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  Name: ZeoRu
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Website: Tainted Genesis
Final Fantasy VIII

Raijin's Game

[Summary] Basically, just before the beginning of FF8, Raijin suddenly becomes the "player". Not knowing how or why he's given those insights, he begins to try and change the course of game events...more successful sometimes than others. As is the nature of the "main" character, he begins to dominate the flow of the other characters, the story line's tangents suddenly circling on the burly brute instead of the tacturn SeeD...
[Pairing] Raijin x Squall/Seifer/Nida/Zell ...and Diablos if you use your imagination
[Warning] M15 Lime Language, mild spoilers
[Added] 24 August 2003
[Status] Work In Progress | Updated: 24 August 2003

Raijin's Game - Part 1

Final Fantasy Tactics

The "The Hellknight's Proposal" Series

The Hellknight's Proposal [Pairing] Delita X Algus, Malak X Olan
[Summary] Delita, King of Ivalice, is drawn into the intrigues of the Glabados Church and the evil it concealed, while questioning his feelings about the so-called heretic, Ramza. Malak the Hellknight fulfills a secret promise to "Thunder God" Cid, the exiled and supposedly dead leader of the Nanten Knighthood. Algus, living a half existence somewhere between Delita's lover and pet, befriends Malak in his love/hate relationship with Olan. As the adopted son of T.G. Cid, master tactitian and scholar of the starry nights, Olan also remains one of Ramza's closest friends and only confidents, despite mostly knowing him through his nightmares. Together, this wily crew seeks to understand the dark plot of the Zodiac Stones, as well as their own intentions with one another.
[Warning] NC-17 Lime Spoilers, Violence, Language, BSDM, non consensual sex, probably more...
[Added] 22 May 2004


Promises to Keep

[Summary] This hypothetically could happen directly after Ramza defeats the Bloody Angel, while the Dead City begins to fade. I’ve decided to take things from a pair of defeated villains standpoint, as they are the pairing, of course. Vampirism is a valid status ailment in this game, btw…Too bad there are so few characters who can inflict it. I tried to stay within the game somewhat. For those not sure of Balk’s abilities, he can seal one’s actions, one’s movement, or ones soul (petrify). He can only seal souls of Undead units, and if he’s disarmed ( without his gun), he has to use his skill through his touch instead. So…I’m staying in game somewhat… ::wild laugh::
[Pairing] Kletian x Izlude
[Warning] PG13 Citrus Mild angst
[Added] 24 August 2003

Promises to Keep