitely not better because better would leave him with Seifer dead on his hands, like so much smug blood smiles.

Then the flat of Hyperion struck out his legs from beneath him like a whoosh whirlwind and he fell, face-first into Seifer's arms with a startled oath, Lionheart wrested easily from his grip, his body in an awkward, undefendable position as he tried to struggle, get in a kick or punch or something.

Seifer leaned in with a smile like a sickle and he was recoiling before he knew what the seizure fuck Seifer was doing, eyes wide and worried and-- "What--" He hissed, staring, prey filled with fearing as Seifer's nose came up, as his tongue came out, bathing the wound he'd just made in a rough lack of sensuality. Bathing that wound with his tongue.

After the initial shock faded a bit, he made an abortive attempt to pull away, and Seifer held him fast, lapping away all the blood that welled from Squall's face until he started to shiver, closing his eyes and meekly allowing the blood to be cleaned away.

Was the fight over rain stopping instructor coming they were late, weren't they, they were LATE--

Blood roared in his ears, fire in an echo in his eyes and he trembled and trembled, Seifer's tongue on his face, and slowly slipped into half-consciousness, the shock combined with a sleep spell sending him straight into unconsciousness.

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