Ingredients: Miscellaneous pairings (S x Sq, S x Z, I x Sq and uh, more?), AU, OOC, angst, Shonen-Ai themes (maybe even June ^-^). For creaminess, mix in some adventure, weird fantasy themes, romance and gratuitous amounts of barely clothed hotties. Heat up via swanky sex, then serve.

Summary: Study buddies Seifer and Zell visit a museum. There they stumble through ancient ruins into a war-torn fantasy world with subservient guys in skirts. Fun huh? Now all they have to do is find a way out before they are sucked into a quest to save the world.

Author’s Notes: Woo hoo, chapter four. I’m very VERY glad to hear that ppl like this story ^-^ Sorry to stall for so long on this fic!! I’ve had no inspiration regardless of the kindly feed back I’ve been getting! I’m very sorry that I haven’t been motivated. Ever had the meaty main scenes plotted out, but no filler transition scenes to go in between? That’s my problem!! Also my favorite and most dependable beta person is unavailable at the moment! I always post after having her edit it! Waaah! Hope this part is enjoyable and long enough! Personally, I feel it’s hokey ;_;

Disclaimer: Um, hopefully you know that I don’t own Squaresoft or their characters. If you don’t then, Seifer and Zell are NOT lovers. Seifer is actually Zell’s pimp and every other weekend Zell becomes some lucky person’s gigolo. There, that’s the truth… except for part about weekends. He’s pimped out by Mack Daddy Seifer 24 7 ^0^

Quick note: Thoughts are in italics~! BEWARE RINOA-lovers (shudder)!!! She gets a fair bashing here... wellllll, to most RINOA-haters (hurrah) it’s quite tame. Nonetheless, she’s being mocked! Muahahahahah! Oh and to cast silence is to disable magick! This is done towards the end of this chapter

Rivaling Cygnet

Chapter Four - and weirder...

By Julie a.k.a Raruku-chan

Sand got into his shoes. The burgundy T-shirt he wore clung to his back. His legs carried him as fast as he could go.

Seifer ran quite far, never looking back. He was frustrated and angered by the situation. Here they were, lost in a foreign fantasy world and that idiot Dincht wasn’t taking any of this seriously. Angrily, Seifer tugged on his short bangs.

Letting out a slow sigh, Seifer looked at his surroundings. Everything looked so similar. As a result, he was quite lost. Other than the small settlements, there’s nothing too distinguishing about the desert lands. Mainly sand, dry vegetation and oases surrounded the area.

Why did I run off like that? I should have stayed with Zell. He could be in danger if that Kinneas guy’s a real evil prick or something. Seifer knelt down and grabbed a handful of sand. Guards might catch me if I’m not too careful. Way to go Almasy, you didn’t think and impulsively ran off… you pulled a Dincht.

He laughed softly to himself. Seifer dusted his hands off and resumed his journey back to Kinneas and Zell. Unfortunately, he’s still lost.

Seifer scratched the back of his head. Then it dawned upon him. Okay, if I want to get the hell out of this world, I should try to find the fountain portal that brought us here. No time to be skeptical. Just go look.

Near by him were beige colored tents. Banners of vibrant colors danced with the wind as if they were winged snakes. He noticed another fountain by the flowing tents; similar to the one they arrived in. Seifer remembered that fountain was located by reddish adobe homes and not canvas tents.

Hm, this place has more than one fountain. That should’ve have been quite obvious. Seifer chastised himself while analyzing the area. These fountains probably provide their water. Maybe this fountain can help me find a way back.

He quietly approached the fountain. Surprisingly, no guards have been posted in this area. Seifer dipped a hand into the water. It’s cold. Cupping his hands together, he brought some water to his mouth to drink. Tired and sweaty, he lay against the marble fountain.

Damn, it’s frigging hot here. The sun is making me think stupidly like Dincht.

A soft rustle came from behind the tents. Seifer jerked up from the position he lay in. Was it the wind? Think again. A silhouette appeared behind the billowing cloth. Shyly, the owner of the shadow came out of hiding.

“Who’s there?” someone asked. Light blue eyes that seemed to capture the essence of the arctic surveyed the area. The slim, pale figure approached Seifer.

“Uh…” Smart thing to say Almasy. Shit, I’m screwed. Is that person a guy or a girl? Whatever it is the person’s pretty hot…better calm down the hormones. I could be one step closer to getting my jollies lopped off if this person’s a guard.

The person smirked and cocked his head.

“Why look who’s here. A trespasser on Royal grounds.” The young man smiled coldly. He wore nothing except a shimmering sheet of silk and thin piece of cloth around his waist that barely covered the vitals. The guy was rather lean and had many crystal beads strung around his neck. Seifer gawked.


“How eloquent you are.” Grinning like a cat, the man clucked his tongue.

“Listen, quit your teasing. It’s starting to piss me off.” Seifer growled. Hottie or not, this brat is starting to become annoying.

“Short temper… whatever. Sorry for being irritating, you interest me.”

“I interest you? Right. Don’t care, I gotta go. Guards might get me.” Seifer muttered. The blue gaze never wavered, and then the man spoke.

“You’re lost, right?”


The young man laughed. “I now know how annoying my terse brevity is.”

“I really can’t stay and chit chat with you. My friend might be in trouble.” Seifer nervously paced back and forth. Here he was, stalling with this scrawny pretty boy, while Zell is off with the mysterious grinning coxcomb Kinneas.

“Then go.” The blue eyes finally lifted their pressure as the guy retreated to his shady tents. “But first… take this. It’ll help you get back.”

He flung a leather canteen, perhaps once some goat’s liver, at Seifer’s feet. Attached to it was a small stone that had a carving on it. A lion with wings.

“This is… what is it?” Seifer murmured. The design was beautifully done. Each feather in the on the lion’s wings could be seen when held up to the light.

“Meet Griever, my travelling companion. He’ll take you where you need to go. Once you’re done, place him anywhere in the dunes and he’ll return to me.”

“Pppbbhtt… that’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard.” Seifer laughed. The icy blues glared at him. “Here here, little Griever kitty. Take me where I need to…”

Suddenly, the stone cracked and fierce snarl was heard. Seifer did not know what hit him until he landed with a fistful of sand down his shirt.

“SEIFER! DUDE! Where were you?!” a familiar voice growled. The stone softly tumbled through the sand, falling lightly at Zell’s feet. They were by the town fountain. Lion heads similar to Griever’s were sculpted into the base of it.

“I…” the taller, sand covered blonde coughed, “I’ve been thinking and running and thinking. We need to get back home. I can’t STAND it here.”

“Phew, sit down and rest.” Zell dusted his companion off. “Hey what’s this?”

He curiously looked at Griever. Seifer rubbed his sore neck and warily looked at it too. It certainly wasn’t a gimmick anymore. This “Griever” was definitely the man’s travelling companion.

“This was the stone that brought me back to you. Don’t mock it. I did and all I got was sandy underwear.” Seifer growled. Zell snickered.

“Ah, the fabled Griever.” Kinneas appeared from behind the few merchant tents that have been set up around the fountain. “Where did you get that precious stone from.”


“Thank you for that brilliant piece of information. Be nice. Who is she or perhaps he?” the foxy bard smiled.

“Don’t know.”

The bard frowned.

“Why don’t you like me? I’m an admirable person, am I not?”

“KingAss, I would like you if I knew why you wanted to resurrect some island via some kid’s eye and tongue.” Seifer scoffed. “Just seems weird that you, a bard, would want to go on some lofty, dangerous adventure.”

“KingAss? How creative and mature of you. Does it really seem weird for me to go on an adventure? Tch, you don’t have much of a thrill seeking passionate side, do you?” the bard frowned.

“HEY! Seifer’s immensely romantic! Thrilling and adventurous too!” Zell growled and bared his sparkling white fangs. Kinneas smiled and pat his head as you would a puppy.

“I’d say he’s frightened. I don’t blame you. All I know is that you’re looking for a certain ‘portal’ to get back home right? If I take you to the island the child’s father brought up, you’ll become quite a believer. On that paradise, portals are littered about. Not only that, the trees are the greenest and…” the bard’s eyes became misty as he recalled the island’s beauty.

“Screw the trees. Screw the cowardice. You said there are portals there? I don’t believe you.” The blonde grumbled. His friend tugged at his sleeve.

“We don’t know where to go, Seifer. Might as well follow him. No homework, no school, nothing!” his grinned nearly trailed from one ear to the next.

A frown lingered on Seifer’s lips, but not from the comment. He had noticed the small dry cuts on Dincht’s knuckles.

Zell’s hand was gently held by Seifer’s grip. The water from the canteen washed the dried blood from the wound. Before they plummeted into the fountain, Zell had injured his fist hitting the pillar in a bout of anger.

“I think it would be smarter to investigate this area and then MAYBE we’ll follow KingAss.” Seifer said. He gently wrapped Zell’s bruised, battered fist with a torn patch of his shirt. “There. All done. Not first-aid material, but it will do for now.”

“Wh…what was that for?” Zell stammered. He tried to keep his blush down. Dammit! Out of NO where, Seifer cleans my wound and bandages it with a part of HIS shirt. Why is HE being so… sweet and gentle and… hoo boy, calm down?!

“You were hurt, crap for brains.” He noogied Zell for the umpteenth time. I ruined a nice, quiet moment didn’t I? I always seem do that…

“HEY! Crap for brains!? What type of lame name-calling are you resorting to now Assmulchy! Hah, get it?! Eat that!”

Seifer laughed and dropped Zell onto his butt. Kinneas smiled at their “fondness” and “affection” for each other. He turned to Seifer.

“Very well, search the area. Though I wish to assist in searching with you.” Then he turned to Zell, whom was rubbing his sore rear.

“Cool, that sounds great!” the latter and shorter blonde gave a thumbs up.

“When my ward returns, she will heal your wounds, Zell.” He tried to be sincere, Seifer’s eyes narrowed. He gracefully brushed off glare. “Oh, I haven’t been fully introduced to either of you yet. I have managed to pick up your names by eavesdropping on your colorful conversations.”

“Oh, now you want our names. Well, KingAss… I am Seifer, Seifer Almasy. My friend is Zell Dincht.”

“Interesting names.” Kinneas looked up as a fanfare signaled. “Her cue. Hope she gets it right.”

“Who?! Is she an Amazon babe?!” Zell perked up.

“Not quite but close you will meet her soon.” The bard looking up towards the small adobe homes. He was a bit pensive, more anxious though. A huge whirlwind of sand gusted through the air. “She’s coming.”

Angry shrieks and spiteful curses flew through the air as well. Herds of guards followed a jumping figure. Kinneas smirked and snatched the fallen and nearly forgotten Griever. His eyes glimmered greedily as he silently mouthed ‘perfect’ to himself.

“What’s all the commotion about.” Zell rubbed his eyes to rid of sand.

“My dearest little friend is off distracting the guards away from the general royal quarters. I’m not one for strategy… but I do hope most of them are anyway. If not, this will come in handy.” He held up Griever. “I suspect most of the important and strong officials are away from the tents conducting plans for war. That leaves the child and the child’s playmates unguarded.”

“Child. Wait, is Griever one of the child’s playmates?” Seifer asked. Kinneas’ slightly evil grinned was more than enough affirmation.

“Yes, I have heard Griever serving the previous Loire. Have you met this child?”

“Maybe, first take us around town to search for a possible route home. Later I will show you how to get to the child.”

“Hm, I could just use Griever and not help you.” The bard looked happily at the stone. “Yet I am a man of my honor and word. I shall take you to each of the fountains. When we get near the royal fountains, take me to the child.”

“SEIFER! What about the guards? Someone is risking their lives stalling them so that Kinneas can look for the child!” Zell frowned. This ‘someone’ must be mad brave or stupid or both.

“Heh, thank you for your concerns but she can handle the guards on her own. No need to worry. We have ample amount of time to search each of the fountains with Griever in our hands. Seifer, why don’t you do the honors?”

“Sure.” He took the stone from the bard’s hands. “I guess we should do the buddy system. Hold hands.”

Once again, the stone cracked and a roar thundered.

They landed in front of each of the fountains. Each time Kinneas murmured a spell under his breath to see if they were active. Unfortunately, whatever portal brought them there had closed upon their arrival. The last stop was the fountain Seifer had met the young man with the steely blue eyes. Would he still be there? Perhaps that man was the keeper of the child.

The light cleared up and the trio faced the fountain of the royal chambers. Zell and Seifer had doubts that this one would be the portal they were searching for. Their doubts where confirmed when they approached and entered the cool waters. Nothing happened. Kinneas had cast the search spell again and found nothing.

“Just what are you doing in the fountains?” the young man Seifer had met, scowled at the pair. He flashed a small catty grin to Seifer. Zell had noticed and jealously growled at the pretty blue eyed man.

“SQUALL! Get back in heeeeere! Sandstorms are bad, you silly ninny!” a girly almost vapid voice scolded him. She giggled as she walked out of the hooded indigo tent.

“Go back inside Heartilly.” The one named Squall growled and batted her away. She screamed at the sight of Seifer and Zell.

“Intruders! How dare you trespass! I’ll teach you to peep on my Squall!” Heartilly pouted. She tried her hardest to be intimidating. Of course, she failed. Surprisingly, her attacks were quite the opposite. Sparks coursed through her veins as she aimed towards the pair of twitching blondes. They were rather uncomfortable.

“STOP!” Kinneas ran before her. “They mean no harm, really.”

“Kinneas? What are you doing here? Your pass only allows you to visit merchant and townsmen areas.” Heartilly frowned. She wasn’t too bright, but she knew when things sounded wrong.

“Oh, yes… I know but…”

“Ooooh! How could you! Fiend! Cad! Silly ninny! You wanted to give me a private performance, didn’t you!? Well well, I’m engaged so none of that tomfoolery! Tee hee!”

Or did she really know. What a dolt.

Kinneas gave her his most flattering and flirty winsome smile.

“Tomfoolery? Me? I can agree with the fiend, cad and even your adorable silly ninny comment… but I’m not a foolish jester! I’m here to entertain, dearest Heartilly.”

“Tee hee hee! Why then, go on! Entertain meee!” she giggled as Kinneas tickled her fancy and sung a few of her favorite ballads.

Squall rolled his eyes. Slowly he walked back to the tent. He soon returned with a few dry blankets to offer the wet blondes.

“Pardon, Heartilly. She lacks in… manners.” Squall murmured.

“Are you sure that’s all she lacks in?” Seifer laughed. He took one of the blankets and started to thoroughly dry the soggy Dincht.

“Hey! Leggo! I can do that myself.” Zell growled, snatching the blanket from Seifer. The latter seemed hurt by that action.

“What’s wrong with you, Dincht? You were all giddy over something before, but now you’re getting pissy. Don’t do this to me. We’ve made it this far without a major brawl between us…” He pulled Zell closer, making the shorter blonde looking into his eyes.

Zell’s shoulders slumped in defeat. How could anyone stay angry when looking into a pair of eyes that held a tropic ocean’s warmth? Well, Zell could certainly try to remain angry! That Assmuchly had a thing going for that pretty boy, huh? Ignoring Assmuchly’s statement, Zell turned around clutching his blanket tightly. He went back to the fountain to rest.

Heartilly’s vapid giggles could be heard in the background. The bard’s beautiful singing accompanied the silly girl’s laughter. Squall sighed and leaned against the doorframe. Almasy gave a glance to his friend’s kneeling form before walking towards Squall.

“Oh, thanks for ‘Griever.’ Sorry for mocking you before.” He tossed it to his rightful owner. Quickly he snatched the precious gem from Kinneas when they arrived at the final fountain. Kinneas gave a disapproving look but he shrugged it off. At the moment, the talkative bard was distracted from giving Seifer an earful about the gem.

“Okay.” The blue eyed pretty gave a slight smile.

“Okay for mocking you? Or are you trying to say ‘you’re welcome’?”

The young man started to laugh. “You’re one funny bastard.”

“Hells yeah.” Seifer agreed. He could see Zell growl jealously at Squall. Don’t tell me he’s jealous of pretty boy?! I’d rather be with him than blue eyes.

“Eeek! Sand storms are approaching!” Heartilly shrieked. “Squall dearest, go inside! It’s dangerous!”

“No really.” Squall muttered. He motioned for the others to follow. Kinneas stood by the fountain waiting, while Zell refused to listen to Squall and an angry, growling Seifer.

Great gusts of sand approached the area. They halted in front of the fountains to mold itself into a large barrier around the perimeter. Kinneas grinned and reached out to pet the wall of sand.

“Good to see you too. May you disband for me? I have a feeling the child is near by.” The bard stroked the barrier that slowly dimmed into a cloud of billowing sand. It suddenly materialized into the form the Zell noticed that the guards were chasing.

Zell gawked at the short, perky little girl that stood before him. She grinned cutely and pounced on him. Her hair was a reddish brown and curved upward on each side. Her locks twitched and lifted. Upon closer inspection, Dincht realized they were actually large fox-like ears that lay on the sides of her head.

“Meet Selphie. She’s my ward. Part dune fox, part catbeast and part human. She can’t say much except for…”

“Booyaka!” Selphie grinned and licked Zell’s cheek.

“Heh, she seems quite taken by you.” Kinneas rubbed one of her huge ears. She purred. “She was the one who created the sand storms. This is the season of violent storms in the dunes… so the guards would notice nothing too peculiar if my Selphie sets off a few storms here and there.”

“That’s how we traveled here undetected, right?! Mad skills, Kinneas!” Dincht whooped. Selphie snuggled against his cheek. “Um, could you stop that… please?”

Meanwhile Heartilly opened the tent door cautiously. Squall groaned and shoved her out of his way. Seifer, who stood by the doorframe, wondered what his friend and KingAss were discussing.

“The storm… its stopped… but what’s that big wall of windy sand doing around our tent? It’s closed us in! Squalllll!!! I’m scared!!” Heartilly whimpered.

“You’re an apprentice to the world’s most renown sorceress, you have no right to be scared.” Squall grumbled.

“Oh. Yeah. I know… but stillllll!” She cried. “Eeep!”

Kinneas snapped his fingers. Selphie had tackled Heartilly. He then turned to look at Squall rather evilly.

“You have something and someone I want.” He caressed Squall’s cheek. “Tell me, where the Child of Loire is.”

“Why do you wish to know?” Squall narrowed his eyes. “You believe in that crap about some island? Forget about it. It’s just some silly tale drunk bards sung about in seedy taverns to pay for wenches and…”

Squall was on the floor before he could continue. Kinneas’ eyes raged with anger. How dare that pretty royal plaything mock such a tale?!

“SQUALL!” Heartilly cried out but was silenced by Selphie. The bard roughly dragged Squall from the floor.

“I think I’ll have my way with you before gutting you, harem toy…”

“KingASS… hands off of him! You wouldn’t want to hurt to the master of ‘Griever’ do you?” Seifer tossed the stone up in the air like a coin.

He loosened his grip on Squall. Laughing softly, Kinneas turned to Selphie.

“Selphie, disable all spells in this area. Silence them.”

She nodded and closed her eyes to concentrate. Tension in the air was lifted… Squall’s right eye changed to a golden color to prove his Loire heritage and his position of the child they were seeking.

“You should have done this sooner.” Zell rubbed his eyes. Why did you help that brat, Almasy? Well, at least we have the child now.

“Thank you, Seifer. For helping me find the ‘child’.” The bard bowed. Squall scowled. “Don’t think of escaping. Everyone, even the guards, are being held off by this natural disaster.” He pointed towards the sand barrier.

“What now? You have the child… let’s go!” Seifer growled impatiently. He gets the island. They get to go back home, regardless of the piles of homework, trig, and term papers that lay awaiting his return.

“I have a ritual to perform... to bond with the ‘child’.” Kinneas murmured. Squall tried to wrench himself from the bard. “Selphie, prepare to join us.”

“N… no… I won’t do this! Not with you. Not with ANYONE!” Squall snarled. He was promptly silenced with a slap to the face.

“Hush little child. Need I punish you more? My hands are getting tired of slapping your pretty little face.” Kinneas chided him. Squall muttered the beginnings of a spell under his breath. The bard clutched his throat. “Don’t you DARE.”

On the side, Heartilly stirred a bit. She got up slowly, her eyes tearing. No… Squall! Be safe… I’ll try to help… my magick has been temporarily silenced.

Zell and Seifer stood by Selphie as she prepared the ritual. Squall shuddered as Kinneas stroked his hair.

“This is just weird…” Zell whispered. “I wanna go home.” Seifer hugged his friend tightly.

“Me too, Dincht.”

Chants were murmured to loud heartbeats of Kinneas and Squall. The bard had a lulling and steady beat, while Squall’s held anger and an unsteady tempo. They stood an arms’ length apart, facing each other with their fore arms in front. Selphie was in between them with her claws drawn. Her nails stretched out and grew sharper. She slit a long cut up Squall’s arm. On the tip of her index figure was a long strand of his blood. It formed into a scarlet thread. The chants continued as her other hand went to slash Kinneas’ arm.

Contact was not made, because he was knocked out of the way. Angrily, Heartilly had pulled out a strength rune to cast a temporary condition on her. The airhead sorceress apprentice ran to tackle Seifer into the bard. She had to save her Squall somehow! Why not knock the bulky guy onto to the scrawny bard? Good thinking, Heartilly! Seifer was thrown were Kinneas stood.

Unfortunately, Selphie’s claw dug into Seifer’s arm. Shocked, she quickly pulled out, ripping his skin and dragging his scarlet thread with her. Selphie was never one for grace. She tripped and landed on her head. Her hands had tangled the threads together! What a spectacle these scarlet lines are! They connected and glowed before disappearing. The identical wounds on Squall and Seifer’s arms closed within seconds.

They looked at each other before their visions dimmed. Squall had fallen into Seifer’s arms, dragging the taller blonde onto the sandy desert floor.

Kinneas frowned. This wasn’t supposed to happen! I was supposed to be linked to the child. What shall I do NOW?! He growled at himself. He was not pleased at all. Selphie gave a small apologetic smile. She smacked Heartilly, whom shrieked and passed out after such a brief hit.

The shorter blonde had his mouth hanging in shock. Zell had no idea of what had happened a moment ago. All he understood was that his best friend was out cold, with the object of his supreme jealousy in his arms.

“What just happened?! Dammit, Kinneas!! He BETTER be alright! If not, I’ll… I’ll…” Zell’s eyes watered. Seifer could be badly hurt and I’m partially to blame.

Kinneas sighed and rubbed his temples. He wanted to reassure the shorter blonde, but at the moment he was hardly approachable. The boy was snarling and emitting such immense anger.

“Please, calm down. He’ll be awake in a few hours. I promise you. If not, then you may take my life if you wish because your angry spirit certainly desires it.”

Zell glared evilly but consented. If Seifer were in my position he’d be just as friggin’ pissed… but hell, he’d keep his cool for me and wait for me to heal. I gotta be patient and deal for him.

“Thank you for being so kind. We have to get moving before the apprentice wakes up and zaps us with some more of her idiocy. Besides, the storm is to be a temporary condition so no suspicions will be aroused.” Kinneas went to the tent to steal some supplies. “We will be able to walk around town with Selphie shielding us from her storm. Once we get out of this place, my caravan is waiting outside for us to leave. I can’t promise the adventure will be without danger or harm but I can promise you that…”

“I don’t WANT any promises. I want to get out of here and go back home.” Dincht growled. “I want Seifer to be up and running and smacking me around.”

The bard remained silent. It was obvious to him that the boy loved his taller best friend. Internally, Kinneas grinned slyly… this could be used to his advantage in the near future. He may not have the child and that Seifer fellow may despise him… but he does have the shorter, ferocious blonde. Not bad.

Selphie’s ears twitched. She whined and snuggled against Zell to provide comfort. His frown lifted a bit as he went to rub her ears.

“Booyaka!” she licked him again.

“Thanks, Selphie…” He laughed. “C’mon Kinneas, let’s get going.”

And off they went… Selphie had lifted both sleeping men onto her shoulders. What a strong creature she is.

Deep within the humid darkness of the mind, Seifer was exploring the depths of Squall’s thoughts and inner core. Would he be altered by what he found? Would the new bond that was forcibly put between them change him?

~ To be Continued ~

What the Author has to say/babble about this story:

Wow, I ended this chapter suckily. Okies, this is a new section I added on. I put it at the end because I need your help! I dooooo! I wrote this chapter extra long because I felt bad. I haven’t been writing much and some ppl actually wanted to read more of this particular story. Now this is quite a surprise to me… I don’t get many of my friends asking to hear stories from me ‘cept my reviews on video games, manga and the recent animes I saw. Anyways, I want to ask a favor from you! I want your input! What do you want to happen in this story? I have the basic idea going for me… but I still want opinions. Any pairings you want me to develop on? Do you like Seifer and Squall together or no? Any part sucked? Please, tell me. My beta girl is leaving for Manhattan (grrrr… lucky puppy eater) and I’d be really happy and appreciative if anyone wished to help me correct and stuff!

Well, that’s it for now! I hope you have enjoyed the story so far!

Take care ppl,


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